Extraterrestrial involvement with the human race  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, August, 2018

Summary. Beings from the high-vibration extraterrestrial Zeta race explained via a medium that they have an interest in the human race. The Zetas are helping humans raise their vibration, a basic parameter of consciousness. The purpose is to facilitate communication with humans, and to stop the pollution of consciousness with low-vibration human thoughts. The pollution is having undesirable effects on the collective consciousness of extraterrestrial races. The human vibrational state is being influenced in two ways by the extraterrestrial beings. First, an extraterrestrial and a spirit realm entity may form a hybrid consciousness and incarnate in the body of a human. The extraterrestrial consciousness can then affect the vibrational state of the human collective consciousness. Secondly, the Zetas directly “support the collective consciousness of the human race to a greater potential”. They do this by focusing intent on humans who have previously chosen to seek a higher consciousness.

1. Introduction

Many people have had contact with extraterrestrial beings. Contact with humans is extremely difficult and it generally takes a form which a human can understand. Most often, humans are contacted while asleep, but there are a few who have physical contact with extraterrestrial races when required and may also have mind to mind contact. The medium, Paul Hamden, through rigorous training from the Zeta race, has managed to achieve contact via various methods with many races. Over several years, many people have interviewed the Zetas speaking through him. The transcripts of the interviews and other documents analyzing the information obtained from them are available here.

Why did the Zetas go out of their way to communicate with us? According to the Zeta communicators, their main goal is to help humanity reach a state where there can be bidirectional telepathic communication between humans and the extraterrestrials in the earth environment. There is an obstacle to such communication that only humans can remove. It is the different state of consciousness of the human race compared to the other races. When this difference is too great, telepathic communication is difficult, if not impossible. The Zetas have strategies to help humanity raise its state of consciousness and form a collective mind. Such a shift in consciousness is expected to bring human vibration closer to that of the extraterrestrial races. The Zeta said, “Then, of course, the other races which view you on your daily basis, will actively interact with the collective mind of the human race.

Some people feel threatened by the extraterrestrial beings while others welcome them. But can we really understand what motivates a non-human being? In their conversations with us, the Zetas explained their motives as well as they could using our language. We discuss what they are attempting to do and their methods for doing it. These subjects are covered in more detail in the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”, and so those who have read that book may find some quotes familiar. This is another look at these issues with an initial focus on how the Zetas may differ psychologically from humans.

2. Important differences between Zetas and humans

Before addressing the potential differences between the races, we need to recognize that the trillions of Zetas in the galaxy do not form a homogeneous group. Long ago, the race split into two factions. One pursued the formation of a high-vibration collective consciousness, and a smaller group followed a different path. Both groups are in the earth environment now. For the lack of a better name, the smaller group is known as the abductor race because they are responsible for abducting certain humans and creating biological hybrids. The Zetas we interviewed belong to the collective consciousness. They attempt to undo any damage to humans caused by the others. The following discussion refers to the beings from the collective.

In the Zeta cosmology, the dimension of vibration is a key parameter of the creation process. All that is created, meaning everything that exists, has a particular vibration of consciousness. Entities exist at a certain state of vibration, and things created by those entities exist at the same level. The state of vibration is equivalent to the aforementioned state of consciousness. The Zetas have a somewhat higher level of vibration than humans, and close physical proximity to this higher vibration can be harmful to the health of humans. Effects might be a malfunctioning immune system or sunburn-like damage to the skin.

Another difference between humans and the Zetas is the way the dimension of vibration is felt. In humans, a higher vibration is correlated with a greater ability to love. The Zeta confirmed, “Each time you act in a loving way towards each other, you are raising your vibration.” The success of a human life, viewed after transition to the spirit realm, is an increased capacity to love.

As humans raise their level of vibration, they are drawn toward a feeling of love for all creation. This kind of love is understood to be unconditional. It is a recognition that all is one, that separation is an illusion, and to love another is equivalent to loving oneself. This love for another person does not depend on the behaviour of that person. But human love can also be conditional on love being returned. As observed by a Zeta, “Humans perceive love on a conditional basis, but then other humans give their lives based on a situational response.” The latter heroic behaviour is an expression of unconditional love.

The psychological correlate of vibration is said to be different for a Zeta. A high vibration is described as a state of harmony and stillness rather than a state of love. They said, “We do not function the way a human functions. We have capacity to have emotional responses, but we do not seek emotional fulfilment. We seek harmony to the race. … If the state is one of harmony and stillness, there is no requirement to bring in these other emotional frequencies. The perception of the race is that when you are in stillness there is no requirement for any other emotive state process. … When you are in complete harmony with other beings, you are in a symbiotic level of consciousness with the entities, and there is no words to state and no emotional capacity to understand the silence, the peace. We come from a place of quiet, the collective consciousness of the race is quiet, and there is stillness.

