The Zetas on health and healing  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, September, 2015

Summary. The article discusses several cases of successful healing by beings of the extraterrestrial Zeta race, performed in collaboration with the medium, Paul Hamden. The Zetas explained the interactions between the physical and etheric bodies, their relation to consciousness, and the processes involved in health and healing. The physical human body is structured according to an etheric body blueprint. The blueprint is based on the predetermined form for a body of the human race, modified according to the genome of the particular individual. Consciousness recognizes when healing is required, and begins the healing process by communicating the etheric blueprint information to the physical body. The communication appears to involve a quantum process. In one case of healing, the Zeta indicated that he changed the energy of the etheric body and instructed the consciousness to heal the physical body.

1. Introduction

For several years, beings from the extraterrestrial Zeta race have answered many questions about themselves, their society, their history, the nature of physical and spiritual existence, and why they and other extraterrestrial races are visiting the earth. The questions were posed to them by people attending séances held by the medium, Paul Hamden. Of particular interest is their understanding that consciousness is the basis for all existence, and so there is a non-physical as well as a physical reality. Much of the information is published in the books entitled "A primer of the Zeta race", Volumes 1 and 2 authored by Treurniet and Hamden. (See also articles published separately.)

The Zetas are physical beings who live in physical environments, but they also have the ability to extend their consciousness to a non-physical, multidimensional, energetic environment where other laws of nature apply. One of the energetic dimensions is the etheric realm which parallels our physical realm (Treurniet, 2015). Every physical body is associated with a corresponding body in the etheric realm. The etheric body contains all the information needed to describe the physical body. This mutual relationship means that a change in one results in a change in the other.

In a body of living matter in particular, there is constant change that is reflected in the state of the etheric body. The latter responds to pressures from the consciousness of the living entity, and influences the physical and chemical processes in the physical body.

With their knowledge of the relationship between physical and etheric bodies, the Zetas are able to heal various illnesses that resist human medical treatment. The following sections discuss several cases of healing by the Zetas and their explanation of how it was done.

2. Healing by a Zeta being

As expressed by a Zeta, "You have a subtle energetic body. This holds all thoughts and frequencies that allow you to accomplish all levels. For us, all illness is energy, all wellness is the same energy at a different resonation. We have proved this many times when the medium is unwell and we come and bring a different vibration to the medium. The medium then becomes well."

The Zetas have demonstrated their healing ability a number of times, and several healings are described in the following cases. Usually, they do a healing with barely a cursory explanation of what they did. In the first case, they describe their methodology in more detail. The general approach discussed there may be applicable to the other cases, and the Zeta's comments are instructive.

Case 1:

In this case, an elderly man had asked the medium if the Zeta would heal his nose which had precancerous skin cells known as actinic keratoses. This problem had persisted following an earlier treatment with cryotherapy. The healing was performed by the Zeta during a sitting with the medium. The healing process itself appeared to last for a period of 1 min 26 sec when no words were spoken. After it was finished, the Zeta discussed what had occurred.

There has been an attempt to redefine the etheric energy around your facial area to see if any potential is applied to the abnormal cellular structure. If we have had any success, it will be within three days. If not, we will try again.

The problem with cellular changes in the physical form are that the body is self-programmed to provide these potentials within the framework of its existence. It is a natural response to provide the abnormal cellular structure. The body perceives that it is doing its job.

We have instructed the consciousness of the etheric body in the facial area to reverse the cellular changes. But of course from the physical side, there will be potentials applied to the etheric changes. You, as consciousness, are in the middle and are also responsible for being of a receiving nature, to tell your body that it is appropriate to heal.

In other words, the etheric energy around the affected area had been adjusted, and it would take time for the physical cells to return to normal. These etheric changes would be actively resisted by the abnormal physical energy. To help overcome this resistance, the local consciousness was directed to assist the healing process and reverse the abnormalities.

The man was advised to assist the process by meditating on the body as it was before the appearance of the abnormality. When asked what strategy to adopt, the Zeta replied, "What was your cellular structure before the abnormal cellular structure? You need to be in that state where you are prior to the cellular structure." So at times in the following days, the man visualized his body at a much younger age, and imagined his current self merging with that healthier physical form.


