More evidence that clouds camouflage UFOs

William C. Treurniet, November, 2007

Summary. Photographs of a triangle shape embedded in a long cloud were analyzed. Over successive photos, the cloud rotated about the triangle while the triangle rotated very little. These observations are consistent with a vortex model. However, the model does not explain why the vortex existed, nor why the vortex center coincided with the location of the triangle. It is proposed that the triangle was a UFO camouflaged by a cloud, and that the vortex and the remainder of the cloud were created by the UFO positioned at the center of the vortex. This proposal is consistent with an earlier report which described a triangle-shaped cloud accompanied by apparent energetic effects.

Triangle patterns in clouds became interesting following the discovery of a triangle UFO hidden by a cloud, and accompanying optical effects that implied a non-natural origin. These observations are described in an earlier report. On October 31, 2007, I took a series of eleven photographs of a triangular shape embedded in a long cloud. Successive photographs were taken seconds to minutes apart. The exposure time was on the order of 1/500 sec. The first photo of the sequence shows the triangular bump approximately in the middle of the cloud. In subsequent photos, the cloud was seen to rotate around an axis centered on the triangle shape. However, the triangle itself underwent little or no rotation. A Photoshop equalizer plugin available from Mehdi, was used to emphasize the triangle pattern in the images.

The following shows a sequence of eight equalized images selected from the original eleven, as well as the times when the photos were taken (EDT).

11:47:00  11:48:57  11:50:14  11:51:40  11:53:34  11:55:24  11:57:09  11:59:58 

An animated version of the sequence can also be seen if your computer has a Microsoft Powerpoint file player installed.

Of primary interest is the stability of the triangular element of the cloud pattern relative to the rest of the cloud. Since the cloud rotated around the triangle, perhaps the observed behaviour can be modeled as a response to an atmospheric vortex centered on the triangle. As in a hurricane, the triangle portion of the cloud at the eye of the vortex would be subject to minimal forces and would remain motionless. The angular momentum imparted to the remainder of the cloud would increase with distance from the center in order to maintain the shape of the cloud as it rotates. This model seems to account for the observed behaviour of the cloud.

However, there are at least two unanswered questions. First, what created the vortex that caused the observed motion? Second, why did the center of the vortex coincide with the location of the triangular element of the cloud. The answer to both questions can be related to earlier observations that some UFOs seem to be camouflaged by cloud material. That is, the cloud may have hidden a triangle UFO as suggested in an earlier report, and the UFO may have been at the center of the vortex because it was responsible for creating it. Thus, the photo sequence supports the contention that a UFO may render itself practically unnoticeable by creating clouds as camouflage material.