The holographic principle in consciousness  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, May, 2018
(from the book, More insights from the Zeta interviews)

Summary. Extraterrestrial Zeta beings spoke extensively through a medium about a cosmology in which the universe is a singular creation of consciousness. Representations in consciousness, known as quanta, are created by thoughts and intentions. They are preserved in the vibrating energy of consciousness in a structure known as the grid. The quanta are holographic-like patterns consistent with the holographic principle; that is, they are two-dimensional representations that define an observer’s experience in a three-dimensional space.

The quanta are experienced when transformed by a being’s perceptual process. For the optimal experience, the vibration of the perceptual process should match the vibration of the quanta. Any difference in vibration can be minimized by adjusting a parameter in consciousness that controls the vibration of the quanta. A Zeta described how this is the basis of craft dematerialization and re-materialization relative to a human observer. We suggest that the difference between the vibrations of quanta and the perceptual process will grow as a result of the ascension process predicted for the human race by the Zetas and others. As the humans’ vibrational state increases, their perceptual process will continue to operate at the lower vibration required to transform the quanta that define the physical environment. Alternatively, the vibrations could be aligned by adjusting the parameter that controls the vibration of the quanta.

1. Introduction

At the beginning of the 20th century, Max Planck deduced from the dimensional analysis of certain equations that it made no sense to speak of distances smaller than a minimum distance. That distance, now known as the Planck length, is equal to 1.616229 x 10-35 m. More recently, some theoretical physicists (e.g., Sarg, 2003; Haramein, 2013a) have proposed a space-filling grid at or near the Planck scale.

Haramein (2013a) suggested that a vacuum energy oscillator, the “Planck spherical unit” (PSU), could be the basis of a quantum gravitational framework of a discrete spacetime. The three-dimensional packing of PSUs defines a grid with units the size of the Planck length. The grid has properties useful for conceptualizing what is known as the holographic principle. It states that the physics in a certain region of space is described by the information on the surface area of its boundary, and that one bit of information is encoded by a Planck area. The holographic principle was initially proposed for the analysis of black holes by 't Hooft (1993) and Susskind (1994).

The concept of a grid with at least three dimensions also appears in a cosmology from a non-human source - extraterrestrial Zeta beings speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden (see “A Primer of the Zeta Race”, other books and articles, and interviews with the medium on the dedicated web page). The framework of the cosmology (Treurniet, 2017) proposes that every entity in our physical universe is a configuration of consciousness analogous to a hologram. Further, an important property of consciousness is the dimension of vibration. Every configuration, including the holographic-like entity, has a particular vibration. The vibrating grid is a quantized substrate in consciousness on which the holographic-like representations of matter objects are found. We experience these patterns as discrete objects when they are acted upon by our perceptual process. The perceptual process transforms the patterns to consciousness potentials which are experienced as sensations.

Haramein’s grid consisting of PSUs could be the same grid that the Zetas mentioned in their discussions. Conversely, the Zetas’ use of the hologram for encoding information suggests they employ the holographic principle to represent reality. The evidence is circumstantial, but by connecting the dots we see a pattern that suggests it may be possible to merge human physics with a higher reality based on the heretofore unrecognized energy of consciousness.

2. Quanta

In their discussions of some technical processes, the Zetas occasionally used the word, quanta, without saying what it means. The word suggests a process where data is quantized, and the quotes in the following paragraphs offer insight concerning the precise meaning.

In a discussion about the nature of the human body, the Zeta informed us of a homeostatic process involved in self-healing. They explained that a blueprint of a being’s body is encoded in the potentials of its highest possible vibration in the local consciousness. The Zeta said, “Living organisms have within them, around them, the potential for the etheric body to understand what is the physical potential of the energetic potential of the consciousness potential.” The information is transposed in vibration to the physical level of the etheric body. The latter exists in the etheric realm, the range of vibrations of consciousness in which our matter universe is defined.

When the body is injured, vortices form in the etheric body at the site of the injury. These participate in the healing process by transmuting the energy containing information about how to heal. The Zeta explained, “Underneath the energy is consciousness. It is the quanta information of the cellular structure of a human body. That consciousness indicates from beneath at the lowest levels, or the highest levels, of what is the action of the re-creation of the cellular process, and of course, all other potentials then exist. The energy then is actively working towards healing the physical cellular disruption.” The transposed blueprint information is represented in the etheric body by potentials that the Zeta describes as “quanta information of the cellular structure”. From the context, the word quanta suggests that the information about cellular structure is quantized. It appears that quanta refers to the holographic-like pattern in the grid that represents the physical body.

