Humanity, extraterrestrials, and the Mayan calendar

William C. Treurniet, May, 2007

Summary. According to a recent interpretation of the Mayan calendar by Calleman, a universal creative energy field has operated since the beginning of time to influence all aspects of evolution. According to Calleman, the end of the calendar in 2011 will be accompanied by a general transformation of human consciousness. Some people, such as Wilbert Smith and David Jacobs, suggest that some extraterrestrial species visiting Earth appear to have an interest in events that are to occur in the near future. The times of these events may coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar. Smith indicates that some species may be here to be helpful, while others may have a more selfish agenda. The latter may be responsible for many reported abductions of humans that appear to be part of a program of human-alien hybridization. The end of this program may coincide with the transformation of human consciousness expected at the end of the calendar. The result of the alien hybridization program and the natural transformation of consciousness are understood as separate predicted outcomes for different segments of humanity.

A number of signs suggest unprecedented world events will occur in the near future. They are not well publicized perhaps because of so-called national security concerns, or because they are not supported by unassailable scientific evidence. Nevertheless, a pattern of information is emerging which indicates that an extraordinary scenario will play out within the next five years. As in any intelligence gathering operation, confidence in this conclusion depends on the quality of the information on which it is based.

In brief, there is evidence to support a recent interpretation of the Mayan calendar that a universal creative energy field has operated since the beginning of time, and has enabled human consciousness to expand at an exponential rate throughout recorded history. This expansion will continue until sometime around 2011-2012. Since the energy field is universal, extraterrestrial civilizations would have been subject to its influence as well. It may not be coincidence, therefore, that the culmination of this process on earth is accompanied by an increase in sightings of what appear to be extraterrestrial visitors to our planet. Contact with these visitors range from visual sightings of unusual aircraft to encounters with intelligent humanoids representing various species. Although their agendas are still unclear, some species are thought to be here for their own ends, while other more altruistic species may be working to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness. The presence of the extraterrestrials, while extremely interesting, is secondary to the transformation of consciousness that will integrate the physical and spiritual domains.

1. Factors to consider

The understanding briefly outlined in the previous paragraph comes from an apparent connection between two lines of study - a new interpretation of the Mayan calendar, and the interest that extraterrestrial beings appear to have in humanity. Since such an association would have important implications, it needs to be seriously considered. The following discusses the meaning and current relevance of the Mayan calendar, the extraterrestrial agenda, and the potential impact of the extraterrestrials on the transformation of human consciousness.

1.1. The Mayan calendar

Carl Johan Calleman recently described his compelling interpretation of the Mayan calendar in two books entitled "The Mayan Calendar" (2001) and "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness" (2004). In his view, the calendar consists of nine embedded cycles, or Underworlds, all ending on October 28, 2011. A cycle is subdivided into 13 equal intervals, each ruled by a particular deity representing certain principles. Calleman sees opposing characteristics or yin/yang traits in successive pairs of intervals in a cycle, and describes an Underworld as a sequence of six Day/Night pairs plus a final Day. Each cycle except the first is embedded in the last Day of the previous cycle. This means that the length of each Day or Night shortens exponentially from one Underworld to the next. Table 1 shows Calleman's names for the nine Underworlds, the Underworld durations, the starting dates, and some phenomena that coincided with the Underworld beginnings. We are currently in the cycle he calls the Galactic Underworld.

Table 1. Some Properties of the Underworlds
Underworld  Duration  Beginning Date  Initiating Phenomena 
Universal  260 days  Feb 11, 2011 
Galactic  12.8 yr  Jan 5, 1999 
Planetary  256 yr  1755 CE  Industrialism 
National  5125 yr  3115 BCE  Written language 
Regional  102,000 yr  99,989 BCE  Spoken language 
Tribal  2 x 106 yr  ~2 x 106 BCE  First humans 
Familial  41 x 106 yr  ~41 x 106 BCE  First primates 
Mammalian  820 x 106 yr  ~820 x 106 BCE  First animals 
Cellular  16.4 x 109 yr  ~16.4 x 109 BCE  Big Bang 

Each Day of a cycle is characterized by a pulse of creative energy from a universal consciousness field that has influenced creation since the beginning of time. Thus, the Days are associated with the germination, growth and fruition of major changes in the physical world and humanity's history. The Nights are periods when the changes are incorporated more fully into the existing context and conflicts are resolved. The pulse of creative energy is applied via some kind of holographic resonance involving all elements of creation.

