My journey with the Zetas

William C. Treurniet, July, 2016
(revised August, 2017)

How our reality works at a deep level is not very clear to most people, and there is usually a wall between the sciences and spirituality. These issues were addressed in conversations with extraterrestrial beings speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden. The conversations established a framework for existence that is described in books and articles co-authored with the medium. The contents of the books speak for themselves, and they may be found on the dedicated webpage, “Communications with the Zeta Race”. The books may be freely downloaded.

The information in the books came from a transcendental source - physical beings who are also able to exist in incorporeal form. The beings say they are from a dim binary star system 39.5 light years from earth. Humans call it Zeta Reticuli and so we say they are from the Zeta race. I was privileged to interview them a number of times, and their information gave a much expanded view of our universe, our physical and spiritual existence, and the relationships between them.

I had personal contacts with the Zeta presence, and Paul suggested I write down these experiences. Perhaps my informal contacts with the Zetas and other spirit entities outside of the interview scenario will be of interest to others. These experiences were novel to me, and occurred mainly after the project with the Zetas began.

My interactions with Paul Hamden and the Zetas began in 2012. Some events can be described as telepathic communication which is part of the Zeta cosmology. There were at least two obvious instances of telepathy and several unusually “real” dream-like experiences related to the discussions with them.


The religion I was taught in my youth could not answer my existential questions, so I became familiar with research on psychic phenomena and unidentified flying objects (UFOs). I felt that understanding these phenomena might help to understand the meaning of existence.

My post-secondary education was focused initially on physics and then on psychology. Research on parapsychological phenomena was not acceptable to the powers-that-be in the psychology department, and so I and a colleague clandestinely pursued some rather successful research on animal precognition. During this time also, I became a field investigator for the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization (APRO). I investigated on their behalf a report of a large UFO already reported by the Spectator, a newspaper published in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. A man letting his dog out for the evening had seen what appeared to be a triangular craft quite low overhead, blocking the light from the stars.

After the post-secondary experience, I joined a research organization that had a mandate to study technical and social issues related to various aspects of communication. The most satisfying work involved experiments in psychoacoustics in order to model the auditory system, with the aim of improving audio data compression. Several articles on psychoacoustics were published in prominent audio research and engineering journals.

After retirement in 2004, I was able to concentrate more fully on the study of UFO phenomena. I analyzed many photographs of UFOs taken by others using a modified form of the well-known image equalization technique. The method effectively increases image contrast and often revealed a toroidal visual artifact adjacent to the UFO. Some of the photographic evidence suggested that the torus was a distortion of space having very strong magnetic and gravitational fields. I speculated that the artifact was produced by the propulsion system of a craft. In a conversation with a Zeta much later, they confirmed that it was part of the craft. They said, "The shape is a distortion in the energetic fabric of the environment. Because it is multidimensional, it is able to make craft move in all directions."

The summer of 2007

This was the year I focussed on looking for phenomena that might be hiding in plain sight in the skies above us. Cloud material might be organized in particular ways by the presence of craft. This possibility was confirmed by a Zeta much later in 2014 when they said, “The craft emits a frequency, the frequency excites the water molecules in the atmosphere, around the craft is created a mist. It envelopes the craft and looks like the cloud process.” Seeing clouds as recognizable objects is usually ascribed to pareidolia, so people typically refrain from assigning meaning to anomalous shapes in clouds. Nevertheless, I began to carry a camera and photographed any suggestive shapes that I happened to see. The image equalization technique was applied to these photographs as well to identify possible craft. Quite often, triangular or spherical shapes were found which were reminiscent of some UFOs that have been reported. A particularly detailed shot of a triangular craft partially hidden by cloud was taken while vacationing in Hawaii. However, the presence of a US naval base nearby suggested the possibility that the mysterious craft was man-made. So although there were indications of craft camouflaged by clouds, they were not necessarily of extraterrestrial origin.

This was also the time when I saw my first UFO as balls of light in a sunny midday sky. While walking along the sidewalk near my home, I glanced overhead and saw two relatively small white spheres above a large blue opening in the clouds. A schematic drawing of their motions is displayed in Figure 1. Both spheres moved rapidly toward each other and downward through the hole. They moved as if they were following opposite sides of a funnel shape. The spheres suddenly halted below the hole as if a transparent barrier had been encountered, and both instantaneously became wispy, horizontal tendrils of cloud material. The process lasted anywhere from 2 to 5 seconds. In my judgment, the spheres were too perfect and their speed was too great to be cloud material, and their relative motion in opposite directions was inconsistent with any possible scenario involving air currents.

Figure 1. Schematic of “balls-of-light” sighting.

Immediately after the sighting, I felt as if I had just been in a slightly altered state of consciousness. Although the sighting seemed objectively real, it is also possible that the entire event was a dream-like vision in my mind. And like after a dream, I felt the need to rehearse what I had just seen in order to hold onto the experience.

Several years later a Zeta was asked about the significance of orbs seen in the sky. He replied, “Often they are projections of consciousness from us to a human. Rather than have a craft or a physical encounter with a human, there is a intermediary process, which is an 'intention'. The intention is the act which is to be synchronized with the human, … Often the representation, the intermediary process, is to prepare the local consciousness of the human for a function which is to be performed.” Perhaps my sighting of the spheres was orchestrated by the Zeta presence to prepare me in some way for my interactions with them beginning five years later.

Cloud art predicting future activity

In the fall of 2011, I photographed clouds in the sky that seemed to have special meaning. The cloud depicted one humanoid figure in the act of shouting to another humanoid figure. These were likely not random patterns because there was also evidence that an extraterrestrial craft was nearby. The presence of the craft suggests the possibility that extraterrestrial beings created the artwork in the clouds.

Figure 2a shows the original photo, and Figure 2b shows the image enhanced by the equalization process. Figure 2c identifies the locations of the two humanoid figures in the image. The figures are labeled Bob and Alice in order to facilitate our discussion of what the image means.

Figure 2a. The original scene in the clouds.

Figure 2b. The scene with contrast enhanced using equalization.

Figure 2c. Labeled elements of the enhanced scene.

The enhanced image in Figure 2b clearly shows Alice’s mouth, nose, and eyes, and she even has a part in the hair on her head. Her head and body are reasonably proportioned, and she appears to be kneeling or crouching beside Bob. Bob is lying on his back and Alice’s hand appears to extend into his wide open mouth. Bob’s hand is on his chest and his eye, nose, and mouth are also clearly visible. He appears to be on a sled-like device or travois indicated by the tow rope attached next to his head. He appears ready to be be dragged somewhere.

The scene conveys rather intense emotional activity. Alice appears to be vocalizing loudly while holding Bob's mouth open, while Bob appears to be incapacitated and lying on his back. The bright spot illuminating Alice’s throat directs attention to the energy of the fifth, or throat, chakra. The throat chakra is “the way of inspired creativity, seeking and sharing of the truth. It is the way of standing up for what you believe, saying no when you need to, and being open and honest in what you say”. A person with a balanced throat chakra has the ability to clearly and openly express themselves. So Alice's bright throat chakra would be consistent with her wide open mouth suggesting speech communication. Bob is the receiver of the information. He is apparently in dire straits and may need the information offered by Alice.

In the yoga tradition, the chakras are associated with seed sounds that activate a particular energy when said aloud. The seed sound of the fifth chakra is “HAM”. This syllable has a direct connection with events that began about six months after the photograph was taken. It was then that the author met the medium, Paul Hamden. Paul uses the pseudonym, Paul Ham, as his email and internet identifier. So the image anticipated the introduction of the author to the medium, as well as the book resulting from the communications with the Zeta race.

