Vibration of consciousness is multidimensional  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, March, 2018 (revised)

Summary. The dimension of vibration is a fundamental property of consciousness since differences among vibrational states enable distinctions to be made. It is usually thought to be one-dimensional, ranging from low to high. However, the information from the Zetas in our conversations with them suggest that it is multidimensional. A model was devised in which a being’s vibrational state is a function of a state of harmony combined with its location in the model. A being with a vibrational state on a particular plane of the model cannot be aware of existences located on orthogonal planes. The model was applied to show the relationships among different races.

1. Introduction

A cosmological theory based on consciousness is described in Treurniet (2019a). An important property of consciousness in this theory is the dimension of vibration. Anything that exists has a vibrational state that helps to distinguish it from all other things. In the case of a being, the vibrational state of its consciousness reflects the spiritual advancement of the being. There is a direct relationship between the being’s vibrational state and how well it harmonizes with all that exists. Humans in a low vibrational state may spend much of their time in fear and despair, whereas high-vibration humans have more positive feelings such as unconditional love, compassion and gratitude. However, on the basis of information given by extraterrestrial Zeta beings (Treurniet and Hamden, 2012) speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden, the dimension of vibration may be much more complex.

Consciousness has other properties in the Zeta cosmology that were not explicitly stated. The Zetas respect our freewill and that we should figure some things out for ourselves. They gave many hints that the linear model is too simple, and these hints helped in the development of a multidimensional model of the vibration of consciousness.

2. The concept of nesting

Inherent in the concept of multidimensionality is the idea of nesting. A multidimensional data structure is the matrix A[i][j][k]. The array has groups of elements indexed by k nested inside another set indexed by j. Similarly, the groups of elements indexed by j are nested inside another set indexed by i. This idea of nesting one group as a subset of another group was expressed by a Zeta in the following comments about consciousness space.

In a dimensional place there are also non-dimensional existences. As explained earlier, there are existences within existences.

There are realms within realms, dimensions within dimensions, and inter-dimensions within dimensions, all is inside everything else. Each dimension is vibrating at a different level, then you can understand that everything is one and everything of the whole.

These statements are examined further as hints about the nature of consciousness.

3. The vibration dimension

The Zetas’ comments support the existence of at least a two-dimensional conceptual structure for the vibrations of consciousness. This can be represented by the matrix V[i][j], where each ith level of the array has within it many j elements. We propose that the vibration at each V[i][j] element of the array is a function of both i and j; that is, V[i][j]= f(i,j).

The existence of the two dimensions of vibration is most recognizable in the discussions about the human etheric body. There appears to be one element of the vibrational state that determines the nature of the physicality, and another that determines the amount of harmony that is present. The Zeta indicated this in the following comment.

If you have one frequency in the physical, multiple frequencies in the etheric body, and then the highest possible frequency that you are able to be determined by, that attachment is a active flow of energy and frequency between the physical and the higher self using the etheric as the intermediary process. We said to you before that the etheric body held many frequencies.

The etheric body has a “physical frequency” which is a relatively unvarying vibration required to create the perception of matter. The Zeta said, “One frequency defines the state of the physical body which is encapsulated by the energetic body which you are calling the etheric body. … The physical frequency defines what you can remember.” The perceptual process needs this vibration to transform the etheric pattern to a perception of matter. The Zeta also said, “Matter needs to exist in certain frequencies”, suggesting that there are particular vibrations that could be used to create matter. They added, “For it to bind, it needs this frequency”, indicating that without one of these vibrations there is no matter. In accordance with these quotes, the value of i, the first index of a cell of the matrix, defines the physical vibration of a state of consciousness.

The existence of a single physical vibration may also be deduced when a Zeta used frequency as an analogy for the physical vibrations of Zetas and humans. The Zeta frequency was given as 10 Hz and the human frequency as about 7.5 Hz. Although each number was an analogy for the actual vibrational state, they show that the physical vibration is constant within each race, according to the Zeta. This observation supports the use of an ith index to define the vibrational state that creates the perception of matter.

