The meaning of 'Level of Consciousness'  

William C. Treurniet, July, 2013

Summary. The term 'level of consciousness' is often used by advocates of the new spirituality, but without a sense of what it really means. Raising one's consciousness seems related to becoming more aware of existence and becoming more loving towards all of creation. A low level of consciousness is related to the baser emotions such as fear and hatred. With the help of information obtained from extraterrestrials, we can now understand that the level of consciousness has a direct correspondence with the structure and content of the cosmos. Consciousness is represented by a vibrating grid analogy that is an integral part of creation. A level of consciousness corresponds exactly to the frequency of grid vibration used by a being to create. Beings are motivated to experience existence in many ways, and strive to do so at different frequencies and corresponding levels of consciousness.

This article examines the meaning of the oft-used expression, 'level of consciousness' from the perspective of information introduced by extraterrestrials. In the book, "A Primer of the Zeta Race" (Treurniet and Hamden, 2013), Paul Hamden and I discuss philosophical and scientific information given by extraterrestrial teachers, including those from the Zeta and Pleiadian races. Paul is a medium who can adjust his "connection frequency" in a trance state so that it matches that of another being. He then mentally steps aside and allows the consciousness of the being to use his body to interact with other people around him. The being uses Paul's knowledge of language to communicate.

During one of these sessions, a Zeta said about the nature of reality, "The void is a living entity of total consciousness (oligarchical in nature), and is partially living as an experience in separation (through illusion) of self through the vesture of matter. Each separation of consciousness is layers to perform many functions (oversouls). Some levels of consciousness pervade the worlds of matter, whereas others are multifaceted in energetic form (each having the ability to exist as a race of beings in every form)."

According to the Zeta, all aspects of creation are elements of a source consciousness that is layered to facilitate experiences in separation. Some layers pervade our three-dimensional material world, while others are more complex, multifaceted energetic existences. The extraterrestrial information provides a basic understanding of the nature of the energetic realms, and it shows that 'level of consciousness' is related directly to the structure of the cosmos. The following includes some of the context required to understand this. More details can be found in several chapters of the book.

A special class of conscious energy exists from which souls were formed. A soul is composed of various facets of energy we call spirits. In the Zeta's words, "The soul belongs to a class of energies which distinguishes it from all other conscious entities in the universe. It is self-aware and understands its distinctiveness. The soul is multifaceted and incarnates in many states of being in many realms while still remaining one entity." The overall purpose for the soul's existence is to strive for new experiences and to make comparisons with self so that the source consciousness can come to understand itself.

If it wishes, a soul fragment or spirit consciousness may choose to occupy a physical living form. The Zeta observes that a human spirit in that state is not fully aware of its nature. It has a form of amnesia which prevents it from remembering prior experiences and knowing its origin. This constraint is self-imposed to increase the likelihood of novel experiences while in the physical form.

When the physical body dies, the associated spirit consciousness is once again fully aware of its nature. It returns to its place of origin, such as the spirit realm, and may choose once again to begin a new life in a physical body. We know this process as reincarnation. In general, various human spiritual philosophies hold that the particular reincarnation chosen depends on the state of one's karma, the idea that the life chosen must somehow compensate for the shortcomings of previous lives. In other words, one chooses to reap in the next life what one has sown in the last one.

A Pleiadian concurs when he said, "Some beings believe that the information they have brought forth from another existence is of a nature whereby they have to redeem themselves from something they have done in another lifetime. The truth is the lessons provided to you are not of a minor consequence. It's looking at your vibrational status as an energy being that would provide you with a greater vibrational challenge" (Hamden, 2010b, p. 33). He agrees that the lessons in a given life are important, but the effect on one's vibrational status as an energy being is even more important.

The Pleiadian cautioned, "The story that you have developed for yourselves is one of karma. These words do not suit the reason behind why you have chosen to come to any existence." That is, the concept of karma is inadequate for understanding why a particular existence was chosen. The reason for one's current existence is not well explained by stories of past lives. Rather, the choice of a particular existence always arises from the desire to improve the current vibrational state.

Further, "The only time a resonating form would have a true understanding of its nature is when it is in the original energy state. Then it can place 'intent' into a life form's path. It may place the symbols required for realignment with the energetic grid into a person's symbol matrix. " It is like reading a map. You are on a journey. At each juncture, changes occur, and your existence is one of moving forward. Using the analogy of a map, all we are trying to suggest is that the map is equal to the reincarnation process."

