Information from communications with the Zeta race

Articles not in the books

  1. Sound samples generated by Zetas

    Low-level audio clicks recorded in sittings were a Zeta experiment to examine an alternative method of communication.

  2. Mysterious pulses in a séance with extraterrestrial beings

    Audio pulses recorded during a conversation with the Zetas are discussed.

  3. Examination of a witnessed apport    (PDF)

    A translucent stone containing a male and female visage was seen to form during a seance at Wallacia.

  4. Healing of actinic keratoses by an extraterrestrial Zeta being   (PDF)

    The process for healing the precancerous skin cells is discussed.

  5. A barrier to communication with extraterrestrial races  (PDF)

    The main barrier to communication with extraterrestrial races is the mismatched state of consciousness. The human collective consciousness needs to match the state of consciousness of the extraterrestrials.

  6. State of consciousness for self-healing  (PDF)

    This article discusses how wellness is affected by one's state of consciousness.

  7. A process for raising the state of vibration  (PDF)

    This article discusses how heterodyning may be used to raise one's state of vibration.

  8. Extraterrestrial involvement with the human race   (PDF)

    This article discusses some ways that Zetas differ from humans, and why there is a Zeta presence on earth.

Information in "Extraterrestrial Cosmology and Technology "

  1. Vibration of consciousness is multidimensional  (PDF)

    The Zetas strongly suggested that the vibration of consciousness is multidimensional, and a multidimensional model is presented.

  2. Resonance across timelines   (PDF)

    This article expands on an existing multidimensional model of vibration.

  3. Heterodyning multiple dimensions of vibration   (PDF)

    This article discusses the implications of multiple dimensions of vibrations on heterodyning.

  4. The end-of-life transition of consciousness  (PDF)

    The transition from physical life to the afterlife is discussed.

  5. Prime focus and the experience of physical reality  (PDF)

    The Zetas’ concept of prime focus is introduced. It is the extent of a being’s awareness of information in the energy of consciousness.

  6. Why creating thought forms is hard  (PDF)

    The creator being must be able to accommodate thought vibrations that exceed the being’s normal “bandwidth”.

  7. The holographic principle in consciousness  (PDF)

    The holographic principle in human physics uses a Planckian grid that would be a configuration of consciousness according to the Zeta cosmology.

  8. The Zeta understanding of gravity

    A Zeta explained their understanding of gravity and craft dematerialization.

  9. The nature of consciousness underlying existence  (PDF)

    Consciousness may be a potential until it is needed.

  10. The reptilian influence   (PDF)

    This article discusses the effect that a reptilian race has had on the human race for millenia.

  11. Light and the Zeta cosmology

    Conversations with Zetas suggested the hypothesis that the energy of consciousness is the medium for light propagation.

  12. The ascension mechanism

    The ascension process will offer humans the opportunity to raise the vibrational level of their consciousness so that they achieve a higher state of love and harmony. This article discusses the mechanism that allows this to happen while retaining individual freewill.

  13. An alternative to the Spirit Realm    (PDF)

    The gateway, an alternative to the Spirit Realm for transitioning humans, was created by the Zetas.

  14. Physical reality of the Zeta race   (PDF)

    Evidence that the Zetas are real.

Information in "A primer of the Zeta race, "

  1. Toward a physics of materialization    (PDF)

    Consciousness can form an object in a realm of finer matter. The energy of consciousness causes the object to appear in our realm as ectoplasm or as an apport.

  2. An introduction to extraterrestrial science   (PDF)

    The science given to us by extraterrestrials in a series of interviews is described.

  3. A convergence of human and extraterrestrial science   (PDF)

    Our physics is interpreted so that it is consistent with the science we learned from the extraterrestrial Zetas.

  4. The spirit realm as information fields    (PDF)

    The spirit realm and its inhabitants are described as information structures.  

  5. The meaning of 'Level of Consciousness'    (PDF)

    The level of consciousness of a being has a direct correspondence with the structure and content of the cosmos.

  6. The Zeta understanding of qualia   (PDF)

    A standardized process normalizes the trace of a sensation created in consciousness to produce a “felt quality” common to beings at all levels of consciousness.

  7. Zeta craft and their propulsion system   (PDF)

    The Zetas gave us the basics of their craft structure and function.

  8. Human exposure to a synthetic quantum environment    (PDF)

    The Zetas cooperated with human researchers by sharing an alien technology.

  9. A possible source of energy for the etheric body

    The difference in the absorption spectra of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin suggests a mechanism for energizing the etheric body. A similar mechanism was independently described two years earlier by a Zeta.

  10. Instruments for controlling the energy of consciousness   (PDF)

    Technologies analogous to some human technologies appear to be used in the energetic realms.

  11. Why are they here?   (PDF)

    The Zetas answer the question in various interviews.

  12. Humanity's future with other races  (PDF)

    Many humans are incarnated as hybrids with extraterrestrial races and are helping to develop a self-aware, loving, human collective consciousness.

  13. The Zeta greeting

  14. Orbs, or balls of light

    A Zeta discussed the nature and purpose of balls of light in the sky and in indoor photographs.

  15. How special is the energy of the soul?

    Apparently conflicting information about the soul as a special class of the energy of consciousness is discussed.

  16. Interactions with low-vibration entities

    Unwanted approaches by energetic beings can always be deflected with love. Also, it is proposed that a falsehood cannot be successfully communicated telepathically, but may be when it is transformed to speech symbols via a medium in trance.

  17. Timelines    (PDF)

    Timelines are distinguished by their states of consciousness. A local consciousness may become aware of events on another timeline, and this accounts for the occurrence of the ‘deja vu’ phenomenon.

  18. Managed plausible deniability of UFO and spirit phenomena    (PDF)

    A Zeta confirms the existence of a control system hypothesized by Jacque Vallee (1975). Non-terrestrial beings, humans in positions of authority, and spirit controls in physical mediumship seances regulate the uncertainty about how to explain UFO and physical mediumship phenomena.

  19. The Zetas on health and healing   (PDF)

    Several cases of healing by the Zetas are described and the body's healing process is discussed.

  20. Heterodyning vibrational states

    Heterodyning is a general purpose technique for communicating information within and across realm boundaries.

  21. Life forms of consciousness

    Different life forms exist in consciousness, separated by their vibrational states.

  22. How matter is an illusion  (PDF)

    This article explains the mechanism underlying the concept that matter is an illusion.

  23. Why spirits choose the illusion of matter  (PDF)

    This article explains why spirits look forward to incarnating into the illusion of matter.

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