A process for raising the state of vibration  

William Treurniet, July, 2016

What does it mean for people to have a vibrational state? It is understood to be a property of spiritual existence. Humans feel it as a particular emotion. A low vibration being may be fearful with little ability to love, while a high vibration being is full of unconditional love for everyone. A vibrational state is a point on a dimension. It determines the nature of interpersonal relations, but it also has a cosmic significance as a parameter of the creative process.

The process of creation was discussed in an earlier article entitled, “Creation and consciousness: An introduction to extraterrestrial science”. It was explained by the extraterrestrial Zeta beings who spoke to us via Paul Hamden’s mediumship. The Zetas agreed that the vibrational state of a creator being is analogous to the frequency of laser light in the making of a physical hologram. A creation cannot be experienced by another being who has a vibrational state lower than that of the creator being. This means that a being’s creations cannot be perceived by others who are by nature less loving. The human race is in a relatively low vibrational state, and so there is much information beyond our reach. The possibility of access to such information is an incentive to raise one’s vibrational state.

Raising vibrational state is not an easy thing to put into words. Even an experienced medium cannot explain how to connect with a being in a higher vibration energetic realm. It would be like trying to describe a “felt state” such as the experience of colour or taste. Because of this difficulty, developing mediums cannot build on the experience of others who have gone before. The only option seems to be a process of trial and error for each person to discover how to proceed. The neophyte medium hopes to stumble upon the mental process that is conducive to a higher state of vibration, and must also be prepared to wait for an indefinite period of time for connection to occur. The lack of timely feedback is a serious obstacle to learning.

Some people are natural mediums. At a young age, they may have unusual experiences with beings from other realms, and they may have opportunities to build on and control this natural talent. The rest of us have much more difficulty rising to the same level of performance. But maybe we can be assisted by a process inferred from various discussions with the Zeta beings. It was recognized by analogy with the process of heterodyning utilized in physical electronic circuits.

Heterodyning is a process for changing the frequency of physical signals. The circuit typically consists of a non-linear device called a mixer that accepts two frequencies as input and yields a new frequency as output. The frequency of the output is the difference between the two input frequencies. A Zeta confirmed that vibrational state could be substituted for frequency, and so the heterodyning process could be used to raise our vibrational state. Further, the non-linear device required to make it function is a being’s intention.

When used correctly, heterodyning can place a human in a temporary higher state of vibration. The human’s own vibrational state is one input to the process, while a second is supplied by another entity existing at a much higher vibrational state. The intention of the two beings creates a difference potential which enables the human to move to the difference vibrational state.

To establish the correspondence between frequency and state of vibration, a Zeta was asked to confirm a hypothetical scenario using frequencies. Specifically, when a human with a state of 8 cycle/sec heterodynes with another being with a state of 32 cycles/sec, does a difference frequency of 24 cycles/sec temporarily take the place of the human’s 8 cycle/sec frequency, and would the human feel the love from the higher difference frequency? The Zeta responded, “Yes it does, and then of course, once the other being of the higher vibratory nature removes itself from the reality of the lower waveform, the lower waveform reinstates itself because its natural environment reimplements its normal state of frequency.” He confirmed that the human would feel the love of the higher state of vibration.

The Zeta advised that the human should adopt a loving attitude during this process. He said, “That strong emotion gives you the capacity to be in a different frequency, because the emotional body is resonating in conjunction with the etheric body, and that's the frequency that you are emanating is based, has it's core basis, in the emotional of love.” The emotion of love gives the etheric body the capacity to operate at the higher difference potential.

The Zeta added further, “But the higher frequencies, the higher consciousness, only donates a portion of their consciousness to exist in the lower form. The lower form increases its totality to then create the intermediary process. The higher form, the higher level of consciousness, only commits a small portion that is required, because the levels of consciousness that are held by different entities are of different levels of magnitude.” The Zeta implied that the heterodyning process is hardly noticeable to the higher vibration being, suggesting that the lower vibration being should not hesitate to ask for the contribution from the higher vibration being.

The following procedure outlines more specifically how to involve a higher vibration entity in the heterodyning process. The choice of a loving entity may vary widely, depending on personal predilection. For example, a Christian would likely invoke the love of Jesus Christ. Another spiritually-minded person might invoke the higher self in the spirit world, a familiar “ascended master”, a non-specific energy from spirit realm, or some other high vibration facet of source consciousness. Someone practicing shamanism might invoke Mother Earth or Father Sky. All that appears to be required is the belief that the high vibration entity exists and the expectation that it will respond.

  1. Find a comfortable seated position. Relax a few moments while breathing slightly slower and deeper than normal. Fill each breath you take with love, perhaps by imagining the love you have for an innocent child. Bringing such a feeling of love “creates capacity” to move to a higher vibrational state.
  2. Focus your attention on the higher vibration entity with the intention of sharing its vibrational state.
  3. Hold in your mind your own relatively low vibrational state while simultaneously reaching for the entity's much higher state of love. Simultaneity of these inputs is important.
  4. ‘Intend’ to resonate with the higher state while continuing to breath slowly. You may feel, unbidden, a rush of sensation that may be interpreted as love. This sensation arises when your vibrational state of consciousness is attracted to the heterodyning difference potential.
  5. Continue slowly inhaling and exhaling breaths of love while focusing on this process.

The heterodyning difference potential will last as long as the required intention is maintained. The Zeta assured us that the heterodyning process is never a drain on the energy of the higher vibration entity.

Carefully following the process gives rise to a more loving energy that is characteristic of higher states of vibration. Feeling the difference vibrational state is evidence that the higher being is heterodyning with one’s lower vibration.

Perhaps if mediums were to agree that what they do intuitively is heterodyne with higher vibration entities, they would be better able to describe to the rest of us how to connect with such beings.

The heterodyning process is discussed in more detail in the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”, which is freely available in pdf format. Please see the chapters entitled “Zeta technology” and “Heterodyning vibrational states”.