The images show the affected area on the nose at different times. Surprisingly, a change was already apparent about a half hour after the departure of the Zeta at the end of the healing session. The lesions appeared less pronounced than they were about eight hours earlier.

Twenty-four hours later, scabs had formed over the lesions. During the following week, the scabs went through the normal process of healing, and after seven days, the skin appeared normal again.

Case 2:

This case is about a healing experienced by a woman who is familiar with the UFO phenomenon, including experiencers who say they have had close contact with extraterrestrial beings. She is an experiencer herself, having been abducted periodically for approximately 50 years.

She contacted the medium, Paul Hamden, to investigate his ability to communicate with the Zeta race. She was skeptical and wished to find evidence that the beings are real. The following is her description of the experience, edited slightly and reproduced with her permission.

The medium alleged that a Zeta being from the Zeta Reticuli star system could communicate through him and offered me the opportunity to speak with this being. Being an experimenter, my curiosity got the best of me, so I set up a session with the alleged Zeta being, knowing full well that most channelers have a very poor track record. (The medium claims that it isn't channeling, but I don't have another term for it.) It occurred to me that I should request evidence that the Zeta is real.

I decided to request healing from an illness that had periodically ravaged my body for several years. I had had a formal medical diagnosis of chronic mononucleosis. It was debilitating and reactivated whenever I became fatigued. I ran a fever, had swollen glands, body aches, severe joint pain, extreme weakness, etc. I was not able to drive a car during these periods. I also experienced neurological problems such as cognitive dysfunction (memory and word finding), dizziness and balance problems. The illness was precipitated by a particularly traumatic abduction for which I had partial conscious recall. I experienced burns on my back and head, weight loss, severe headache, and nausea.

I knew that several experiencers with whom I had worked claimed to have been healed by ETs. Being a skeptical person I had no expectation that I'd be healed. On the contrary, I thought it would give support to my suspicion that Paul was just another channeler whose claims were without merit. Was I wrong!

Three nights later, I awoke experiencing excruciating pain and strong electrical tingling throughout my body. Initially, I was alarmed thinking that I might have been in the throes of a fatal heart attack. Then I remembered the Zeta, so instead of dialing 911, I remained calm and let the experience happen. Finally, it stopped and I drifted off to sleep still wondering what had occurred. When I awakened, I felt like I was 25 again! I could feel none of the aches and pains that a person my age experiences on a daily basis. It has now been more than two years since I was healed. I haven't experienced one relapse and I hope that it will continue. I documented the event by reporting it to several researchers and my physician.

If anyone else told me this, I would be skeptical. I'd wonder if it was a case of spontaneous healing or if the disease had simply gone into remission. Or if belief had created an illusion. I've asked myself the same questions. But the fact that I have not had a relapse seems like more than a coincidence. I suspect that this unknown force healed me. I call it a miracle and am most grateful to Paul for restoring me to good health.

Case 3:

In this case, a man with "ADHD and a bit of OCD or anxiety component" contacted the medium. He had a history of negative influences in his family life, and was under stress from the earliest times. This felt overwhelming and interfered with daily living and sleeping. He believed his problem was not organic, but more like a conditioned response to stimuli encountered from day to day.

The Zeta began with a kind of verbal therapy described by the man as follows.

He verbalized that I needed to "chill out", although he didn't use those words. The sense that I got was that they couldn't move things around if I kept being hyper. He expressed that they understood when we have challenging life circumstances. It seemed to be linked to an overall development plan of some kind. He was kind of stern at first to get my attention and then related in a supportive manner. He told me to stop "catastrophizing". This is true - I saw all possibilities in things, everything was amplified. He told me to chill.

After this direct talk, a vibrational "flush" occurred and those thoughts vanished AND I slept very well for days. Things are much better. Although some of those thoughts are there, I can manage them better.

The interaction with the Zeta lasted about half an hour. The Zetas's voice was described as "a low continental voice different from the medium." The man believes that the Zeta's intervention was responsible for the improved quality of life because the vibrational "wash" had an immediate affect.

He has the feeling that they are still around him occasionally. He says he can tell when they are around, and he has learned to "go with the flow".

Case 4:

This case concerns a woman diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition that is characterized by widespread chronic pain, mood disorders and sleep disturbances. The symptoms had gradually progressed in severity over the previous 20 years, and she was on extended medical leave for 20 months before requesting a healing.