The image appears to say that the energy of the throat chakra is connected with the work of this medium who communicates with extraterrestrial beings. Amazingly, the photograph foresaw my collaboration with Paul Hamden in writing the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”. It contains information on a different worldview desperately needed by the many Bobs of the human race who are still hopelessly mired in the trap of materialism.

Other elements in Figure 2 suggest who created the scene in the clouds. The configurations labeled “Torus”and “Craft” in Figure 2c identify features that I had noticed in many photographs of UFOs several years earlier. Many are documented here. The features were acknowledged by a Zeta much later. That is, a toroidal pattern found next to a craft is associated with the craft’s propulsion system. When a craft materializes, it is positioned very near the torus. This arrangement is evident in Figure 2. We could surmise that the artist who created the detailed imagery in the cloud was in the craft. The imagery in the clouds anticipated our efforts to communicate the Zeta knowledge to the human population. This work began less than a year later in the summer of 2012.

First exposure to physical mediumship

In January of 2012, Jeanne and I were looking for a nice, warm place to visit. We encountered a notice that the medium, Kai Muegge, would be demonstrating at the Nazarene Centre near Marbella in Spain. So we went to Spain in February to the Costa del Sol. This would be our first exposure to physical mediumship. We were treated very well by the organizers, who drove us from our hotel to the centre at the appointed time.

Soon after arriving, we participated in a table levitation session. There were two tables, and as many as eight people were seated around each one. Several times, the table hovered more than six inches above the floor for a few seconds, but only when the medium was seated near it. During the levitation, the room was occasionally lit with dim red light. All the participants' hands were on the table top, and it was clear that the table was level when it was elevated and that all four legs were off the floor. Some quite violent rocking of the table occurred which could perhaps have been attributed to cumulative unconscious ideomotor activity, but no one, especially the medium, appeared to be in a position to lift the table.

During the séance that followed, we saw a number of bright blue-white lights about the size of ping-pong balls flying simultaneously around the room in random patterns. There were loud raps at the sides of the room, some of the sitters felt touches to their bodies, and several people met family members who had passed on. The medium produced ectoplasm and a "spirit control" spoke through the medium who was in trance. The spirit control was said to be Hans Bender, a German parapsychologist who passed on in 1991.

Hans gave me a message from Wilbert Smith, a Canadian government scientist who died in 1962. I knew Smith from his letters and experiences, some of which were documented on my website. The documentation included his personal research on antigravity which involved spinning a circular arrangement of magnets. Hans mentioned that Wilbert now believed that his experiments on gravitation would give better results if combined with elements of an antigravity experiment by a Russian scientist named Podkletnov. Presumably, this part of the conversation with the spirit control was directed at me.

I had been given the opportunity to examine the séance room before and after the main session, and someone else strip-searched the medium beforehand. There was no reason from that point of view to suspect deception. However, Jeanne and I privately discussed the possibility that an elaborate deception had been prepared by the medium, that he had learned of my interest in Smith by reading my website. Such extensive preparation by the medium seemed rather unlikely, especially since there was no mention of Podkletnov’s name in any of the documentation on the website.

It was the movement of the blue balls of light everywhere in the room that convinced me that something like spirits were active during the séance. I could not see how the medium could have caused that to happen while sitting in or near the cabinet. This conclusion was a rather momentous turning point. It felt almost like a key turning in a lock. I had long accepted the possibility of spirit energy, but now there was some degree of certainty.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Robin and Sandra Foy at the retreat in Spain. Robin signed for me a copy of his book, “Witnessing the Impossible”. The book was his diary of the Scole experiment on physical mediumship. After returning home, I carefully read the book and published my analysis of it in an article on my website. That made me an instant expert on what events could happen in a physical mediumship séance. The description of the Scole experiment reinforced my interpretation of what had occurred in the séance with Kai Muegge.

Also at the retreat in Spain, a trance workshop was held by David Feterston, the organizer of the entire event. He guided us to visualize our spirit guides, hopefully to connect with them. Afterwards, people described their experiences. Most impressive for me was hearing a man in the group, still in trance, speak with an American English accent when he normally spoke with a Dutch accent. When it was my turn, I described seeing a deer in my mind’s eye, looking back at me from a distance. This reminded one member of the group, Jim Sherlock, of some reports of contact with extraterrestrial beings. It is thought that visions of some animals like owls and deer might be screen memories to cover up the actual appearance of the beings. Jim suggested I contact Paul Hamden in Australia, since Paul was familiar with extraterrestrials. This suggestion was very significant as we will see.

After the meeting at the retreat was over, Jeanne and I moved on to spend a few days in the nearby city of Malaga to see the sights there. I experienced a continuous mild stomach ache that first day. In the night, I had an unusual waking dream in which a violet vortex formed high above me. Many white specks that I knew represented life energy spun with the vortex. I understood that the tip of the funnel shape was aimed at my stomach. Shortly thereafter, I realized that the ache was gone. I awoke feeling weak but much better. I felt sure that the ache had disappeared because of the presence of the vortex. This experience was so novel that it was probably stimulated by the experience at the retreat. In a later conversation with a Zeta, we learned that a vortex symbolizes a portal between realms that differ in vibrational state. This implies that a healing energy came to me from another higher realm.

Experiences with spirit energy

When we returned home from Spain, I tentatively sent Paul Hamden an email to introduce myself and I was pleased with his response. After a few exchanges, we entered a long discussion about his experiences with spirits and extraterrestrial races, and how his mediumship had developed. I purchased three books that Paul had already published, and he suggested we write another book together. After adjusting to the idea, I agreed that we could try.

Paul is a man of action and I soon became involved with the Zetas in July, 2012. I indicated to Paul that I would like to communicate with them. We arranged for my initial interview with a Zeta to be via Skype, an internet messaging facility. The conversation would be in text rather than audio, and so a time-stamped record would remain after the interview was over. In the early morning hours of the night before the interview, I was awakened by a strong, whole body buzzing sensation that lasted one or two seconds. During the interview the following evening, I asked if they had anything to do with that. Interestingly, they answered the question before it was transmitted, suggesting the possibility of telepathic awareness of the question while I was typing it. The response came that the buzzing sensation resulted from preparing me for connection.

The morning after the interview, I entered the kitchen and found the metal stopper from the sink on the floor about two meters from the sink. This had never happened before or since, and may have had something to do with a Zeta presence during the night. Poltergeist activity is apparently not unusual around people who are contactees, and so the stopper may have spontaneously leapt from the sink to the floor.

The effects on my body happened several more times in the following months. In September of 2012, the full body buzz happened while I was resting in the afternoon. A conversation with a Zeta ensued about five hours later that day. Perhaps this was again a preparation for connection prior to the conversation.

Early in January of 2013 after midnight, I was half awake and felt a trembling in my upper body several times, separated by quiet intervals. Zeta involvement was suspected when a vortex shape appeared in my mind’s eye, quite near and covering the visual field. The vortex came twice, more strongly the first time than the second.

On February 4, 2013, at about 3:30 AM, a surge of energy occurred throughout the body that built up quickly and gradually ebbed away to nothing. This was repeated three or four times. I mentioned this to Paul the following evening. He said the early morning visit was a Zeta “trying to push me along”. Perhaps it was meant to make me more sensitive to their influence. According to Paul, my sensitivity had been tested about a month earlier when a Zeta tried to influence me with their energy. The Zeta had said to me via the medium, “Intuition and understanding of our own energies, which seem fundamentally separate from us.” This is taken to mean that we must be able to distinguish our own energy from that imposed by others. I did not feel the Zeta’s influence when asked at the time, and the Zeta left when he detected my mild frustration.

