Orbs, or balls of light

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, May, 2015

People often report seeing balls of light in the sky that may approach quite near to them. Sometimes they are said to come down to earth and transform into craft, and sometimes people step directly out of the ball of light onto the ground. We asked the Zeta what he could tell us about these things. Where do they come from? How is the light produced?

We also asked if the balls of light that move across the sky have any relation to tinier orbs that have been photographed inside?

Zeta: Often they are projections of consciousness from us to a human. Rather than have a craft or a physical encounter with a human, there is a intermediary process, which is an "intention". The intention is the act which is to be synchronized with the human, sometimes the human's perception is that an entity has stepped out of a ball of light or the craft has appeared out of light, but often the representation, the intermediary process, is to prepare the local consciousness of the human for a function which is to be performed.

Interviewer: How is the light produced?

Zeta: If the light is seen by many humans then it is a formation of electrons from the earth's atmosphere. If it is seen by a singular human it can be an act of local consciousness, holographic representation... a thought.

Interviewer: You wouldn't do that if there were more than one human?

Zeta: It would depend on the purpose behind the intermediary process.

Interviewer: Where do the craft come from?

Zeta: They are as varied as the races. Not all beings and races use the same process.

Interviewer: Which races create and use these balls of light?

Zeta: Of course, our race uses this process.

Interviewer: Do you know of any others?

Zeta: There are not human names to name the race.

Interviewer: Are there many?

Zeta: Most races, yes... it is a safe process to create this.

Interviewer: What is the purpose?

Zeta: Interaction, performance of a function... to connect to a consciousness.

Interviewer: Contact with your own?

Zeta: There may be, not that we would interfere with a local time line. There may be an action which is to be performed, so there must be a thought instigated to make this happen.

Interviewer: Do the balls of light which go across the sky have a relation to orbs photographed inside?

Zeta: There are many lights, there are many instances of lights, there are many types of light processes, some being the intermediary process as discussed, others being the craft themselves emitting light, others being the electrical interference in the atmospheric conditions. There are many types of phenomena. Even the spirit people are able to create a non-threatening process.

Interviewer: Humans readily accept this. Some of the smaller orbs seem to have faces in them, do these represent beings?

Zeta: Often yes, they are also a intermediary process, a projection of an entity that is wishing to communicate.

Interviewer: Are these orbs portals, used by a being to observe us?

Zeta: That is what I have said.

Interviewer: How are the orbs placed there?

Zeta: Simple function, you have your model air craft - they have remote controls. It is the same process. They are technologies.

An orb high in the sky may appear in a person's visual field "to prepare the local consciousness of the human for a function which is to be performed." The sighting synchronizes them to have further interactions with the Zetas. The function might be as innocuous as instigation of a thought in the person's mind so that an action will be triggered. The orb would be telepathically projected into a single person's consciousness, but if several people are to see it, it will be physically present in the sky either as a craft emitting light, or as a formation of electrons from the earth's atmosphere - a plasma.

Multiple balls of light or orbs in the sky often appear to have coordinated movements. The number of orbs seen at one time ranges from one to several hundreds, and they have appeared both in daylight against a clear blue sky and at night. Figure 1 shows typical examples of multiple orbs.

Figure 1. Images of the orbs in the sky. 

Since the advent of the digital camera, many people have noticed balls of light occasionally appearing in photographs, especially when the flash was used. The majority are images of particles in the air such as dust or water droplets. However, there are some that are not as easily explained. In particular, some have a complex internal structure that can be interpreted as facial features. The Zeta says that these orbs can be projections of spirit beings who wish to communicate. The orbs themselves are remote controlled devices that act as portals through which the physical environment can be observed.

Figure 2 shows the internal structure of a dozen such orbs. The contrast of the images was enhanced using equalization, and a couple were brightened to make features more visible. Notice that the majority appears to be different kinds of non-human faces.

Figure 2. Enlarged/enhanced indoor orbs showing facial features.