Managed plausible deniability of UFO and spirit phenomena  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, July, 2015
(revised May, 2016)

Summary. An interview with a Zeta confirmed the existence of a control system hypothesized by Jacque Vallee (1975). Non-terrestrial beings, humans in positions of authority, and spirit controls in physical mediumship seances regulate the uncertainty about how to explain UFO and physical mediumship phenomena. The uncertainty prevents the fear that would accompany forced acceptance of a radically new worldview. Incremental exposure to uncertain evidence of paranormal phenomena should allow humanity to eventually acknowledge the existence of an energetic realm, and freely choose to accept the implied new understanding of reality. Besides the reduction of fear, the Zetas have the additional objective of telepathic communication among human and extraterrestrial races. For that to happen, humans need to recognize the energetic realms, that love is a creative force, and that a more loving human collective consciousness will allow the telepathic communication.


Paranormal phenomena are experienced by people in all walks of life. For example, unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are repeatedly seen in the sky. These objects are often thought to be unidentified craft exhibiting impossible flight characteristics. Other paranormal effects are regularly produced in physical mediumship seances. Inexplicable phenomena that occur in the presence of a human medium include levitation of heavy objects, the materialization of apports, and materializations of the familiar forms of deceased individuals.

Emotional reactions often ensue following the appearance of such anomalous events. One side of an argument may support acceptable scientific explanations, or may question the observer’s sanity, or may insist that a hoax has been perpetrated. The other side may take the view that something magical has occurred for which there currently is no explanation. Because the phenomena cannot be satisfactorily explained, they are disparaged by most scientists and ignored as much as possible. But the failure to explain may lie in the limitations imposed by our current understanding of reality.

Jacques Vallee (1975) suggested that discussions about explanations may be why the inexplicable anomalies occur at all. He proposed that such discussions are encouraged by a control system designed to help us change the myths behind our concept of reality. We are exposed to anomalous events and different ways of explaining them in such a way that a particular level of uncertainty is maintained. Vallee observes that a “characteristic feature is a constant factor of absurdity that leads to a rejection of the story by the upper layers of the target society and an absorption at a deep unconscious level of the symbols conveyed by the encounter.” That is, when the available evidence is unsuited to conventional scientific analyses by the upper layers of the target society (i.e., institutions like universities), it is assessed intuitively by the individual observers and those who become aware of their reports.

Vallee argues that the inexplicable events are produced by an intelligence of some kind. Obvious candidates are an extraterrestrial race who fly the unidentified craft, and spirits of the deceased who control the events in physical mediumship seances. Our experiences with these events give us opportunities to contemplate unconventional explanations and arrive at a different understanding of reality.

The Zeta presence

The extraterrestrial Zeta race is a race of physical beings who can also exist “in separation”, i.e., as a consciousness apart from the physical body. The consciousness exists in a disembodied state in a non-physical energetic realm. Beings of the race have communicated with us through a human medium who is in an altered state of consciousness. The beings use the medium's physical body and linguistic knowledge to answer any questions posed by others present. Over several years, they have told us much about the Zeta and human races as documented in the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”.

Vallee’s hypothesis of a control system was examined further by asking a Zeta if extraterrestrial races and spirit realm beings were involved in such an operation. The following is the transcript of a discussion about the control system hypothesis.

The interview

Interviewer: The hypothesis proposes that beings from extraterrestrial races and spirit realm manage human reactions to energetic phenomena like materializations of craft, apports and ectoplasm. The purpose is to control the general perception of proof regarding such phenomena so that there is a desired level of uncertainty in the population. The degree of plausible deniability of unconventional explanations is managed by encouraging conventional explanations by debunkers of the evidence.

The objective of managed plausible deniability is to create conditions that help raise the state of the human collective consciousness. 1) Deniability impedes the buildup of fear which must be avoided. 2) Uncertainty about the evidence encourages each individual human to work out for themselves the nature of reality suggested by the mysterious events. Under these conditions, humans are more likely to recognize the dimension of love as the foundation of existence.

Is it true that the Zeta beings, other races, and spirit realm beings, all work to manage the collective human belief in the non-physical realms for the reason proposed?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Most earth governments refuse to acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrial races. Was this official position of governments arranged by Zetas and other races in order to allow plausible deniability in the population?

Zeta: There is agreement.

Interviewer: Can you elaborate?