Calleman supports the interpretation with evidence from global historical events and, thereby, gives it the ring of truth. For example, most would agree that the rate at which telecommunications technology developed in the Galactic Underworld is much faster than the rate at which writing technology evolved in the Planetary Underworld. There is an analogy between writing technology and telecommunications technology, and this example shows how history tends to repeat itself in successive cycles, albeit at faster rates. Similar analogies can be drawn in other fields such as politics and religion.

Novel and useful ideas may still occur without the universal impulse, but they will not easily take root in society. For example, the transistor was invented during a Planetary Underworld Night in the period leading up to 1947. However, it was not implemented commercially in telephone equipment until 1952, which was the start of the sixth Day of the Planetary Underworld. The sixth Day is characterized by Flowering and the "goddess of birth".

Clearly, there is a subjective element in identifying events supporting the proposed Day/Night cycle of the creative impulse. A possible counter-example is the implementation of fiber-optic technology. The first commercial use for telephone traffic occurred in 1977 during the sixth Night of the Planetary Underworld. It can be argued, however, that the specifications for long-range communication using fiber-optic cables were clearly laid out in 1964 during the sixth Day. Further, the sixth Night is characterized by Calleman as a time of "resting and fine-tuning of protoform of new consciousness". In that respect, fiber-optic cables replaced wire and represented a fine-tuning of existing technology.

On the whole, Calleman's interpretation of the calendar is supported by (a) the relatively recent increase in subjective rate of change in society, (b) the many examples of creative changes that occurred during the Day periods of the Underworlds, and (c) the analogies across different underworlds that show history repeating itself in shorter times.

1.1.1. A physical model

The duration of an Underworld is a reflection of the properties of the consciousness field present in that time. Calleman (2004) suggests a physical mechanism for the effect of this consciousness field. Because consciousness is involved, the model is a mixture of intuitive ideas and what is known about the physics of the earth. Geophysicists believe that the iron core of the earth has a crystalline structure due to the tremendous pressure that exists there. Calleman proposes that the crystalline core mediates a universal consciousness field. He suggests that "different layers are activated according to the preset pattern of the Mayan calendar" and that "the Nine Underworlds correspond to nine sequentially activated layers of iron crystals in the earth's inner core" (p. 59-60). And, further, "concentrated mental activity arises from resonance with the earth's inner core" (p. 62).

1.1.2. Supporting evidence

The model proposes that the depth of the crystalline core activation decreases with each successive Underworld. Although not specifically stated, changes in the consciousness field on consecutive Underworld Days and Nights should also modulate the core activation. Physical correlates of such changes should be most evident in the earth's lower mantle adjacent to the core, and should be observable as variations in seismic activity. This prediction was confirmed recently (Treurniet, 2007a, 2007b) and supports the presence of a time-varying universal consciousness field.

1.1.3. Relation to reality

There appears to be a relationship between the universal consciousness field and the frequency of earthquake activity in the mantle. The effect was much less evident farther from the core, but it may have been overwhelmed by the much greater seismic activity at smaller depths. The relationship suggests that the universal consciousness field exercises creative control over the physical world in general, and determines the nature of our reality. Since we are a part of this physical world, it follows that our ability to change reality using our personal "free will" is strongly inhibited by the universal consciousness field.

According to Calleman's interpretation of the calendar, the rate of oscillation of the universal consciousness field increases as the end date approaches. When the rate exceeds the bandwidth capacity of the earth core medium, the controlling influence of the field over the physical world should decline. The result may be increased randomness and disorder in the environment. On the other hand, the inhibition of our free will should also be released, and we should have unprecedented control over our reality. A hint of what to expect can be found in extrasensory or paranormal experiences such as telepathy and psychokinesis.

Mainstream science is unable to satisfactorily explain paranormal phenomena, preferring to attribute statistically significant experimental effects to chance. But other more compatible ways of thinking about reality have been proposed. A set of principles described by Wilbert B. Smith seem particularly relevant since the concept of free will is included. Treurniet (2007c) summarized Smith's theoretical approach, and describes how we may seize control of reality with our free will when the influence of the universal consciousness field is minimized. The model holds that some fundamental properties of the universe such as its spatial dimensions are absolute, but purposeful structures that depend on the aggregation of multiple forms can always be altered by free will. Such structures include atomic particles, biological organisms and galaxies, so all are subject to manipulation by consciousness.