The higher vibrations of consciousness appear to evoke different feelings in the human and Zeta beings. The humans experience unconditional love while the Zetas said they experience harmony and stillness. However, unconditional love and a state of harmony are not mutually exclusive. Humans would agree that love is accompanied by a feeling of harmony. Conversely, the Zeta’s state of harmony in the collective suggests that they may have a feeling towards others akin to love. It might even be unconditional love as suggested by a Zeta’s comment, “For us, we would never harm another of our race, so we treat each other as we would treat ourselves. So this is our understanding of love.” The difference between the races may be one of balance, where the emphasis is on unconditional love for humans and on harmony for the Zetas.

The difference may have been exaggerated by the Zeta’s interpretation of the word ‘love’. To a new user of the language, the medium’s semantic network might introduce some confusion. Passionate love between two humans is often conditional, while the love felt toward all creation would be unconditional. One is interpersonal while the other is all-encompassing. The meaning of ‘love’ depends on how it is used.

The Zetas’ unconditional love toward all beings was implied in their comment, “But of course we have compassion, and we love our children too, and we never harm any being, my friend.” From a human perspective, the love for specific members of the family can be unconditional, and so is the love that prevents harm to any being. “Any being” would include members of other races such as humans. But the Zetas’ love for other beings also sets limits on their behaviour toward those beings. Specifically, friendship was defined as "respect for another being, as one would respect self, but never interfere in the learning of another”. Interference in the learning of another is seen as a violation of that being’s freewill and is not acceptable between friends.

There is reason to believe that the passionate love experienced by humans is not experienced by the Zetas. Passion implies a lustful desire defended by low-vibration emotions such as jealousy and anger. This love would be conditional on how it is received. It is likely withdrawn if it is not reciprocated. The negative emotions are not experienced by the Zetas because their ability to do so was removed by changes to their genetic makeup. They said, “There is joy, there is love, but there is not anger, there is not greed. Those emotions do not serve us. …There is compassion, there is oneness … There are other emotions you do not know.” The human emotions that are typically in defence of the passionate ego were eliminated by the Zetas. Instead, their relationships are supported by positive emotions such as joy and compassion. This suggests that Zetas have altruistic or ego-less relationships less frequently found in humans. We can expect to see the selfish passion of humans to also decrease in frequency as the human race increases its level of vibration and unconditional love.

The above discussion indicates that the Zetas may respond differently to vibrations of consciousness compared to humans. However, the difference is subtle since it seems that higher vibrations would increase unconditional love and harmony in both races. A major difference between Zeta and human psychology is in their ability to experience negative emotions. Humans easily slip into low vibrational states like sadness, fear, and anger. However, the Zetas of the collective say they have removed such emotions from their existence. They say, “Those emotions do not serve us.” This bodes well for a humanity in need of assistance to progress spiritually.

3. Problems to be solved

Human consciousness has evolved over millennia, and today many people think it is about to make a quantum leap to a higher consciousness. The Zetas also seem to believe that something unusual is to happen in that regard, although they do not say it is imminent. They said, “Many people on your planet who are able to understand the developing consciousness will be able to move into a process of understanding themselves. This will [result in?] new processes with the ability to communicate with each other and also with other races, and this is the point of the shift in consciousness. … The collective consciousness of this race is moving on a, I would not say predetermined process, but much of what is happening is already being seen. But, of course, yet we believe a future event will cause matter to become non-matter, my friend.

The human collective consciousness contains a history of the detailed thoughts and memories of the race. The Zeta said, “The collective mind is in disarray. Much of the anger, many of the violent tendencies, are the collective mind of the race, it is not with love.” Eventually, it will become less chaotic and form a higher-vibration, self-aware collective mind. This is a message of hope for the human race currently living in a low-vibration world where much conflict exists. They assure us, “It has been seen that this one race will develop into a higher level of consciousness, it will define the new behaviour of the race and then, that will provide an entry point for other races to have physical contact to a larger degree with you as a race."

The low-vibration activity is polluting the consciousness of the planet. The Zeta said that the pollution is from “distortion by amplification of thought processes through technologies,” and that “the amplification of dissemination of communication processes is now a global phenomenon. This global phenomenon is permeating other races.” That is, many people are simultaneously feeling and amplifying the same negative emotions because of mass communication. The Zeta said, “They are controlled, they are manipulated,” and this causes a low-vibration distortion of consciousness. The Zeta added, “Rather than a communication on a global scale bringing humans together, it is used to create fear globally. These pollutions are worse than the physical pollutions.