Zeta: Many of the changes that are being made are made slowly. Once the level of understanding has reached a level where participation in those levels of consciousness is sought by humans, then of course plausible deniability will no longer need to exist. But prior to that, the only way to move through the various stages of levels of filtering of consciousness that is a perception of the human mind, is to continually question what is currently presented to the human race. And so yes, there is agreement between the races and some levels of the government in regards to what should be presented. Because if the governments were to make a statement that the races exist, there would be an automated jump for the consciousness of the human race, but in which direction? Would that be one of fear? Would the human mind entertain the thought of fear? It is healthy to question, healthy for the human psyche to question, to perceive, and to question again, as slowly coming to maturity and understanding, because what is to be presented to a race may not be what has been considered before, but may be something that is completely different.

Interviewer: Will this management strategy lead to more proof of the existence of energetic realms as the state of the human collective consciousness continues to rise? That is, will greater contact with craft and more conclusive evidence for physical mediumship phenomena be indications that people are becoming more loving?

Zeta: Before loving, is understanding. There are levels to be achieved in consciousness. All of the signs that are given through various aspects of consciousness are guideposts.

In a later interview, the following exchange continued the discussion of the control system.

Interviewer: We talked before about the control system that manages the uncertainty that people have about the reality of the non-physical realms. You agreed that the Zeta race was a party to the control system, but the medium finds this hard to accept. Can you confirm that members of the Zeta collective participate in the control system?

Zeta: There is a release of information. There is a process. We do not see this as a control system. Yes, it is a method of control, but it is not a formal structure that is utilized. It is malleable, it flows, it is able to change. It serves a purpose.

Interviewer: Does the so-called Zeta abductor race participate in the control system as well?

Zeta: They do not.

Interviewer: Are there any races that do not concern themselves with the control system?

Zeta: There are many races which do not concern themselves with the activities of humans at all.

Interviewer: If there are races that ignore the control system and do whatever they want to do, is the control system able to compensate?

Zeta: That is why the control system, at this stage, is malleable. It is not able to completely manage processes. There are points of exchange, points of chaotic exchange.

We seek only to support a race to a different experience. Once that experience is realized, there is no need for this control structure as you call it, but a less informal structure will be in place. As many humans will not be able to partake of the structure that is to come, their minds will not be able to exist in those states.


The interview with the Zeta confirmed that beings in the energetic realms collaborate to maintain an optimal level of uncertainty in the human population about their existence. They do this because that level of uncertainty gives people the freedom to deny that the observed “absurdities” violate existing physical laws. A person may choose to remain in denial in order to avoid being in fear. Such denial when in ignorance of the true facts is known as plausible deniability. On the other hand, the uncertainty may also encourage people to consider alternative realities that could explain the inexplicable. So the controlled level of uncertainty, or managed plausible deniability, ensures that people will have the freewill to choose what they want to believe.

For example, a UFO may suddenly appear in the sky and disappear just as suddenly. It reappears and travels at an astonishing velocity and makes impossibly sharp turns. When an observer reports the sighting, many people may offer conventional explanations that avoid the necessity of accepting a new reality. Alternatively, some may believe that the UFO was an extraterrestrial craft with novel capabilities. This result would repeat after each subsequent sighting. Such a gentle, incremental approach prevents a fear response that would be accompanied mainly by thoughts of self-preservation. The Zetas expect that most people will eventually decide for themselves that extraterrestrial races with novel technologies do exist, and that they mean no harm.

Similarly, physical mediumship seances are typically conducted in a way that does not allow objective evidence about spirit energy to be gathered. Plausible reasons are usually given by the medium or the spirit control. For example, we are told that light interferes with spirit energy, although a weak red light is sometimes allowed. In the darkness of the seance room, very few anomalies can be visually confirmed by the sitters. We are also informed that modern scientific instrumentation emits electrical noise that disrupts spirit activity, so physical measurements are rarely permitted.

The problems caused by light and electrical noise may be real, but spirits have been able to deal with them when they occasionally chose to do so. The imposed prohibitions conveniently allow a spirit control to maintain a level of uncertainty for the sitters. The prohibitions also provide reasons for preventing formal scientific investigations that would significantly reduce the uncertainty about anomalous physical effects. The level of uncertainty is optimized so that people may wonder but still have plausible deniability. That is, they can accept conventional explanations and choose to reject the concept of the spirit realm if they wish, and fear is avoided.

Vallee (1975) refers to this process of maintaining a particular level of uncertainty as a control system. In an engineering sense, he is correct. However, the words have an unintended connotation when applied to human activity. They suggest that human behaviour is being manipulated in a certain way by outside agencies. People who value their perceived autonomy may immediately see this as a potential violation of their freedom. As explained above, however, the converse is true. The level of uncertainty maintained by the control system actually preserves people’s freedom to choose. They are less likely to be forced into the realization that their understanding of reality is wrong.