1.1.4. The end result

Several acquaintances, when presented with the prospect of individual free will modifying the elements of reality, reacted with apprehension. For example, one response to the role that Smith's model might play was as follows: "It is quite, no very, scary to think that these values would become suddenly more labile after 2012, and subject to thought manipulation by beings, human or other. To date we don't have a very good record, even under existing conditions". Of course, under the current frame of consciousness, chaos would indeed result if everyone possessed unconstrained free will.

By all accounts, however, the transformation of consciousness leading to free will can be achieved only by those able to renounce ego and the accompanying need for power over others. This is because the transformation leads to a state of unity with the cosmos. In this state, violation of the free will of others would be unthinkable simply because there is no "other".

So the final result of eons of evolution will be a species capable of integrating the physical and spiritual realms. Mind-body duality will be recognized as a misunderstanding due to the limit placed on free will by the universal consciousness field. Most spiritual teachings promise a timeless state of love, joy and freedom when that constraint is removed. Perhaps this promise has a universal attraction and is the reason why the earth appears to be of interest to the people from elsewhere, the extraterrestrials.

1.2. Extraterrestrial interest

Throughout recorded history, there have been reports of human interaction with other races that looked human but may have originated elsewhere. People of old interacted with god-like beings who occasionally possessed flying vehicles. More recently, during the last 60 years or so, many people have reported seeing unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and lights in the sky, sometimes moving with incredible speed and acceleration. There have also been many reports of contact with humanoid life forms associated with such objects. Some appear human while others definitely do not. Many people believe that these beings are not of this earth and, hence, are extraterrestrial.

Figure 1 shows the number of UFO-related sightings reported per month to the National UFO Reporting Center. There is a striking increase in the number of sightings after 1999, which happens to be the beginning of the Mayan calendar Galactic Underworld as interpreted by Calleman. This increase could reflect an extraterrestrial interest in the faster tempo of creative energy pulses on earth, or it could merely be due to a sudden improvement in access to the internet at the start of the Galactic Underworld, thus facilitating reports of sightings.

Figure 1. Frequency of UFO sightings.

Despite a multitude of reports from groups and individuals that describe UFOs and humanoid contact, the mainstream media ignore the possibility that earth is being visited by extraterrestrials. Government and military officials also typically explain away such reports, and the explanations are often highly unlikely and laughable. Why there is not more widespread contact that cannot be denied is one question that needs to be addressed. Another question is why the visitors are here. Both issues may be connected to the anticipated end of the Mayan calendar and the coming transformation of consciousness.

1.2.1. The Extraterrestrial Agenda

The question of why the extraterrestrials are here will be examined using very different sources of information. One is the personal archive of Wilbert B. Smith, a Canadian government scientist who developed a strong interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial visitations during the 1950s. The other source is the literature concerning the abduction phenomenon associated with the extraterrestrials. The Wilbert Smith Letters

Wilbert Smith claimed to have communicated with particular extraterrestrials either telepathically or indirectly through channeling by others. He was given several insights about the nature of reality that included specifications for new technological devices. He wrote about these things to several friends and colleagues, and sometimes discussed his understanding concerning the extraterrestrial agenda. The following verbatim extracts from his letters written in 1955 explain who the occupants of the flying saucers are and give some indication why they are here.


These people are away ahead of us in all ways, but nevertheless our friends, and are willing to help us; but not to the extent of giving us a technology with which to make better and bigger bombs.

Apparently, there are quite a few groups of space people operating in the vicinity of this planet, and while they have knowledge of each other they do not engage in extensive interchange of ideas. Some of them are working for the benefit of the human race, others to fulfill a "plan", and still others are merely "tourists". Something drastic is due to happen here shortly and I suppose it is natural that people would flock here to observe it. Apparently, the time for us is very short and there are several groups who have an interest in the outcome. Most of them are friendly, but there is at least one bad lot who are bent on exploitation.

