The spirit realm as information fields  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, April, 2014

Summary. According to extraterrestrial teachers, the spirit realm is a transfer point required by spirits who choose to have experiences in the physical realm. It is experienced by its inhabitants in familiar terms according to their belief structures. The spirit realm is defined at a fundamental level as a hierarchical information structure that is composed of lower-order information threads. A spirit is a facet of a higher-self information thread, and an oversoul is a higher-order thread that organizes any number of higher-self threads as a group mind.The spirit realm thread, encompassing the higher-self threads organized by the oversoul threads, constitutes an infrastructure for comparing and evaluating experiences gained by spirits while in physical form. The description of the spirit realm as a hierarchy of information structures suggests it may be compatible with a physics of information currently being considered by some human physical scientists.

1. Introduction

The book, “A primer of the Zeta race” (Treurniet & Hamden, 2014), discusses conversations with Zeta extraterrestrial teachers speaking via the medium, Paul Hamden. We learned that our familiar universe of space and time is part of a larger domain where consciousness is fundamental. It is multidimensional and has an energy that embodies all of existence. We call this expanded domain the energetic realm. All beings are part of this conscious energy, and are able to act recursively on that energy to manifest new experiences.

In the energetic realm, a being exists at the particular level of consciousness it has achieved. The being creates experiences when the power of its intention acts on the energy of consciousness at that level. A level of consciousness is often thought to be a frequency, but the Zetas emphasize that this word is an analogy for a concept we do not yet possess. It is incorrect to think that consciousness is defined in time and that it exists on a scale of rational numbers. Rather, states or levels of consciousness appear to exist on an ordinal scale so that one state is less than, the same as, or greater than another. A shift in state of consciousness is only analogous to a change in frequency.

A being's intention to create modulates it's state of consciousness. The modulated state interacts with the unmodulated state, and a pattern is formed in consciousness that represents the desired creation. The pattern exists in a multidimensional structure called the grid. According to the Zetas, “The grid is like a fluctuating wave vibrating through the universe. It holds all space and time. ... All conscious thought is placed into the grid.” The pattern can then be experienced by any beings who have at least the level of consciousness involved in its creation. This process is analogous to creating a hologram as an interference pattern on a photographic plate using monochromatic light from a laser. The hologram is viewed by illuminating the pattern with light having the same frequency.

But creation with intent is not quite as mechanistic as this description might suggest. The state of consciousness dimension in the process of creation is the same as, or tightly coupled to, the dimension of love. Higher levels of consciousness are associated with higher levels of love, while low levels of consciousness are associated with very little love. A being has access to perceptions created at and below its level of consciousness or state of love.

The interactions of beings are nicely regulated when the process of creation is a function of love. A being is able to participate in the experiences of less loving beings, but not the experiences of more loving beings at higher levels of consciousness. This has the effect of shielding the more loving being from the intentions of those less motivated by love.

Knowing how we create with our intentions does not explain what we are as creative entities. Since we create our perceptions in the energetic realm, much of what we experience is illusion in that sense, and this includes how we choose to represent ourselves. But there is a lowest-level description of what we are in consciousness, and this remains hidden from us. Insight into that deeper level was provided by a Zeta, and is discussed in the next section.

2. A hierarchy in consciousness

The Zetas explained that the energy of consciousness is the original stuff of our universe. Life arose from this energy and continues to create new experiences using the creative process. We use words like 'soul' and 'spirit' to refer to incorporeal aspects of living entities. The relationship of these concepts with all of creation is summarized in the following quotes taken from interviews with members of the race.

Originally, all energies come from one place, one source energy; they long to be reunited with the "whole".

All energies, when moving to form will choose what form they take, whether it be animal or mineral, there is full consciousness of the form they have taken, and the ramifications of that existence.

All life, all forms of existence have consciousness. All are a form of energy which exists and transmutes to each new state after its transition.

All beings are of a life force nature, striving for experience, comparison.

The nature of the soul in its own understanding, its own container, understands that by its own nature it belongs to a class of energies. This class of energies remains as a whole form, one entity, broken into many forms, many existences. So, saying this, a being is able to incarnate into many states of being in many realms.

Many soul facets can combine to form one entity. This means many entities, individual group souls, can combine to form a faceted being, living one existence.

The energetic beings you call "spirit" are actually an entity formed from energy that has an ability to hold information like a capsule. This vibratory form resonates at a level of its existence.