Also on February 4, there seemed to be objective physical evidence of the Zetas’ presence. In the evening, a friend came to tell us that he had tried to call both my and Jeanne’s mobile phones without success that day. We confirmed that we could not receive each other’s calls at the house. However, when we moved a sufficient distance away from the house, we were able to call each other. On returning to the house, the calls failed again. It seemed that there was an influence covering an area around the house that prevented mobile phone reception for a day or so.

On the following day, February 5, the feeling of the Zeta presence was especially strong. On that day, workmen came to replace the furnace in the house, and I wished to monitor the proceedings. But as they carried in the new furnace, I felt very strongly a knot develop in my diaphragm and stomach area, and felt heightened energy throughout the rest of my body. I was so distracted that I sat down until the feeling subsided about 15 minutes later. Later that day, the phones stopped working again for a while near the house.

In an evening in August, 2013, I had a conversation with Paul’s spirit guide over Facebook, which was followed by a conversation with a Zeta. Afterward, I went to sleep and awoke again at 2:00 AM with a knot in my stomach. The next couple of days were a bit odd in that I felt somewhat tense and depressed at the same time. Paul believed it was due to a frequency change imposed on my etheric body by the Zeta. Perhaps they were still trying to improve my sensitivity.

Over time, I do believe that my sensitivity to a change in spirit energy improved. For example, in November, 2013, at the end of a visit to Australia, Jeanne and I visited the waterfront shops in Sydney. We came upon an aboriginal man selling a recording of aboriginal music. I purchased the recording and while walking away, I felt a definite spirit presence accompanying me for several blocks. Although it felt benign, I told it in my mind that it did not belong with me, that it should go back. Soon after, the feeling of the spirit’s presence went away.

On a day in late January, 2014, I felt a rather pleasant spirit energy around and within me for several hours while sitting at my computer. Finally, I verbally acknowledged its presence, and several minutes later the feeling of presence subsided and did not return.

On a day in mid February, 2014, I felt energy for several hours while studying the Zeta’s monologue concerning informational fields. The sensation of energy increased at particular times when my thoughts moved in certain directions as if to encourage that way of thinking.

Several days later, I felt a loving energy for most of the day, off and on, and felt a spirit presence off my right shoulder while out walking. Perhaps these were signs that I was becoming more sensitive.

Sometime in 2015, I was given what seemed like a sensation of spirit energy while on my morning walk. It was a pleasant day with sunshine and minimal wind. I met a jogger running toward me on the sidewalk. As he came abreast of my position, I felt a pulse of pressure on my face. I continued on and met another jogger about 10 seconds later. When he passed beside me, I felt a similar pulse. I continued on at an even pace and felt additional, evenly spaced pulses, although I encountered no more joggers. In retrospect, there were about three more pulses, each separated by about three or four steps, and the aftermath was a warm, fuzzy feeling. The image of Figure 3 implies this sequence of events.

Figure 3. Pulses of energy while walking.

Near the end of September, 2015, while walking past a local retirement home for old people, I felt a strong spirit energy. It was a feeling of high enervation or energy throughout my body. My first thought was that someone who lived there must have passed on. I continued on to a coffee shop and the presumed spirit stayed with me until I entered the shop. The feeling resumed when I stepped outside again a half hour later. As I retraced my path past the retirement home I asked for a name, and a man’s name tentatively came to me. I suggested that he recognize that he had died and was no longer in physical form, that he should go to the light and look for love. The feeling left me as I walked on. I thought of asking at the home if anyone had died recently, but decided that such a question might not be well received.

Control of a collector being

The Zetas have mentioned the existence of beings in the astral realm that have a low vibrational state. They chose to call them “collectors”. They are organizations of the energy of consciousness that are more like objects than souls. We can think of them as analogous to robots, and their objective is to gather or “collect” the low-vibrational energy they need wherever they can get it. One source is humans who are in a similar state of consciousness. People who are attracted to pleasures of the flesh and their own egos, may be encouraged by collectors to increase these activities, since the collectors benefit from the energy produced.

But collectors may also try to instigate such activities in people who are not prisoners of their desires. I believe that I was accompanied by one such entity on a morning walk. I felt upset but could see no good reason for the way I felt. It occurred to me that a collector wanted to use the anger I felt to produce low vibration behaviour.

A Zeta gave us a prescription for ridding ourselves of low vibration entities. He said, you must “know who you are”, and you should “stand in your energy”. It took a while for the meaning of this prescription to sink it, but I believe I understand it now. To “know who you are” is to have certainty that we are more than physical beings, that we are facets of a loving spiritual whole that includes our higher selves. It is a recognition that we are beings who can choose to love. To “stand in your energy” means to recognize the difference between our own energy and the energy of others. It is necessary to be able to tell the difference between oneself and a collector, for example, in order to maintain the difference.

So, when I thought I was accompanied by the energy of a collector, I did not panic. Rather, I sent it love like I would to a pet. As I maintained this energy, a vision appeared in my mind of a tan coloured, sausage-shaped object moving away from me at an upward angle until it disappeared. I instantly felt a sense of calmness in contrast to the upset feeling I had. So I believe the Zeta’s prescription works.

Telepathic communications

I mentioned earlier what seemed like telepathic communication of information to a Zeta. They answered a question while I was still composing it in text mode on Skype. In another instance, an information download was received from the Zetas while I was awake and aware. The download clearly felt like a message and could be interpreted as such.

On a day in late August, 2012, I had just finished my morning shower. As I stepped out of the shower, there was a change in perception. The actual surroundings were replaced in my mind with a vision of meeting Paul in Australia. I was walking up to him while reaching out to touch him. The scene suddenly shifted to a Zeta gathering as depicted in Figure 4. I was still facing Paul, but we were both in Zeta bodies. Paul’s face and head were mottled and had soft diagonal stripes. His body seemed to be a grey/white colour. His face was long and oval-shaped and his body was hairless. I looked at my leg, and it appeared a bit dark, not quite black. The leg had long, smoothly curved calf muscles. My fingers were long and thin. It was not very clear but there seemed to be three fingers and no thumb. I was reaching out to touch his face, and I had a feeling of joyful reunion. The feeling lingered for what felt like half a minute but was actually much shorter. The environment had no colours other than shades of brown. There was a group of about a dozen other zetas sitting and standing on bare, natural terrain. They were looking on, and my feeling was that they were happy and amused.

Figure 4. Vision through a Zeta's eyes.

This vision happened just after my discussion with Paul about the Zetas' lost ability to express emotions after they replaced biological childbirth with cloning technology. They apparently felt sad about having lost this ability. My question was, "How could the Zetas experience sadness when they had lost touch with their emotions?" In the vision, I felt amusement and joy very strongly while in a Zeta body. The experience suggested that the Zetas have not lost touch with their emotions.

A Zeta was asked much later if this specific experience was a telepathic message from them. They agreed that it was. The Zeta said, “William was interacted with and given what he states is the vision of joy. At that time there was influence, yes, but of course given in a way where he could not change the information.” The Zetas appear to believe that communication in the form of a vision is not subject to misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

It is true that the details of the vision were unambiguous, but my interpretation of them did change over a short time afterward. For a brief interval, I took the vision literally. I thought that I was personally connected to the Zeta race in some way, that I knew the other Zeta, that its face was an actual representation of a real Zeta face, that Zetas have three-fingered hands, and that the space we were in was an actual location somewhere. A short time later, however, I understood that the vision was a story designed to answer the question. The critical features in the vision were my Zeta embodiment and the joy I felt as that being. The other details were merely padding. The vision appeared to say that Zetas do feel strong emotion. I concluded that the comment in the book by the Zeta teacher meant that the Zetas lost only the joy of the "act of integration" when reproduction became impersonal.

