A possible alien itinerary decoded from crop formations

William C. Treurniet, May, 2007

(updated as relevant formations appear)

Summary. Application of a subjective filter method suggests that crop formations contain information pertaining to alien interstellar communications. It is proposed that messages are exchanged via a universal consciousness field that normally determines the structure of reality, and that the encoded messages are instantiated as crop formations. A subset of the available crop formations were interpreted as messages marking milestones on intersteller journeys. The logical order and internal consistency of the message sequence argue that the messages are related and were authored by intelligent agents. Analysis of the image subset suggests that a large alien expedition left its home world in 2001, travelled through a higher-dimensional stargate, and arrived in the Earth environment in 2007. Additional messages in 2008 and 2009 appear to say that stargates were again activated and more visitors may be arriving.

The appearance of a crop formation in Wiltshire, England, on May 22, 2007, was considered significant by a leading proponent of a modern interpretation of the Mayan calendar who noted that the formation appeared at the middle of the Galactic Underworld of the Mayan calendar. It was suggested that crop formations may reflect the collective consciousness of humanity, and that this particular one (Image 13, below) might have appeared in response to the meditations of several hundred thousand people around the planet as part of The Breakthrough Celebration that occurred around the same time. This paper discusses a possible alternative scenario that the formation was due to alien activity independent of human consciousness.

Calleman (2004) presents a model of the Mayan calendar in which the earth�s crystalline core mediates a universal consciousness field that influences the progress of biological and cultural evolution. I have presented evidence elsewhere (Treurniet, 2007a, 2007b, 2007c) supporting the hypothesis that the universal consciousness field directly affects the structure of our physical reality. According to this model, any artificial manipulation of this field to encode a message should be immediately reflected in our reality. This could account for the very specific changes to the physical environment seen as crop formations. The position taken here is that at least some crop formations are an unavoidable side effect of communications between aliens in another star system and an advance party already in the solar system environment. These aliens employ a novel faster-than-light communications system when communicating over large distances. The communications medium happens to be the same universal consciousness field that maintains the integrity of our physical reality. Therefore, encoding of a message has unintended side effects on the structure of reality.

If the crop formations represent conversations meant for others with alien perspectives and culture, how could the messages appear meaningful to us? Perhaps, because the channel consists of a universal consciousness field, the intent of the messages is rendered with iconography that is meaningful in the context of the consciousness field encompassing the earth. In effect, the communications system would function as a universal translator. This may explain why many of the crop formation designs seem familiar.

In order to interpret the meaning of the crop formations, it would help to have an idea about the topic of conversation. Some of the information appears to be concerned with an interstellar expedition making its way to Earth. This idea developed relatively quickly from interpretations of some key images, starting with the recent Image 13 in the table below. As others have noted, this image is similar in nature to the swallows (Image 11) or bird (Image 12) formations of 2003 and 2005. These all strongly suggest the feeling of flight. Then there are Images 9 and 10 that show funnel-shaped objects with one opening toward the viewer and the other closing. These suggest an entrance and an exit to a transportation system that might enable faster-than-light travel. We will call this a stargate. These images, as well as a number of others, suggest that local aliens were being kept abreast of developments at their home base, and that they also informed home base of their progress here. Thus, the communications channel must be two-way since crop formations occur on Earth when the originator of the message appears to be either in the Earth environment or light years away.

Image selection given a message context can be considered a form of filtering to enhance the signal to noise ratio. The filter output is determined by both the message context setting and the available ordered stream of images. When the message context was set to expedition itinerary, a reasonable sequence of messages was easily identified. Images that were hard to interpret in the context of an expedition itinerary were rejected as background noise. The success of the filter operation can be judged by the apparent completeness of the received information. The correct temporal order of the messages coupled with internal consistency are the main arguments for the objective reality of the message sequence.

The following table shows the time line for the exchange of messages. The dates when the crop formations appeared in the fields are assumed to correspond to the dates when the messages were sent. Permission to use images was granted by Steve Alexander and by Lucy Pringle. In the future, images consistent with the proposed alien message context will be added to the table as new formations are reported.

