William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, June, 2015

Summary. The Zeta cosmology includes uncountable timelines that are part of the incarnation process for a spirit incarnating from the spirit realm. The timelines are distinguished by their states of consciousness. Physical processes cannot be exchanged between timelines, but a local consciousness may become aware of events on another timeline. This accounts for the occurrence of the ‘deja vu’ phenomenon. The Zeta beings exist on only one timeline because they are a different organization of consciousness. However, they are able to study the human use of multiple timelines in experiments that simulate the process. They also have technology for opening and closing portals between constructs having different states of consciousness, including timelines.

1. Introduction

For several years, beings from the extraterrestrial Zeta and Anunnaki races have answered questions posed by sitters in séances held by the medium, Paul Hamden. Much of the information has been published in a book entitled "A primer of the Zeta race”. The nature of time was discussed occasionally, and we were given a view quite different from what we normally hold. The Zetas reject our concept of time as a dimension that can be quantified on a rational scale like space. Rather, they live in the eternal “now” where they recognize change as a sequence of events, but not localized on a rigid dimension of time. In their words, “The process of existence is each task is completed and then the next task is moved on to.

The Zetas informed us that an advanced race of beings, known as Hyperversals to some humans, were responsible for creating countless numbers of timelines for beings to experience as a physical existence.

Zeta: The Hyperversals, when creating the nucleus of the Multiverse, split the form, the initial creative potential of this entity, into fragments - something like a stream. This stream of matter became the Multiverse. When the first process of time began, it was then segmented into various streams. This is not a synchronous process.

Zeta: We believe that the source energy has created multiple timelines and existences and dimensional processes for the ability to understand self; it is learning from facets of existence. We are all connected to each other on all levels. The source entity has become a complete entity; there is a continual journey for all energies.

In that quote, the Zeta acknowledges the existence of multiple timelines created by “source energy”. Yet, a being on a timeline is still thought to exist in the “now”.

Zeta: You think of time as you would a watch ticking. The reality is that time is a reference point, not a continuum. Just because on your planet you perceive a cyclic process, does not mean time exists.

So a timeline may be thought of as a sequence of events to be experienced by a being in its subjective “now”.

The created timelines exist as constructs where source consciousness can have experiences and come to understand itself. Humans think of time as an objective dimension segmented into units such as seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. Instead, the Zeta suggested that we should “imagine that everything is encapsulated within a tubular form, that you are a conduit. No matter how hard you try, you cannot influence the other conduits, else there would be chaos.” Our “now” is defined as a cross-section of only that conduit.

It is impossible for us to move physically from one timeline to another. However, in the realm of consciousness such independence across timelines is not enforced. Consciousness existed before the timelines came into being, and so it is possible for a person to become aware of an event on another timeline. A Zeta explained that timelines exist as dimensions of consciousness, and humans make particular use of the timelines in their incarnation processes.

Zeta: The timelines are … not segmented by your time process. They are based on dimensional aspects and frequency. So when the discussion of a timeline is due, there is a deception that they are a segment related to each of the incarnations. But what is taking place is that you are in operation in frequency, and depending on frequency will depend on the type of interaction that you will have with your perceived reality.

The Zeta emphasized that each timeline exists “in frequency”, meaning that each exists as a unique state of consciousness. He also explained that “humans are facets of consciousness made up of infinite shards or threads.” So when a spirit chooses to incarnate in a physical body, many similar copies of itself are born into as many timelines. The copies differ with respect to their state of consciousness which matches that of the timelines. The spirit may then experience physical existence under the influence of the many states of consciousness offered by the different timelines. The Zeta commented, “This reality is an illusion. The consciousness of the spirit people is able to exist in many rooms, all believing that they are existing within the same environment.

The progression of the lives on the timelines should vary widely, since the different states of consciousness would undoubtedly be associated with different choices. So some timelines are very different from others and some might be quite similar. The Zeta explains that similar timelines account for the experience of deja vu.

Zeta: The possibility of multiple existences for you is a reality. Many of the existences, of living in that timeline, is of a non-synchronous process. Often you are moved energetically from the physical and phase shift into another timeline, depending on the relative distance of.... Words now fail us...

Imagine that there is a running track and each being that are to run, are on the starting positions and “are you”. You are all instances of the runners. You all start running. At some point some catch up with the other of you, and at other points some of you are running faster than others. So if each runner is on a timeline, as each comes closer to the other, you sense and perceive you have in some way experienced a process before. Consciousness is not encapsulated in the physical body, consciousness is able to be spread across many existences, so when you come across a non-synchronous time, separation only exists in consciousness.