They explain that everything in existence is part of the energy of consciousness. Soul entities are a special, self-aware class of this energy that divides into many facets to maximise experiences for comparison. Facets of the soul are spirit entities that encapsulate information. Many spirits choose to incarnate a number of times in various forms on earth. The time between successive incarnations are spent in a spirit realm created for that purpose. The origin and purpose of the spirit realm is discussed in Treurniet and Hamden (2014) in the chapter entitled “The energetic environment”.

Spirits return to the spirit realm between incarnations to evaluate their current state of consciousness. There, they are in their true energy state and can see how much their current level of consciousness deviates from the desired one. The intent necessary to move toward the desired state is recognised, and the next incarnation is chosen to implement that path.

Witnesses in physical mediumship seances sometimes report having seen the likeness of a person who has passed on. This may be a full body image formed of ectoplasm, or the likeness of just a face embedded in a mass of ectoplasm. Sometimes the person's voice is heard and recognized. These witnesses are often convinced that the personality of the deceased continues to exist in the spirit world after transition, perhaps retaining its physical appearance. Others have suggested that we take whatever form we intend after transition, and this may or may not be the appearance we had while living on earth.

We can only speculate on the spirit's properties and what happens to it when it returns to the spirit realm, so we are fortunate that a Zeta recently expanded on this subject in two separate interviews. We learned about the fundamental nature of spirits and the spirit realm, and the relationship between them.

2.1 Interview #1

The first of these sittings began with a discussion on how a couple's relationship in the physical realm might affect the relationship of their spirits in the spirit realm. This triggered the following extended monologue by the Zeta on how beings are associated with information fields at different levels of organization. Following this presentation, a sitter asked several questions that elicited additional interesting information.

Zeta: I am trying to explain your spirit realm. Of course, the spirit realm is a multidimensional creation. Within it there are threads of consciousness, and the threads of consciousness are individuals who have existed in the physical form. The threads are informational fields which combine to create the whole soul process, and so each of them are taking many turns to again perceive the existence of matter of a human entity, or any entity that belongs to this planet. Quite often the threads of consciousness are joined together and become husband and wife and then return back to the informational field once they have finished their journey together. If you wish, you can perceive yourself to be of a human construct. But also if you do not wish to live in that construct, then you do not. The container that is the spirit realm is an entity of consciousness. The informal fields, the informal structures within the consciousness, are seen to be a separate entity. The formal structure of the informational field allows a construct to exist, and the belief structure is then that there is a spirit realm.

Many of the entities in the informal field which are the individual threads may not be able to perceive that they are actually not human, and so this is where the discussion starts about the spirit realm. The spirit realm is then within its own confines, has the belief structure that individuals exist.

Many of the entities in the informational field that is known as spirit realm believe that they are singular entities. Many do live with their partners as consciousness, believing themselves to be the form, and so you see that the informational field has the ability to create any construct, any belief system, any existence that a human soul requires.

And now, how do other races create hybrid souls, because they integrate the consciousness they have with threads from the informal field. And once the informal field is birthed through the natural process, a race may enter into the physical reality of being a human container.

This is very technical information, and it is believed that you will not fully understand what has been said.

It takes you some way in understanding the differences between the human mind's construct of the spirit realm and what actually exists. But if you are inside the spirit realm construct, you will not be able to tell the difference, just as the humans are unable to understand the construct of spirit realm.

This is why so many of the phenomena that are seen such as orbs and lights and other forms of matter, exist only for a short time, because the informal threads of consciousness move in and out of the frequency, the fabric of the human existence, and this is why your friends can come and speak to you, because they move between the frequencies to come and speak to you.

What is the human makeup, what is the construct of humanity? You are but energy, and the energy creates molecular structures, the molecular structures come together as cellular matter, the cellular matter creates a human construct, and so you at your finite level of energy and consciousness. The physical matter of the chair the medium is sitting in does not exist, but what exists is the energy and the consciousness of the shape of the matter to create the chair. And so, if you remember this, then you will understand that the spirit people are able to see what is not.

You only see what is, you see the physical representation, whereas spirit people see the energetic representation, and so when they cross over the threshold and change their frequency, they often see within your physical parameters and by your ocular systems.

And so when you transition, you will move back to the informal field where the thread that you are, the consciousness, becomes intertwined with the formal field. The formal field is of course the oversoul process. All the many threads of consciousness perceive themselves to be singular entities, and now you may become entwined with another thread. The thread may be your partner, and so you can never be separated because the experience that you have had with the partner becomes integral in your existence, the fabric of who you are.

You may want to forget that you have been with that partner, but you cannot. They were part of your journey, they were your teaching. But remember for the consciousness living within the spirit realm container, the perception is that they are not threads. The perception is that they are entities living within structure.