The Zeta expects humans to eventually raise the level of their collective consciousness so that paranormal phenomena are no longer mysterious. He said, “Once the level of understanding has reached a level where participation in those levels of consciousness is sought by humans, then of course plausible deniability will no longer need to exist.” A similar idea was expressed by Vallee (1975) when he said, “When this irreversible learning is achieved, the UFO phenomenon may go away entirely. Or it may assume some suitable representation on a human scale. The angels may land downtown.” But this acceptance cannot happen quickly without frightening people. Instead, hints of a new reality are given gradually so people have the time to decide for themselves what is true.

In the following segment from an earlier interview, another Zeta being confirmed that their disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence is being withheld so as not to create fear in the population. These comments were made before the issue of a control system was addressed.

Interviewer: Is there in the near future a change coming in regards to disclosure?

Zeta: There have been some complications, yes. Sixty to seventy earth years of physical contact of governmental structures. The realm of consciousness did not assist the races to interact with the humans. The level of consciousness that humans have did not support contact. And years gone by, the consciousness increases.

Let me say in regards to disclosure, we will disclose on our terms. May I make a statement without offending you?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: you are a simple race. We do not wish to put you in fear so we must disclose simply.

The Zeta commented that they will “disclose on our terms”. Presumably, when the human race as a whole is ready to accept the new reality without fear, the control system will no longer be necessary. But for now, we are susceptible to fear so they will disclose “simply”, primarily by exposures of craft in the sky rather than more elaborate exposures involving social and political institutions.

The successful operation of the control system would require the collaboration of governments and opinion makers on earth. The Zeta affirmed that “there is agreement between the races and some levels of the government in regards to what should be presented.” Over the years, official coverups of UFO sightings by government agencies have occurred with the enthusiastic assistance of the mainstream media.

The extraterrestrial races must have made a compelling case in order for all earth governments to agree to cooperate. Perhaps it was as the Zeta said, “If the governments were to make a statement that the races exist, there would be an automated jump for the consciousness of the human race, but in which direction? Would that be one of fear?” The expectation of a fear response might have been overblown, but that was not the only argument in favour of the control system. The Zeta asserted, “It is healthy to question, healthy for the human psyche to question, to perceive, and to question again, as slowly coming to maturity and understanding.” That is, in the long run it will be better for the human race to discover revolutionary new knowledge by itself. The uncertainty created by the control system would “stir the pot” and help make that happen.

The Brookings report

Some of the concerns mentioned by the Zeta are touched on in the well-known Brookings report (Michael, 1960) prepared for NASA, entitled "Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs." It addresses issues that might arise if humans were to become aware of extraterrestrials. A discussion of this aspect of the report may be found in the article by Redfern (2015), “E.T. and the Brookings Institution”. In retrospect, government policy seems consistent with the report, and it may have been used as a guide in that respect.

The Zeta’s concern about a possible fearful reaction by the public is reflected in the report by the statement, “The knowledge that life existed in other parts of the universe might lead to a greater unity of men on earth, based on the oneness of man or on the age-old assumption that any stranger is threatening.” That is, the authors suggest that people world-wide may become more unified either because they see themselves more clearly as members of one terrestrial race, or because they feel threatened by the existence of non-terrestrial races.

A relevant footnote on page 225 of the report is not included in the form of the publication referenced in the bibliography. The footnote speculates that “of all groups, scientists and engineers might be the most devastated by the discovery of relatively superior creatures… Advanced understanding of nature might vitiate all our theories at the very least, if not also require a culture and perhaps a brain inaccessible to earth scientists.” The comment suggests that the authors already had a sense that human science would be severely challenged by new knowledge of the energetic realm.

The report mentions possible “political or social repercussion” affecting the role of government, and that governments might be able to take advantage of any disruptions or changes in attitude. It recommends that further studies be done “to determine emotional and intellectual understanding and attitudes -- and successive alterations of them if any -- regarding the possibility and consequences of discovering intelligent extraterrestrial life.” Attitudes towards extraterrestrial life may change, and presumably, so might the likelihood of a fearful and hostile human reaction.

The authors of the report also recommend looking for guidance on the question, “How might such information, under what circumstances, be presented to or withheld from the public for what ends?” How much should the public be told, or not be told, about the extraterrestrial presence, and why? Remarkably, the control system implements an answer to this question. Presenting or withholding information about anomalies maintains a desired level of uncertainty. This is done to minimize the likelihood of fear in the population. So the government-approved Brookings report anticipated what the Zeta now agrees is in place - the controlled release of information to the public concerning the extraterrestrial presence.