She was introduced to the Zeta by chatting with the medium over an internet chat utility to see if anything could be done. In her absence a few days later, the Zeta made the following comments during a sitting.

We have activated the potential for [name] for healing. She may find that she will have problems with her lower part of her legs and feet.

It would be interesting if she could get a… what would the test be called… is it possible to test the minerals in the blood of an Earth person for things like your lead or mercury? There is a potential there could be a mineral or chemical within her system that is too great.

Immediately after the sitting, the medium said he received the impression that the immune system was involved.

Prompted by the Zeta's comments, the woman found references in the medical literature linking metals in dental reconstructions to fibromyalgia. She obtained the support of her doctor, and blood samples were analyzed with MELISA (Valentine-Thon and Schiwara, 2003), a test for immune system hypersensitivity to various metals. The initial results showed an extremely strong response to nickel which is known to be associated with symptoms of fibromyalgia in sensitive individuals (e.g., Stejskal et al., 2013).

The woman identified and removed foods containing nickel from her diet. Also, her dentist has removed dental implants made of a titanium and nickel alloy, and a stainless steel alloy containing nickel. It is thought that interactions between such dissimilar metals could have created a galvanic circuit in the mouth to increase the release of metal ions into the body. There has already been significant improvement in her condition and more is expected. She is very grateful for the Zeta's advice.

3. The etheric body

The human body, like all physical matter, has a supporting template in the etheric realm containing information that corresponds to the form and function of the physical body. As the physical body grows or changes form, so does its representation in the etheric body. The body also has a local consciousness which is aware of the earthly existence. It has a comparatively low vibrational state, so it is often not aware of its higher self residing either in the spirit realm or some other point of origin such as the collective consciousness of an extraterrestrial race.

The etheric body is the interface between the local consciousness and the physical body. The energy of thoughts from the local consciousness can alter the etheric information and thus affect the physical body. Conversely, messages, such as those from the physical senses, are transmuted by the etheric body to a form that can be received by the local consciousness.

A Zeta describes in his own words (in italics) the relationships between the physical and etheric bodies, and the local consciousness.

Initially the three states are in separation. Higher self moves to integrate with a physical container, the etheric body is the field which allows the blending, and once the body terminates, the etheric form is absorbed by the originating consciousness.

One frequency defines the state of the physical body which is encapsulated by the energetic body which you are calling the etheric body. Many of the frequencies that are within the intermediary process of the etheric body are also in a state of change and flux. At any given point you may have what would be considered eddies, if you have the analogy of whirlpools in water.

He described the forms holding energy in the etheric body as eddies or vortexes having the property of frequency.

The energetic body is in a constant state of change as the thought processes permeate the etheric body and change the frequency of what is, as does the higher self when it is to bring about change to the physical body - also, through an act of thought, changes what is the resonation of the energetic body to the physical.

The state of mind that you hold will be much aligned with the etheric body, and the energy that you resonate at between yourself and the etheric body. Now if your mind is much in turmoil then you can expect that much of your etheric body will behave as a reflection of your thought processes.

The etheric body has many of these vortexes interacting with both the physical body and the local consciousness. A person's mental state is reflected in the state of the etheric body. Both negative thoughts and emotional physiological states may cause the number of etheric vortexes to increase and have more variable energies. If this agitated etheric state persists, it may affect the state of the physical body.

4. Health and the healing process

The different representations of energies in the physical and etheric bodies are described by a Zeta in the following example.

An injury or a sore on the body is obviously of a different nature to the normal state of the cellular process of the skin, but it still exists. It is represented in the physical as a different representation of cellular structure. It is also represented in the etheric body as a different state of energy and frequency. What takes place in the physical is a direct representation of what is happening in the etheric body.

Cellular processes in the physical body receive information from etheric vortexes differing in energy and frequency. So when the physical skin is damaged, the energy and frequency of associated etheric vortexes guide the repair of the physical body.

The implications for health and healing of the physical body is obvious. The etheric template or blueprint is central to maintaining the integrity of the physical body. As expressed by a Zeta, "The etheric body understands its potential. It seeks to continually keep the physical body to that potential.""