The Zeta even said explicitly that there is more than one state of physicality. “There is a potential for beings of races to exist in the different forms of physical frequencies. It does not mean that the physical form is disassociated permanently from its nominal state. It means that we have capacity to exist in a different level of physical capacity. If we choose to exist in a finer level of physical frequency, then we would be not seen in the normal spectrum of a human.” These additional states of physicality would correspond to other levels of the ith index.

The universe we experience appears to exist at a particular value of the ith index. That vibration parameter gives the perceptual process the ability to transform compatible etheric forms into our familiar objects. At a different value of the ith index, the perceptual process would need to be recalibrated to transform a corresponding set of etheric patterns into the experience of discrete objects. The Zeta said, “Each separation of consciousness is layers to perform many functions. Some levels of consciousness pervade the worlds of matter, whereas others are multifaceted in energetic form, each having the ability to exist as a race of beings in every form.” If the separation of consciousness happens when the ith index is incremented to the next layer, another physical existence would be experienced. But the Zeta suggested that the experience might be non-physical instead. This implies that the vibration structure has a third dimension that is non-physical. This is discussed further in the following section on multidimensional vibrations.

The physical vibration of the ith index also appears to define the "channel" for communication with a race. The Zeta said, “Each of the races have a base frequency for connection.”. This suggests that an individual’s vibrational state for communication is determined by the state of physicality of the race. The Zeta added, “and then depending on the entities within that race would depend on the level of frequency that they hold.” That is, a higher vibrational state needed for communication could be achieved when the individual’s state of harmony is increased to a higher jth index. The Zeta explained, “We said to you before that the etheric body held many frequencies. Those frequencies can be any value”. This suggests that the etheric body activity can increase the vibrational state and thus, the jth index. The vibration, V[i][j], achieved by this process would permit communication with a race at a different ith index.

The vibrational states of the astral and spirit realms are different from the etheric realm. How do these realms fit into the model of vibration? When someone transitions from the etheric to the astral realm, a new astral body appears that is not visible from our usual perspective (Treurniet and Hamden, 2017). This suggests that the consciousness has entered another physical type of vibrational state by incrementing the ith index. It is then free to change its state of harmony reflected by the jth index. Similarly, the spirit realm is entered by again incrementing the ith index. This process is in agreement with a Zeta’s statement, “The spirit realm container and the astral collective consciousness seem to be in separation but are actually as one process.... Do not think the astral realm is there and the spirit realm is there, it is one component but it is in separation.” That is, differences in the ith index create apparent separations among realms, but all are part of the same process in the larger context.

4. Multidimensional vibrations

In a comment quoted above, the Zeta said, “Each separation of consciousness is layers to perform many functions. Some levels of consciousness pervade the worlds of matter, whereas others are multifaceted in energetic form, each having the ability to exist as a race of beings in every form.” We are informed that races of beings exist that are not physical but are multifaceted in energetic form. As noted earlier, a third dimension of vibration is needed to accommodate such non-physical existences as well. A vibrational state would then be expressed as V[i][j][k]. A schematic of the proposed model is drawn in Figure 1.

Figure 1. A multidimensional model of consciousness vibration. 

The comment that there are beings who are multifaceted in energetic form suggests that more dimensions exist and that the vibration structure should be viewed as multidimensional. The structure is easier to understand when we constrain existences to be mutually exclusive so that the structure consists of perpendicular planes. Each plane would have a particular type of energetic form on one of the axes, such as physical or non-physical, versus the variable of harmony on the other. This means that any type of existence would have the ability to increase their vibrational state on the harmony axis, and do it independently of all other types of existence.

In Figure 1, the red rectangle shows an example of a being’s possible range of vibrations in our etheric/matter existence. The blue rectangle represents the range of a hypothetical non-physical being. The red rectangle is perpendicular to the blue rectangle, indicating that they are independent.