Because each decision to include a crop formation in the message sequence was based on subjective criteria, readers must judge for themselves if the sequence makes sense. For those who feel that the messages are products of an overactive imagination, the conclusions will appear unlikely. On the other hand, for those who can entertain the possibility that the messages are real, there are enormous implications for humanity.

Alien message timeline

ID  Message Date  Image  Interpretation 
Aug 2, 1996    Image 1 appears to show Earth and the moon in each of two circles. The dark areas between the circles are wing-like in shape, and are taken to represent alien ships (as in later images). So the formation may mean that the sender is in a position half way between Earth and the moon. This message seems to have been generated by an advance party already located in the solar system environment.  
July 23, 1997    Image 2 appears to have been generated locally as well. It shows two arcs that may represent celestial objects. The left one accompanied by two small linked objects may represent Mars with its two moons. The right arc accompanied by a small object may represent Earth and its moon. The formation may mean that the sender is in a position half way between Earth and Mars.  
June 18, 2000    Image 3 may be a representation of the home world. The checkerboard pattern can be taken literally to represent a planet covered with relatively small areas of water and land. A more symbolic interpretation might be that the pattern represents a world where light and dark spiritual forces are balanced.  
July 19, 2000    Image 4 appears to represent a shuttlecraft, and it implies that loading the starships from the home world has begun. The shuttlecraft contains a single circle that may represent an individual person. The message may mean that people are being transported from the planet.  
Aug 7, 2000    Image 5 contains wing-like elements that may represent ships. The organized configuration of twelve ships suggests that they are loaded and ready.  
Aug 13, 2000    Image 6 contains many of the wing-like structures organized into one much larger spheroidal superstructure. The spheroid shape may indicate readiness for insertion into a stargate, as suggested in a later message.  
June 17, 2001    Image 7 shows another representation of the home world, but it is now enclosed by a serpent eating its own tale. This mythological symbol, the ouroboros, can be a mediator between the physical and spiritual worlds, and suggests that the enclosed planet may be physically uninhabitable and shut off from the rest of the physical universe. The ring outside the serpent may represent the planet�s population at the time the message was sent, and suggests that the entire population was removed from the planet.  
June 24, 2001    The rings of Image 8 may represent the three dimensions of space. If so, the image suggests an operation to manipulate the dimensionality of space to create an entryway to a stargate. This highly speculative interpretation is suggested by the appearance of an apparent stargate in the next image that appeared a month later.  
July 25, 2001    Image 9 shows a representation of a stargate with a spheroidal starship at the entrance. This starship may have been represented earlier as the sphere in Image 6. Note that the diameter of the stargate tunnel expands at some distance past the entrance, suggesting that the dimensionality of space is greater inside than outside the gate.  
10  Aug 3, 2003    Image 10 shows the exit to the stargate approximately two years (earth time) after the starship entered it. Since the gate is empty, the ship appears to have completed that part of the journey. Note also that the stargate tunnel contracts just before the exit, suggesting that the ship has returned to a space with lower dimensionality.  
11  Aug 4, 2003    Image 11 shows that the starship is no longer in the spheroidal configuration adopted to use the stargate, but has transformed to a form perhaps more suitable for flying through interstellar space.  
12  June 20, 2005    Image 12 shows representations of the flying objects first seen in Images 1 and 5 before the start of the journey. These suggest that the interstellar starship has been reconfigured into a fleet of independent spaceships. Further, they are in a demarcated, uneven region of space. The unevenness may represent the presence of significant gravitational fields. This region could be our solar system.  
