Communications with the Zeta Race

Documentation of the information received through the medium, Paul Hamden.

eBooks (free download)

The Zeta Interviews - The book presents the raw transcripts of the sessions with the Zetas recorded from 2012 to 2016.

A Primer of the Zeta Race (Ed15) - The book discusses various aspects of the Zeta race and its agenda whilst dealing with this planet and its people. It also presents a cosmology based on consciousness that offers a new perspective on physical existence.

The Quick Zeta Primer - This book is an abridged version of "A primer of the Zeta race". It offers a briefer discussion of some of the more difficult concepts in the original book.

The Science of the Zeta Race (Ed5) - This book selects material related to the Zeta science.

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The Zeta Interviews A Primer of the Zeta race (Ed15) The Quick Zeta Primer The Science of the Zeta race (Ed5)

Audio interviews

Paul Hamden - Alien Contactee and Spirit Medium

October, 2015 - Elizabeth Anglin, host of Cosmic Passport Talk Radio, and Paul Hamden discuss his contacts with extraterrestrial races and the history and activities of the Zeta race.

On-line documentation

The Science of the Zeta Race

Transcripts of communications


A cosmology based on panpsychism  (PDF)
Vibration of consciousness is multidimensional  (PDF)
The end-of-life transition of consciousness  (PDF)
Prime focus and the experience of physical reality  (PDF)
Why creating thought forms is hard  (PDF)
Healing of actinic keratoses by an extraterrestrial Zeta being   (PDF)
Sound samples generated by Zetas
Mysterious pulses in a séance with extraterrestrial beings
An observed property of UFOs confirmed by a Zeta
William's journey with the Zetas

The Otherside Press articles

Introduction to Zeta communications
The creation process and states of love
Spirit realm as information structures
A barrier to communication with extraterrestrial races
Etheric templates and materialization
Orbs - an etheric technology
Conflict resolution in spirit realm
A conversation with a Zeta about time
Ascension from the Zeta's perspective
How matter is an illusion
Why spirits choose the illusion of matter
A process for raising the state of vibration

ASSMPI Spirit and Science Journal (for subscribers only)

A case for panpsychism
The role of consciousness and the etheric body in health and healing

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