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Theoretical and technical contributions of Wilbert B. Smith
    Alien contact
    Communication with the aliens
    The Tempic Field
    The Tensor Beam
    Gravity Control
        Gravity theory page 1, 2, 3
        Magnetic rotor photos
    The Binding Force
        Smith meter 1
        Smith meter 2
    The Future
Vancouver Area UFO Club speech
Binding force speech excerpt
Saucer detection equipment

New experimental investigations:

An evaluation of a molecular binding force meter
Does spirit energy affect molecular binding force?
    Mark1 meter
    Mark2 meter
    Mark3 meter

External links:

The New Science
Wilbert Smith, Canada's UFO Pioneer
Wilbert Smith, "New" Scientist?
Wilbert Smith, Canadian Radio Engineer and Ufologist
Saucer detection station 1
Saucer detection station 2
Governments, the Military and UFOs
William J. Hooper: The Motional Electric Field
Albert Bender