State of consciousness for self-healing

Paul Hamden and William Treurniet, July, 2016

What can a person do to overcome a feeling of unwellness? A Zeta being speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden, suggests that unwellness is a matter of a mental state gone awry, and that wellness may be returned by correcting that mental state. The Zeta said, “The consciousness of the etheric body actively controls what takes place on the physical body. … All illness is consciousness, all unwellness is energy. … The unwellness is based in frequency and consciousness. Once you have understood this fully, the unwellness will drop within your civilization.” The state of wellness is determined by the state of consciousness.

The assumption is that self-healing is obstructed in the unwell person because the vibrational state of the local consciousness does not support wellness. Can the state of consciousness be changed by the unwell person? That this is possible is indicated by the Zetas’ comments in the following proposed process for self-healing.

The approach places the onus for wellness on the unwell person. He or she has the responsibility to change the local consciousness to a state that does not support unwellness.

According to a Zeta, a state of unwellness can simply be accepted or rejected. He said, “What you are conscious of, you bring to yourself. A belief structure is that you can be harmed, and so you can be. I will give you an example, your common cold. You meet someone with this consciousness, you have a short time to either accept or reject the thought. If you accept the thought, the etheric body complies and vibrates the physical body to create the illness. If you choose to disregard the thought, you do not become ill.

Such control over wellness by belief is not generally accepted by human medical science, even though the poorly understood phenomenon of the placebo effect is acknowledged. That is, in experiments to test the efficacy of a medication, an ill person may be administered a control substance known to have no effect on the illness. Nevertheless, the person may yet recover if there is a belief that the substance is the medication being evaluated.

The Zeta continued, “You have innate abilities, all humans do, to control their thought processes, their emotional stability through silence and meditation. Let me explain, when you meditate, you open your mind in stillness. In that space you may bring up to yourself things that concern you. You then observe the problem in a new stream of frequency and consciousness. Meditation is not designed to place you into a space where you are not functioning, but it is designed to give you a clear space to analyze your internal workings. It is a space for healing.

So finding a place of stillness in meditation is highly desirable for understanding and controlling such concerns as unwellness. The Zeta said, “As the human mind develops, it must develop capacity to understand infinite consciousness, to be in that space of consciousness, to understand stillness… a peaceful existence.

Humans generally find that stillness of the mind is difficult to achieve. When they are unwell, they may also find it difficult to remember what wellness feels like. It is important to understand, however, that faking a belief that the body is well will not succeed, even when the intention is well meant. However, moving into the potential of the intention with the following sequence of steps suggested by the Zeta to Paul Hamden, may help to achieve wellness.

  1. Find a comfortable seated position. Relax a few moments while breathing slightly slower and deeper than normal.
  2. Focus your mind on moving out of this state of unwellness. Hold in mind your highest possible state of love.
  3. Breathe slowly and carefully, do not struggle, seek to expand your mind, and try to find some wellness within yourself. Remember that feeling of being well.
  4. Continue inhaling and exhaling breath while moving to a state of stillness. As the Zeta said, “You do not observe yourself in stillness, you are the stillness.” Seek to expand consciousness by moving out of the mind’s area and elevating to an expanded state of awareness. Forget the feeling of unwellness, expand your breath work to encompass the wellness process. At this point, you are back in a state of wellness.

After renewing the state of wellness, remember to remain free of emotional energies which would drive you back to states of unwellness.

More information from the Zetas on “Health and healing” many be found in the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”.