Extraterrestrial intervention in a nuclear war  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, July, 2019

Summary. An extraterrestrial Zeta being indicated that there would be a targeted intervention if the human race started a war involving nuclear weapons. The intervention would interfere with the nuclear missiles used by humans. However, some missiles would likely still get through and explode. The prime objective if they were to interfere is not to save the lives of humans, but to preserve the planet itself. The ET races see Earth as home to many races and do not want to see it damaged irrevocably by humans.

Humans have lived for several generations under the threat of annihilation from their own weapons of mass destruction; in particular, different kinds of nuclear weapons. There have been indications that extraterrestrial (ET) beings may intervene when necessary to prevent such destruction. Hastings (2017) recounts various incidences where the warheads of nuclear missiles in both the United States and Russia were disabled while an ET craft was nearby. One might speculate that these were demonstrations meant to show humans that ET beings do not approve of such weapons.

The warlike nature of humans was a topic of conversation with ET Zeta beings speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden (Hamden and Treurniet, 2018). A Zeta observed, “As it is now, you have technology to destroy each other, but continually other races are asked to stop you from killing each other by disabling your weaponry.” Further, “In the future you will move from this planet and travel great distances and it will not want to encounter your technologies. Humans are dangerous, and also for all of the races there is a self preservation. Each moment the collective consciousness of the human race is expansive and moving ever outwards into consciousness. It has touched other races. It has been seen that what has touched that race was not beneficial.” Given the state of humanity’s collective consciousness and current behaviour, they see possible conflict with humans in the future. By helping us now to raise our level of consciousness, they are hoping to avoid such confrontations.

The Zetas were asked in a séance sitting with the medium whether they are prepared to interfere with nuclear weapons which have the ability to wipe out all life on earth. The following conversation ensued with the circle leader speaking as the interviewer.

Interviewer: The human powers-that-be on earth seem to be headed for war using nuclear weapons. ET races have experimented in the recent past with disabling these weapons. If it comes to an actual war between human adversaries, can we expect any ET races to interfere with the use of nuclear weapons?

Zeta: Many will not function.

Interviewer: The nuclear weapons?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is that of their own accord or from interference from extraterrestrial races?

Zeta: With proactive interference, but not all will malfunction.

Interviewer: Why would the ET races prevent the nuclear explosions?

Zeta: Because your planet requires that it be kept for other races to exist.

Interviewer: Under what conditions would the Zeta race assist the human race if it were threatened by destruction?

Zeta: Those conditions are reliant on what decisions the humans make.

Interviewer: How could the Zeta race best assist the human race in such a situation?

Zeta: A sampling has been taken.

Interviewer: Would you just use that sampling on another planet, or would you use it after the race was destroyed to start a new race?

Zeta: There is potential that humans will exist even if there is a catastrophic event. There is the potential to re-seed a race. But of course, it is the environment, it is the biological entity that is your planet that is more a concern for a race. So there would be selective intervention.

Interviewer: Would the Zeta race take on the responsibility to prevent the nuclear explosions?

The latter question triggered a pause while the Zeta consciousness was replaced with a Zeta+ consciousness, a higher-vibration Zeta. We learned that the Zeta+ is part of a conglomerate of various races previously designated as the Council. The conglomerate is a meeting of the minds of various ET races analogous to an oversoul in spirit realm terms.

The medium said afterwards that as the Zeta+ took control, his mind became aware of “two massive craft the size of a planet, and a planet in between”. In a later session, the Zeta was asked to describe the craft, the purpose of such craft, who and how many occupy them. They replied, “It is unknown how many beings, they are transitory processes that hold much technology. They are methods of transportation from one point of existence to another within the physical universe. They are used as means of bringing together all beings that are required to a point. They are not generally classed as craft. They are methods of transportation for many different races.”

The conversation continued with the Zeta+ entity.

Zeta+: Re-ask your question.

Interviewer: We were discussing the use of nuclear weapons on this earth, and if the extraterrestrial races would interfere with those. The question was, would the Zeta race take on that responsibility?

Zeta+: There are many planets, many races, many collective minds which exist as a conglomerate of consciousness. For the perception of what is to come, will decide in what capacity the human race will be assisted. Even I have various levels of consciousness.

Interviewer: Are you able to put forward to the council the knowledge that there are many humans who are concerned about what is happening, many humans are worried of what is to come, what is about to happen, and that this is not what we want. I would speak for many others if they knew we had contact with you. The use of nuclear weapons could destroy so much, and the planet does not deserve that either. There is a minority of people that make these decisions of war and they benefit from the war, this is truly not what humans are about. It is a small minority, and I agree that there are some really horrible humans amongst us, but the majority of us are good. We don’t want war, we don’t want the end of the human race, but we are powerless against the people that have got the power and use it for their own gain. If that could be made known, we would be grateful.

Zeta+: You would intercede for your race?