13  May 22, 2007    Image 13 shows the flying objects symmetrically arranged around a central disk and ring. The disk could represent the spherical Earth, and the ring could correspond to our atmosphere. The image suggests that the fleet has arrived at Earth, and has completely surrounded the planet well outside the atmosphere.  
14  May 29, 2007    Image 14 shows wing-like objects already interpreted as spaceships in Images 1, 5, 6, 12, and 13. The four concentric rings could represent Earth, Venus, and Mercury, with the sun at the center. A literal interpretation of the rings would say that the spaceships are all located around the sun beyond the orbit of Earth. A more symbolic interpretation would say that the ships are positioned around Earth. The latter is consistent with the interpretation of Image 13.  
15  June 27, 2007    In Images 3 and 7, the checkerboard pattern represents the alien home world. Image 15 has this pattern on the floor of the passageway, which could then symbolize the path from the alien world. The path leads to the circle representing Earth, the fleet's destination. The enclosed 3-D passageway implies constrained motion, suggesting that the event (landing?) at the end of the passageway is to begin at a particular point in time and space.  
16  July 18, 2007    Image 16 contains eight wing-like objects already interpreted as spaceships. The outer circle may be the limit of our atmosphere while the central object is the surface of Earth. Each spaceship is centered over a sphere taken to represent a holding position. In Images 6 & 9, the spherical shape was assumed prior to entering the stargate. Perhaps a sphere associated with flight represents a hyper-dimensional state. The message appears to say that Earth is surrounded by a number of alien holding positions distributed symmetrically inside the Earth environment. The positions may exist in hyperspace and be invisible to us.  
17  June 10, 2008    The formation of Image 17 contains 12 of the wing-like objects (i.e., ships) surrounding a central sphere (i.e., Earth). The same number in a similar configuration appeared in Image 5, which indicated readiness to start a new phase of the operation. As before, the spheres associated with wing-like objects may represent locations in hyperspace. That the six outer spheres can be divided into two groups of three may mean that a portal now exists to enter 3D space, perhaps from a 6D space. The message appears to say that ships are poised to leave hyperspace to begin a major phase of their agenda in the 3D Earth environment. There is no indication when this phase will be launched.  
18  July 9, 2008    In earlier images, wing-like objects associated with a circular object appeared to represent ships in a space with more than three dimensions. In the formation of Image 18, the asymmetric placement of the array of wing-like objects in the circle gives a sense that the objects are emerging from the space represented by the circle. Thus, the message appears to say that ships are in the process of materializing into normal (i.e., 3D) space.  
19  July 22/23, 2008   
The formation in Image 19 was completed in the two stages shown in the photos. They contain bird-like objects similar to those in Image 11. In that image, the objects had just exited hyperspace via the stargate and were configured for interstellar travel. Thus, the bird icons may represent one or more mother ships in 3D space. Note that the formation also contains reverse-contrast, wing-like objects. In previous images, these were thought to represent smaller ships. The message appears to say that mother ships in 3D space are loaded with a full complement of the smaller ships. Perhaps the staged creation says that the operation to be performed will be carried out in two phases. The first phase would involve the equatorial region of Earth, with a subsequent phase including the rest of the northern and southern hemispheres.  
20  August 23, 2008    This formation is similar to that in Image 8 which appeared in 2001. The wing-like objects associated with a circle are seen in both Image 8 and 20, again suggesting an operation involving hyperspace. The three interlocking circles in Image 8 were taken to represent a manipulation of 3D space that creates a doorway to a higher dimension. This interpretation fit well with the appearance of an apparent stargate in Image 9. Perhaps Image 20 signals a similar manipulation of space leading to the creation of another hyperdimensional gateway.  