But do you understand that consciousness itself is believing itself to be of the same construct as this room. [The medium's spirit control] believes that he is living in a construct that is based in a physicality, and so he will have his cup of tea, and he will shine his boots, and dust his house, but none of it exists. And so when he was allowed to move through his frequency to the state of existence that he now holds, he would often transition into the non-structure of spirit realm.

There are many places where the construct of what seems to be three-dimensional does not exist, the light area, and so quite often it is perceived as light by spirit people. And we do speak to them as spirit entities even though we know that they are informal fields of consciousness, as you have informal fields of consciousness, but part of a formal field of consciousness.

Sitter: (suggests that the light is like that from the Anorians, a non-corporeal extraterrestrial race that has been seen as spheres of light)

Zeta: All consciousness comes from what is and always will be, but to believe that a race will exist in spirit realm is not possible.

Sitter: I was referring to the pure consciousness above the spirit realm.

Zeta: Ah no, these are the formal fields which no longer require the formality, and so they no longer hold the desire to exist in a singular entity structure, and so they are seen as light.

Sitter: When the spirit body is no longer a spirit body, but becomes the light, what is their purpose then?

Zeta: To be, to exist in that state of oneness, and to not be confined to a reality based in consciousness, but to be free of that construct, to no longer see that they require the interactions between matter and the non-matter states.

Sitter: So will they then become more creative, more powerful in their creation?

Zeta: There is no more, there is no requirement to create, they no longer hold the desire to create.

Sitter: At that stage, do they desire to reincarnate?

Zeta: No, they have moved past that. The informal threads within the formal structure are the only ones that continually incarnate. But much of consciousness does not require itself to be incarnated. And once it has achieved a certain level of awareness, the construct of interaction with matter no longer exists.

Sitter: The number of times one might reincarnate, is that determined by what the higher self wishes to experience?

Zeta: The higher self is the thread, the oversoul is the collective consciousness of the multiple lives of entities. They are also singular in nature and existing infinitely as oversouls. And so to simplify this process, this group of human entities could easily belong to one oversoul. Each thread becomes a formal field. But you will not see this structure when you transition. You will be in unawareness of this state.

When you transition you will move to a different state of existence and what you have learned in matter may fade away. You will be taken over by the oversoul consciousness process, by the formal field. But your individuality as a thread will always exist as long as you choose for it to, and when it no longer serves your purpose, then you will [transition?].

And this is a similarity between the collective consciousness of the Zeta race, that the collective consciousness - I have been asked not to speak about this. The discussion is that there is no point in talking about the collective consciousness of a race when we have to speak in simple terms. How do you describe consciousness? How do you describe the workings of the human mind? It is something best experienced.

2.2 Interview #2

During a subsequent sitting, the Zeta unexpectedly expanded upon the discussion in the earlier interview.

Zeta: You are many higher selves removed from source consciousness, and so, if all human existences returned to the creator, there would be no spirit people speaking. Their frequencies would be too different from the physical entity. There is an analogy that we have which is that you are an informal thread. The formal thread is the oversoul process, there are many informal threads that are part of your oversoul, that oversoul can be many entities. That oversoul is the informal thread of the oversoul above it, there are many informal threads of oversouls to the oversoul above it, infinitely moving back to source consciousness.

Sitter: That is what we would refer to as different aspects of our higher self?

Zeta: Ah, the oversoul only, which is the first formal thread.

Sitter: It is also the informal thread to the next formal thread.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Sitter: Are there different levels in spirit world, and as you evolve you go to higher levels?

Zeta: As you went forward you may move into a different level within the formal thread process. Remembering that the spirit realm entity does not really have formal parameters, or physical parameters, these constructs that we give you are ways for the human mind to understand what exists in consciousness.

Sitter: So is the source still part of the spirit world?

Zeta: There is no separation, all is one.

Sitter: So your race and our race come from the same source.

Zeta: Yes of course, but we are a formal thread of different frequency, and so your race, your spirit realm, could be seen to be a formal thread at its highest level. Our race could be seen to be a formal thread at its highest level. Each race is a formal thread. Each non-physical entity race is a formal thread. Each dimensional entity race is a formal thread, underneath that being possibly infinite formal threads which are also processes.

Sitter: So we could say then that our spirit world is our oversoul.

Zeta: One facet of the spirit realm is your oversoul. They are like rooms with many entities in each room, each of the rooms creates a dwelling. Your house has many rooms, your house is the spirit realm, each of the rooms has potential to be many entities.

Sitter: Do you mean the rooms are like consensus created realities, or ...

Zeta: Yes they are.

