The reptilian influence  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, August, 2018

Summary. A race of non-physical entities known as reptilians has affected humans for millennia. The reptilians co-opted a global mechanism of consciousness that was originally intended to facilitate human spiritual evolution. They use the mechanism in secret to stimulate the emotion of fear in the human population. The fear produces low-vibration energy which the reptilians use for their own benefit. Humans are not susceptible to the reptilian influence when they enter higher states of vibration and can love unconditionally. However, this can be difficult to do since the emotions of love and fear are incompatible.

1. Introduction

Spiritual beliefs often include the concept of invisible entities that manipulate people’s behaviours. The entities are thought to influence human emotions so that people behave badly towards one another. A common mythological figure of this kind is the reptilian being and its derivative serpentine forms. There is a long list of such beings in mythological and religious literature, and more recently in popular entertainment such as television, comics, and video games.

Information about low-vibration reptilians was given by extraterrestrial Zeta beings speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden. The Zetas were questioned on this and other subjects by various people who attended many sittings with the medium. The conversations are documented in Treurniet and Hamden (2012) as well as other books and articles. A topic discussed in some detail was a cosmology in which all that exists are configurations in consciousness (Treurniet, 2017; Treurniet and Hamden, 2017, “A cosmology based on panpsychism”). Consciousness is defined as a non-local, universal, creative life force or energy.

Vibration was said to be a property of consciousness that is tightly coupled to a dimension of love or harmony. That is, a state of love or harmony corresponds to a particular vibrational state. A model of vibration based on the Zetas’ information was developed in Treurniet and Hamden (2018). The article is also a chapter in Treurniet and Hamden (2017) entitled “Vibration of consciousness is multidimensional”. Physical and non-physical beings are distinguished in the model by their vibrational states. In our universe, physical beings exist in the vibrations of the physical, astral and spirit realms.

The reptilian entity is a key element of a belief system promoted by David Icke (1999). He draws huge audiences who come to hear how a particular spiritual metaphysics accounts for undesirable aspects of our society. Ward (2014) succinctly summarized Icke’s philosophy as follows.

[David Icke] argues that the universe is made up of “vibrational” energy. The world as we perceive it is just a holographic projection of this. Time is an illusion; there is no past and no future, only an infinite now. Humans are infinite awareness; we are consciousness (“All that there is, has been and ever can be”), but we are victims of a conspiracy. An inter-dimensionary race of beings called the Archons have hijacked our world and have stopped us from realising our true potential. Instead, they keep us trapped in “five sense reality”, feeding off the negative energy created by fear and hate. … A genetically modified human/Archon elite of shape-shifting reptilians manipulate global events to keep us in this state of fear. Only by waking up to the truth and filling our hearts with love can we defeat this Archontic influence.

Ward’s summary reveals that some concepts promulgated by Icke are similar to those in the cosmology described by the Zetas. He mentions the vibration of consciousness, that the world of matter is a holographic projection, and that time is an illusion inferred from our experiences of sequence. He mentions a race of reptilian beings that occasionally show themselves in our physical vibration. The Zetas confirm that such beings exist and have influenced human spiritual development. Icke suggests that the appearance of some humans can change to that of a reptilian being. According to a Zeta, this could occur if a repilian were to interfere with a human observer's visual process.

Icke’s view is attractive because it offers an explanation of how many current political events have an external cause. He believes that non-terrestrial reptilians control humans in positions of power in order to harvest the maximum amount of negative energy from mainstream humanity. This low-vibration energy of consciousness is generated when humans experience emotions such as fear and sadness. Icke maintains that the reptilian influence can be negated with the power of love. This counterintuitive strategy is also recommended by the Zetas.

According to the Zetas, there are many reptilian races covering a range of vibrational states. A particular low-vibration reptilian race has successfully slowed the spiritual advancement of the human race since the distant past. They did this by using a non-physical mechanism in the earth environment which was originally intended to facilitate human spiritual evolution.

2. The communications infrastructure

We learned from the Zetas that an all-pervasive, multidimensional grid is a property of consciousness. Holographic-like representations of matter known as “quanta” are represented in the grid (Treurniet and Hamden, 2017, “The holographic principle”). The grid also supports a process which facilitates telepathic communication among beings such as spirits and extraterrestrial beings. Humans are immersed in this configuration of consciousness that supports connections among entities.