This meaning of the word quanta is supported by another quote where it is used. The perceptual process, intrinsic to consciousness, samples etheric potentials from the holographic-like pattern representing an object. The samples are transformed to higher-vibration consciousness potentials which are the being’s felt sensations. In the following comment on the perception of colour, the Zeta explains, “Perception is gained from different types of acknowledgement of colour process so, a human’s perception based in quanta in regards to colour processes is generally able to determine the same standard colour processes for each individual item. We abide by that quanta process.” The phrase, “perception based in quanta” appears equivalent to “perception based in sampling a holographic-like pattern”, and so quanta refers to the quantized holographic-like pattern representing an object in the grid. In general, quanta are the outcome of the creation process.


A single PSU in Haramein’s grid is a quantum of information. The plural form, the quanta used by the Zetas, could refer to an array of PSUs that encodes a holographic-like pattern from the creation process.

3. The grid

Haramein (2013a) proposed a generalized holographic principle based on the relationship between the interior volume of PSUs and the surface area. He showed that the generalization is applicable to not only the study of black holes, but also to other areas of physics. His novel approach gave the known Schwarzschild solution to Einstein’s field equations for a gravitational field outside a spherical body. It also gave a very accurate value for the rest mass of a proton (Haramein, 2013a, 2013b), as well as other fundamental physical parameters. The derivation is based on only geometric considerations and applies to both the cosmological and the quantum scale.

In our discussions with the Zetas, they were often asked specific questions about the nature of reality. Their responses indicated that all existence is a manifestation of consciousness. However, much of what exists is inaccessible to us because of the property of vibration. Vibration is an ordinal dimension of consciousness that varies from low to high, so every being is at a certain level on this dimension.

Every being has a highest possible vibration. That is, the being behaves like a low-pass filter. It is typically aware only of grid contents that have a state of vibration the same or lower than its own. When a being thinks of something to create, it modulates its highest possible vibration with the vibration of the thought. The holographic-like pattern resulting from this creation process is placed in the grid at the being’s highest possible vibration.

The Zeta said of the grid, “The resonant energy of the grid or the matrix is not just part of this planet, the grid is like a fluctuating wave vibrating through the universe. It holds all space and time. … It is a manifestation of universal energies, everything has a resonating grid – every specific energy has its own grid. … The grid emanates from each planet but is also joined as one. Every physical individual item has its own grid and links into the main grid, everything is all! … Is the grid consciousness? Yes it is. Is the grid being fed by other types of consciousness? Yes, because you are an energetic being. … But for the grid to be in its true state, there is no form for the grid” (Treurniet and Hamden, 2016, p. 28).

The Zeta stated that the grid was consciousness. They also said that the grid interacts with other configurations of consciousness such as beings like us who create. In the absence of a creation where nothing exists, the grid is in its true state. In nothingness, there would be no context like space/time and the grid has no form.


Haramein’s very accurate predictions of fundamental parameters like the mass of a proton presupposes the existence of a grid at the Planck scale. A similar concept of a grid is the substrate for the Zetas’ holographic-like representations of matter. We suggest that in both cases the same grid encodes information. A PSU encodes one bit of information according to the holographic principle, and the information encoded in a grid-like array of PSUs are the holographic-like representations of matter, or quanta.

If the Zetas’ grid in consciousness is equivalent to Haramein’s array of PSUs at the Planck scale, then Haramein’s grid must also be a construct of consciousness. Further, Haramein refers to a PSU as a spherical Planck vacuum oscillator which encodes information. An array of such oscillators implements what is known as the zero-point field, a sea of zero-point energy. Haramein’s grid and the Zetas’ grid share the property of vibration. Further, if both grids are the same grid, the zero-point field in consciousness holds the holographic encodings of matter resulting from the creative processes of beings.

3.1 Zeta craft propulsion

In the interviews, a Zeta revealed that the grid is a component of their technologies. They described how their craft move in space by using the the grid for propulsion.

- Imagine if you will a single sheet of fabric. … Now place many layers of fabric together, you now have a three-dimensional block of fabric. The threads are interwoven, directional.