Sitter: Different states of frequency, or both?

Zeta: Both, how is it possible to have two creators, two source of consciousness, unless they are one consciousness seeing itself in separation?

3. The spirit realm information structure

These interviews offer a novel understanding of the spirit realm and what it contains. The Zeta teaches that the perception of spatial dimensions in a multidimensional spirit realm is an illusion that arises from belief. After an experience as a human in physical spatial dimensions, a spirit being naturally has a strong expectation or belief that spatial dimensions exist. The spirit’s belief creates and activates the illusion of space in the spirit realm.

The illusion is supported by a framework of an informational field structure that is the spirit realm construct. The informational field concept is yet another analogy chosen by the Zeta to help us understand. He explains, "These constructs that we give you are ways for the human mind to understand what exists in consciousness." The analogy of a structured information field is a way of communicating how experiences of consciousness are encoded in the universal grid.

The spirit realm illusion is a representation created from the informational field in response to a belief or intention activated in consciousness. This representation is automatically formed by the creation process when a transitioning spirit being unknowingly encounters the information in the informational field structure. The information is immediately transformed according to the idiosyncratic expectations of the spirit being, and the fundamental nature of the information is not recognized. When the information does not include a three-dimensional construct, it is represented as light. This appears to be the default spatial representation of a formless entity in consciousness. An object without a spatial reference would be meaningless to a spirit being just returned from a physical experience.

It is not immediately obvious what was meant by informal and formal threads as informational fields. According to the dictionary meaning, we can say that a thread is an object that encompasses a certain theme or storyline, or perhaps has a particular purpose. The first interview did not specify why one thread would be informal and another formal. In the second interview, however, the labels were used to describe the relationship existing between two threads in a hierarchy of threads. Each thread accumulates information from threads in the level below, so that all information flows to the apex of the hierarchy.

Informal threads are always at the lowest level of any part of the hierarchy under consideration, while formal threads are all those above that level. So a thread can be formal or informal, depending on its level in the sub-hierarchy. That is, a formal thread at the second level becomes an informal thread when the focus of the sub-hierarchy shifts upward and the thread is in the bottom level of the sub-hierarchy. It is as if the Zeta meant the in prefix in informal to indicate the input level of an otherwise formal sub-hierarchy, no matter where it is in the hierarchical information structure.

The spirit realm is represented by a sub-hierarchy of the main information structure. The higher-self informal threads are at the bottom level of this hierarchy, and oversoul formal threads are at the higher levels. A lowest-level oversoul formal thread in the spirit realm contains the collective consciousness of a group of higher-self informal threads. At the next higher level, however, an oversoul formal thread receives information from lower-level oversoul threads. From the perspective of this higher level, the oversoul threads below it are informal threads.

For any perspective in the sub-hierarchy, informal threads are seen to be separate entities while formal threads are constructs formed from the separate entities. For example, an oversoul thread with its complement of higher-self threads is considered a separate entity or informal thread when it is seen at the bottom of a sub-hierarchy. But at a higher level, the oversoul is a formal thread with its collection of higher-self threads or other oversoul threads.

The informational field known as a higher-self entity is always an informal thread since it exists at the lowest level of the spirit realm sub-hierarchy. This kind of thread is typically an entity that has experienced a physical form; i.e., someone who transitioned from a physical incarnation. A higher-self informal thread may choose to incarnate many times via spirit entities that are facets of the thread.

Immediately after an incarnation is over, a spirit and its informal thread are unaware that they belong to a higher-level oversoul formal thread. As the spirit reintegrates with its informal thread, the specific memories of what it learned during the recent incarnation may fade. Nevertheless, the informal thread retains its individuality after it updates the formal thread. Although a number of higher self informal threads form an oversoul group consciousness, each remains an identifiable entity for as long as it chooses. In fact, each informal thread believes itself to be the individual form that it created according to its belief structure upon the spirit's return to the spirit realm. It is not aware that it is a thread entwined with others in a higher-level structure. Which higher-self entities entwine in the oversoul is affected by meaningful shared experiences.

4. Beyond the spirit realm

The spirit realm and its beings exist as information structures in the energetic realm, but regions external to the spirit realm are also populated in other ways by extraterrestrial races. There is some interaction with these races, since we understand that beings such as the Zetas are able to come to the spirit realm to be born in physical human bodies. A Zeta's consciousness integrates with an informal thread after negotiating agreement with it and a prospective human mother. When a facet of this informal thread goes through the usual birth process, the Zeta consciousness is given the opportunity to experience life as a human. We have been told in other sittings that the Zeta consciousness disentangles itself from the spirit entity after the physical body dies, and takes the experiences back to its original Zeta container or body.