We have seen evidence of the control system in operation. On one hand, there are sporadic official leaks of UFO information that could be true, followed by denials from government agencies and media personalities. On the other hand, there are occasional reports of hard-to-explain UFO sightings, and also patterns of lights in the sky that are easier for skeptics to explain. These could be the handiwork of the extraterrestrials, also feeding information into the control system to maintain uncertainty. It seems likely that both human and extraterrestrial agencies are working to manage plausibility deniability.

The authors of the Brookings report did not have the mandate to address physical mediumship. This may have been an oversight, intentional or otherwise. According to the Zetas, both the “impossible” UFO behaviours and physical mediumship phenomena depend on the existence of the energetic realm. If the control system helps humans become aware of this new reality, it should also be managing the degree of uncertainty with regard to physical mediumship.

The behaviours of spirit controls on one hand and skeptical human reporting on the other appear to manage plausible deniability with regard to physical mediumship. Spirits allow only limited scientific investigation of inexplicable phenomena in the seance room. Also, humans do their best occasionally to write evidential scientific reports which are often countered by accusations of fraud. The result is a similar level of uncertainty in the followers of physical mediumship regarding the reality of the spirit realm. The uncertainty again encourages a search for new ideas about the fundamental nature of reality.

The Zetas’ long view

The Brookings report appears to be in agreement with the Zetas with regard to what is being done. It suggests controlling the release of information because the population might otherwise react with fear. The control system that appears to be in place encourages various conflicting explanations of apparent anomalies. The resulting uncertainty minimizes the fear which might otherwise interfere with our search for explanations.

For the Zetas, the absence of fear is but the first step toward a more ambitious goal. They say they would like to communicate telepathically with humanity, and so we are being asked to tune our consciousness to the proper channel, so to speak. The control system encourages us to try out new ideas and begin to understand how the human race might reach the required state of consciousness. The Zetas have given us broad hints by sharing details of a cosmology based on the energy of a unitary, aware source consciousness existing as a multidimensional “consciousness space”.

The Zetas understand that the energy of consciousness space is the essential nature of all that is. They say everything that exists, including our physical universe, is a configuration of this energy. Beings that are facets of this primary consciousness exist in this energetic realm, and have the ability to make changes to their environment. All one needs to be a creator is the intention to create. So all beings have the innate ability to reconfigure consciousness into whatever form they desire.

A way to think about the energy of consciousness space is to use the analogy of a waveform. A single waveform is said to represent all that is. Individual objects or beings are components of this waveform. Conversely, individual things integrated with the one waveform are recovered by a being’s perceptual process. Perception is the inverse of the creation process and transforms the waveform into separate things for the being’s consciousness to experience.

A new creation alters the content of the one waveform. A being operating in the energy of a particular state of consciousness or vibration, “intends” to modify that energy to reflect the intended creation. Then the modified energy is combined with the original energy to create a result analogous to the interference pattern of a hologram. Other beings operating at the same state of vibration can, as an act of perception, reconstruct the creation and share in that reality. A being whose highest vibrational state is lower than the state that created the pattern would not be able to do so. The constraint that low-vibrational beings cannot share the experiences of higher-vibrational beings has a profound effect on the kind of relations that can exist among beings.

The Zeta race and other extraterrestrial races operate at a higher vibrational state than humans do, and this is the main reason we are unable to communicate telepathically with them. A telepathic message may be considered a creation to share with others. Those others, of course, must exist at the same or higher vibrational state to perceive the message.

Raising the state of the collective consciousness is a significant challenge for the human race. The difficulty becomes more evident when we learn that the ‘states of consciousness’ dimension is equivalent to a ‘states of love’ dimension. Beings who are in similar states of love can communicate telepathically, so the Zetas hope and expect that we will work to raise the state of love of the human collective consciousness.


The interview with the Zeta confirmed the existence of a control system that maintains a level of uncertainty about how to explain UFO and physical mediumship phenomena. Its purpose is to prevent the fear that would probably occur in response to generally accepted, irrefutable evidence of the energetic realms. Without the fear, humanity will be better able to recognize and accept the revolutionary change in worldview that the existence of the energetic realm demands.

The control system is employed jointly by non-terrestrial beings, by humans in positions of authority, and by spirit controls in physical mediumship seances. Besides the reduction of fear, the Zetas have the additional objective of communicating telepathically with the human race. For that to happen, humans need to recognize the energetic realms, that love is a creative force, and that a more loving human collective consciousness will facilitate telepathic communication with extraterrestrial races.


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