- There is a basic life force woven into the fabric of the universe. This energetic form, waveform, feeds and nourishes these cellular craft.

The grid is pictured as a three-dimensional block of fabric.

- If the fabric is of an energetic nature, then there is a strong matrix of threads between all layers. This means, in a physical universe, a craft can manoeuvre forwards, backwards, diagonally and sideways. The craft are moving on etheric rails. They are drawn into the craft and used as a “matter of state” propulsion process. These rails are of a nature that the craft can move in any direction as it is using the matrix like a tractor beam. The craft is taken, pulled, in the direction it wishes to go. The matrix is a living field. The sentient entity which is the craft is able to negotiate the rails by consciousness.

The craft moves through the grid by pulling itself along the etheric “threads” of the grid. This enables movement in three dimensions in the observed matter universe. The grid is described as a living field, and the sentient craft maneuvers through the grid using the energy of consciousness.

- When the fabric is folded upon itself, it acts cylindrically. A craft is able to manoeuvre back to its original point by simply “hopping” from one state to the next.

When the grid is rolled up like a four-dimensional cylinder, the craft is able to move great distances instantaneously in three dimensions.


The discussion of craft propulsion tells us how a craft could propel itself with the energy of consciousness using the three-dimensional array of PSUs we assume to be constructs in consciousness.

3.2 Synthetic quantum environments

The Zetas said that a “matrix of reality” represents a given environment experienced as matter, and so the matrix holds the quanta which encode information. The matrix can be copied by a Zeta technology to create what is known as a synthetic quantum environment or SQE. The copy has several uses including simulation of an environment for an experiment that could be destructive. Using the simulation avoids damaging the original environment. They said, “There is a device that is used to create the unfolding of the special process and then once the cavity, I believe would be the word, is created, it is then populated with the correct molecular image that will then represent the environment that was to be used for exchange of energy and information.

A Zeta described the process, “So depending on what you wish to create and preserve as an environment, would determine the level of quantum entanglement that is required by a being that is to synthesize the energetic entities, and to then propagate this as a sustainable existence in its quantum self. Many of the SQEs are in existence for the scientific beings who wish to experiment within a race. A snap shot is taken and using the SQE, transpose the environment, and using the SQE then instigate change. This is a mirror image process to see what is sustainable, and in that place no harm is created to a physical entity as it is an energetic environment."

The description of how the SQE is created includes several indications that the process has quantum properties. Mention of quantum entanglement suggests that the copy is made by realizing particles that are entangled with the particles in the physical environment. This was also suggested by describing the creation of the SQE as “a mirror image process”, since the quantum states of entangled particles can be described as mirror images of each other. The sustainable existence in its quantum self suggests that the copy of the environment is the usual holographic-like pattern or quanta representing the environment’s mirror image.

The phrase, transpose the environment, indicates that the vibrational state of the copy in the SQE is different from the state of the original environment. An apt comparison would be transposing music to a different key.


The information representing our physical reality is encoded as quanta, the holographic-like patterns the Zeta identified as a “matrix of reality”. The Zeta technology copies the matrix by taking the mirror image of the quantum states encoded in the targeted section of the grid, perhaps in an array of the PSUs defined by Haramein (2013a). The vibrational state of the original environment may be transposed to a higher vibration of the copy.

4. A materialization parameter

A spherical resonant cavity is believed to surround all planets that have a conducting layer in the atmosphere like the earth’s ionosphere. The resonance of the earth is known as the Schumann resonance. It has a fundamental frequency of about 7.8 Hz and several higher frequencies, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz, that are not quite harmonics of the fundamental. The frequencies are related to the circumference of the planet, and some variability is due to other factors (Cole, 1965; Roldugin et al., 2004; Hazra et al., 2010).

Surprisingly, a Zeta seemed to suggest that the experience of the holographic-like patterns in the grid, the quanta, may be associated with the electromagnetic resonance of the cavity around a planet’s surface. Without further specifics, however, it is hard to imagine how this could be. We should keep in mind that the Zeta may have mentioned the Schumann frequency only because its vibration is like the physical vibration of consciousness they wished to discuss. The Zetas do not use the numerical measure of frequency, so comparing with an already known frequency was an effective way to communicate a certain vibration. The Zetas have previously used analogies when the lack of a shared concept interfered with communication.

