Instruments for controlling the energy of consciousness  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, February, 2015

Summary. The science of the extraterrestrial Zeta race is based on the premise that all things are waveforms of the energy of consciousness. Analogies based on physical processes appear to be consistent with how waveforms are manipulated in the energetic realms. Beings are able to create using a process analogous to making a hologram. They can manipulate states of consciousness using a process analogous to heterodyning used in radio communications. Finally, a process analogous to cymatic visualization of frequency appears to exist in the etheric body of the human. The Zetas might also use the cymatic process to perform some functions associated with symbols. The article discusses a number of specific examples of how these technologies appear to be used in the energetic realms. Heterodyning as a tool to achieve a higher state of consciousness may be the most useful in the short-term.

1. Introduction

According to the cosmology of the Zetas, we live in a universe of information that exists as a consciousness space. This space is multidimensional and has within it virtual representations of all that could possibly be. Entities are configurations of this space that can act intelligently upon other elements of the same space. Such entities are said to be consciousness in separation, and their experiences provide the means for consciousness to understand itself. The entities form many races of beings, both physical and non-physical, including the human and Zeta races.

The Zetas are physical humanoid entities able to live in separation from their bodies. A Zeta’s local consciousness can leave its physical environment and visit other configurations of consciousness space at the speed of thought. In that form, they visit us by speaking through a human medium who is in an altered state of consciousness. They have given us much information about the universe that remains obscure to most humans, including the knowledge that the energy of consciousness is fundamental to our existence.

From what we understand about the science of the Zetas, our familiar physical universe is supported by constructs in other dimensions of consciousness space. The one closest to the physical realm is usually called the etheric realm. These dimensions are filled with the energy of consciousness, and beings like the Zetas have developed technologies to manipulate this energy. Certain laws apply and can be exploited to engineer the energetic environment.

The Zetas’ verbal descriptions of how some things are done appear to be analogous to familiar operations developed for human technologies. One analogy already discussed in the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”, is the making of a hologram which maps onto the creative process as described by the Zetas. Another possible analogy is heterodyning which is used extensively in communications electronics. A third is the process of cymatics, the science of creating visualizations using sound. The applicability of these analogies are explored in this article, and they may help to understand how energetic technologies are engineered by extraterrestrial races.

Throughout the article, longer phrases in italics are quotes from the extraterrestrial beings unless otherwise noted.

2. Consciousness space

Consciousness space is characterized by the dimension of love. A particular state of consciousness has greater or lesser love than another state. These states are also distinguished by their vibrational properties. A state of vibration is to be understood as a sensation rather than as a measured frequency. Entities in this space are conscious and differ with respect to their state of vibration or love. The set of all entities was described by the Zetas as a hierarchically organized information field. At the lowest level are information threads representing the cumulative experiences of individual beings. These threads conjoin to form aggregates at other levels of the hierarchy such as oversouls, spirit realms, and collective minds.

We should imagine consciousness as a multidimensional space in a mathematical sense. The familiar dimensions of our three-dimensional space are not an intrinsic part of consciousness space. The Zetas emphasize that our perceived reality, including the spatial dimensions, is an illusion in the sense that it is created by consciousness and can be changed by consciousness. The human concept of illusion as a figment of the imagination is, at the same time, our reality as we know it. The illusion is stable in the physical realm where it responds only weakly to people’s intent. On the other hand, it is more malleable in the energetic realms where beings can create with intent as required.

The energetic representation of a creation in consciousness space has no form as we understand it - its form is “very fluid”. It regains its form and other sensory attributes only when it is transformed by a being’s consciousness to a perceptual representation. This process has the flavour of a hologram which has a distributed representation that is transformed to recover the originally perceived subject. Just as a hologram cannot be seen using an incorrect colour of light, created objects with sufficiently different vibrational states cannot co-exist in the same perceived reality.