The Zeta gave another example, "A cut ensues on the arm. There is no opening in the etheric body, but there is what is perceived to be a vortex under the surface of the etheric body which is connected to the injury. Straightaway, the physical body knows that it has the capacity to provide a cellular reconstruction. The cellular reconstruction is aided by the potential of the etheric body's blueprint that would denote the original form."

In other words, when the physical body receives an injury, vortexes form or are altered at the corresponding location in the etheric body. The pattern of vortexes follows the pattern of cellular disruptions, or in the Zeta's words, "The size of the cellular degradation of injury that has taken place will determine how large the interference is with the etheric body." The vortexes are "a representation of cellular disruption" in the etheric body. They provide potential to the physical body so that it can reconstruct the cellular damage. The potential originates from the blueprint defining the undamaged body.

The Zeta was asked how the blueprint information was represented in the etheric body. He replied, "There is a predetermined basis to the genetic structure of the human, or of a animal, or of a tree. So, each of these living organisms have within them, around them, the potential for the etheric body to understand what is the physical potential of the energetic potential of the consciousness potential."

This indicates that the blueprint information is located in a field of consciousness in and around an organism. Its genetic information, combined with the predetermined physical structure of the organism, defines the ideal state or blueprint. The Zeta calls this the consciousness potential. An injured part of the physical body is given a healing potential by the etheric potential that, in turn, comes from the consciousness potential.

How cells differentiate and grow into precise spatial patterns is beginning to be understood by human science (e.g., Koch and Reinhardt, 1994), and it is an important issue in the context of prenatal development (see Human Embryology). Therefore, it is helpful to know that the consciousness potential brings information about the organism's ideal form. It provides the physical potential to guide the growth and regeneration of cellular structure.

The etheric vortexes respond to physical disruptions by transmuting energy to physical energy or information in the cells. When asked how this was done, the Zeta responded, "Underneath the energy is consciousness. It is the quanta information of the cellular structure of a human body. That consciousness indicates from beneath at the lowest levels, or the highest levels, of what is the action of the re-creation of the cellular process, and of course, all other potentials then exist. The energy then is actively working towards healing the physical cellular disruption." So, the consciousness potential contains the blueprint for how the cellular structure should be re-created, and this potential drives the etheric potential. The blueprint is communicated via the etheric body to the cellular level. The communication mechanism is said to be a quantum process in the cell.

The local consciousness can cause an illness to be experienced in the absence of an actual illness. The Zeta said, "What you are conscious of, you bring to yourself. A belief structure is that you can be harmed, and so you can be. I will give you an example, your common cold. You meet someone with this consciousness, you have a short time to either accept or reject the thought. If you accept the thought, the etheric body complies and vibrates the physical body to create the illness. If you choose to disregard the thought, you do not become ill."

He emphasized the causative role of consciousness again when he said, "All illness is consciousness, all unwellness is energy. For us, we have shown the medium many times, he may have an unwellness, when we come the unwellness dissipates. The unwellness is based in frequency and consciousness. Once you have understood this fully, the unwellness will drop within your civilization." This ability of consciousness to promote wellness may explain the power of the placebo effect.

On the other hand, consciousness may decide that healing should not take place. The Zeta explained, "The consciousness of the etheric body actively controls what takes place on the physical body. Now of course, if there are external influences such as radiation, that will imply to the physical body cellular degradation or disruption. The etheric body may choose to either try to repair the information, or will actively ignore what is taking place, understanding that at some point, under instruction from the higher self, the etheric body should terminate its ability to continually make the physical body in a state of wellness."

In other words, when the physical body is damaged by external events, the repairs will normally take place unless the higher self of the local consciousness intervenes to prevent it. For example, in Case 1 of the healings described earlier, the skin on the nose was supposedly damaged by ultraviolet radiation, resulting in the appearance of actinic keratoses. Since the damage was not immediately repaired by the body, the local consciousness must not have attempted to do so. This inaction was overridden by the Zeta's healing ability. In his words, "We have instructed the consciousness of the etheric body in the facial area to reverse the cellular changes."

