Mysterious pulses in a séance with extraterrestrial beings

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, May, 2015

Summary. The article discusses the nature of audio pulses heard and recorded during a sitting with the medium, Paul Hamden, while he connected with Zeta ETs. A Zeta explained how and why they were generated, and this explanation gave a rationale for the observed variability in the pulse train period.

The medium, Paul Hamden, often connects with Zeta beings who come to interact with the sitters. During one of the sittings, there were noticeable audio pulses coming from the music player in the séance room, even when it was not playing. When the sitters unplugged the iPod from the player as instructed by the Zeta, the pulses stopped. When it was plugged back in, the pulses started again. This suggests that the iPod acted as an antenna to pick up the energy pulses from the environment. The pulses were also recorded on the session recorder, and so they were available to be analyzed.

The locations of the pulses in one continuous sequence on the recording were as follows.



13  33.617 
14  19.543 
14  27.729 
15  48.418 
16  06.731 
16  52.194 
17  00.292 
17  45.758 
17  54.018 
18  39.401 
18  47.647 
19  32.400 
19  45.400 

Figure 1 shows the relative positions of the pulses, and we can see that they appear to be grouped in pairs. Small deviations from this pattern suggest there may have been errors in the pulse production times. A possible reason for this variability is discussed below.

Figure 1. The relative timing of the pulses (sec). 

This pattern can be seen as one periodic sequence of pulses superimposed on a similar sequence shifted in time by about 8-9 seconds. Each sequence has a period of roughly 54 seconds, the time between successive pulses. Are the pulses in the two sequences identical?

Figure 2 shows the actual pulse shapes. Each row shows the first pulse of a pair followed by the second. It is clear that there is a 180 degree phase difference between the pairs of pulses. That is, the largest peak of the first pulse is always positive, while that of the second pulse is always negative.

First pulse of pair

Second pulse of pair

Figure 2. Pulse shapes showing the phase difference between pairs. 

Explanation of the pulse process

The medium was told by the Zetas that the pulses were put in place by them to reduce bothersome spirit activity during the séance. An opportunity arose to discuss the pulse process with a Zeta after the above analysis was completed. Of particular interest was the explanation of how they created a cyclic sequence of pulses when the Zetas do not make use of a rigid timescale such as a clock. The following is the interview fragment.

Interviewer: I already looked at what we recorded before and it appeared to me that the pulses were actually two trains of pulses, one slightly offset from the other, and one could say then that these pulses had a frequency in the way we understand frequency. I wondered at the time, if races such as yours are able to generate those pulses, and they don’t use our concept of time as we use it, how can they generate a constant frequency?

Zeta: Hold information.

Interviewer: What holds information?

Zeta: The pulse, of course. A frequency is dependent on cycle, yes, the cycle is dependent on time structure, time structure for humans exists here. We utilize that process.

Interviewer: You utilize the time process?

Zeta: Must, yes, for the clock process, or utilize your construct, not in operation where we are.

Interviewer: The entities that the pulses are supposed to interfere with presumably are not based on a time process either.

Zeta: A correct function, but to check what has taken place within the implementation of one pulse to the next, there must be some way to determine a difference. Now that is the first thing. So yes of course, utilization of this pulse process, if not available, if time function does not exist, how can entities use a rhythm of this form? A bodily function process.

Interviewer: And a rhythm is defined by a sequence of what follows what.

Zeta: Yes, so to match up physical frequency of this device with the function of the human container to provide then a capacity to emanate amplitude of frequency. So frequency is also defined by the presence of this human. This human, also, presents opportunity to amplify the pulse, to reject other entities from within the same frequency capacity. So as the entities come, the human container activates consciousness of Zeta process, which is compartmentalized, and a frequency which has come to the property is nullified.

Interviewer: This human would be the medium?

Zeta: Yes, is correct function. So a little bit complicated, yes, but it works.

Interviewer: It does clarify for me how you use the frequency process, thank you.

Zeta: Let me continue, not finished. So how do I access this human form? There must be a cyclic activity, so for you to access information from a spirit, you must change your consciousness. Your consciousness is undulating and continually moving. It must move into other undulating processes to core frequency.

Interviewer: Is that related to physical processes in the brain?

Zeta: They are, yes, the brain, a human function. It has the ability through electrical impulses to stimulate cellular activity. Consciousness knows how to interface to the physical mind.


The Zetas created the repeating pulse process to keep certain other entities away. Normally, they create cyclic behaviour by generating a sequence of events. The changing state of one event is sufficient to know when to begin to create the next one. But in this case, the Zetas' consciousness accessed the medium's cyclic bodily processes to determine when the next pulse of the pulse train should begin. They implemented the process as a compartmentalized function to be used by the medium as needed. When he "activated the consciousness of the Zeta process", the pulse nullified the frequency of other entities in the same state of consciousness. This appears to make the environment uncomfortable for beings like departed spirits who wish to interfere with the séance process. In effect, the pulses created an energetic barrier to spirits who operate at that state of consciousness, thus inhibiting their ability to move into that space.

As noted earlier, the time between pulses was variable, suggesting they were not generated by a human electronic device. These typically generate signals with precisely controlled, much higher frequencies. Further, the Zeta's description of the pulse process explains this variability. The pulses are synchronized with a physiological process of the medium. For example, it could be heart rate or breathing rate. These are obviously variable and would transfer that variability to the pulse process.

It is interesting that the pulse pairs were always opposite in phase. It appears that the energy of the first pulse or its effect summed with that of the second pulse nine seconds later in order to nullify the effects of both. This is analogous to applying a force to an object in one direction, then applying the same force in the opposite direction. One possible scenario among several is that the first pulse created the conditions to facilitate spirit entry to the site, while the second nullified those conditions. The first may have been created by some clever spirits, and the second by the medium using the function provided by the Zetas to interfere with the spirits' efforts.