But even this interpretation was not quite accurate. When the Zeta was asked, “Do Zetas feel joy?”, they responded, “There is a sense of wonder. Let me state that trying to equate our feelings with human feelings can be quite difficult. … We do not have emotional constructs as humans do whereby all decisions are based on how you feel about something. That does not exist for us. But we are able to implant or impart information to humans by the emotional body, so that they are able to understand within their emotional capacity what that means to us in consciousness.” That is, humans do not have the ability to feel what Zetas feel. The best the Zeta can do is create an emotion in a human that approximates what they feel. Instead of joy, they meant to implant the sense of wonder that once followed the process of creating a new child.

But both wonder and joy are inappropriate for the reunion implied in the vision. My Zeta form was ecstatic about seeing Paul’s Zeta form again after an absence. The Zeta said, “There would be no joy because none is required. The other being would have been performing a function.” As an unintended side-effect, this episode makes clear that cross-species communication of emotions by telepathy may be problematic.

Another insightful telepathic download occurred a month or so later in September, 2012. It was received while Jeanne and I were walking across a field at midday to deliver a lunch forgotten by our grandson to the local high school. While we chatted, I suddenly “heard” a question internally, and immediately received an answer. I thought about all the people in the world and asked how they should relate to each other. The question was answered by a brief vision shown schematically in Figure 5.

Figure 5. Schematic of vision while in the field.

There were many parallel, descending rays of violet/white light. Each ray represented a life force being born as a human. A thought accompanied the vision that each incarnated human is met on all sides by other humans, and each learns to relate to the others on a one-to-one basis. It is not useful to worry about getting along with people who one would never meet.

When they were asked much later, a Zeta informed us that this vision was not from them but was given to me by my higher self entity. They added, “it does not matter who sent the information, but how it is received and acted upon.” Normally, it matters to us who sent information, since possible deception might be inferred by considering the source. But we were told by a Zeta that telepathy has a built-in deception detector that is independent of the source. A Zeta said, “Telepathic communication inherently has within it the potential to hold a certain frequency. If you are able to perform the function of a thought, a transfer, to try to infer an untruth in that range of thought processes would also betray the communication, as if inbuilt into the telepathic process is a means whereby a entity is much more exposed to being read or being exposed. Their thoughts are exposed, the quality of their thoughts are exposed, the makeup of the thoughts are exposed, they are not words, they are potentials. The potentials hold within the fabric, the makeup of the fabric.” So the quality of “how it is received” would be indicated by the potentials associated with the communication. The Zeta’s comment suggests it should have been possible to know the validity of the information in the vision without knowing the source.

Interestingly, the concept expressed in the vision is consistent with the reason why spirits choose to incarnate in the physical illusion, as I learned four years later. That is, they look forward to resolving difficulties in their relations with other humans, since these are opportunities to grow in ability to love.

Dreamlike communications

Some communications were visions received during sleep. They could be called dreams, but the impact of some were unusually strong, and the information they contained was clearly related to my ongoing development. The lessons implied by the visions seem related to the Zeta presence.

In an early morning in December, 2012, I lay less than half awake in bed, eyes closed, thinking about what was important to add to the book. Then I saw at least two white, ephemeral Zeta faces suspended in the room beside me in my mind's eye. I welcomed them, then found myself somewhat immobilized while someone was doing something to my left arm. I could not see what was being done. Then I felt the familiar buzzing sensation in my whole body. My etheric body turned, sat up, and floated up to the ceiling. I felt a flash of exhilaration and went through the ceiling to the outside. However, there was nothing there to see.

The dream vision may have referred to attempts to sensitize me to non-physical energies, and demonstrated what I could expect. My left etheric arm was the entry point for their manipulation. It produced the full body buzz that I had already experienced, followed by simulation of an out-of-body experience. Later, we learned that the Zetas with whom we communicated were “not aware of that situation”. Since the knowledge of the collective is not known to individuals unless needed, it is still possible that the white Zetas I experienced were from the collective.

The scene then switched to the sidewalk in front of a house. I saw a little boy there dressed in a green parka with the hood up. He was about knee-high, so I crouched down to speak to him. He was very loveable and told me matter-of-factly that someone close to him had just died. I got the strong impression that he was talking about his Zeta family. I wanted to ask who had died, but had trouble forming the question. I thanked him for the experience and he turned and walked away. He seemed to be accompanied by someone tall, dark and indistinct.

This vision was likely an answer to my initial question about what was important to add to the book. The notion of dying came from the boy who emanated a feeling of love. The identity of the deceased was clearly irrelevant so only the concept of death was intended. Judging from his tone of voice, the death was not a big concern and it did not leave him alone. Perhaps the “tall, dark and indistinct” figure that accompanied him symbolized the consciousness of the deceased.

The two visions taken together showed me that I had a non-physical form that did not depend on the persistence of the physical body. The end of the physical body is not a disaster, since the consciousness that it contains carries on.

A similar theme was expressed in a particularly powerful dream vision in April of 2015 depicted by the drawing in Figure 6. In the vision, I am out-of-body looking down from a corner near the ceiling of what looks like an operating room. A physical human body that is clearly mine is lying on a metal gurney such that the head is furthest away from my vantage point. Only the back of the torso is in focus. A woman standing beside the gurney is carving a rectangular pattern with a utility knife around the perimeter of my back, leaving a trail of blood. She carves particularly slowly and carefully when the knife is closest to me. However, my body does not respond to the cuts. After the dream was over, there was a vague sense that other beings had been looking on from the periphery of the scene.

Figure 6. Vision of the operating room scenario.

In this vision my consciousness was separated from my unresponsive physical body. The woman with the knife cut a rectangular pattern on the body. She was particularly slow and careful when the cuts were nearest to me in order to emphasize what she was doing. She said nothing, but it was as if she were saying “See, I am doing this to your body and you are over there, aware, and not feeling a thing.” The symbolism of the scene said that consciousness is important but the physical body is not.

Shortly afterwards, a synchronicity occurred while reading a book called "Alien encounters in Mesoamerica". A Mexican man who had been abducted by aliens had an experience that parallels certain aspects of my vision. He said, "I passed out. The next thing I remember is waking up inside their craft. … I was lying on my stomach on a hard surface and when I tried to move, I realized I was strapped down. My back was in terrible pain. I had never had back pain. Panic set in, but before I had a chance to think of a way to escape, I woke outside my Papa's place. Off in the distance, I saw a bright light against the black sky.”

As in my vision, the Mexican man was lying face down during the presumed abduction. He had an experience involving extreme pain on his back, the pain I would have had if my consciousness had been locked into my physical body. I suggest that he had not been physically abducted, but that his experience was in an energetic realm much like mine. However, he could not distance his consciousness from what was being done to his physical form, whereas I had been able to do that.

The Zeta was asked if they had had anything to do with the operating room scenario, and they responded, “Let me say that that is of a concern. That is not an image that we would represent to you. … We will need to examine this information as it leads to other areas of influence.” It seems this experience was not given by beings from the Zeta collective, and this was of some concern to them. Whoever had done this had timed my experience so that it happened just before I read about the Mexican man’s experience. The juxtaposition emphasized the lesson that identification with the physical body is a matter of perception. We all continue to exist without it.

