The Tempic Field

Verbatim extracts from the Smith archive

They tell me that our universe is actually twelve dimensioned, built in four fabrics of three dimensions each. The fabrics are all at right angles to each other except for the "skew" which is responsible for the frozen reality which we call matter.

The conventional theories of space-time-fields which we are taught are actually special cases, and derived from the fundamentals by holding several factors constant. Unfortunately, the models of atoms, etc. which we conjure up are inadequate and misleading and conventional science which is based on them, and using the restricted theories, naturally can't take us very far. It is as if we have climbed the tree of knowledge, crawled out on the first branch we came to and are now busily engaged calipering the twigs; ignoring completely the other branches.

Our greatest failing is assuming that each bit of information which we glean must be fastened firmly onto something which we already know, or think we do. As a result our science is a terrible hodge-podge of patch work, perturbations and correction factors, and ever so much more complicated than it need be.

There are three basic fields in nature, which manifest mathematically as gradient, divergence and curl, or; tempic, electric and magnetic. Time we think is the reciprocal of the derivative of the tempic field, and it is not basic in its own right. We might incompletely describe the tempic field as that which produces change. Or we might regard it somewhat as the Heaviside operator "p" when applied to functions involving time. But we find it simpler to just write "J" and treat it exactly as we would any other field function, by writing back from observation to determine what the function is.

I am informed that what our clocks register is not actually time, but rate of change of entropy and that time is actually a field which makes the entropy change; that there is very little difference between time and the other two fields which make up the field fabric, magnetic and electric. It is true that there is a "skew" between the time field and what our clocks do, otherwise there would be no components between the space and field fabrics, and no interchange of matter and energy.

We were told to expect a change in our time scale, starting this spring. You see, time as we know it is a result of the operation of a "time field" which resembles closely electric and magnetic fields. The thing that Einstein considers as the fourth dimension is really an entropy vector which we have trained ourselves to consider as time. We do not know how fast the time scale is to change but we already have indications that it has shifted a fraction of a second.

I have a very recent communication from one of the boys topside, to the effect that our physicists are going to carry out an experiment dealing with the lifetime of mesons at high velocities. The results of this experiment will, if interpreted correctly, establish definitely the field nature of time and the fact that it is not a constant immutable quantity. I have been requested to bring this to the attention of the scientists involved, so that they can follow up the lead to the obvious advantage of our world.

The people from elsewhere are quite capable of altering the time field in their vicinity to their own ends, much the same as electric and magnetic fields may be manipulated; and therefore, having three variables to play with there are many more combinations possible, and so the saucers can do things which seem to contradict our physics, because we hold as constants some of the things which they vary. There is ample evidence about us to confirm these things, if we will but look at it squarely and not try to explain it away as something else. Lately there have been a surprising number of references in the literature implying the field nature of time. I don't know how much of this is inspired and how much our people figured out for themselves, but the fact remains that this is the trend.

Space itself is not at all as we imagine it. Light does not travel in straight lines out in space, but in curves somewhat resembling parabolas which are the result of the light passing through regions where the time field is not uniform. Our sun is not at all where it appears to be, is actually much bigger and much closer than we think. The planets do not revolve around the sun in a planar orbit but are offset way off to one side so that the orbits lie as rings along a solid hyperbola. This may seem queer but is none the less true, and follows precisely from the concept of time as a field. This is a hard concept to appreciate but when mastered makes for an enormous simplification in all physical sciences.

Knowing about the tempic (time) field has obviously led to the question of the true positions of our planets and I have been working along that line. It is most remarkably consistent but rather disturbing to realize that the things in the sky just aren't where they seem to be. There are some dillies of mathematical equations to be solved, several of which I have no idea how to tackle. The saucer people use operational methods, of which I have a glimmering but not nearly enough to use profitably, so I have to do it the hard way. However, one fact stands out above all else; mankind could never find out about the tempic field by observation alone, since the light linkage and mechanical linkage between astronomical bodies is exactly self compensating! The only clue that I know of is the odd shapes of the distant nebulae.

The time field is probably the most fundamental concept, but I am satisfied that it is right, because using it as a basis, practically all the other phenomena which they describe can be worked out and theoretically confirmed. You see, time as we recognize it is really an entropy scale brought about by the action of a field which is similar in all respects to the electric and magnetic fields but at right angles to them both. Because of our point of view since we are made of matter having spins all lined up in the field fabric, the three fields appear different to us. The tempic field is actually 1/t and is the field which psychic communications continually refer to as "frequency", which by definition is 1/t. The tempic field is as much a part of matter as either of the other two fields, and when there is lots of matter there is a strong field, and in this field equal intervals of action contain our "time" inversely proportional to the field strength. For confirmation I would refer you to the distribution of mass within the various nebulae, the corresponding tempic field distribution, and the dynamics of rotation of the nebulae. The resulting development is most elegant both in confirming the field nature of time and the heretofore unexplained shapes of many of the nebulae!

I am well aware that regarding time as a variable places modern science in the untenable position of trying to lift itself by its bootstraps; but I can only say that these are not my ideas but originate with those to whom our science resembles medieval superstition. I do not understand them fully and I have much to learn, but I have mastered a few basic principles and of these I am sure.

The foregoing will probably sound most sacreligious to the ears of orthodoxy, but I don't mind in the least if these ideas are not immediately subscribed to. Science has a long and lurid history of reluctance to accept ideas which subsequently proved to be of great value.

Time, as our clocks measure it, is really the rate of change of entropy in this part of our universe, and exists because of the presence of the basic reality. It may be altered by altering the configuration and proportion of the basic fields or it may be increased or decreased in a certain region by redistribution of reality. This may seem to be quite complicated, and it is for anyone with our limited understanding of nature; but really quite simple to those whose understanding transcends ours.

In order to hold a flying saucer against gravity, it is necessary to arrange things so that gravity will push a bit instead of pulling. This is done by introducing a downward divergence of the tempic field in the region occupied by the greater part of the saucer, with zero divergence in the region occupied by the crew, so that the outward divergence operating on the whole ship will equal the downward divergence operating on part of the ship, and the crew will be subject to normal outward divergence and hence normal gravity. There will of course be a compensating increased outward divergence somewhere near the ship, but this is usually distributed over a fairly large volume so as to cause a minimum of external disturbance.

One of the inadequate ideas we have is that light always travels in straight lines. This is true only when it is travelling in a uniform tempic field or in line with the direction of divergence in a diverging field. If a wave front of light is passing through a region where one side of it enjoys more "time" than the other, the side having larger "time" will travel farther, and the beam of light will refract away from the region of increased "time". A beam of light passing near to a saucer which is making use of altered tempic field for support will be deflected and appear to originate from somewhere else than its true source. If the field configuration around a saucer is favourable the light originating from the saucer may be bent so that none of it arrives at the position of the observer, in which case the observer sees nothing. In these cases, the saucer may be quite clearly visible from some other angle or position. If the saucer is seen, and then disappears, it is probably due to the alteration of the field conditions by the occupants.

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