EggAnalysis for Windows

© Treurniet R & D

The EggAnalysis application was developed to enable convenient analysis of data obtained from the GCP web site in the Windows environment. The application can download the data directly from the GCP repository, or it can read local data files obtained using the Custom Basket Data Request.

This software is provided free for non-profit uses. The only requirement is your patient participation in fixing any bugs that arise. Please report problems via the contact form, and they will be addressed as quickly as possible.

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Download EggAnalysis Version 1.15 (~225 KBytes)

The results of the analysis are displayed using wgnuplot.exe, the Windows version of Gnuplot. Displays are initiated from within the application, so it is important that Gnuplot be installed on the user's computer.

Download Gnuplot install file here (~3 MBytes)
Go to the Gnuplot homepage and follow the links.