An alternate timeline

The Zetas explained that multiple timelines exist which are used by a spirit to have maximal experiences. The timelines differ in terms of vibrational state as do multiple versions of the incarnating spirit. A version of the spirit at a particular vibrational state finds itself on a corresponding timeline. The timelines are asynchronous and so the physical events that take place on the various timelines are independent. However, this is not quite true of the associated consciousness which existed before timelines were created. A Zeta explained, "consciousness is able to be spread across many existences", so occasionally we may be aware of events happening on another timeline.

In October 2012 before dawn, I had another significant dream which seemed to be concerned with the concept of timelines. In this dream, I felt half awake and I was very much aware that I was looking through the eyes of another version of me. I was in a visual sequence from that first-person point of view, and I was having a conversation with Jeanne. She and I have a very good relationship in the life that I know, but in the dream she said things to me that were not at all consistent with that relationship. She said she had been with someone else “who was able to give her what I never would”. There was also an unspoken understanding that I had just returned from a country in Africa where I had been for about a year. In the life that I know, I have never been to Africa.

In the dream, I seemed to be superimposed on myself in another timeline, since I was aware of both my normal self and my having been in Africa until recently. I was aware of Jeanne asleep beside me as well as the other version which had quite different feelings about me. The other version had the platinum blonde mop hairdo of 30-40 years ago, as well as the teeth she had then before they were straightened. These differences suggest that the timeline into which I had intruded lagged the one I knew by 30-40 years.

This experience has implications for dreams in general. Dream events are thought to take place in the astral realm, and we see now that some dreams could instead be experiences in another timeline. Alternatively, because of my role in documenting the lessons from the Zetas, there is a possible explanation that applies only to me. The Zetas use simulations themselves to understand concepts they are unable to experience directly, and so the dream could have been implanted telepathically as a simulation to teach me about multiple timelines.

Wallacia 2013

Our first trip to Australia came in November of 2013. The main event was a physical mediumship demonstration by Kai Muegge at Inge Crosson’s Wallacia Development Centre. This was the second séance with Kai for Jeanne and me, and it was similar to what we had seen in Spain.

Soon after arriving, we participated in a table levitation exercise with Kai and Paul as mediums.The table rose about a foot into the air and came down hard after hovering about two seconds. There were also occasional light flashes during the levitation session.

Kai also held a development workshop to strengthen psychic abilities. During one of the mental exercises, I found myself in a subterranean room or cave where I encountered a dwarf-like entity who was very frustrated with me. While pacing angrily to and fro, he berated me for leaving him imprisoned underground. This little fellow even now seems very real to me, and I can easily imagine the encounter. I suspect he probably symbolizes my subconscious fear of letting go of the physical illusion.

Several days later, Jeanne received healing from TC, an American Indian spirit who works through Paul Hamden as the medium. Jeanne had never fully recovered from work-related PTSD, and she also suffered from pains in the abdominal area. TC healed her head and stomach while she was lying down on a high cot in low-level light. He moved the medium’s hands near her body, and pulled something invisible hand over hand out of her head. After the healing session, Paul said he saw butterflies and birds over her stomach area. The healing may be considered a success since the symptoms have not returned.

When TC was finished with the healing, he appeared to me clearly in my mind’s eye. I saw an image of his back moving away from me on a path beside a river. He had black hair and was wearing a bluish/mauve animal skin jacket. There were trees on the far shore, and grasslands along the side of the river. It was as if he were saying to me, “I’m leaving now, going back to my realm.”

My brief vision of TC felt like a shared reality with the spirit since it appeared so unexpectedly while I was occupied with helping Jeanne get back on her feet. However, I cannot say with certainty that it was not my imagination working overtime. Be that as it may, months later I had another vision involving TC. I had invited images to appear while meditating, and I unexpectedly met him beside the river where he was last seen. Strangely, I felt compelled to ask his permission to enter the realm. He hesitated, looked me up and down, and finally nodded after letting it be known that I was not to change anything. So I entered and saw more of the land beside the river, including vegetation and footpaths leading to some small hills away from the river.

The day after the healing by TC, Kai Muegge held his physical mediumship demonstration. A crowd gathered outside the seance room building in the lovely weather, and when I arrived, someone asked if I had felt a resistance at one point as I approached the building. I had not and so I retraced my steps to find the mentioned phenomenon. At a particular place agreed upon by those involved, there was a definite sensation on the skin in response to motion of the body. Paul informed us that the felt resistance was due to an invisible energy dome placed over the séance room by Zetas who were monitoring events. The dome was to protect them from environmental influences such as radiation from the sun and our artificially generated electromagnetic noise.

During the séance, I was privileged to receive an apport from Kai’s spirit control shown in the image of Figure 7. This happened relatively often in Kai’s séances at that time. An apport would fall from the medium’s downturned palm into a recipient’s hands. In my case, I saw the formation of the apport as a bright sparkle of light on the underside of Kai’s hand the instant before the object fell into my hands. The figure also shows unusual representations of a male and female head in the interior of the apport. Watching the apport form did much to reassure me of the validity of physical mediumship phenomena. Also during the séance, I was struck gently by the trumpet, I felt taps on my knees and hand, and my hair was stroked once.

Figure 7. An apport received from the medium, Kai Muegge.

In his séances, Kai is always held by two people on either side of his chair except when he withdraws into the cabinet. During another séance four days later, I was given the opportunity to hold Kai when the appointed person fell ill. I held his hand and knee while an ectoplasmic hand rose from a mass of ectoplasm on the floor beside me. Also from this vantage point, I saw another shadowy apport fall from his hand in weak red light. There was no sparkle when the apport appeared, but the line-of-sight was from behind this time and so not as good as before.

Wallacia 2014

We returned to Australia again the following year, expecting to see a full program at the Wallacia Development Centre involving four different mediums. Unfortunately, only two mediums were available in the end to demonstrate spirit activities - Gary Mannion and Gordon Garforth. Gary held séances, workshops, and healing sessions, while Gordon demonstrated transfiguration and invited people to come forward to be healed. I attended several séances with each medium.

I also joined Paul Hamden’s trance group soon after arrival, and experienced an icy touch on my left foot which moved up my lower leg. These sensations happened twice. We were told months later by a Zeta that the cold sensation would have resulted from a disturbance of the etheric body and not from a lowering of the air temperature near the body.

Gary and his spirit team created the usual effects in the séances, although now in 2016 it is not clear how much spirit involvement there was. He has recently been caught on infrared video apparently using normal means to produce supposedly paranormal effects. In the complete darkness, I experienced my chair tipping backwards even though it was placed against a rather heavy curtain. I felt an object like a fingertip trace out the name, “Bill”, on my knee several times until I recognized the word. Very soon after, I also heard a voice whisper that name from behind my head. I asked the spirit control who “Bill” was, and he replied that it was likely the name of a spirit visitor. Several other sitters had their chairs pulled forward into the centre of the circle. The gaps created would have allowed him to move outside the circle so he could whisper the name behind my ear. But it was the video evidence that convinced many people that Gary was a fraudulent medium.

Gordon Garforth’s mediumistic strength is transfiguration. His spirit team is said to change the shape of his face, arms and hands using ectoplasm. Sometimes sitters in the audience recognize the faces of their departed loved ones in his transfigured face. I did not see much transformation of his body parts. What I did see could easily have been optical illusions due to changes in body position. However, judging from the emotional impacts, I do not doubt that others saw images of faces they recognized. I can only conclude that the sitter’s perceptual process is more a part of Gordon’s transfiguration process than other forms of physical mediumship. Some people also went through a healing process with Gordon’s spirit team, but I have not heard if that was effective.

