Theoretical and technical contributions of Wilbert B. Smith

Wilbert Smith claimed to have communicated with extraterrestrial people via several means including radio communication, "tensor beam", and indirectly through channeling by others. His archived correspondence and public presentations describe much information of a technical and scientific nature inspired by the people "topside". The basis for the new revealed science is presented in his posthumously published on-line book The New Science.

The space people dropped hints about the fundamentals of their science but expected him to work things out for himself. He felt strongly that the knowledge about critical technologies like gravity control should not be generally accessible until the time was right. Perhaps the internet era is the right time to publicize the hints in his letters. With this medium, the information is immediately available to the world so that society as a whole can choose to evaluate the quality of the ideas.

Evident in his letters are different streams of scientific and technical development based on the new science, as well as various comments concerning contact with the aliens. Paragraphs related to these streams were extracted from letters written circa 1955, and placed in the separate documents below. The extracted paragraphs are each from a particular letter, but are not necessarily presented in chronological order. They are organized to present as coherent an account as possible. Occasional editorial comments are preceded by "Ed" and enclosed in brackets.

Alien Contact

This thread describes the interactions with the saucer people, their agenda, and the difficulties inherent in communicating with alien beings.


This thread brings together a number of comments specifically related to communication with the aliens.

The Tempic Field

The tempic field idea is a thread that permeates all the other threads, but is worthy of examination on its own. It is a concept, missing from our physics, that provides an additional degree of freedom for generating theories about our reality. The concept figures prominently in the discussion about gravity control, and also explains why the tensor beam appears instantaneously everywhere in its path in space.

The Tensor Beam

This thread has to do with the design of an electrical coil device said to emit a novel form of energy used by the space people for communication. This energy, which Smith calls a "tensor beam", may be related to what has been called scalar EM radiation by the non-mainstream science community (e.g., Bearden, Naudin, Vlaenderen). Smith introduces a unique theoretical perspective on the generation of this energy, as well as design criteria for constructing the so-called Smith coil.

Gravity Control

This thread informally describes his progress in developing control over gravity. The produced effect was small, but it confirmed to him that his theoretical understanding was correct. Note that the differing descriptions of the apparatus and the size of the effect exist probably because he is describing different experiments. Several photos of an apparatus used to create the effect were generously provided by James Smith.

A theoretical paper on gravity control authored by Wilbert Smith is available here [1] [2] [3].

The Binding Force

This thread warns of the existence of discrete volumes of reduced molecular binding force that may be responsible for structural failures in aircraft. A device is described that can measure qualitative changes in binding force while traversing spatial regions. Additional details about binding force measurements were extracted from the speech to the Vancouver Area UFO Club, 1961.

The Future

A number of the letters suggest that significant, possibly unpleasant, world-shaking events will occur in the not-to-distant future. The main source of this unease may have been a particular alien named Affa. The letters also say that the extraterrestrials will control the damage so that the human race will survive. The reasons for the coming earth calamities could be changes in solar activity and electromagnetic and tempic field strengths in the solar system environment.

Saucer Detection Station

Wilbert Smith managed a saucer detection station for a short period of time. The letters do not discuss the station in any detail, but it is so much a part of his story that it is included here. Several photos recently provided by his son, James Smith, show equipment that was likely used in the station. These photos are discussed here. Other stories about Wilbert Smith's saucer detection station may be found here and here. Further, a number of newspaper stories written during the 1950's also provide information about the station and some of the people involved.

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