I can tell you something about the UFO people. They are of the same basic human stock as we. They have been civilized for a very long time. Cosmic Law requires that each race work out its own destiny, provided that it does not menace others. We are a menace, therefore we must be "dealt with", but the dealings will be "Acts of God" and our own fananglings (sic), or so they will seem to us. The saucer people stand ready to help and teach us as soon as we are ready. I cannot prove these statements yet but I know them to be true and have reason to believe that this will be common knowledge before long.

There are many times as many people off this planet as on it, and they live under all sorts of conditions. They are at a variety of stages of evolvement.

We have mistakenly drawn a heavy veil between our spiritual world and our physical world, and I understand from the people from elsewhere that such is not generally the case with them. For many of them there is no real veil between the physical and the spiritual, and communication and participation between the two is quite the normal thing.

I have no doubt at all about the authenticity of the greater part of the saucer contacts, but what puzzles me is the apparent completely independent actions of the various units. I suppose I am conditioned by earth thinking but it seems to me that they are missing a good bet by not coordinating their efforts.

In a general sense, these are the points I feel are fairly well established. Space people from a number of alien planets are in the vicinity of the earth. Physically, they resemble us quite closely, and are probably of the same basic human stock. Something is about to happen which will be quite serious for the human race of the earth, and probably will have serious repercussions throughout the solar system. The space people intend to minimize the damage and ensure that our race does not perish. That we are rather primitive compared with other races, and under normal circumstances would be left to our own devices to grow up as best we could, but because of some impending crisis, they must now interfere in our affairs, but they intend to keep such interference to an absolute minimum. Beyond this I feel we have little but conjecture to go on.

Some of these comments are seen in a new light when we assume that the extraterrestrials are familiar with the universal consciousness field and the progression of the embedded Underworlds of the Mayan calendar. For example, Smith says, "Some of them are working for the benefit of the human race, others to fulfill a 'plan', and still others are merely 'tourists'. Something drastic is due to happen here shortly and I suppose it is natural that people would flock here to observe it." That something drastic may well be the anticipated transformation of consciousness. If so, some of the extraterrestrials are here to ease the transition for the human race, while others may even plan to participate in the event themselves.

The comment that "Cosmic Law requires that each race work out its own destiny, provided that it does not menace others" may explain why there is no wholesale exposure of the extraterrestrials to the human race. Such exposure would interfere in the natural development of human consciousness according to the plan reflected in the Mayan calendar. Apparently, Smith was informed that constraints exist in the cosmos to prevent such interference.

He further comments that "For many of them there is no real veil between the physical and the spiritual, and communication and participation between the two is quite the normal thing". This suggests that many of the extraterrestrials may already possess a consciousness able to exercise mental control over physical reality. If so, progression through the various Underworlds may not be the only way for consciousness to evolve to that level. The Abduction Phenomenon

A persistent theme in reports concerning UFOs and extraterrestrials is the abduction experience. Over the years, hundreds if not thousands of people have described being taken to a place, presumably a spaceship, to undergo medical procedures. The abductors appear most often to belong to a particular alien humanoid species. Often, but not always, the abducted person suffers from amnesia, and hypnotic regression methods are used to recover the memories. Bud Hopkins and David Jacobs are two researchers who have reported extensively on abductee interviews and analyses of the abduction experience.

The reproductive system seems to be of primary interest to the abductors. Often, devices are inserted into abductees, apparently for the removal of ova and sperm. There are also reports of technological implants in places such as the nasal passage, and these are thought to be tracking devices. Many people report being abducted multiple times starting at a young age, and abductions appear to run in families. The conclusion reached by both Hopkins and Jacobs is that the aliens are conducting a large-scale breeding program. The program's objective appears to be the creation of an alien-human hybrid that appears human but has some paranormal capabilities.

At the beginning of the research on the abduction phenomenon, emphasis in the interviews was on the breeding program. Genetic material was taken, and women were occasionally shown strange, hybrid infants to which they felt a maternal attraction. As time went on, the reports described hybrid children that appeared more and more human. At the present time, the hybrids are said to be physically similar to humans, but are telepathic and have the ability to control the thoughts and behaviors of others. Their interactions with the abductees suggest that they are now studying human social norms, presumably so they can meld unnoticed into human society. Although it seems clear what the aliens are doing, it is not as clear why they are doing it.