At some point in every person's life, the higher self will choose to allow the physical body to fail. The Zeta said, "The physical body must terminate its potential, else the etheric body will hold the physical body in a constant state of wellness, and there is a potential that the physical human body could live a lot longer." To avoid living indefinitely, the physical body's potential is reduced at some point so that it can no longer repair itself. It will then terminate, and the energy of the etheric body will transmute to a form that can be "absorbed by the originating consciousness."

4.1 "Experiencer" illnesses

Many humans have experienced close contact with extraterrestrial beings. Some report being taken involuntarily to another place that seemed to be an alien craft, and have been traumatized by the experience. Many more have found the experience to be positive, and these people prefer to call themselves "experiencers" rather than "abductees". However, even though the experiences may have been positive, some experiencers have become physically ill after being in close proximity to an extraterrestrial being.

The reported symptoms are often those associated with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (e.g., see Gilbert). In a survey of experiencers, Marden and Stoner reported that 38% of respondents were diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or reactivated mononucleosis (also known as immune dysfunction syndrome), when only 1% of the general population report the same diagnoses. Why would this be?

A Zeta explained, "When you are in our presence, our energy filters into your energy and then there are changes that are temporary. There are changes to your body and consciousness. This is because humans are taken out of this corporeal three-dimensional realm and moved closer to their true self." He added, "When the human is connected to us, the cells are excited as we are of a different frequency, and this allows manifestation of what is an underlying unwellness in the human."

The vibrational state of the Zeta race is different from that of the human race, and the Zeta explained that proximity to a human causes undesirable effects on human physiology. The state of the human etheric body is temporarily distorted by the Zeta energy, causing what could be a longer lasting illness of the physical body. Accordingly, for their own safety, humans were advised to not approach closer than 30-50 meters from a craft, else the physical body would not be able to cope with the changes (Treurniet and Hamden, 2014, p.167).

On another occasion, a Zeta revealed that "illness is understood by the etheric body when it is completely attached to the physical body." Conversely, "illness is not understood by the etheric body when it is semi-detached from the physical body." These comments suggest that the coupling between the physical and etheric bodies can be loosened, and that this interferes with the exchange of energy and information between them. A weakening of the overall connection between the physical and etheric bodies would cause deleterious effects on wellbeing.

Some effects of the Zetas' presence on humans can be reversed with a Zeta's help. This was demonstrated to the medium, Paul Hamden, who sometimes became ill when he was still adapting to their presence. He understands that the unwellness came from too rapid reduction of frequency from the Zeta frequency, or abrupt disconnection of the Zeta from the human. This left him vulnerable to being in a state of unwellness caused by decoupling of his etheric body from his physical body. The Zetas restored him to his original state of wellness by first raising his etheric frequency to the same level that caused the illness, and then lowering it slowly until it was at the body's normal base frequency.

Specific examples of physical harm caused by proximity to a Zeta were also given. Actual physical contact may create a burn on the skin of the human. The Zeta explains, "You cannot touch us, you would be burnt. As you moved closer, your skin would become burnt because of frequency." and "Every entity has etheric template, frequency of etheric template to interact with human etheric template. Increase in frequency for the human then translates to physical changes in the cellular structure, and cellular structure representation of burnt skin." That is, the higher vibrational state of a Zeta's etheric form would interfere with the human etheric form and burn the skin that was touched.

Interestingly, the Marden and Stoner study found that 22% of respondents who had close contact had suffered "burns, hair loss or conjunctivitis" following the contact experience. Burn marks on the upper back and sunburn-like rashes were reported, sometimes on the entire body. Also, burns on the back and head after a contact experience were mentioned above in the Case 2 report on healing. Presumably, these burns resulted from exposure to the incompatible vibrational state of another's etheric body.

Proximity to a Zeta may also damage the mental health of a human. A Zeta said, "To look into the eyes of the race, you may lose your mind, your construct would disintegrate" and "Your consciousness would fracture because we operate within an etheric boundary that is much larger than the human. So when we come, the human consciousness, the structure that is held by frequency, which is the physical entity of your container, would dissipate." So, damage to the physical body would interfere with the function of the local consciousness that it contains.

4.2 A Zeta technology for healing

The beings of the Zeta race spend much of their existence in the energetic realm with consciousness separated from the physical body. They have developed sophisticated technologies suitable for this non-physical realm, including a technology "to heal people, to place symbology into etheric body of humans, to make better." For this, they use symbols that represent functions to perform, analogous to the names and code of subroutines in our computer languages. One method for healing physical beings is to place appropriate symbology into their etheric bodies.

