Conjectures about the big picture

1. A model for the transformation of consciousness at the end of the Mayan calendar

An energy model of a universal consciousness field was proposed by Calleman (2004) as an element of a cosmology underlying the Mayan calendar. The model proposes that the rate of creative processes has increased exponentially from the beginning of time to the present, and predicts a transformation of human consciousness when the Mayan calendar ends in the near future. As the end date of the calendar approaches, the influence of this field is expected to diminish and the free will of individuals will come to dominate the consciousness field.

2. Is consciousness a fundamental element of reality?   (PDF)

The consciousness field in Close's transcendental physics or in Calleman's model of the Mayan calendar is proposed as a universal observer in the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. According to W. B. Smith's cosmology, the universal observer has an unconstrained free will which allows it to determine how the multiverse evolves. Individual humans are part of the evolution influenced by the universal observer. Since we are conscious observers, we also influence how the environment evolves under the rules set by the universal observer. Some empirical evidence suggests that control of the environment by the universal observer is waning, and that individual groups of humans may at some point be able to form independent consensus realities.

3. Humanity, extraterrestrials, and the Mayan calendar

According to a recent interpretation of the Mayan calendar, a universal creative energy field has operated since the beginning of time to influence all aspects of evolution. According to this interpretation, the end of the calendar in 2011 will be accompanied by a general transformation of human consciousness. Others have suggested that some extraterrestrial species visiting Earth appear to have an interest in events that are to occur around the same time. The result of a possible alien agenda and the natural transformation of consciousness are understood as separate outcomes for different segments of humanity.

4. Evidence of a global influence on random physical processes

A model is proposed of a universal creative energy field that reduces the variance of random physical processes. The field generator has a fractal structure so that its emanations resonate at multiple levels of scale. The model was tested by comparing NSGS earthquake data with random event generator data from the Global Consciousness Project network.

5. Evidence of a long-term plan to reveal images encoded in crop formations

A crop formation that appeared near Wilton Windmill, Wiltshire, on May 22, 2010, contains data simultaneously representing two meaningful text strings and four images showing familiar objects. One of the text strings was interpreted as an algorithm for decoding a stream of bytes to an image format. The decoding algorithm was applied to 288 bits of data also obtained from the crop formation. Remarkably, four meaningful images were decoded from the same data set by ordering the bits in different ways. The same algorithm also found a meaningful image when applied to a sequence of bits obtained from the 2002 Crabwood crop formation. Finally, the decoding algorithm was applied to a bit sequence that was said to originate from a 1980 UFO encounter in Rendlesham Forest, England, and two meaningful images emerged. The images from the 1980 and 2002 events could not have been found until the decoding algorithm appeared in 2010. The plan to enable these images to be revealed in 2010 must have been initiated prior to 1980.

6. Is covert technology used to create balls of light in the sky?   (PDF)

Luminous orbs seen moving across the sky sometimes behave as if they are under intelligent control. This article discusses evidence that some orbs are a product of a technology that can create balls of glowing plasma in the atmosphere from a distance. The orbs appear also to be used as pixels for drawing three-dimensional objects in the sky. Plasma balls, plasma ball formations in the sky, and some crop formations on the ground may be elements of a covert research effort, perhaps designed to understand extraterrestrial technology.

7. A possible generator of "strange sounds"

A number of reports have appeared concerning strange sounds that sometimes continue for hours and are hard to localize. This article proposes that some of these sounds are generated by a novel sound generator developed for military applications. An earlier investigation strongly suggested that a new technology is under development that can cause plasma balls or orbs to appear at a distant location. This same technology might be used to construct a sound generator and resonator at a remote location in the sky. The shape of an unexplained aerial object photographed over Russia is suggested as a model for the sound generator.

8. Higher dimensional physics associated with UFOs    (PDF)

Qualitative analyses of UFO photographs taken over many years found that a toroidal pattern is often in the space near UFOs. The torus was attributed to the existence of a "duocylinder bridge" generated by the unknown craft as a device for transport. The device is four-dimensional and appears to produce a highly magnetized toroidal projection onto our three dimensional space.

9. A Cosmology Founded on Intrinsic Attributes of Consciousness

A cosmology grounded in consciousness is described that accounts for well-known but inexplicable phenomena such as near-death and out-of-body experiences, telepathy, remote viewing, and materialization. Configurations of the energy of consciousness are distinguished by the multidimensional property of vibration. Attributes of consciousness include the intrinsic processes of creation and perception. Human and other intelligent beings are self-aware configurations of consciousness and may have independent experiences. A being experiences matter when configurations of consciousness are transformed to sensations by the perceptual process. The cosmology offers new insights into what is possible.

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