Our spirit realm would be equivalent to other spirit realm formal threads at the same level in the hierarchy, so there may be many spirit realms. Also, threads representing individual races could be informal or formal threads, depending on where they are in the window on the hierarchy. The Zeta indicated that his own race comes from the same source consciousness as the beings in the human spirit realm, but that the collective consciousness of his race is a formal thread of a different vibrational level.

A sitter asked about another race known to the medium as the Anorians. The medium had experienced this race before, and understands it to be independent of the consciousness we experience. It exists in a true void in a state of oneness as a bright light. When it comes near to the medium, it is felt as a powerful sensation of love. According to the Zeta, it does not exist as part of an information structure like the spirit realm. Rather, such races are “formal fields which no longer require the formality, and so they no longer hold the desire to exist in a singular entity structure, and so they are seen as light.” Since the Anorians are described as formal fields, they appear to be information structures as well, although living an independent existence.

The Anorian's purpose is “to be, to exist in that state of oneness, and to not be confined to a reality based in consciousness, but to be free of that construct, to no longer see that they require the interactions between matter and the non-matter states. ... there is no requirement to create, they no longer hold the desire to create.” The Anorians appear to have an independent unitary existence that is not restricted by the properties of consciousness such as the creative process. In particular, there is no desire to incarnate and interact with matter, since this is possible only for informal threads within a formal structure like the spirit realm. Since “the construct of interaction with matter no longer exists”, they may not even have the ability to incarnate.

5. Discussion

The lesson from the Zeta teacher is that the spirit realm and its contents are analogous to information structures called formal and informal threads. The spirit realm is a non-spatial formal field structure that is given spatial attributes by the creative processes of its inhabitants. The inhabitants do not know the true nature of the spirit realm or their own nature as informal threads. They unknowingly create their own appearance and the appearance of the spatial environment.

A spirit is a facet of an informal thread which we call the higher-self. The spirit may choose to have experiences in the physical realm by following an incarnation process. After a transition back to the spirit realm, a spirit re-engages with its informal thread (higher-self) and detailed experiences from its recent incarnation may fade from memory. The informal thread moves to become part of a structure we call an oversoul. It is another formal field where multiple informal threads are organized as a group mind.

The higher-self informal threads, the higher-level oversoul formal threads, and the spirit realm formal thread, constitute an infrastructure for comparing and evaluating experiences gained by spirits while in physical forms. Figure 1 shows a schematic of a possible organization of these information structures.

Figure 1. Schematic of information structure organization

The Zeta presents the spirit realm and its functions in terms of the interplay of information structures. This corresponds somewhat to a relatively recent reconceptualization of physics as information interdependencies rather than energy exchanges. Vallée (2011) proposed that the physics of the future has the following four requirements.

  1. Recognize the universe we perceive as a subsystem of a meta-reality of information associations.

  2. Recognize dimensions as a cultural artifact. Do away with them.

  3. Treat the present as over-determined.

  4. Consciousness traverses associations – thus generating the mind's impression of space and time.

He proposes that what we perceive has hidden representations in terms of information associations. In this scheme, perceived changes in the world are conceptualized as changes in those associations. Spatial dimensions are not important for describing the world. They are artifacts of our experience and are not needed when the world is described abstractly as associations among information. The present is strongly determined by the past and the future, so there need not be an emphasis on time either. Finally, he proposes that consciousness generates our impression of space-time by recognizing the continuously changing associations of information in our environment.

Suskind (2011) explains how any three-dimensional space, ranging from a black hole to an accelerating expanding universe, may theoretically be described completely on an enclosing two-dimensional surface. The 3D volume and all its contents are represented on the 2D surface like the encoding of a hologram. The holographic encoding is an example of how objects in 3D space might be represented in terms of information associations as proposed by Vallée.

The Zetas concurred that such a holographic representation is analogous to a representation in consciousness resulting from the creation process in the energetic realm. This suggests that the physics of information could be a vehicle for reconciling our materialistic physics with the workings of the energetic realm. Wilbert B. Smith was a Canadian scientist/engineer who investigated the UFO phenomenon in the 1950s. He observed, “we have mistakenly drawn a heavy veil between our spiritual world and our physical world, and there are even many to whom the spiritual world is something vague to be mentioned only on Sunday. I understand from the people from elsewhere that such is not generally the case with them. For many of them there is no real veil between the physical and the spiritual, and communication and participation between the two is quite the normal thing.” Our new understanding of information structures in the energetic realm may encourage us to follow this path as well.

6. References

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