A Zeta said, “The vibration has a particular frequency. The humans have said it is known as the Schumann frequency. This frequency is known by other races as the suppression net. This means that to hold the physical construct that is required for humans to exist, that they must exist within the frequency of the range of the Schumann frequencies. ... There is a energetic net around the planet, but it is to do with the way the human physically is, and all other structures that exist on the planet.” The energetic net is a structure in consciousness that enables physical matter to be experienced. Some extraterrestrial races see it as a suppression net, perhaps because it inhibits beings in the physical vibration from accessing the higher vibrations of consciousness.

The energetic net is the planetary component of the all-pervasive grid. A Zeta said in an earlier communication, “The grid emanates from each planet but is also joined as one. Every physical individual item has its own grid and links into the main grid.” The net is said to have a vibration that is the same as the Schumann frequency which is 7.8 Hz. When estimating the human vibration in another context, a Zeta said, “We have seen that humans are between 7 and 8 cycles, some lower, some higher, depending on the frequency a human holds.” The Schumann frequency may have been mentioned only because of its similarity to the human vibration.

The Zeta referred to “a natural fabric, a natural creative process that is required for all beings to interact with humans. This is built into the quanta. … This inbuilt process then allows all entities within this planet to interact with each other. This is the beginning of the collective consciousness of the race.” As in the above discussion on craft propulsion, the grid is described as a natural fabric … built into the quanta that provides a mechanism for connection and communication. As established earlier, quanta is a reference to the holographic-like patterns defining objects of matter.

The Zeta said above, “There is a energetic net around the planet, but it is to do with the way the human physically is, and all other structures that exist on the planet.” They added a similar comment, “All planets have the requirement that there is a potential that provides the individual quanta that is the determining factor for what is able to exist within the physical structure of that planet.” The second comment added the information that an important consciousness potential exists in the energetic net specific to a given planet. It is the parameter that determines the vibrational level of the quanta in the planet’s environment.

The quanta were likely created with the highest possible vibration of the creator, and so would have been invisible to a human perceptual process tuned to the lower physical vibration. The consciousness potential that is currently in place was introduced to transpose the vibrations of the quanta to the lower physical vibration so the quanta could be experienced by humans. The parameter could be altered again if need be, and the physical vibration would be transposed to another level.

The Zeta concluded, “Without the consciousness, matter holds no form. As quanta suggests, it is a matter of form and creation. These are the underlying principles of creational processes.” Normally, the creation process determines the vibration required by a perceptual process to experience the created quanta. The Zeta emphasized that matter quanta cannot be experienced by humans as form in the absence of this consciousness potential.

The effect of this parameter of the energetic net is reminiscent of the materialization process of the Zeta craft. A craft is visible to humans when it has the physical vibration. It was said to dematerialize “when the rules governing the body of matter were changed to a different harmonious relationship to the universe of matter” (paraphrased somewhat). To materialize again, the craft’s etheric body re-establishes the “basic quanta pattern” which stimulates the etheric body “to reacquaint matter to form.

The change in the state of materialization of the craft relative to a human observer is toggled by a pulse external to the craft. This changes a parameter in the quanta that specifies the craft’s vibrational state. To dematerialize the craft, the pulse causes the etheric body of the craft to raise its vibration. To re-materialize the craft, another pulse reinstates the physical vibration. The Zeta said, “To re-assimilate matter, pulse is used to tell frequency to realign.” The pulses introduce consciousness potentials that cause the vibrations of the craft to be transposed to a higher or lower state.

Transposition of a vibrational state is a feature of both craft materialization/dematerialization and copying a “matrix of reality” to an SQE. The Zetas appear to say that the same process can be applied to the quanta of the entire earth environment. They believe that humans will eventually undergo an ascension process to become more loving beings and form a self-aware, collective mind. As humans raise their vibration, the vibration of the perceptual process for decoding the physical quanta should increase accordingly. So, “to hold the physical construct that is required for humans to exist”, the perceptual process must continue to operate at the lower vibration. Alternatively, the relevant parameter in consciousness could be adjusted somehow to raise the vibrational level of the quanta defining the earth environment.


The energetic net is part of the universal grid in consciousness, so it may also be described as a space-filling array of oscillating PSUs in which the planet is immersed. As suggested by the Zeta’s comments, the rate of oscillation is a parameter of the net that can be altered. Therefore, the oscillations are not random fluctuations in the empty vacuum of the zero-point field as is usually assumed. Rather, the fluctuations have structure that can be controlled with a potential of consciousness.