21  August 31, 2008    Image 20 anticipated the appearance of a crop formation symbolizing a stargate, and the formation in Image 21 fulfils that prediction. As in earlier messages, the circle and the wing-like objects inside it represent the presence of ships with access to hyperspace. Further, the groups of converging or diverging lines are similar to those seen in the stargates of Images 9 and 10 where the lines implied a change in dimensionality. Finally, an obvious symbolic association with a stargate is the five-pointed star centered in the circle. This message appears to say that a number of ships have converged at the entrance to a stargate.  
22  May 24, 2009    This formation is similar to that of Image 6 where many wing-like objects formed a spherical structure, seemingly in preparation for entering the stargate represented in Image 9. In Image 22, the structure is also filled with wing-like objects that were interpreted in earlier images as smaller ships. The resulting superstructure has the same spherical topology as in Image 6, although the sphere appears flattened. Perhaps the formation represents an object ready to enter a stargate, and we should expect to see formations related to stargate travel in the near future.  
23  June 5, 2009    This formation with its three interlocking circles is similar to those in Images 8 and 20. There, the three interlocking circles successfully predicted the appearance in the near future of a formation representing a stargate. Images 9 and 21 were reasonably interpreted in that way. This formation may again represent an operation to create a stargate, so we should expect to see another formation representing a stargate in the near future.  
24  June 13, 2009    Image 23 anticipated the appearance of a formation symbolizing a stargate, and this image appears to fulfil that expectation. It is similar to Image 9 in that it has the appearance of a cone widening towards the viewer when visualized as a 3D object. A sphere offset from the center of the opening appears to be entering the cone. This sphere was interpreted in Image 9 as the mothership represented in an earlier image, and may refer here to the object represented in Image 22. Short, diverging lines extending radially through the ring at the center imply an increased dimensionality of space inside the cone. The swirling sides of the cone suggest motion, and the diverging curved elements give the appearance of looming. Perceptual looming implies an approaching object. As in earlier messages, the discrete wing-like objects at the tips of the curved elements likely represent smaller ships. This message appears to say that a number of ships are en route via a stargate, and are approaching the viewer's location. Some ships are leading the way and appear to be followed by a larger mothership.  
25  June 27/July 6, 2009    The object in this image is similar to the spheroid in Image 22 which predicted the stargate icon in Image 24. Perhaps Image 25 is a signal that another stargate crossing is about to occur. As in previous messages, the circle surrounded by wing-like objects may represent access to hyperspace (in this case, the stargate). Many of the wing-like objects contain one or more small circles which may represent occupants as in Image 4. The message may be that a ship with its occupants is ready to enter the stargate. This formation was created in two stages with the center circle appearing first, followed by the rest about nine days later. The nine-day period may signal a connection to the Mayan calendar, which has a nine-day cycle called the Lords of the Night.  
26  July 5, 2009    The image in this formation appears to be the stargate icon predicted by Image 25. Viewed as a 3D object, it looks like a cone widening towards the viewer, with an opening at the far end. There is again a sphere offset from the center of the opening, and this has consistently come to represent a ship entering a stargate. The diverging elements forming the sides of the cone represent an increased dimensionality of space in the stargate. The image contains a number of Mayan symbols, including number representations. According to Mayan prophecy, people from space who visited Earth long ago are to return soon to prepare for a new age. This message may be telling us that these people are now en route. Note, however, that the second phase of Image 25 appeared the day after the appearance of Image 26, so Image 25 must do more than anticipate Image 26. There is a sense that the wing-like objects in Image 25 are moving away from the center circle (i.e., stargate). Their appearance the day after the stargate icon appeared may mean that the ships have arrived and left the stargate. Thus, Image 25 seems both to predict the stargate icon and to signal the completion of the journey.  