That is, we revert to our true energy state when the spirit transitions from the physical realm to the spirit realm. It is then possible to see how much the current vibrational state deviates from the desired state. The intent required to move toward the desired state is recognised, and the next incarnation may be chosen to implement that path. The reincarnation repeats following successive transitions until it is felt to be no longer necessary.

The Zeta agreed that the reason for our physical existence is to increase the vibrational state of spirit consciousness. He said, "Now we see the real reason as to why beings incarnate. There are the obvious lessons that increase the vibrational frequency of the group and individuals" (Hamden, 2010b, p. 91). He also warns, though, that "" the fear-based approach being used on the planet (created by humans) is dampening the higher vibratory form of the spirit nature" (Hamden, 2010b, p. 105).

The Pleiadian indicated above that the desired vibrational state is one that aligns with an energetic grid, a property of source consciousness. According to the Zeta, the grid is an all-pervasive, vibrating medium that "holds all space and time" and is "like a fluctuating wave vibrating through the universe. " Everything is of an energetic nature, and all thoughts that are placed into the grid are of an energetic nature. If they are of a higher vibratory form, they then change the planetary structure via the grid. Each time you act in a loving way towards each other, you are raising your vibration and succeeding" (Hamden, 2010b, p. 106).

Since source consciousness is the aggregate of all things, it has within it all possible vibrational states. These vibrations are a property of the grid and are used by beings to create with their thoughts. The Zeta said that when we act in a loving way towards each other, we are raising our vibration. This implies that the range of all frequencies in the grid maps onto a dimension that is called level of consciousness. This dimension may be described as the qualities of aloneness, fear, and hatred at low grid frequencies, and those of unity, love, and compassion at high frequencies.

A model of the creation and perception of objects in the energetic realms was developed from information provided by the Zeta teacher (Treurniet and Hamden, 2013, "The energetic environment"). An object in the energetic environment is created like a hologram from a being's thoughts. A hologram is an interference pattern created when a reference wave interacts with the same wave modulated with information about the object. The frequency of the reference wave is associated with the being's level of consciousness. The thoughts of the being modulate this wave, which then interacts with the original reference wave to create an interference pattern in the grid. Subsequently, the original thoughts are reconstructed when an entity illuminates the interference pattern with a consciousness that has the same frequency as the reference wave.

Loving beings, having a high level of consciousness, create and view an environment using the higher reference frequencies corresponding to love and compassion. Other beings, not as loving, do this with the lower frequencies of baser emotions. These less loving beings would not have access to the higher reference frequencies, so the environment of the loving beings would be invisible and inaccessible to them. Of course, the converse should also be true, that the loving beings do not interact with the environment of the less loving ones.

However, the Zeta indicated that it is possible for loving entities to learn to move freely to whatever reference frequency they desire. This is certainly implied when he said, "There are realms within realms, dimensions within dimension, and inter-dimensions within dimensions, all is inside everything else. This sounds confusing, but if you view this as analogy, as being a waveform and each dimension is vibrating at a different level, then you can understand that everything is one and everything of the whole. There is no true separation between realms and universal nature. It is possible to travel across all of these barriers that are perceived in your mind, once you have moved yourself to a place of understanding that there are no barriers."

When a being's consciousness raises to higher frequencies, its window on the frequency dimension does not shift to the higher frequencies at the expense of lower frequencies. Rather, the Zeta stated that "people seek insight and expanded consciousness" (Hamden, 2010b, p. 19). This comment means that the window expands to include higher frequencies. Beings having a high level of consciousness would then continue to have access to realms created by a lower level of consciousness.

On the other hand, beings such as most humans who operate at a relatively low level of consciousness, are not aware of anything or anyone existing at a higher level of consciousness. The Zeta said, "There are many energies on this earth plane, some are out of 'frequency' with your current processes. They live their own lives around you, there are many beings doing this, you only believe what you see" (Hamden, 2010a, p. 29). Further, the only way to perceive such beings is "by the thought forms you allow, or by alternate states of consciousness" (Hamden, 2010b, p. 20). That is, we would be able to perceive higher realms if we entered some kind of altered state.

The extraterrestrials say that the spirit evolves by learning to raise it's level of consciousness or vibration. A being may pursue this goal by learning to love compassionately and unconditionally. Some of our human philosophies approximate this approach with the inadequate concept of karma and the associated concepts of good and evil. On the surface, it may seem easy to distinguish between "good" and "bad". However, it is difficult for us with our cultural biases to define an absolute criterion for this distinction.