In other words, although timelines are asynchronous, a sequence of events playing out on one timeline may slightly lag a similar sequence on another timeline. According to the Zeta, consciousness can detect when this happens, since awareness is not restricted to a particular physical timeline. The local consciousness of the physical being on the lagging timeline may notice the similarity and puzzle why the deja vu event seems so familiar. The Zeta explained, “As you change frequency you move closer to the other parallel timeline, the existence that you as a faceted person have possibly experienced before, and that way you sense reality that you have never encountered before, but it is familiar to you.

When asked if it were possible to see into the other timeline, the Zeta replied, “Yes, through consciousness, of course, through controlling the process to understanding the mechanics.” This suggests that voluntarily seeing across timelines can be learned, as well as happening spontaneously as deja vu. The Zeta indicated that it is possible to travel between one timeline and another, since “the current timeline is one of frequency, the other timelines are also the same.” They suggested that transferring one’s consciousness from one timeline to another should be possible as indicated by the following comment.

Zeta: You are travelling along a thread, and so the other threads, the other existences that you hold are also travelling in parallel. Now, for you to leave this timeline and to move to another timeline, the point of entry is relevant because when you leave this timeline, you no longer exist. You would only have existed up to the point that you left. So to enter into another timeline, you must enter into what is seen to be a point which would not interfere with the other parallel you.

The Zetas have a theoretical rather than practical knowledge of timelines because the race participates in only one timeline process. According to the following comments, what they know is based on studies of a model of the human process in a synthetic quantum environment or SQE. These simulation experiments give probabilities that certain effects will occur.

Zeta: There is also the ability of many races to create a mirror image of a current timeline (i.e., the SQE simulation), and then place functions within the timeline to understand the perceived probability.

Zeta: Much of the discussion we are having is based on theoretical models that we have discussed with others amongst our race. There is no guarantee that what is said on this subject is known to be a truth.

Zeta: Now for us, we exist on one thread, one infinite thread as you do. This does not mean that we cannot study the other threads. We have our own technological processes such as the quantum environments where we are able to take imagery of each of the chosen timelines, and then we can study the probabilities. But we only view probabilities, that is true.

Interviewer: Is one of the reasons a Zeta may wish to be incarnated in a human container the possibility that he can experience the existence of multiple timelines?

Zeta: The collective consciousness of the race is based on multiple frequencies. Now, if you as a Zeta entity are in operation within one of those frequencies, if you were to incarnate, as you say, into a container, the timeline that you incarnate to ... the real issue is, my friend, that the timelines are not what you believe them to be. They are not segmented by your time process. They are based on dimensional aspects and frequency. What is taking place is that you are in operation in frequency, and depending on frequency will depend on the type of interaction that you will have with your perceived reality.

The Zeta says that the ability to enter a timeline depends on one’s compatibility with the timeline’s frequency or state of consciousness. It is not a matter of simply choosing a timeline. The Zetas "are in operation within one of those frequencies" and so have a particular state of consciousness that restricts them to our timeline. Humans, however, have access to many more timelines according to a theoretical model of existence for all entities in the spirit realm construct.

Zeta: The theoretical model of existence states that a human would be a level of consciousness that is partially based in the oversoul process, and so it could exist in infinite realities in the same time, because the oversoul has separated itself into many forms, and thus existing in many physical manifestations you understand, and these are called timelines. But for us, our consciousness is not seen as the oversoul process, so there is no theoretical model required for placing ourselves into the separate timelines I explained.

That is, the oversoul process provides the many soul facets that can be assigned to multiple timelines. Spirits in spirit realm that choose to incarnate as humans are part of this process. However, the Zetas’ consciousness is not organized the same way, and so the Zeta race is able to use only the one timeline.

Our immediate impulse is to see ourselves as having multiple existences on many timelines, but this is not correct. The Zeta counters this impression with the following comment.

Zeta: As has been stated by us many times, the function of time or timelines is that it exists only for the observer, and so the observer, no matter where they are observing from, sees that point as the now. And so to believe that they are multiple humans on any timeline, that does not accurately describe how humans view themselves in a timeline process.