The Zeta said of the network for connection, “This is a natural fabric, a natural creative process that is required for all beings to interact with humans. This is built into the quanta, yes. This allows the spirit beings to interact with humans, all other races to interact with humans, to have beings from an astral level to interact with humans. So, there is a inbuilt function into the consciousness of humanity, a inbuilt function into the consciousness of this planet that allows all beings to interact on any levels within the planet that would be inhabitants of the planet. This inbuilt process then allows all entities within this planet to interact with each other. This is the beginning of the collective consciousness of the race.

They added, “The simple fact that there is an inbuilt global mechanism for connection means that we ourselves could affect the whole race, if that was our intention. Of course, we honour your freewill.” The Zetas would never use the inbuilt global mechanism for connection to interfere with the freewill of the human race.

However, a non-terrestrial reptilian race did interfere in this way when the human race was young. According to the Zeta, “Others would seek to interfere with this [human] race’s ability. They would seek to affect humans for their own purposes, to feed upon them.” They do this “by feeding into the consciousness of the human entity information which would control and provide fear processes.” The reptilians implemented a mechanism in the grid that induces fear in susceptible humans wherever they happen to be on the earth. The reptilians appear to need the low-vibration energy generated by humans in a state of fear.

3. The reptilian influence

A Zeta said of this reptilian race, “They do not exist within our space, … they come and go. …They are a rudimentary species, at best.” These comments indicate that the beings are non-terrestrial, exist in another realm, and that they have a low vibration.

When asked if the reptilians were non-physical, interdimensional beings, the Zeta replied, “They are physical entities that are projecting into their own astral realm. Those projections in the astral realm are then abiding by your astral realm, connecting to the human astral realm. Thus they are able to influence, yes.” The reptilians exist in an astral realm that is vibrationally compatible with the human astral realm. There they interact directly with humans in the lower astral vibrations where human emotions such as fear are expressed.

The reptilian form may occasionally be seen by a human. The Zeta explained, “Some will see these beings via consciousness. … They seem to be able to see the full form of an entity standing in a room, but it is an image of consciousness. … It is a projection.” The reptilian is perceived when its image is placed in the mind of the percipient. The image activates the potentials in consciousness which are the visual sensations, and so the projected reptilian body is perceived. If the projection also controls other sensations such as hearing and smell, the experience of the reptilian could feel as real to the human as the experience of a physical being. However, such projections happen rarely. The Zeta said, “Generally, the reptilians do not show themselves out of fear of disclosure, out of fear of a recognition that they are manipulating another. They work in secret. The less attention that they draw to themselves, the more they can influence another.

It is easiest for the reptilian influence to connect with a human consciousness when the human is in a weakened psychological state. According to the Zeta, reptilians “affect via different processes. If they can get a human to perform a function of behavioural ... a non-normal process ... A human may be in depression, a human may be abusing themselves via taking substances. Initially the human has become dysfunctional, but then there is opportunity for those entities to attach themselves to that human by consciousness. There is no technology required.” The resulting connection facilitates the vibration of fear in the human.

A Zeta was asked if reptilians are able to incarnate as hybrid humans like other races. That is, could a spirit and a reptilian consciousness share a human body using the birth process? The Zeta replied, “They do not have the same functioning integration process to the human race. They do not come through incarnation, they come through integration. One may be influenced by them. They influence others to think according to their process.” So the reptilians cannot use the incarnation process to create a hybrid consciousness. Instead, they influence human consciousness after birth in order to encourage fearful thought processes in the human.

David Icke and and his followers contend that the reptilians are primarily interested in controlling humans in positions of power and influence, such as leaders of governments. This notion was dismissed by the Zeta “because of the simple fact that there is an inbuilt global mechanism for connection which means that we ourselves could affect the whole race, if that was our intention.” The global mechanism influences all humans on earth, although the Zeta indicated that “many humans are only affected in a minor potential.

The Zeta explained that the reptilians’ influence “will affect humans as individuals, and those humans will affect others to create a line of energy potentials that feed back to that being.” Humans at the top of the power hierarchy would be no more susceptible to the reptilian influence than anyone else. But because of their position, they might be more likely to stimulate fears that propagate down a chain of command. When susceptible individuals feel fear for one reason or another, they in turn propagate the fear to others. The low-vibration energy from multiple sources is fed back to the reptilians via the consciousness of the human who initiated the process.