5. Discussion

A quantized physical universe is part of the Zeta cosmology. The Zetas assumed a spatial quantization in the discussions on craft propulsion, on craft dematerialization, on the creation of a synthetic quantum environment, and on the homeostatic process of healing the body. They described a multidimensional grid construct in consciousness which supports a quantized reality created by mental activity. In the Zeta cosmology (Treurniet, 2017), the grid is an all-pervasive configuration of consciousness. It is the substrate for the holographic-like patterns or quanta created by mental processes. The quanta are experienced by beings as sensations when they are transformed by the perceptual process.

A significant insight came during our examination of the Zeta information. The vibrational state of quanta in the energetic net around the planet was said to be controlled by a parameter that is a potential in consciousness. This parameter can be adjusted as required. For instance, the Zetas previously explained that the human race will undergo an ascension process as its collective consciousness evolves to become self-aware. The race will become more loving and its vibrational level will rise. The aforementioned insight was the recognition that the higher vibration of the perceptual process would not be able to decode the existing environment. Each being’s perceptual process must continue to operate at the lower vibration. Alternatively, the parameter that controls the vibrational state of the quanta could be updated so that the environment can be perceived by the higher-vibration perceptual process.

A quantized universe is accepted by the many human scientists who developed quantum theory during the last century or so. The concept of a grid in three-dimensions was employed by Haramein (2013a) primarily as a vehicle for algebraic calculations of physical parameters. Haramein’s grid composed of “Planck spherical units” (PSUs) is a three-dimensional form of the Zetas’ multidimensional grid. It has the capacity to encode information contained in the holographic-like patterns resulting from the creative process. It offers a way to represent information about the physical world as suggested by the holographic principle. The following list of properties of the grid are from the discussions with the Zetas and from Haramein (2013a).

In the Zeta cosmology, the concept of a hologram is employed in the creation of quanta, and it also appears in the statement of the holographic principle by several human scientists. According to this principle, the physics in a region of space is described by the information on the surface area of its boundary (t’Hooft, 1993; Sussmann, 1994; Haramein, 2013a). The encoding of the information in a volume on a two-dimensional surface is analogous to a hologram. The quanta in the Zeta cosmology are holographic-like representations consistent with the holographic principle.

t’Hooft (1993) presented the original idea of a holographic-like representation of reality in the quote, “Given any closed surface, we can represent all that happens inside it by degrees of freedom on this surface itself.” He suggested further, “Quantum gravity should be described entirely by a topological quantum field theory, in which all physical degrees of freedom can be projected onto the boundary. One Boolean variable per Planckian surface element should suffice.

Susskind (1994) agreed with t’Hooft, “The number of degrees of freedom should be no larger than that of a two dimensional lattice with approximately one binary degree of freedom per Planck area. In other words the world is in a certain sense a two dimensional lattice of spins.” He proposed the physical mechanism of a binary spin to encode a bit of information.

Haramein’s PSUs could be given the property of spin as proposed by Susskind, so each PSU could encode one bit of information. An array of PSUs could then encode the created quanta described by the Zetas.

The holographic principle does not explain how quanta would be formed or perceived. Susskind (1994) could only suggest, “In some way, the phenomena taking place in three dimensional space can be projected onto a distant 'viewing screen' with no loss of information.” These physicists have no concept of how the information in the three-dimensional environment could be encoded in some two-dimensional lattice, much less perceived by a conscious entity.

The cosmology of the Zetas tells us how the holographic principle is instantiated. Instead of light, the quanta are created with thought and intention using the vibrating energy of consciousness. The substrate where the quanta are recorded is the grid with properties such as those listed above. The quanta are then experienced again in the mind of an observer via the perceptual process intrinsic to consciousness.

In retrospect, the holographic principle proposed by human scientists is an acknowledgement that the Zeta cosmology based on consciousness may be correct. A Zeta once said, “The grid process is much aligned with the nature of all things being connected. Your scientists are now understanding the relationship between the subatomic particles, and that the state is determined by its relationship to other particles, but they do not understand that it is the consciousness that creates the state, and it is consciousness that has created the illusion of matter.” No doubt, it will be some time before information encoded in a grid construct of consciousness is generally accepted as a representation of reality.

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