Communications with the Zeta Race

Documentation of the information received through the medium, Paul Hamden.

eBooks (free download)

The Zeta Interviews (Ed4) - The book has the raw transcripts of the sessions with the Zetas. They spoke through the medium, Paul Hamden.

A Primer of the Zeta Race (Ed17) - The book analyzes information primarily from the Zeta race who spoke through the medium, Paul Hamden. Shorter conversations with the Anunnaki and Pleiadian races are also discussed.

Zeta Science for Humans (Ed2) - The book describes Zeta science and discusses its relation to human science. For the convenience of readers, several articles already published in journals are reproduced in the book.

Extraterrestrial Cosmology and Technology (Ed6) - The book contents are included in Zeta Science for Humans.

The Quick Zeta Primer - The book is an abridged version of "A primer of the Zeta race". It contains a briefer discussion of some of the concepts in the primer book.

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Interviews with the medium

Paul Hamden - Alien Contactee and Spirit Medium
October, 2015 - Elizabeth Anglin, host of Cosmic Passport Talk Radio, and Paul Hamden discuss his contacts with extraterrestrial races and the history and activities of the Zeta race.

Paul Hamden - Alien Contactee
January, 2017 - with Christine Duminiuk, host of Spaced Out Radio.

Paul and Syann - A New Level of Consciousness
February, 2023 - with George Noory, host of Coast to Coast.

More articles about conversations with the Zetas

An extraterrestrial cosmology of consciousness   (PDF)
A cosmology founded on intrinsic attributes of consciousness
The role of the multiverse in human existence
An idealist model of quantum entanglement   (PDF)
A proposed medium for Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism   (PDF)
Extraterrestrial intervention in a nuclear war   (PDF)
Stimulation of human self-healing   (PDF)
Sound samples generated by Zetas
Mysterious pulses in a séance with extraterrestrial beings
An observed property of UFOs confirmed by a Zeta
How matter is an illusion   (PDF)
Hybridization of humans with the Abductor race
William's experiences with the Zetas

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