Mutual exclusivity cannot always be assumed, however. The Zeta suggested that an in-between state is possible when they said, “The Anunnaki planet is partially dematerialized, a physicality, so the molecular structure of the planet is not as closely bound together as your physical planet. It has matter, it's construct is of matter, but there is matter that you cannot touch around.... And so there are many in-between states between the physical and the non-physical.” So according to the Zeta, the interior of the state space shown in Figure 1 is not forbidden, and it appears to be possible for beings to move incrementally through that space from one plane of vibration toward another.

Our lack of awareness of other types of existences around us suggests that mutual exclusivity is the rule. The Zeta commented, “There are many energies on this earth plane, some are out of 'frequency' with your current processes.” The Zeta indicated that while we exist in our plane of physical vibration, other beings coexist in their own planes that are independent of ours. The perceptual process in our physical plane is incompatible with other planes, and we are unaware of the existence of others.

5. The vibrations of races

The graph in Figure 2 is a schematic of the vibrational states of some races. It is based on the conceptual model of Figure 1, but includes details about particular races. The ends of the bars on the i and k axes represent base vibrations which can increase according to the intentions of individual beings of a race. An increase in vibration moves the being’s position on the bar along the jth or “Harmony” dimension.

Figure 2. Sharing of the vibrational space among races. 

In the figure, the location of a group of base vibrations specifies the type of a race. For example, the positions of the violet bars labelled z1, z2, and z3 identify vibrational levels of the physical Zeta collective. These vibrations appear to resonate according to some natural law, and so beings of the race can move to the different levels. We were given these vibrations as frequencies of 10, 16, and 32 Hz. The vibration z1= 10 was said to be the frequency of the Zetas’ physical body of matter. Vibration z2= 16 is the frequency of a Zeta that is temporarily in separation (i.e., out-of-body or OOB). Vibration z3= 32 is the frequency of a Zeta who is permanently in separation from the physical body. The body remains in stasis until it is needed again.

There are relations among these frequencies which suggest why they might form a grouping. First, the ratio z2/z1 is 1.6. This approximates the value of the golden ratio, 1.618, the numerical convergence of the Fibonacci series. The series is ubiquitous in describing the geometry of many physical phenomena including the shape of seashells and some galaxies. The golden ratio also defines aesthetically pleasing proportions within works of art, so it appears in psychological phenomena as well. Secondly, the ratio z3/z2 is 2.0, suggesting that the z3 vibration is a harmonic of the z2 vibration.

When the Zetas gave those frequencies as analogs of the vibrations of their collective, they also said that the first human frequency is 7-8 Hz. Other frequencies for humans can be calculated starting from this initial value by using the relationships among the frequencies defining the Zeta collective. To obtain the frequency triplet for the human race, the initial frequency of 7.5 Hz is multiplied by the approximate golden ration of 1.6 which gives 12 Hz. Then, multiplying 12 Hz by 2 yields 24 Hz. So the corresponding triplet for the human race is 7.5, 12, and 24 Hz. These are represented in Figure 2 by the red bars labelled s1, s2, and s3.

The descriptions that accompanied the Zeta frequencies appear to be equivalent to known human states. Z1 and s1 are the frequencies of the Zeta and human physical bodies of matter, respectively. The Zeta’s temporary state of separation, z2, corresponds to s2, the human OOB state in the astral realm. Finally, the Zeta’s permanent state of separation, z3, corresponds to s3, the existence of human spirits in the spirit realm.

Thus far, each set of numbers is specific to a particular race. It is possible, however, for beings of one race to adopt a vibration of the other. This is necessary, for example, when communication between a human and a Zeta is desired. With the proper intention and actions, an individual human can increase vibration to a higher state of consciousness by moving along the jth axis. By so doing, the human vibration on s1 should be able to reach a level equivalent to a Zeta vibration on z2. Calculation of an equivalent vibration is demonstrated in the following hypothetical example.