Some formations are said to be man-made and constructed in secret using mundane methods. It is possible that a few of the above formations are of this nature. For example, Image 15 has flaws in its construction which suggest that the formation may have been created by human activity. The sides of the small rectangle at the far end of the passageway are not parallel to the sides of the rectangle at the near end, and a line defining the left doorway nearest the far end seems crudely drawn. The flaws are seen more clearly in this larger image. Also, Image 19 has an anomaly that may be an error made during construction. The apparent flaw is identified in this image with an overlaid graphic. We should also consider the possibility that this particular anomaly was an intentional feature rather than an error in execution. Man-made formations obviously do not belong in the message sequence, and careful physical analysis of each formation as a whole would help to eliminate them.

Methodological issues

There is a methodological issue that may bother discerning readers. That is, the message context of expedition itinerary encouraged selection of images that reinforced a preconceived idea. This should be possible for any arbitrary message context, so finding some support for a particular one does not necessarily imply that there was a real agent behind the messages. Although this argument has some validity, the obtained results in this case suggest otherwise. The filtered messages fall very easily into a logical temporal sequence. They describe vacating a home world, entering a stargate, leaving a stargate, flying through space, approaching gravity wells, and surrounding the earth. It should be interesting in itself that quite specific images were available in the right temporal order to allow such a scenario to be constructed. There is also internal consistency across images that gives meaning to the symbols employed. For example, the checkerboard pattern appears to represent the alien home world, a bird icon appears to represent one or more mother ships, a wing-like structure seems to represent smaller spaceships, and a sphere accompanied by wing-like structures appears to represent a higher-dimensional space. The logical sequence and internal consistency argue that the messages are related and were authored by an intelligent agent.

The time delays between successive messages may or may not be reasonable given all the unknowns. It took about three weeks to ferry the population into orbit, another week to configure the starship, another 10 months to quarantine the homeworld, another week to create the stargate, another month to enter the stargate, about two years to traverse the stargate, another day to reconfigure the starship, another two years or so to reach our solar system, and almost two more years to reach Earth. The time between images was not a selection criterion.

There are several sources of error that could reduce the signal to noise ratio of a message sequence. For the expedition itinerary message context, formations were often rejected as background noise. Some rejections may have been incorrect, resulting in an incomplete message sequence. On the other hand, some formations could have been selected that did not belong in the message context, thus adding unintended information. These would include any formations that were man-made.

We should consider the possibility that the message sequence is a hoax and all of the crop formations are man-made. If all the messages have a human origin, the makers must have executed the sequence over a number of years in the correct order. The relatively few formations in the sequence would have been interspersed among many others with the expectation that someone would notice when the sequence was complete. It seems highly unlikely that such a conspiracy would have taken place, since the a priori probability that someone would notice the embedded message sequence seems very low. A hoax that is not noticed by anyone serves no purpose.


This analysis of crop formations provides additional converging evidence for the existence of a universal consciousness field, explains how some crop formations may come into existence, and suggests that Earth is presently surrounded by a large number of spaceships from a distant planet. These statements would be regarded as fantasy by most people. Yet, because they are logically connected, they should be contemplated seriously.

There are now three lines of evidence supporting the existence of the universal consciousness field. First, there is Calleman's conclusion that pulses of creative energy have guided evolution since time began. Second, there is the relation between these assumed pulses of creative energy and seismic activity in the lower mantle, suggesting that the universal consciousness field influences the integrity of our reality. Finally, there is the current finding that crop formations appear to represent interstellar messages encoded in a medium that also determines the structure of physical reality - in other words, the universal consciousness field.

Although the messages were probably not meant for our eyes, the crop formations allow us to monitor the communications. Via such eavesdropping, we have discovered that possibly the entire population of an alien planet has recently arrived at our world. The more recent appearance of additional stargate icons suggest that the tempo of arrivals is increasing. Further, variations in the appearance of the stargate symbols suggest differences in the nature and/or origin of the arriving travellers.

An assumption underlying this analysis is that the message meaning is rendered in images that are part of the local component of the universal consciousness field. For example, an element from our mythology is the ouroborus encircling the planet in Image 7. It is interesting in that it offers a clue regarding the nature of the aliens. In Norse mythology, the ouroborus symbol refers to Jormungand who circled the world as a serpent eating his own tail. Jormungand was the child of Loki, who might then symbolize the visiting aliens. Loki is described as a trickster, a clever creature who uses trickery and deceit to survive. This interpretation suggests that we should strive to understand and follow our own destiny when the opportunity comes to interact with the aliens.

There appears to be a grand strategy in play, but the alien objective remains obscure. A possible clue is offered in Paul Laviolette's book, Decoding the message of the pulsars. Here and elsewhere, he argues that Earth is subject to periodic chaos due to radiation from galactic core explosions. Further, he argues that some pulsar activity was designed by aliens to warn humanity of the impending crisis. If, for example, the crisis involved a giant solar coronal mass ejection capable of engulfing the earth, little could be done with earthly technology to prevent total disaster. The intent of the aliens may be to rescue as much flora and fauna as possible in the time leading up to such an event. Their hidden presence in the near-earth environment would enable fast initiation of the plan, and the access to hyperspace would offer a route to safety.