Hopkins says that the data "point to alien infiltration into our world for goals unknown", although there is no evidence that the infiltration has malevolent intent. He speculates that the aliens envy our ability to respond emotionally, and the breeding program is designed to create a hybrid species that has this human characteristic combined with their paranormal abilities. Jacobs comes to a similar conclusion, but emphasizes aspects of the experience that could be interpreted negatively. For example, abductees report being asked to perform certain tasks. One of the most common was crowd control, wherein the abductee is to try to calm a crowd of running and screaming humans. Another task involved maneuvering a craft in order to rescue an alien from a crowd of enraged humans.

Jacobs also mentions an item of particular interest here. That is, on at least two occasions, the alien abductors say they are preparing for an event called The Change. It is to happen soon, and it is described as "a difficult change but an inevitable one". Many abductees are shown images of death and devastation on earth that represent events about to happen. Then they are told that the hybrids resulting from the breeding program will make things better, that all of the alien's efforts are aimed at facilitating The Change. Nevertheless, Jacobs finds somewhat threatening the aliens' need for control when no mention is made of the well being of non-abductees during The Change.

One abductee was shown scenes of complete destruction followed by a return to a normal green earth environment. Luminous, angelic figures are seen followed by many ships delivering people back to earth as if they were coming home. The aliens are unable to stay permanently in the earth environment, but the hybrids remain to help make the world a better place. There is different technology, people can utilize their gifts, will learn to get along better, have more respect for the earth, be more loving and accepting, and have more opportunity to realize good potential. Jacobs calls this the "salvation message" designed to reassure the abductees before and during The Change, whatever it may be. He suggests that it may also produce a docile society more amenable to control.

1.3. Implications

According to an interpretation of the Mayan calendar led by Calleman, the evolution of the universe has been subject to a guiding influence since the beginning of time. This influence is said to consist of a sequence of creative impulses that promote the development of physical form and structure and, more recently, human creative activity. According to the Mayan calendar, the process will culminate soon in a natural transformation of consciousness that will integrate the physical with the spiritual. Individual participants will experience cosmic unity and all that that entails. Wilbert Smith was informed in the 1950s that there are a number of alien species in the earth environment who appear to be waiting for possibly this event to happen. Most of these species are benign, but "there is at least one bad lot who are bent on exploitation". That "bad lot" may be responsible for the abductions that came later.

It seems that the alien abduction program is intended to transform and enhance human consciousness at a time called The Change, in order to create a more loving, peaceful, and caring society. This is reminiscent of the aforementioned natural transformation of consciousness. Both are to happen "soon", and probably refer to the same time. But if spiritual enlightenment will occur naturally at the end of the Mayan calendar, why would one group of aliens go to the trouble of orchestrating their own version of the event using technological means? The answer may lie in their inability to experience much emotion. A lack of ego, which is the prerequisite for the natural transformation to occur, is an emotional and ethical state that is probably out of reach for this particular species. Hence, they will be unable to participate in this transformation.

An alternative for such a species might be to create a facsimile of the transformation in which they can participate. They appear to be doing this using the very attributes that prevent their participation in the natural transformation; that is, their emotionless expression of control over others. The aliens may hope to achieve similar goals via technological means. They seem to believe that social harmony for a hybrid form of humanity will result from the proper application of new eco-friendly technologies and direct mind-to-mind communication. Although this sounds like a laudable outcome from humanity's point of view, the hybrid breeding program is probably intended to serve the aliens. A peaceful telepathic society dominated by hybrids would be much more amenable to exploitation by the alien parent race than our present more aggressive and fragmented society. Any possible benefits to humanity would likely be more than offset by the loss of free will.

But the interpretation of the Mayan calendar predicts a natural transformation of consciousness at the end of the calendar. This should play out no matter what the aliens do. The transformation may be physical as well, so that humanity's conscious experience need no longer include the physical world that we know. Recall that one of the abductees was shown a vision of the earth being repopulated following a cataclysmic event. Perhaps the vision should be literally interpreted as the return of people to earth accompanied by "luminous beings". The latter would be those humans who were able to transform naturally to a more spiritual reality. The people in the vision would be alien hybrids, as well as humans who were unable to experience the natural transformation. In this scenario, the aliens complete their agenda which may involve the exercise of power, but some proportion of humanity is free in the transformed state.

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