Interviewer: I would speak for my race? Yes I would, I would speak for the majority of the people on this planet, and I believe that the use of nuclear weapons would destroy many other species, and that is something that should not happen.

Zeta+: You are but one race.

Interviewer: We are but one race, yes.

Zeta+: There are many species. But there has been a sampling taken.

Interviewer: I understand that you have those on your planet.

Zeta+: Your lives are but a short time.

Interviewer: Is it that you represent the whole conglomerate?

Zeta+: Yes. I do not frequent the omnipresent capacity of the conglomerate.

Interviewer: You access that tonight during the sitting?

Zeta+: Yes, they are listening.

Interviewer: So they can hear what we say, feel what we feel?

Zeta+: You are a part of the spirits. When I say you have awoken me, it is the same as a spirit entity moving into the human form, the human existing at a predetermined functional level, and then transitioning back to its original nature. The spirit person is no more when they are near the physical form. The human will not function with its memories.

As the circle leader talked with the Zeta+, the medium said afterwards that he felt the energy of the conglomerate which was very different from the energy of the Zeta collective. The conglomerate listened to the circle leader make the case for humanity and why the ET races should intervene in the event of a nuclear war. He noted they were concerned as they left.

(The medium waited to reconnect with the original Zeta)

Zeta: I have reverted to my lower state of consciousness. The human mind cannot exist at that level, only for a short time. To be given the perspective of what is real outside of this reality could only be achieved for a short time.

Interviewer: I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of that.

Zeta: I do not have the ability within this current framework to assist the human race on that scale. That is why the other entity awoke… the real nature. I am but a facet of my own consciousness.

(The circle leader asked for more information about the council she had addressed.)

Zeta: These indications, these representations, they are conglomerate consciousness. To believe that a council would represent itself as singular entities is not so. Where there is welcome, where there is intention, then there is a singular mind.

Interviewer: To have the council listening was very important, to let them know how we feel.

Zeta: Many humans are seen as friends to other races, but the council may not understand when the minority is weighed against the majority of damage that this planet is suffering. To say that there is a good person amongst ten who are not, still advocates for action. They have potential when understood from a point of consciousness. These decisions are not taken lightly. They carry much weight. But of course the human race is coming to an intersection, a point of no return. Even you in this room must see that the planet is struggling with the current level of humans that populate it, and this is only to grow.

(The questioning continued in the following sitting.)

Interviewer: The medium states that, in the sitting where the Zeta was awakened, two conversations took place. One was recorded and the other one wasn’t. In the unrecorded audio, it was said that there would be a strategic intervention, or a targeted intervention with the human race if nuclear war was started. In the audio it said nothing like that. Which is the correct statement, or are both statements right or wrong? The ultimate question is, will you, the Zeta race, intervene if nuclear war started amongst humans?

Zeta: Do you choose to perish?

Interviewer: No, I don’t.

Zeta: No race chooses to perish, but there would be methods, there would be analysis, there would be systems, there would be potentials, there would be discussions to gauge the ramifications of the planet irradiating itself via the human hosts. There are methods for dealing with this technology. I will now be speaking plainly to you, yes? It is preferred that this not take place, as you are also not wanting that to take place. But if it does take place, there are methods of dealing with a radiated planet. A unfortunate effect, a side effect, would be the decimation of all life, of course.

Interviewer: Would man-made nuclear explosions affect higher dimensions?

Zeta: There would be a disintegration of the etheric body but whether that is then replicated into other spaces of consciousness, would not take place.

Interviewer: It is possible that the human race could be destroyed, either by a natural disaster like a solar flare or by weapons of mass destruction. How would the destruction of the human race on this particular timeline affect the spirit realm?

Zeta: There would be a diminished potential. The consciousness that broadcasts itself from the human host would cease to exist. That consciousness would then move to the non-physical form. There would be a lessening of potential if humans did not exist from this specific location.

Interviewer: You have said that you represent the conglomerate of consciousness that exists. However, you said that you “do not frequent the omnipresent capacity of the conglomerate.” So you represent the conglomerate, but you are not everywhere present. Yet the conglomerate could hear the intercession for the human race. Could you clarify the relations amongst yourself, the conglomerate, the medium, and the sitter?

Zeta: When that discussion took place, the voices in the room were able to be heard by others - a gesture by us to allow your voice, your thoughts and concerns as individuals to be projected to other consciousness that are also controlling mechanisms for their own races - not control as a human would control. Simply to put it in perspective, would be the same as you speaking to your spirit friends. But this conversation was heard, was listened to by others who have potential to intervene in matters on this planet. Humans generally are allowed to go about their lives. What they do to each other is within the capacity of this human existence. When other races interact with humans, the interaction takes place outside of the local consciousness of the human. There is a layer of consciousness that the humans are interacting with, so mostly it does not affect humans when they are living their lives. This interaction takes place for many reasons, but primarily it is to interact with our own and with other races who have their own here as well.


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