Light and the Zeta cosmology

William C. Treurniet, September, 2019

Summary. Conversations with Zetas suggested the hypothesis that the energy of consciousness is the medium for light propagation. The proposed medium would extend Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism and integrate the theory with the Zeta cosmology.

1. Introduction

Several beings, who say they belong to the extraterrestrial Zeta race, have spoken with various groups of people over several years through the medium, Paul Hamden. When the medium enters a particular altered state of consciousness, the Zetas can speak with his voice. A cosmology emerged from the conversations with the Zetas in which matter is experienced as transformations of information encoded in the energy of consciousness. Transcripts of the recorded conversations were published in the book, "The Zeta Interviews". The information was analyzed from different perspectives in two books entitled "A Primer of the Zeta Race" and "Extraterrestrial Cosmology and Technology". This article suggests an extension to the theory of light as currently understood by human scientists and engineers.

Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism (Kip, 1969; Lerner, 2019) is the predominant theory of electromagnetic (EM) waves. Light is, of course, part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The theory holds that an electric charge is the source of an electric field, and electric lines of force begin and end on electric charges. Magnetic lines of force always form closed loops and can be induced by moving electric charges. Finally, a flow of electrons may be generated in a conductor as it passes through magnetic lines of force. It is a mathematical theory that accurately predicts the behaviours of electric and magnetic fields. A medium of propagation is not specified and is not needed for the theory to be practically useful.

When the Zetas were asked about the nature of light, they responded at length but spoke only tangentially about the mechanism underlying the propagation of light. This article is an attempt to understand the physics of light from the perspective of the Zeta cosmology. The conclusion concerning the propagation of light was framed as a hypothesis based on a number of clues in the Zeta information. The hypothesis was ambiguously affirmed by a Zeta.

Readers will find an understanding of the cosmology to be helpful (see the article, "A cosmology founded on intrinsic attributes of consciousness").

Throughout the article, direct quotes from the Zetas are written in italics.

2. A Zeta’s lesson on light

The Zetas were asked specifically to describe the nature of light. The intention was to gain a better physical understanding of electromagnetic radiation. The lengthy response gave valuable information but did not address the underlying physics of light.

The following is the Zeta’s response.

What is light? Of course, a light is potential, a light is a, depending on who you are, what race, will then define what potential it will provide. For the humans, they are able to see a certain energy within a framework and the perception is light.

Now of course, some of your animals see different forms of potentials, different types of light. These potentials are also used in many different forms. So you see that a light can be a mechanism to provide illumination in darkness, that light can also be a communication.

Light is a frequency, some would say, which is a truth that a light has potential to be consciousness. Now of course, how a being sees this light is up to the way that they exist. If they exist within the physical, then they will use their physical eyes to view the light. Light is also used as a mechanism for life stimulation, to excite the potential of a cellular structure. Without light, many would perish. The physical body is able to convert light to the necessary components required to survive. Light also provides a balancing mechanism for consciousness. Your physical body is designed to require light.

On some level the etheric body of a human, or of any entity, is designed to accept light as a mechanism to provide stimulation, or to power it. You have developed technologies to convert light to energy, your solar power process. That is a biological function that has been moved to a physical technological process.

All beings of consciousness will see a form of light. If light exists where no matter exists, then consciousness will accurately understand itself to be in a potential. It is up to the consciousness as to whether they choose to perceive themselves as being in the darkness, or semi-darkness, or a bright level of consciousness.

So, it could be said that consciousness will determine its own existence, how it views itself and its surroundings by what provides it with the most comforting environment. Some consciousness may choose to live in what is perceived to be a darkness, whereas others will choose to live in a lighted consciousness. Consciousness creates its own illumination. I believe I have answered the question satisfactorily.

2.1 Comments on the lesson

Light is a sensation and the experience of a sensation is the instantiation of a particular potential in consciousness. So light is ultimately an experienced potential. How a particular light is experienced by an organism depends on the consciousness potential that is evoked. The sensory apparatus varies among different organisms, and so the potential in response to a particular light stimulus is also expected to vary. For example, beings are not equally sensitive to a particular spectral range of light.

The energy of light has a particular vibration. How it is received by a being depends on how the being exists. The energy enters the eyes of the physical human body. It is transferred via the etheric body to the higher-self consciousness where it is transformed and experienced as a particular consciousness potential.

Light is also experienced in other realms such as the astral and spirit realms, so the sensory apparatus of the etheric body is not essential to have the experience. In these other realms, a being may choose how the consciousness potential is experienced. According to the Zeta, a being’s intention can control the brightness of the light experienced as a sensation. This suggests that the perception can be modified by a filter created by the experiencer to produce the desired effect.

However, a human in the etheric realm cannot control the light with intention. This may be for the same reason that humans are unable to create thought forms. On technical grounds, humans typically could not “intend” to create a filter. The human vibrational state does not include the space of expansion needed in order to create (see "Extraterrestrial Cosmology and Technology "). Without the filter, the brightness of light is passively experienced as an outcome of the perceptual process.

