Communications with the Zeta Race

Documentation of the information received through the medium, Paul Hamden.

eBooks (free download)

The Zeta Interviews (Ed4) - The book presents the raw transcripts of the sessions with the Zetas.

A Primer of the Zeta Race (Ed16) - The book discusses various aspects of the Zeta race and its agenda whilst dealing with this planet and its people.

Extraterrestrial Cosmology and Technology (Ed3) - The book is about the Zeta science and technology. It includes a cosmology based on consciousness.

The Quick Zeta Primer - The book is an abridged version of "A primer of the Zeta race". It contains a briefer discussion of some of the more difficult concepts in the primer book.

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The Zeta Interviews (Ed3) A Primer of the Zeta race (Ed16) Extraterrestrial Cosmology
and Technology (Ed3)

The Quick Zeta Primer

Alien Interaction Trilogy


Paul Hamden - Alien Contactee and Spirit Medium

October, 2015 - Elizabeth Anglin, host of Cosmic Passport Talk Radio, and Paul Hamden discuss his contacts with extraterrestrial races and the history and activities of the Zeta race.

Paul Hamden - Alien Contactee

January, 2017 - with Christine Duminiuk, host of Spaced Out Radio.

William Treurniet - on UFOs, physical mediumship, and the Zeta cosmology

December, 2019 - with Grant Cameron on YouTube.

On-line documentation

Transcripts of communications (blog)
Transcripts - text files


An extraterrestrial cosmology of consciousness (PDF)
A Cosmology Founded on Intrinsic Attributes of Consciousness
Extraterrestrial intervention in a nuclear war (PDF)
Extraterrestrial involvement with the human race   (PDF)
Healing of actinic keratoses by an extraterrestrial Zeta being   (PDF)
Sound samples generated by Zetas
Mysterious pulses in a séance with extraterrestrial beings
An observed property of UFOs confirmed by a Zeta
A conversation with a Zeta about time
How matter is an illusion
A barrier to communication with extraterrestrial races
William's experiences with the Zetas

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