The vibration V[i][j][k] was defined as a function of the coordinates in the model, f(i,j,k). For the purpose of discussion, we will arbitrarily define f(i,j,k)= i*j + k*j. The value of i for s1 is 8, and the value of i for z2 is 16. Let us assume that the human on s1 wishes to increase vibration to be equivalent to a Zeta on z2 at j= 10. The value of k is always 0 for the physical type of being, so the desired Zeta vibration is 16*10= 160. The vibration of a human on s1 has a value of 160 when j= 20 (i.e., 8*20= 160). So we could say that V[z2,10,0]= V[s1,20,0]. In practice, however, it may not be so simple. When the medium, Paul Hamden, shares a vibrational state with a Zeta in order to communicate, he does not share the Zeta’s experience completely. Perhaps this is so because this simple vibrational equivalence between the two races loses the multidimensional quality of vibration. The value of the ith coordinate defining the races matters.

Entities known as non-physical, interdimensional beings can also be accommodated in the model. A Zeta said there are interdimensional beings that “do not contain the frequencies that relate to being of matter” and “their interdimensional aspect is that they exist within the frequency process between matter”. The frequency process between matter appears to be the Zeta’s way of referring to vibrational states that are not in the physical plane.

Non-physical, interdimensional races do not have a resonating group of vibrations like the physical races. A characteristic of an interdimensional being is that its vibrational state depends on the environment in which it exists. A Zeta explained that the vibration of such a being “is determined generally by where the interdimensional entity exists, much as if you are cold because you are in a cold climate.” This is analogous to the adaptation of a coldblooded animal’s body temperature to that of its environment.

The creators of the physical Zeta race, the Blue Beings, were mentioned as an example of an interdimensional, non-physical race. The physical ith coordinate in the model is always zero for such beings. In Figure 2, a non-physical race like the Blue Beings is represented by the blue bar labelled “a”, which terminates on the non-physical kth axis and extends into the jth dimension.

6. Discussion

A Zeta said in support of the multidimensional nature of vibration, “There are realms within realms, dimensions within dimensions, and interdimensions within dimensions, all is inside everything else. Each dimension is vibrating at a different level, then you can understand that everything is one and everything of the whole. The quote summarizes in words the conceptual graphical model of vibration shown in Figure 1. The figure suggests why we are mostly unaware of many other races in our daily life. They are constrained to exist in vibrational spaces that are not compatible with our perceptual process.

The relationships in the quote appear to exist in the multidimensional model. Specifically, realms within realms may refer to the etheric, the astral, and the spirit realm ranges of vibrations nested inside the physical type of vibrations (where k= 0).

The dimensions within dimensions may be interpreted to mean ranges of vibrations in the model where i= 0, nested inside the superset of the non-physical type of dimension.

Finally, interdimensional beings “do not contain the frequencies that relate to being of matter.” Therefore, interdimensions within dimensions may refer to the vibrational states where the ith coordinate is zero and two or more non-physical coordinates are non-zero. That is, if there were a fourth non-physical dimension, m, the interdimensional region would be where k and m are non-zero.

Figure 2 shows how the model can be applied by using specific instances of races discussed by the Zetas in the interviews.

It is interesting that the processes in different states of vibration are not required to be the same. For example, the Zeta explained that memories of beings are represented as processes in the astral realm but not in non-physical realms. In the astral realm, the memories are “in flow, somewhat like an energetic stream bound intrinsically to the consciousness of an entity.” However, they said that the stream of energy representing memories does not occur in the non-physical dimensions.

To explain this lack of uniformity, the Zeta added, “Consciousness, in this universe, with these states of physicality - which is the underlying structure of what is - then accommodates consciousness.” That is, consciousness decided that in this universe, with these states of physicality, the memory process was needed in the astral realm. In interdimensional non-physical states of existence, however, the memory process appears not to be required and so it does not exist.

Some interdimensional beings have a technology that enables them to enter the physical plane of vibration. “How they would enter into a lower frequency form is to shield themselves within a cocoon process of consciousness, to present themselves as being of the same level of consciousness and frequency as the surrounding entity.” So they would represent themselves on the physical plane in a form that shields the non-physical being from the physical environment.

This discussion has extracted another level of meaning from the conversations with the Zetas. It might offer guidance to those people who are able to navigate the intricacies of consciousness space. Knowing that vibration is multidimensional may help to understand how to communicate with the entities who live there.


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