3. A theory of light in consciousness

Different theories have been developed by humans to address the nature of light in the etheric realm. The most widely used is Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism (e.g., Kip, 1969) which treats light as a field that propagates without a known medium. A hypothesis is proposed in this section that the grid of consciousness, the same grid that supports the created quanta of matter, also supports the propagation of light. The hypothesis is justified by a number of comments from the Zetas.

3.1 Light in the absence of quanta

There are some conditions when light appears that may help to understand it better. A Zeta commented, “There are many places where the construct of what seems to be three-dimensional does not exist, the light area.” Also, “If light exists where no matter exists, then consciousness will accurately understand itself to be in a potential.” Accordingly, a non-physical race of beings known as the Anorians “no longer see that they require the interactions between matter and the non-matter states,” so they are “the light area.

Further, the Anorians “no longer hold the desire to exist in a singular entity structure, and so they are seen as light.” The singular entity structure refers to a structure in consciousness like the spirit realm. The race does not create the quanta associated with matter, and no longer exists in a realm structure of consciousness. Either of these conditions is the reason why the Anorian race appears to the perceptual process of physical beings as light.

The Zeta elaborated on the Anorian form of consciousness, “Interesting entities, yes, a field or plane of consciousness, isolated and of intelligence. … Imagine a thin field, a band, and the band contains the consciousness of the race, does not permeate all things.” Instead of something like the spirit realm, the “container” for the Anorians appears to be a band of vibrations in consciousness. They are isolated in the band, so they do not interfere with races in other vibrations of consciousness.

A Zeta also said, “Now remember that without matter, consciousness has no reflection, and so all consciousness exists from one source entity, but exists in matter as multiple races.” That is, the experiences of a physical type of being are consciousness observing itself via the created quanta, but the experiences of a non-physical type of being are those of the “one source entity”. The perceptual process of physical beings interpret only quanta. The absence of quanta in the domain of non-physical beings are experienced via the perceptual process as light.

All beings form thoughts that are configurations of consciousness. The Zeta said, "… a biological entity is utilized in allowing the thought processes to exist." Also, “thoughts exist because consciousness, which is the underlying form of existence, requires that it abides by constant expansion. The methodology of this is the thought process.” The constant expansion or growth of the consciousness of a physical entity is enabled by the thought process.

Both physical and non-physical entities are mechanisms for thoughts to exist. A physical being uses thoughts to create quanta so that other physical beings can experience the same thoughts in a consensus reality. A non-physical being does not create quanta. Its thoughts persist as instantiations of the potentials of total consciousness, and perhaps are shared in that form. A non-physical Anorian indicated via the medium that it had the ability to control the extent that thoughts are shared. It said regarding its offspring, “What joy is there in having a child who knows all you know?” The Anorians have no quanta and so “the construct of what seems to be three-dimensional does not exist, and so there is a light area.

When an Anorian came near to him, the medium felt a powerful sensation of love, indicating they have a very high vibration. So they are a group mind existing in a band of high vibrations without quanta where they experience total consciousness directly. They are sensed by our perceptual process as light and as a loving energy. The Zeta indicated there are other places without three-dimensional creations that are also experienced as light. As a general rule then, our perceptual process transforms a grid without quanta to an experience of light.

3.2 No light from the void

The Zeta said that nothing in consciousness outside our universe can be seen as light. “Now, to imagine the universe is shaped as if it were an umbrella shape. Outside of the universe is a void in which there is no potential for light. This is consciousness.” There is consciousness in the void that is beyond what we can experience as our universe, and it cannot be experienced as light. The Zeta added, “If I was to use pictorial imagery, it is to be in a ever expanding state of existence, viewing the universe as being but a glimmer of light within a vast void of darkness.” Out of all possible states of existence, only our universe is accessible to our perceptual process. Only the consciousness of the visible universe can be seen as “a glimmer of light within a vast void of darkness.”

The Zeta’s description of the universe appears to correspond to the prevailing human model of the Big Bang (see here or here). The model holds that the universe came into being in an instantaneous process. It expanded rapidly, then more slowly, and continues to expand today. The resulting image of the universe over time has the umbrella shape mentioned by the Zeta. Inside the umbrella are the various stages of evolution of the universe, including the subatomic particles, atoms, planets, stars, and galaxies. Many such objects are seen as light. From the perspective of the Big Bang model, there is no possibility of seeing light from outside the expanding universe. This follows from the dynamics of the model and the limitation on the speed of light. The model cannot confirm or rule out the existence of the void of consciousness outside the umbrella shape described by the Zeta.

3.3 Propagation of light

An electromagnetic (EM) wave may be created using an antenna. A common form is the dipole antenna for radio communication. The wave is generated by an applied voltage that varies in polarity over time along the antenna in a sinusoidal pattern. The applied voltage generates an EM field that propagates through free space. The EM wave may be intercepted at a distance by a receiving antenna where a corresponding time-varying voltage is generated.