This comment indicates that the result of the timeline process does not come from multiple individual humans, each with a unique experience on a their own timeline. Rather, only one observer views the incarnation process, and it simultaneously experiences many perspectives. However difficult it may be for us to comprehend, the sequences of experiences in the many states of consciousness all converge to one sequence of observations in the now.

2. The Zeta experience of one timeline

A Zeta may choose to incarnate in human form but, as mentioned above, he can do so only on this one timeline. He does not simultaneously experience many timelines like spirit realm entities do when they incarnate. The following are interview segments where questions were answered about the Zetas’ use of the timeline.

Interviewer: Have you talked about how the Zeta race came into being before?

Zeta: A facet of one race existing on many other forms of existence not related to timelines, produce a race to exist on one timeline function.

Interviewer: Could you explain a bit further?

Zeta: And so, interdimensional races are creating matter, creating consciousness to exist in matter on one timeline for the purpose of experience. Information from the race to move back to the interdimensional race called the blue beings, the creators of the race.

Interviewer: If this timeline was not the best timeline, would you be able to change to another?

Zeta: No, it has been determined by the creator races that this is the best possible timeline. It is the intermediate frequency, the middle frequency. The middle frequency provides the most experience, because from the middle, other frequencies are more widely spaced.

Interviewer: Are you meant to reconnect to the blue beings?

Zeta: They are guides.

Interviewer: Every Zeta coming here for experience, do you choose what time and place and circumstances you come to?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: So you do choose a particular timeline for a reason?

Zeta: No, we choose a particular time which is now, and so if I wish to incarnate as a human in a thousand years time, that is now.

Interviewer: Why is one particular timeline chosen over all the others?

Zeta: That presupposes that the theoretical model is in operation and that the spirit densities of the human population are existing in infinite manners. We have chosen this timeline, this experience, this existence because it is the one that we are in.

Interviewer: There has to be a purpose or a reason why you chose this planet…

Zeta: ...because we exist in this timeline.

Interviewer: Ok, so the next incarnation that a Zeta were doing, and you would pick a point…

Zeta: ...only on this timeline. This timeline exists because of this physical universe. If I was to exist in a theoretical different timeline, I would exist in another universe, but the collective mind of the race exists now.

Interviewer: What is behind the decision for the choice of a different universe or the now over the timeline for a zeta to come here?

Zeta: There is never a choice to move to another universe, another existence. That would mean a disassociation of the collective mind.

Interviewer: When it's time for you to have your experience, is it just for the experience or will you be coming here in a particular timeframe for a reason.

Zeta: There is always a reason, but I will not be disclosing that.

Interviewer: So there is a reason for choosing a particular timeline...

Zeta: ...a particular point on the timeline. Do not confuse the different existences.

Interviewer: So you would choose this particular point, but you would have a reason for choosing that point.

Zeta: Yes.

3. Interference with timelines

The Zetas agreed that individual humans might be able to transfer their personal awareness to another timeline by learning to change their frequency or state of consciousness to approach that of the other timeline. It also appears to be possible to create portals that allow entities to cross such timeline boundaries. These matters were discussed with beings from both the Zeta and the Anunnaki races.

3.1 Anunnaki imagery of timelines

Timeline issues can be significant, a change may be made to a flow of time, many threads, many colours flowing, through the universes, as a combined force.

When an entity from another timeline interferes with this timeline, the colour of the thread changes and the process changes, but all of the threads are continuous.

So it’s like pushing your finger into your hand and the colour changes, once released it returns to normal.

Once the colour has returned to the flow of the multithreaded timeline, what was perceived as a change reverts back to the original timeline.

What is to take place will take place. An internal change to a timeline is never successful, but a non-synchronous timeline is of a separate nature, and perceives only one timeline to exist in this universe, so it has its own timeline. Once a timeline is split, it rejoins.

Now here is the point. If you are part of a flow of time, if the change was made in advance of the sitting process, and you move into the change, then that change to the timeline would affect you. But it would be a requirement the change would need to be relatively close to your coming to it. For example, if you are sitting at six, and it’s five now, and an entity changes the timeline, the change may be enough as you move into the six PM process. You may move to a new paradigm and will be affected, but the change would need to be made close to you. If the change is made well away from you, by the time you arrived, the change would be reversed.

The timeline is self-healing because it all flows from within itself, all of the universes in one harmonious flow, a very beautiful thing to behold.