The Zeta explained further, “The human race is emanating thought forms into the universal structure of consciousness. The perception is that the human consciousness will affect greatly the fabric of consciousness for other races if no attempt is made to influence internally this race. … Your structures, thought patterns, motives, do not mesh with other races.” The Zeta added, “This undulating mass of thought must be controlled, it is not to be allowed to filter out and touch other races.” So the low-vibration state of human consciousness is a problem for both humans and extraterrestrial races. Human relationships suffer from negative emotions and egoistic behaviours, and they are kept from an improved quality of life. From the perspective of the extraterrestrials, the amplified negative thoughts of humanity interfere with their collective consciousness.

The Zetas are motivated to assist humanity to ascend; that is, to become a higher-vibration collective consciousness where unconditional love is the norm. A Zeta said, “All races have a common goal, to be one with each other, in a communion. Why is this? Originally, all energies come from one place, one source energy; they long to be reunited with the ‘whole'.” As part of achieving this goal, they are facilitating the development of a self-aware human collective consciousness.

There is also an element of self-preservation in the work of the higher-vibration extraterrestrial races, although it is not motivated by fear. A Zeta said, “As it is now, you have technology to destroy each other, but continually other races are asked to stop you from killing each other by disabling your weaponry. … In the future you will move from this planet and travel great distances and it will not want to encounter your technologies. Humans are dangerous, and also for all of the races there is a self preservation. Each moment the collective consciousness of the human race is expansive and moving ever outwards into consciousness. It has touched other races. It has been seen that what has touched that race was not beneficial.” So by helping us raise our level of consciousness, they are also avoiding possible confrontation with humans in the future.

4. Processes

The higher-vibration extraterrestrial beings find it difficult to operate at our physical level of vibration. They have two avenues by which they can influence the spiritual development of the human race. One is to become human, and the other is to try to raise the vibration of human consciousness while remaining in their own state of consciousness. They said, “There is work within and without, humans who are incarnated and races who support the collective consciousness of the humanity. They seek to stabilize the undulating mass of the race, whereas the human's collective mind is an unstable entity, a challenge.” The Zetas have described these processes in some detail.

All beings that have a physical existence are defined by the form of the physical container. Humans have a temporary physical body that has a local consciousness as long as it is needed. The consciousness or spirit is usually just an extension of a higher consciousness in the spirit realm associated with this planet. However, the local consciousness can also be a hybrid construct composed of a spirit and a consciousness from an extraterrestrial being like a Zeta. Permission is always received from the human parents of a child before the hybrid form is created. According to a Zeta, “About 30 percent of humanity does not come from the spirit realm process.

The Zeta said, “We are to incarnate as human beings and then to project a stabilizing force into the collective mind of the human race … So you in fact as a race are being supported into your collective consciousness process by many entities. … There is the intent of races, which are here as well in human form. Their intent is very strong, they are not guided by human actions. Humans' development is not just determined by humans.” While in the human container, the extraterrestrial consciousness is in a position to help raise the vibration of the human collective consciousness. There are “many energies living on this planet who are working towards a greater vibrational state”.

Like the consciousness of an incarnated spirit, the extraterrestrial aspect of the hybrid consciousness is normally unaware of its origin. Therefore, it may be assisted if necessary by its Zeta family. The Zeta said, “There are many containers whose higher self is not related to the spirit realm entity. We seek them out for the purpose of settling them, providing them with support mechanisms, providing companion entities. They have entered into the suppression process, understanding who they were prior to incarnation, but once moving into the physical existence of this planet, not understanding who they are.” One Zeta said, “Other Zetas are here, my task that I have set myself in conjunction with others are the same, is to bring and to find the other Zetas which are not in full consciousness, they do not yet understand capacity.” So the abduction of humans by the Zetas from the collective are only meant to monitor and improve the welfare of these hybrid beings.

The Zetas have developed another way to encourage the human collective consciousness to become less chaotic. They say they hold the human race “in focus” from an external location. Eight or ten Zeta beings sit together inside a clear sphere that has a representation of the earth. They “focus together as a group and hold a planet’s consciousness within our thought process.” There are many hundreds of these spheres at the distance of the moon from the planet. Each group holds the consciousness of the human race in its current state “to aid in the process for the transitional environment that the human mind is moving through.

The process involves the cooperation of many humans on the planet. They said, “There are many humans, that are seeking to support the collective consciousness of the human race to a greater potential. Each of these individual humans numbering the millions across the planet are the nodes, are the entry points for this consciousness, for this collective effort in aiding the planet.” Each has chosen to seek a higher consciousness, and that freewill choice is a beacon that attracts the Zetas in this process.

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