As in the previous year, the presence of an energy dome was again detected. Jeanne and I were standing between Inge Crosson’s house and the two buildings housing the séance rooms. When we turned to walk back to the house, I suddenly felt unusually dizzy and Jeanne felt nauseous and almost collapsed. She also mentioned that sounds seemed to originate inside her head. Paul came out of the house at that moment to tell us that the Zetas had just placed an energy dome over the property and were in the process of fine-tuning its intensity. We then realized that we had accidentally walked through the wall of this dome. As we moved away, the unusual effects on our bodies disappeared.

I discovered that my body could detect the energy of the dome wall by pacing back and forth across it. The wall’s size was identified quite easily using this method. The thickness was about 1-2 meters, and it seemed to extend in a slow curve at least 50 meters around one side of the seance room buildings. The other side was inaccessible because of the terrain. Extrapolating this curve much later on Google Earth suggested that the dome was approximately 120 meters in diameter. The position of the wall seemed to confirm that an energy dome had again been placed over the séance room. According to Paul, it protected the energetic Zeta bodies from the electromagnetic noise in our environment, allowing freedom of movement between their craft and the séance room.

During this visit to Wallacia, Paul was preoccupied with helping things run smoothly, and so there was less opportunity to converse with the Zetas. I mentioned to him that I wanted to ask the Zetas about the nature of gravity since this was not well explained by our conventional science. Early one morning I received a call from him on Facebook Messenger. He had just been given information about gravity by a Zeta during his morning meditation, and he proceeded to enter it as a text message to me. I typed a question for clarification and the Zeta appeared again through Paul to answer. The conversation with the Zeta continued for several exchanges and important information was given.

I learned from the Zeta, for example, that the physics of gravity and dematerialization are related. Of particular significance is that the state of materialization of an object of matter can be toggled remotely by changing its frequency or vibrational state. This information was particularly helpful later for interpreting a sequence of photographs sent to me by Alison Kirkbride, a research collaborator living in England. The critical photo showed a tree branch that was partially dematerialized, with what appeared to be an extraterrestrial craft in the sky above it. I believe that Alison was prompted by a being in the craft to take the photos and send them to me, the person who had the information needed to interpret the phenomenon. The Zetas will not spoon-feed us knowledge, but they will give us hints so we can work things out for ourselves. We were told by a Zeta, “It is healthy to question, healthy for the human psyche to question, to perceive, and to question again, as slowly coming to maturity and understanding, because what is to be presented to a race may not be what has been considered before, but may be something that is completely different.

Fortunately for Jeanne, Paul was able to take some time to initiate a healing of her hearing. One ear had been deaf as long as she can remember due to nerve damage that is considered permanent. Paul’s spirit guides, TC and John Sloan, created an etheric ear for her that connected directly to the auditory mechanisms in her etheric brain. I made some measurements with a DIY audiometer and confirmed that some hearing had returned to that side of her head. Hearing has not returned to normal, but it is remarkable that any has returned at all.

I contributed to the program at Wallacia this time with two presentations about my research. One described some of the information received from the Zetas, and the other presented some EVP research done in collaboration with Alison Kirkbride.

On the last day of our stay at Wallacia, I actually saw what appeared to be spirit beings. Just before leaving for the airport, I spontaneously slipped into a séance room and sat in the medium’s chair. Perhaps because of residual energy in the room, I became aware in my mind’s eye of a group of people standing off to the side. A young man broke away from the group and moved to crouch down before my chair. His face and paisley shirt were clearly visible, and he looked expectantly at me as if I had just come into view. Regrettably, and for no good reason, I arose from the chair and rejoined the group waiting for me outside the séance room. I could not satisfactorily explain my sudden departure before attempting a conversation with him.

In retrospect, there is reason to suspect that this experience was a simulation like previous telepathic experiences that may have been provided by the Zetas. The séance room itself had been used primarily by Paul Hamden to connect with the Zetas, so any residual energy in the room should have been higher vibration Zeta energy rather than spirit energy. Further, the distinctive paisley shirt worn by the young man was like others I had seen before, and the man’s face was similar to the face of a spirit being I had drawn several days earlier during a spirit drawing workshop. In the workshop, we attempted to draw spirit people near us as seen in the mind’s eye. So if a Zeta knew of my desire to become more aware of spirits, he might have identified various existing elements in my memory, arranged them in the proper sequence, and created the experience for me. The result was a simulated meeting with the spirit person I had perceived and drawn earlier. At the end of the sequence, I was likely prompted to leave the room in order to prevent further interaction with the simulation. This would explain the mystery of my sudden departure when the interaction had only just begun.

Blossom and White Cloud

Before leaving for Australia in November, 2014, I had the urge to include Blossom Goodchild in our itinerary. Blossom is well-known for channeling the extraterrestrial Federation of Light (FoL), as well as an American Indian spirit named White Cloud. Blossom very kindly invited us to stay at her home for several days on the Sunshine Coast after the program at Wallacia ended.

The main theme in most of Blossom’s channeling is love. Love solves all problems. This may seem trite, but in the cosmology learned from the Zetas, the human construct of love takes on an overwhelming significance. States of love are tightly coupled to the vibrational states of consciousness closely associated with the creation process in the energetic realms. Nothing would exist without the dimension of vibration or love that is a fundamental property of consciousness. The FoL agreed when they said in one of Blossom’s channelings, “Everything that is … everything that was … everything that ever will be … comes from love … because there is nothing that exists that is not of it … for there is nothing else.

The day after our arrival, Blossom invited me to attend a private séance so that I could speak to her spirit guide. I gladly accepted, and so I met White Cloud. He invited my questions and gave extensive replies concerning who he is and his contacts with extraterrestrial and other entities. He is able to enter very high vibrational states and so he is not limited in that sense. He said, “When I left of the earth plane for the last time, with all respect I can connect with who I choose of anywhere. … My being is highly evolved, but as White Cloud I bring my who I am, I water it down if you like, because Blossom would not be able to speak to her physicality, would not be able to take the resonancy, the vibration of who I truly am. … I am in the fortunate position to communicate with who is appropriate and of value to, I would say probably, other’s needs as opposed to my own.

I asked White Cloud if he was familiar with the Zeta race. His response was to step aside so that another voice could speak through Blossom. The speaker identified itself as a Zeta when it said, “the lady vessel can confirm that we are of the said race that you speak of, and yet it will come through, we will assume, very differently from that which you are aware because of who this vessel is.” In the short conversation that ensued, the speaker referred to a plan that races had for humanity on earth. For example, the voice said, “There are many races, many species, would we say, that are involved in desiring to assist in that very same plan because that is the mission of why so many are in earthly bodies at this time.” Generally speaking, the presumed Zeta’s comments were consistent with what I had already learned about the activities of extraterrestrials on earth.

White Cloud returned to the medium after the other speaker had departed. He then made some predictions about Jeanne’s etheric ear that he expected would be passed on on his behalf. He did not say who should receive the prediction, and so I will make it public now almost two years later.

White Cloud: I showed a picture of the ear that you like, and it was like floating around, but what I am saying, which I know you shall pass on on my behalf, many thanks, is that the said utensil shall open up for this lady, I would say in the sense of other worlds. So that not only will there be a clarity of audio, if you like, from one human being to another as is normal, but over time, and when I say ‘over time’, do not expect this to be next week and I cannot give time on it, but it shall be that this speciality, if you like, will be able to… it is a bit like an antenna in a sense, and it shall be able to receive - I give the word ‘sound’ for now - from other … Blossom thought I would say other places, but I am saying other directions, and this will begin gradually and develop as confidence comes and time goes on. … And there is also that this mission indeed involves, as is becoming apparent, the two of you together, and it will also … that sound (there will be understanding of why I use the word sound as opposed to words as time goes on) will be communication that you are also very involved in … But you are the, in a sense, the translator. I am not able to put it any differently from that at this time, and Blossom can feel within me the excitement of this, because it is exciting, this is what I would choose to say.