A Zeta explains, "We use many functions for the healing process. Much of that is symbols. Symbols hold frequency. A frequency is then determined, let me explain. You have the crystal in the middle of the table. That crystal provides functioning connection. There are no other crystals like it, all crystals are individuals. What if you could take that crystal and make it into an etheric symbol, and place the symbol into the etheric body? You would have a working representation of the crystal within your own body."

The Zeta was asked how he would make the physical crystal into an etheric symbol. He replied, "The crystal is emanating a set of frequencies. The crystal is used to communicate. It has a comparative frequency within the Zeta frequency. It allows for connection process. Now, if the crystal, if its function was to you to perform healing, then we would provide the frequency as a symbology, a multidimensional symbol process. The symbol would replicate the frequency of the crystal, and the symbol would then be placed into the etheric body to resonate. Because it is a frequency and the etheric body is frequency, it would then modify the frequency of the etheric body."

The etheric crystal, implanted in the proper location in the etheric body, changes a frequency in the etheric body to cause the physical body to heal.

The technology based on crystals is not the only way to accomplish healing. It may have been chosen for discussion because it provided a concrete example of the principle they wished to teach, that physical healing requires manipulation of frequencies in the etheric body.

5. Discussion

The relationships among consciousness, the etheric body, and the physical body were expressed in different ways over a number of interviews with the Zetas. The following summarizes the healing processes to clarify how consciousness restores a body to health.

The physical human body is structured according to an etheric body blueprint described as a consciousness potential. It is based on the predetermined general shape for a body of the race, modified according to the genome of the particular being. The consciousness potential defines the body's expected form and function. All errant biological processes are continuously corrected according to this blueprint information. Therefore, a healthy, uninjured physical body conforms to the consciousness potential or blueprint defining the body.

Unusual deformations of the physical body such as an injury are repaired as long as the higher self approves and the physical body's natural resistance can be overcome. An array of etheric vortexes that correspond to the injury are made to resonate with the physical body by consciousness. A vortex appears to be a conduit for a quantum process that transmutes the consciousness potential or blueprint to a physical potential. The process provides the physical body with the information needed to regain the state of wellness defined by the blueprint.

The Zeta was asked, "How is the energy of the etheric vortexes transmuted to physical electrical energy in the cells?" He replied, "The consciousness is the quanta information of the cellular structure of a human body." This implies that a quantum process transmutes the consciousness potential to the physical potential. Further, the consciousness is said to hold "what is the action of the re-creation of the cellular process." That is, it knows what needs to be done to heal the body. The quantum process makes this information available in the physical body.

According to the Zeta, there are normally multiple frequencies in the etheric body forming eddies or vortexes. These vortexes are "in a state of change and flux." When an injury occurs, the vortex associated with the injury is tuned by consciousness to facilitate the quantum process. We are told that consciousness, "through an act of thought, changes what is the resonation of the energetic body to the physical." A vortex in the etheric body appears to be a kind of portal to the physical realm. Local consciousness adjusts the properties of the portal to pass blueprint information to the physical body.

Hameroff and Penrose (2014) have suggested a specific quantum process for communicating physical sensory information to consciousness. Their "Orch OR" theory proposes that quantum computations in brain cell microtubules account for consciousness. Hameroff speculates that physical processes in the brain connect via quantum entanglement to a consciousness embedded in a Planck-scale, space-time geometry. The irreducible space-time geometry is the definition of consciousness. This is a limiting definition, but is not incompatible with Zeta cosmology where all that exists springs from a foundation of consciousness.

The microtubules in the "Orch OR" theory are ubiquitous in all cells, not just brain cells. They are part of the cytoskeleton, an intracellular matrix that supports the shape and function of cells. Could a similar process mediate the flow of blueprint information in the other direction? This is suggested by the Zeta's statement, "Consciousness indicates from beneath at the lowest levels, or the highest levels, of what is the action of the re-creation of the cellular process." Perhaps the vortexes of the etheric body are entangled with processes in the physical microtubules. Information received by the microtubules in this way might directly affect the cytoskeleton architecture to which the microtubule belongs, and influence the cell's physical properties.