The electrons in the transmitting antenna are objects of matter and so they are quanta in the grid. The varying voltage in the antenna correlates with changes to these quanta. The changing patterns of the quanta in the antenna generate configurations in space that are interpreted as an electromagnetic field. The configurations are conceptualized as two-dimensional electric and magnetic waves oriented orthogonally to each other with a 180ᵒ phase difference. Maxwell’s theory does not specify a medium of propagation since there is nothing that vibrates to transmit the EM energy.

The Zeta said that a non-physical Anorian’s thoughts are energy configurations in a particular band of vibrations perceived as light. The non-quantized vibrations of consciousness could be the medium for light propagation. Quanta do not exist there and so the quantized grid could not be a medium for light propagation in the realm of the Anorians. In the physical dimension of vibration, however, the quantized grid and the non-quantized vibrations of consciousness both exist and either might be the medium for light propagation.

The possible role of the grid in light propagation was examined by questioning a Zeta. The interviewer asked, “How does light propagate from a light source to the eyes? Is the light energy carried by vibrations of the grid?” The Zeta replied, “All things are in constant movement.” They did not deny that light propagated via the grid, but neither did they clearly agree. The ambiguous response suggested they were not happy with the premise of the question - that the grid alone is involved in the propagation of light.

The following hypothesis proposes how the grid is involved in creating light and that the medium of propagation is the ever-present, non-quantized vibrations of consciousness.

Hypothesis: Energy sources in the grid such as the quanta of electrons emit quantized vibrations in a spherical pattern. The quantized energies resonate with particular vibrations of consciousness. The vibrations are enhanced by the resonations, and the energies propagate through the energy of consciousness until absorbed by lower-energy, resonating quanta of a radio antenna or the retina of an eye. The vibrations of consciousness in the range of the visible spectrum are transformed by the perceptual process to the sensation of light.

The hypothesis proposes that the vibrating energies of consciousness resonate with an oscillating quantized source in the grid like an electron. The energy propagates until it is absorbed by resonating with other quanta of lower potential in its path. So in a physical realm, an oscillating electrical potential from one quantized object is transferred to another quantized object via the medium of consciousness vibrations.

4. Discussion

Maxwell’s theory is a field theory in that light energy propagates without being transmitted through a medium of matter. An electric field is emitted from an electric charge, and a magnetic field is generated by a charge in motion. According to our hypothesis, an EM wave is initiated by the motion of charges in the non-quantized energies of consciousness. The frequency of the wave is determined by which of these energies resonate with the electric charges.

According to the Zeta cosmology, the grid is a potential until it is instantiated by the creation process. Interestingly, our hypothesis concerning light propagation also suggests how the grid would come into existence. The energy released by an electron when it changes state is quantized. The released energy causes a corresponding non-quantized vibrational energy of consciousness to increase its amplitude. That is, an element of the non-quantized vibration of consciousness increases in intensity when it resonates with the quantized energy of the electron. A quantized grid is formed by these resonations because the representation that was produced by the creation process is quantized.

The hypothesis proposes that the oscillating potential of an electron generates an EM wave when the potential resonates with particular vibrations of consciousness. The hypothesis was supported further when a small vortex appeared to the medium. According to the Zeta, the purpose was “to present ourselves to the medium.” They explained, “There are multidimensional fabrics of energies presented as frequency. Those frequencies make up your physical environment, your perception of your environment. When we wish to present ourselves into the physical environment at a distance, we create a distortion in that fabric. So the room, or a portion of the room, would seem to bend.

The ‘multidimensional fabrics of energies’ mentioned by the Zeta describes the non-quantized energies of consciousness. These energies were distorted by the Zeta to create a portal from one Physical type of vibration to another. The distortion caused part of the room to seem to bend and the medium saw this as a vortex. According to the hypothesis, the optical effect would have occurred when the path of light propagating as vibrations of consciousness was distorted.

In the creation process, a physical type of being instantiates a thought that already exists as a potential in total consciousness. The thought is quantized so it will persist in a physical consensus reality. On the other hand, a non-physical type of being like an Anorian does not create quanta. The instantiated thought itself would be available to others of its kind. When a perceptual process of a physical being attempts to transform such non-physical configurations, they are experienced as white light instead of the non-physical being’s thoughts.

An Anorian being took the medium toward its collective consciousness. The medium described the experience as follows, “As I moved closer in trance to the Anorian race, I saw an extended flat field of light. I heard a telepathic voice say ‘Would you like to come closer?’ In that second, I was drawn closer without them waiting for an answer. Instantly, I started to forget who I was and saw cracks appear like on a sheet of glass. I was losing my existence. I psychologically stepped back as fast as I could to regain my construct. In one sense, it was terrifying, and in another sense, very enlightening.” The medium, the Zeta, as well as the Anorian’s own words via the medium, confirmed that the Anorian race is experienced as light.

The hypothesis that light propagates through the energy of consciousness has implications for the phenomenon known as gravitational lensing. It is known that large masses like stars and galaxies affect the path of light passing nearby. This lensing effect may occur when the quanta of the large mass significantly distort the parameters of the consciousness vibrations in the surrounding grid.


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