Before he left, White Cloud offered to be available to me if I ever needed a helping hand. He said, “There will be certain moments I feel when you will desire a helping hand, a little shove, if you like, a little shift and you will say, White Cloud, are you around to help me, and now and then I will - we will be able to - I can assist you with a little point in the right direction when you feel a little stumped, if you like.” Since then there have been times when I was “stumped” and posed a question to White Cloud. This occurred during my morning walks which encouraged a relaxed mental state. I have received answers several times that seemed particularly wise. I believe they came from White Cloud because of a loving feeling of connection that accompanied them.

An example of such an interaction with White Cloud was the question, “Is the Managed Plausible Deniability hypothesis correct?” This is the hypothesis, confirmed more recently by the Zetas, that extraterrestrial races, spirit beings, and some humans are collaborating to optimize a level of uncertainty in the human population about the existence of the etheric realm. The uncertainty minimizes fear while encouraging people to think for themselves. The answer that came to me was, “We are always looking for evidence in the illusion that the illusion is true.” It did not answer the question, but did get to the nub of the issue. The physical illusion exists because our perceptions are of information in the etheric realm. Even the etheric information is illusory because it was originally created as a thought form. So the question asked if something happening inside an illusion is real. Perhaps it is meaningful only if the reality of the illusion is first acknowledged.

As another example, I asked White Cloud to clarify how apports occur. There came to mind an immediate recognition that all our experiences may be thought of as apports. We use the energy of consciousness moment by moment to continuously create with our perceptions. What we think of as an apport is an anomaly introduced by a spirit into the etheric domain. All matter is created by the energy of consciousness acting on etheric templates. I felt a smile from White Cloud as he left.

On another occasion, I consulted White Cloud about defining love or vibrational state as a dimension. The answer came that it is wrong to think of love as a dimension in isolation, but one that projects onto all other possible dimensions.

Of course, it is easy to criticize the suggestion that White Cloud was communicating telepathically with me. The answers when they came were recognized as very acceptable, so perhaps I came up with them myself in that relaxed state of mind. On the other hand, White Cloud may have retrieved the appropriate information from where it was hidden in my own mind and gave me “a little point in the right direction” when I was stumped. This sounds like the process suggested in our book for how a Zeta communicates telepathically with humans. I proposed that information is not sent, but is communicated as a sequence of pointers to where bits of information already exist in a human's memory. The pieces of information associated with the ordered sequence of pointers generate a novel message from information already known to the human. This makes sense since one would likely not recognize information at all if it were totally new and outside the range of one’s experience.

Healing by a Zeta

Other people I know had been healed by spirit energy, but I never had the need until a persistent precancerous lesion appeared in the skin on my nose. It was removed by a dermatologist who froze it with liquid nitrogen, but several months later it reappeared. I asked Paul if the Zetas could take care of it. Some time later, I joined Paul in a sitting using Facebook Messenger on an iPad to communicate, and I recorded the proceedings using the digital recorder on my iPhone placed beside the iPad. A conversation with a Zeta began, and at one point without warning, they began the healing process. The actual healing took a little over a minute, followed by a description of what had been done. The process is described in the chapter on “Health and healing” in the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”.

The healing was followed by the Zeta’s experiment to see if they could place clicks in the recording from a distance. The Zeta announced “We will try to affect your recording device”, and eight seconds later they said, “It has been done.” I had heard nothing during the interval. Nevertheless, on listening to it later, two successive clicks were clearly audible at that place in the recording. The experiment demonstrated that they could affect a recording at will even when the recording device was half a world away from the location of the medium. Clearly, they had affected the recorder hardware directly, since the iPhone recorder was connected acoustically to the iPad communication device, and I had definitely not heard the clicks during the interval specified by the Zeta.

A curious event happened about two weeks after the healing. Jeanne found me apparently sleepwalking in the middle of the night while she was visiting the bathroom. She saw me dressed in my robe, standing in the doorway. I said I was going back to bed. She was somewhat taken aback when I did not acknowledge her presence. I recalled nothing of this when questioned in the morning. Later, I asked the Zeta if the healing process could possibly cause sleepwalking, and he simply said no. As far as I know, I have sleepwalked only that one time.

The Zeta companion

Human hybrids are created when an extraterrestrial and a spirit consciousness agree to share the same container body. Zetas undergo this process, and the race helps to take care of such humans. One way they do this is to arrange for the hybrid to be accompanied by a non-corporeal Zeta companion. In one case, for example, a companion was said to be with a hybrid “to thwart lower frequency entities”.

In spite of my not being a hybrid being, a Zeta companion was assigned to me. Some of my interactions with it may have been real and some might have been my imagination. When the relationship started, I asked the companion during a morning walk what it wished to be called. The response came clairaudiently as a complex trill, almost like a bird sound. Several times when I attempted to repeat the sound in my mind, I felt an energetic response. According to a Zeta, the response means that I have gained access to the companion.

Soon after, I sat in meditation with the intention to connect with the Zeta being. The recorder was turned on, and after more than a half hour sitting, I asked the companion to speak its Zeta name again so that it would be recorded. I let it be known that I like my experiments too. When I listened to the recording, I heard noisy tonal sounds on the recording at the location somewhat like the pattern I had heard earlier during the walk. With the recorded sound and my memory as a guide, I synthesized a cleaner version that approximately followed the intonation pattern. However, the synthesized sound when it is heard does not create the same psychic energy as the imagined sound.

The strongest indication of the companion’s presence came on a day in mid July, 2015, on a morning walk. While I was thinking about the good job Paul had done when speaking to a group in New York via Skype, I heard a trill like a bird song that sounded like the companion’s name. This was immediately followed by a small surge of energy which changed to a feeling of joy that was maintained for some time. I took it to mean that the companion agreed with my sentiment and was also happy about how the event had turned out. The same feeling welled up several times during the next hour. More recently, we seem merely to acknowledge each other occasionally. The link may be there but we don’t know what to do with it. Perhaps the relationship does not go farther because I have no expectations.

Heterodyning vibrational states

How to do work in the energetic realms, or simply how to access it is a mystery for most people who are interested in learning about such things. Even mediums, who should be the most likely to know, seem unable to explain how they change their vibrational state so that others can benefit from their progress. It seems that developing mediums need to discover for themselves how to succeed using a process of trial and error. All they know is that they must somehow increase their state of vibration in order to connect with spirit.

I believe I have learned how to describe this process from clues provided by the Zetas. Humans have developed a process in electronics called heterodyning which takes two input frequencies and outputs a frequency that is the difference between them. It may also be used to amplitude modulate one frequency with another. If we substitute vibrational state for frequency, we have a process for raising our vibrational state, and for modulating a vibrational state of consciousness in the creation process.

The Zeta agreed that the heterodyning process can be used to transform energetic vibrational states. In retrospect, there is evidence of this process in Paul’s earlier writings where he discusses making connections with other races. I have personally found that carefully following the process does give me a more loving energy that is characteristic of higher states of vibration. It requires the cooperation of another entity at a much higher vibrational state, since the resulting state is the difference between one’s own state and that of the higher being. Feeling the difference vibrational state is evidence that the higher being is heterodyning with one’s lower vibration. When mediums understand the heterodyning process, they should be better able to describe what they do to connect with other beings.