On at least one occasion for each person, the higher self will decide that repair of the body is not to occur. Perhaps the spirit is to experience the illness as a life lesson, or perhaps the time is approaching for the body to terminate and the spirit to transition.

In the three cases of healing described above, an illness or injury had persisted for some time, suggesting that the higher self may have chosen to not repair the body. If so, the Zeta was allowed to override this decision.

In Case 1, the Zeta instructed the consciousness of the etheric body to reverse the cellular changes to conform to the consciousness potential, and an improvement was seen within a short time. The person being healed was advised to support the local consciousness with visualizations of the healed state.

In Case 2, the healing occurred three days after meeting the Zeta through the medium. The experience of severe pain and tingling for a short period during the night may have coincided with the Zeta's instruction to the local consciousness to return to the healed state. The sensations were likely an indication that the physical potentials had begun the biological processes needed to minimize the deviations from the body's blueprint.

Case 3 was a healing of a psychological condition resulting from stress. The Zeta treated it with counselling, then a vibrational "flush" was felt which was followed immediately by a long-lasting, improved state of mind. Although the symptoms of ADHD are behavioural, they often respond well to certain stimulant drugs, suggesting that a physical abnormality is involved (see here). So in this case as well, the Zeta may have instructed the local consciousness to return the physical body to its ideal state. This would have removed any accumulated organic pressures to behave a certain way. After the healing process, some negative thoughts continued to occur, although these were managed better. This case suggests that the Zeta corrected biological processes underlying abnormal behaviour, but did not change habitual thought processes that had developed over time.

In Case 4, the Zeta indicated that the problem was due to a high level of a metal in the person’s body. A blood test reported high sensitivity to nickel which is known to be associated with the displayed symptoms. Sources of nickel in the body were removed and the symptoms were diminished. In this case, the Zeta was prevented from healing since he could not remove the sources of nickel in the body. However, he did identify the nature of the problem and that suggested a treatment path.

The Zetas have demonstrated their ability to heal a number of times, including other cases not discussed here. However, they may also deny a request for healing. As already mentioned, a possible reason is that the higher self intends the illness to be part of that person’s experience in this lifetime.

But there could be another reason as expressed in this statement to a group of sitters by a Zeta, “When we are in your company, we are two different societies, two different races. We understand your requests and often will seek to fulfil your requests. But we have also seen that it is a requirement for humans who seek contact with our race, to perform the function, to perform the effort that is required to connect to us. It is seen to be that it must be an easy process to contact other races, but of course it is not, as it is not an easy process for us to come and speak to you. You yourselves would have seen different times and different aspects of energies that have been presented in this room where we have had the capacity to speak to you more clearly on some occasions, and on other occasions to not have the same process. We are presented with difficulty in coming and speaking to you as a group because it is dependent on the mediumistic energies that are held in the room, and also of the energies that you bring. If you wish to speak to another race, then you must also abide by that race, their frequency, their abilities, their potential. You may present yourselves at the lowest possible entry point in frequency, but for a human to accomplish this, they must fully extend themselves. And this is why when we are asked to heal others, that we seek for them to understand their own capacity to reach out to us as a race.

This statement from the Zeta is reminiscent of why they are here; that is, to help raise the state of consciousness of the human collective mind in order to facilitate communication with extraterrestrial races (“Why are they here?” in "A primer of the Zeta race, Volume 1"). This will happen when enough individual humans choose to exist in a higher affective state such as unconditional love. In the above statement, the Zeta appears to suggest that healing is a tit-for-tat exchange - they will heal and the human is to respond by working to achieve a higher state of consciousness in order to connect with the Zeta race.

However, this interpretation misses the essential point that healing is a collaboration. To speak to another race, the Zeta says that one must be willing to harmonize with all aspects of that race - their frequency, abilities, and potential. So, healing is a reciprocal process that includes the desire by the human to connect with the Zeta race. Humans must fully extend themselves to connect, and understand their own ability to do so. Without that mutual involvement, any communication is difficult and healing is not possible.

Successful healing requires resonation of the Zeta and human states of consciousness. This is made possible when the human desires healing and harmonizes with the Zeta state of being. For healing to occur, the states of consciousness must be compatible or the Zeta may deny the request.

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