4. Avoiding the reptilian influence

We may recall feeling emotions that, in retrospect, were out of proportion to the events that triggered them. For example, another person’s behaviour that is usually just a small irritant suddenly elicits full-blown anger. The outburst might be explained as a reaction to unrelated personal circumstances. On the other hand, perhaps it was a response to the inbuilt global mechanism for connection co-opted long ago by the reptilian race. The global mechanism for connection embeds us in a field that continuously biases us to respond to any situation with low-vibration emotions. The reptilian influence stimulates our fears and insecurities which are often part of the human condition to some degree.

A Zeta offered some general advice on how to avoid being influenced by low-vibration entities. They said, “If you ever are able to leave your physical body at will, you will need to know who you are, so that if you come upon other entities, you may stand in your energy. … There is no confrontation when you stand within yourself.” The Zeta explained that to know who you are is “to understand who you are outside of your physical entity, and not to be lead astray by the local consciousness.” We should know without question that we are indestructible, loving, energetic beings living in temporary physical bodies. To stand in your energy means knowing your own energy well enough to distinguish it from outside influences.

When a Zeta was asked how one could escape the reptilian influence in particular, they responded, “To raise vibration, to always show love means that there is no potential to be influenced.” That is, when we are in a state of love, we cannot be affected by lower-vibration influences. The analogy of a low-pass filter can help to understand why. Every being’s vibrational energy appears as if it passes through such a filter. The reptilian’s filter has a cut-off frequency that is lower than that of a human. So to avoid the reptilian influence, we should raise our vibration above the reptilian’s highest possible vibration. When we feel the love associated with our higher vibration, “there is no potential to be influenced” by the reptilian stimulus.

The Zeta said of the reptilians, “They work in secret. The less attention that they draw to themselves, the more they can influence another.” When the reptilian scheme is no longer secret, perhaps it could be thwarted with the appropriate intention. For example, a meditator may actively ignore the reptilian influence mediated by the global mechanism. Success might be felt as an unusual lightness of being, suggesting a connection with a higher-vibration consciousness normally blocked by the reptilian mechanism.

5. Discussion

The reptilians have a long history of influencing the human race. How long is not known, but they had opportunity since humans were placed on this planet. A global mechanism for connection encouraged the new humans to begin the formation of a collective consciousness. It was meant to facilitate the spiritual evolution of the human race. The mechanism was co-opted by the reptilians to potentiate fear in susceptible humans. The humans would then generate more of the low-vibration energy desired by the reptilians.

Humans have a well-known survival instinct, otherwise known as a fear of death. A healthy fear of death would seem to promote the survival of a species, and so it is often assumed to be encoded in an organism’s DNA. However, this assumption may not apply to the survival instinct. Perhaps the fear of death is continuously stimulated by the reptilian influence enabled by the inbuilt global mechanism. A human affected by this fear might even attack other humans to avoid personal harm. The other humans might retaliate when prompted by their own fear of death. It would be maintained and amplified in humans by positive feedback from the continued aggression. The fear of non-existence prompted by the global reptilian influence might be at the root of much low-vibration human anxiety (e.g., Blass, 2014).

The Zetas explained how to avoid the negative reptilian influence. Humans can simply raise their vibrational state to as high a level as possible so they are not affected by the low-vibration energy. Raising one’s vibrational state is equivalent to becoming more loving toward all beings. This can be difficult while under the reptilian influence since the emotion of love is incompatible with fear.

The reptilian methodology is subtle and it requires that they remain hidden. The Zeta said, “They work in secret. The less attention that they draw to themselves, the more they can influence another.” Ignoring people like David Icke unwittingly hides the reptilians’ true nature so they can continue to operate in secret. As we learned from the Zetas, the reptilians use a global mechanism in consciousness to stimulate low-vibration human emotions. These emotions are indirectly responsible for what humanity is doing to itself. When we are not aware of this process, we will not develop strategies to counteract it. Drawing attention to the methodology employed may prompt humans to escape the reptilians’ hold over humanity.

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