A hypnogogic message

I chatted with a Zeta on Messenger about self-healing and the heterodyning process one day in March, 2016, while Paul was out in public at the local market. The Zeta proposed an experiment where my “understanding will be tested.” I said, “Ok”. He reminded me that the “process should work for all aspects of connection, not just wellness. Stillness aids all processes.

About midnight, I entered a meditative state just after going to bed and had a novel hypnogogic experience. I asked to heterodyne with the Zeta’s higher vibrational state while aiming for stillness as the Zeta advised. I received the impression of an unusual three-dimensional void in my mind’s eye. This was followed by a progression of extraterrestrial faces that seemed to change at the rate of my pulse or heartbeat. It started with a quick glimpse of a Zeta face superimposed on a sphere in space, partially hidden by a ragged, opaque white cover. This was succeeded by an image of a lion’s face. It was a friendly face with glistening yellow/black eyes and a lovely, ornate mane. Several humanoid faces followed, ranging from human to not so human, and one that was quite hirsute. There were about half a dozen frames in the sequence, so it did not last long. I then lost the feeling of voidness but regained it again after a short interval. Then the sequence repeated exactly as if it were programmed.

On waking the next morning, I initially thought I had been introduced to several extraterrestrial races. But then it occurred to me that most of the faces in the sequence were somewhat familiar. Perhaps they were images in my memory, selected to show that different forms of extraterrestrial races exist. This seems to be the modus operandi for sending me telepathic messages. The sequence was repeated exactly, and this further supports the idea that it was a programmed “slide show” of information selected from my memories.

The unusual void, the steady rate of change of the images, and the exact repetition of the sequence suggests that the experience was created by the Zeta and was not self-generated. A Zeta had also mentioned a precedent for using human physiological processes to control the rate of events. On one occasion, a series of audio pulses were recorded in the séance room. The Zeta informed us that the pulses were synchronized with “a bodily function process” like the medium’s heart beat or breathing. So the Zeta could have synchronized the image changes to the beating of my heart.

Remote viewing experiences

I had received several telepathic messages from the Zetas in the past, and I wondered if there was a way to have two-way communication with them without allowing them full possession of my psyche. I said to a Zeta, “It is obvious from past experience that you can communicate with me. The question is, can I do the same with you?” He replied, “You have not trained yourself to accurately functional thought process, but in the future if you were to train your mind, and I would suggest to you that you use the remote viewing process to train your mind to do so. This is very close to the same mechanism as the connection process.

Given this advice from the Zeta, I began to experiment with the remote viewing protocol using the tests available here. I evaluated the tests of my ability myself, so there was some lack of objectivity, but on the whole, I believe I did quite well in “seeing” features of the test images before actually seeing the images.

I also tried to “see” the interior of Paul’s house that was totally unfamiliar to me. We discussed the results briefly, and it seems I did identify features of some unusual objects.

Like many other people, I also remote viewed the loss of the Malaysian Airline Flight 370 in March, 2014. The aircraft has never been recovered, and multiple conspiracy theories have been proposed to explain what happened. In the images from my remote viewing attempt, I first saw water beside land and an entrance to a tunnel containing a track. There was material that looked like froth or small stones. There was a star-shaped feature that could be multiple tunnels converging on one circular area. Then I saw a possibly non-human head looking at me with the ends of two fingers resting on a surface. Finally, I saw the airliner’s passengers all standing against a wall in a very big room. Facing this crowd was an extraterrestrial being leaning over a small table with its fingers on the table.

Of course, this account is only an unverified, possibly fictional story, and that is the problem with remote viewing by a relatively untrained person like myself. I must have verification in order to progress, and so far there is no way to confirm the accuracy of this story. But it was fun to make the attempt.

Remote viewing may work by sequential ordering of existing features in the remote viewer’s memory as suggested earlier to explain telepathy. If so, then a remote viewer should not be able to view whole objects never seen before. Perhaps that is why the remote viewing protocol recommends identification of only lower-level features in a scene. The higher-level objects may not be available as part of the remote viewer’s past experience and so could not be seen.

Perception of the illusion of matter

The Zetas have always said that all is illusion, and they evidently included our perceptions of matter. I finally understood how this could be when I related our perceptions of etheric templates to human quantum theory. This relationship is discussed in “A primer of the Zeta race” and in “The science of the Zeta race”. All our perceptions are sensations that become real to us when they are “confirmed” in consciousness.

It takes some time to accept the idea that matter is an illusion of perception, and that the illusion is triggered by stimulation of our consciousness by a limited set of creations in the etheric realm. According to the Zeta, the consciousness that is stimulated is at the level of the higher-self, not just the local consciousness associated with the incarnated spirit.

I experimented with this idea by reaching out to higher-self while I was on my morning walks. I was impressed to see that my perceptions changed when I invited higher-self to see particular things through my eyes. A cluster of wild flowers, for example, stood out more clearly, became brighter and more detailed, and became decidedly more three-dimensional. In short, it became more “real”.

There are a couple of reasons why reality may have been enhanced. Higher-self might have become more involved with the perceptual process, and greater awareness at that level of consciousness changed the experience. Alternatively, reaching out to higher-self would have invoked the heterodyning process. My vibrational state may have risen temporarily to the difference between the physical vibrational state and the higher-self vibrational state. Just being in that higher vibrational state may change the way the physical illusion is perceived.

What happens next?

Many people are hoping that humanity will be rescued from undesirable political and environmental circumstances by the arrival of extraterrestrial races and new physical energies. But the Zetas have a different view. They say individual humans have to raise their vibrational states, and this will eventually allow the human collective consciousness to become coherent and self-aware. The telepathic message I was given by my higher-self was consistent with the view that the actions of individuals will determine the fate of the collective. The vision showed violet rays of life force coming to earth representing individual spirits being born as physical beings. Further, it is the relationship among individuals that is important for raising the vibrational state of the human collective consciousness. Extraterrestrial races, who operate in a different range of vibrational states, cannot change our illusion for us. Humanity needs to change the shape of the illusion from within.

However, there may be some extraterrestrial races who share our physical vibrational states. These we should be able to interact with whenever we or they have the technological expertise to move vast distances within the illusion. The Zetas indicated that almost instantaneous movement might be possible by stepping outside the etheric realm. They refused to say whether or not we are being visited already by races equivalent to the human race in level of vibration.

The books appear to be done, and the flow of new information from the Zetas has dried up for now. Even Paul has been told to “go and play”, and so he is focussing in his séances on interactions with spirits from spirit realm. If there are more things the Zetas would like us to do, I’m sure we will find out in due course.

During my time with the Zetas, they sometimes tried to encouraged me by promising that I would have “sufficient interactions” with non-human beings of some kind. Take, for example, this conversation.

Zeta: You have been doing a good work.

me: Thank you, I appreciate hearing that.

Zeta: We have prepared a level of interaction that you may find sufficient.

Zeta: I am talking about what is to take place.

me: Can you elaborate what you mean by that?

Zeta: There has been a time allotted to you as a human contact.

me: Ok, good.

Zeta: Many of the interactions that are to take place…

I admit my ego appreciated these words. However, if the Zetas used them as a carrot to keep me going, they may not have been aware that their teachings alone were sufficient to inspire me. If it happens that I can be “a human contact” for a time as suggested, that would be very interesting. In fact, a reasonable way forward might be to increase the level of contact. But that, they say, is up to us.