When a Zeta extraterrestrial was asked about the difference between "good" and "bad", the response was "intent", which "forms the energy required to perform a function". This was immediately followed by an admission that they could not give a proper answer because we humans were not ready. "We are withholding information from you as you would a child; it's not time to disclose all things. You must grow into an understanding of the collective and who you are. " things are withheld as your frame of reference is of a physical nature. We try to teach and discuss and provide energy, but alas, you have all of your own blockages" (Hamden, 2010a, p. 28-29). He implies that we are not sufficiently aware that we are energetic spirits resonating with an energetic environment, and that this has ramifications we cannot yet understand.

The extraterrestrial suggested that the intent preceding an action, rather than the deed itself, should be perceived as good or bad. This implies that a positive intent motivated by love at higher levels of consciousness is a good thing. Such an intent would lead to thoughts that create in the higher realms using the associated grid frequencies. To their credit, many earthly spiritual teachings encourage people to perform good works. If those good works are motivated solely by compassionate love, they would contribute to raising people's consciousness.

Some anomalous human experiences suggest that there is an alternative way to achieve a high level of consciousness. It is via a spiritual transformation often initiated during an altered state of consciousness or during a near-death experience. It resembles an out-of-body experience but with more of a sense of the divine. There is an encounter in consciousness with a loving entity and an awareness of an indescribable, unconditional love (e.g., ked, helen_kit_chi). The spiritual connection with this entity can be a life-changing event. When such an encounter happens in the context of Christian beliefs, the loving entity may be identified by the experiencer as the spirit of Jesus Christ. Analysis of this specific kind of encounter may lead us to a more general understanding of the phenomenon.

The Christian faith is unique among spiritual teachings in that the value of good works for achieving a heavenly existence is downplayed in favour of a belief. For Christians, God appeared on earth as the physical Jesus Christ who preached a philosophy of love and then allowed himself to be sacrificed. This act created a mechanism for believers to enter an afterlife in heaven. All that is required to achieve this is a sincere belief that the sacrifice was made for them, personally. This realisation is typically called a conversion experience. Christian doctrine does not entertain the notions of karma and reincarnation since this belief in the purpose of Christ's corporeal existence makes reincarnation redundant.

Some core Christian beliefs appear to be compatible with the "levels of consciousness" model of the energetic realms. Christians believe that people are "conceived in sin", and thus, unable to enter heaven by performing good works. This is consistent with the view that all people are born with a low level of consciousness. We may see this in the self-serving behaviour of an infant. The need to survive is dominant, and this egocentric drive determines the behaviour of most humans during most of their lives. Behaviours motivated solely by compassion and love are not often seen or experienced.

The conversion experience from the Christian perspective is a numinous feeling of connection to a loving entity thought to be the consciousness of Christ. The result can be an inexplicable transformation of a person's world view, in which love motivates more of what they do or think. We could say that they experienced an increase in the level of consciousness. What could prompt such a dramatic shift? According to the model, the thoughts of the person are represented as energy patterns in the grid. Christ-consciousness is also an energy pattern existing at a much higher level of consciousness. When circumstances are right, the higher level consciousness may reach out to resonate with the lower level consciousness to form a combined energetic pattern. The lower level consciousness then shares the attributes of the higher one via this resonation and becomes more loving.

The Zeta described such a being in the higher vibrational realms, "My friend, the greater the being, the humbler they are, the greater the compassion and love they hold for one another, none is better or worse, all come from source" (Hamden, 2010b, p. 79). This is consistent with commonly held attributes of Christ " humble, compassionate, loving, and sent by source consciousness or God. When a person suddenly resonates with such a being, a conversion experience occurs and spiritual belief structures change to reflect the new energetic context. The love that the person now feels would be due to the resonation with the higher level consciousness. Of course, the person could still behave at times according to the old level of consciousness. Resonation with the higher level consciousness does not prevent operating at the lower grid frequencies. The ego will intrude from time to time as long as the person still has physical existence.

This is very likely a simplistic explanation of the process. It does not take into account, for example, that the consciousness of a human spirit is an aspect of a complex soul entity. Would a high-vibration entity or soul offer to conjoin with multiple lower-vibration entities who may be aspects of different souls? Perhaps so, since intent at that level is motivated by love and compassion. But we are to understand that there are multiple souls in the higher realms, with many experiencing existence on earth via the spirit in a human form. The conversion experience might then be the resonation of an amnesic spirit with its own higher self.

This discussion suggests that there may be more than one way to raise the level of consciousness. One way is to always try to have intentions motivated by compassion and love. Alternatively, if that is thought to be intrinsically impossible, one may ask to conjoin with the consciousness of an entity already operating at the higher level. We have the example of the Christ entity who offered itself for that purpose. In any case, the objective is to exist at a level of consciousness in the energetic grid where creative intent is always motivated by love.


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