3.2 A discussion of timeline portals

The Zetas explained that “source consciousness has within it definitive barriers and boundaries for what may exist”, and that “between each boundary or realm as you would say, there are delineating frequencies that are conjoining.” What are these boundaries and can they be crossed? We learned that boundaries in the energetic realms experienced by a being are illusory. Whether they exist or not depends on the being’s state of consciousness. A Zeta says, “if you were to leave your body and come on a journey with me, I could take you to many dimensions, many races, many realities, many places, because there are no boundaries, and consciousness is playing a game of illusion with itself.” Clearly, this Zeta has learned to be in a state of existence where there are no boundaries.

The Zetas use the analogy of tubes to describe timelines. The walls of the tubes are usually impenetrable and can only be crossed by a being when it adjusts its state of consciousness appropriately. Some beings like the Zetas have developed the skills to construct a portal across boundaries dividing regions. For example, the medium, Paul Hamden, once remarked during a conversation with a friend, “They just appeared in the room again, a small white vortex about 6 inches across.” To him, this was an indication that one or more Zetas were interested in joining the conversation. The vortex was symbolic of a portal into our relatively low state of consciousness as suggested by the following comment.

Zeta: We believe that many humans think that a vortex is a funnel-type device, but generally, it is a descriptive process that is utilized to give an understanding of a process. And now, it would be more accurate to state that what exists between frequencies is an intermediate layer of a connectivity between the two which allows a crossing over or a crossing between the formations.

And so let me explain. If this is a room, there is a room on the other side of that wall. If a door is placed in between the rooms, then we may enter through the door from one room to another, and so that would be the vortex process.

The Zetas have a technology for opening and closing portals, which is described in the book section on “Applications of the cymatics analogy”. As indicated in the following comment, the technology creates a bridge between two constructs having different frequencies or states of consciousness.

Zeta: The frequency of this area compared to the frequency of where we are, these are different. The intermediate process is one which establishes a connection that allows transference between the areas of frequency, a stepping down from one frequency to another.

3.3 The opened portal at Wallacia

The following interview segment discusses the opening of a portal during a sitting at the Wallacia Development Centre near Sydney, Australia.

Interviewer: Who opened the portal from the other timeline at the public sitting at Wallacia?

Zeta: The feature of the portal process was that beings from a different timeline were to open access to this dimensional process to disrupt the timeline.

Interviewer: If time doesn't exist, how is that possible?

Zeta: The clock, the ticking does not exist, time does not exist, so what exists is what takes place, so if this is changed... How to explain this… Imagine your life in a long tube – horizontally. You stand up and view the tube, and see yourself performing certain functions in the now. As now you are viewing this, you go to another part of the tube and see a child in the now. It is from the point of the observer as to what is the now. So a statement such as “all things are now” is possible. If the process is interfered with and is changed, then many things will be altered in the now.

Interviewer: Are you saying the timeline has been interfered with?

Zeta: Yes, this non-synchronous time has been altered. Humans who have access to races have changed certain points using many things.

Interviewer: So if they are trying to move to this time frame, are they trying to change “now” or make more changes?

Zeta: There is a natural order in all things. Even change has a unpredictable process in regards to what a entity would believe is an outcome. No one is able to predict what is the outcome.

We have seen one possible outcome. Even observing something taking place, changes what is taking place, so the act of observation makes change. Free will exists, right up to the point where it does not exist. Humans believe they are making decisions based on freewill.

Interviewer: But isn't higher self in charge of all things?

Zeta: Higher self seeks experience. The human mind cannot understand this concept. All facets of higher self are split between existences. All of the existences make up the group soul process.

This is why, when one entity transitions to a spirit realm, it does not understand the other lives or facets it is living, unless they have a connection. Many timelines, many spirit realms, all connected - but whether a portion of self can access itself in other timelines is another question.

Interviewer: What would have been a consequence of a human being taken through a portal not of their own volition?

Zeta: Each timeline holds its own frequency. If a being from another timeline is brought through to another timeline, then the timeline will change. Your circle is a technology, not a spirit circle, although spirit can speak in some circumstances. They desired the physical signature on a separate timeline. Any time a level of energy is increased and recognized, with the proper technology a doorway can be opened.

Interestingly, the unexpected opening of a portal at Wallacia was instigated by humans who are also in contact with extraterrestrial races. According to the Zeta, they were after technology involved in the medium’s communication with the Zetas. This technology was manifested as the circle, and it was their intention to determine its signature in order to implement something similar on the other timeline.