The dimension of time is not an inherent property of consciousness space. For the Zetas, for example, there are normally only sequences of events that pass through the experience of the present. Time is a construct used by humans, so of course, frequency is a construct as well since it is a measure of the number of events in a fixed interval of time. In the Zetas’ discussions with us, they often used the word “frequency” as an analogy for a concept that is relatively unknown to humans. Frequency was used as a substitute for "the level of consciousness that an entity holds, and so as you move from one frequency to the other, your consciousness is placed in an expected state.” What they really mean by frequency is a state of consciousness or love.

Vibrational state may be closer to what the Zetas mean by frequency. The magnitude of a vibration can be sensed directly, and differences between vibrational states may be felt without the measurement of frequencies. Alternatively, a state can be differentiated from another by comparing their patterns in the duration of the present. This is discussed in the book section on “The experience of time”.

We can say that two identical frequencies resonate in the now when their perceived patterns coincide, or at least, the phase difference remains constant. Conversely, two individual sine waves, for example, have different frequencies when the respective numbers of peaks in the now differ, and the sequence of phase differences is not constant. So it is possible to describe differences in frequency in the now without reference to a fixed dimension of time beyond the present moment.

3. An analogy for the creation process

The entities in consciousness space can create environments by simply using their intentions. This appears to be an act of creation, but it is really adding to the current reality a desired pattern from an existing set of all possible virtual patterns. The creations have properties of consciousness space that can be experienced as perceptions. These properties include sensations such as taste, smell, and colour. A multidimensional grid-like structure in this space is the substrate for representing creations. The process of creation in the energetic realms is analogous to the way humans create a physical hologram. This analogy is discussed more fully in the book section, “The process of creation”.

To create a simple physical hologram, coherent light of a particular colour from a laser is split into two beams with a half-silvered mirror. One beam called the reference beam is directed to a photographic plate. The other beam called the object beam is reflected from the object to be recorded. The object beam interacts with the reference beam to form an interference pattern on the photographic plate. An image of the original object, the hologram, is reconstructed by illuminating the photographic plate with coherent light of the same colour used to create the interference pattern.

As in the making of a physical hologram, a being creates in the energetic realm by selecting its highest possible state of consciousness as a reference, then modulating this reference according to the intended creation. The modulated state of consciousness is combined with the original unmodulated state to produce an interference pattern representing the intended creation. The interference pattern is recorded in the aforementioned grid. Any being capable of operating at the same state of consciousness or higher can "illuminate" the pattern and reconstruct the intended object as an act of perception. However, a being whose highest state is lower than the state that created the pattern would not be able to perceive the created object. The accuracy of this description of the creative process was unhesitatingly confirmed by a Zeta in an interview.

As explained by a Zeta, "The frequency of the human race is based in a lower frequency and because consciousness exists in different forms and states of frequency, to access memories from a different frequency field, the human is negated from accessing that information." So, because the human race exists at a lower state of consciousness, we are unaware of much information that exists beyond our reach.

4. Analogies for working with energetic waveforms

A Zeta gave us a taste of the complexity of consciousness space when he said. “There are realms within realms, dimensions within dimension, and inter-dimensions within dimensions, all is inside everything else. This sounds confusing, but if you view this as analogy as being a waveform and each dimension is vibrating at a different level, then you can understand that everything is one and everything of the whole. There is no true separation between realms and universal nature. It is possible to travel across all of these barriers that are perceived in your mind, once you have moved yourself to a place of understanding that there are no barriers."

The whole of consciousness space is described by the Zeta as one waveform, but individual beings that are part of this whole may also be treated as waveforms. He says, “When we are in communion with energies who are of different waveform nature, we are taught different ways to interact with beings in realms that we have no access to yet.

Elsewhere he says, “… energetic realms are actually divided only by the actual waveform's ability to move into and out of the energetic area. Does this then limit what waveform can move where? Yes. These barriers are needed for many reasons. As each waveform or energetic being think within their confines, so they are.

These quotes indicate that waveforms can be objects or individual beings and can be treated as separate entities. Further, the apparent organization of the whole may be changed by the conscious activities of the parts. However, individual beings and objects perceived to be in separation from each other are still integrated with the one waveform. Therefore, the waveform of a being is integrated with the waveforms defining its environment. Their appearance as separate entities are artifacts of the perceptual process.

A Zeta was asked, “You described an object as a waveform, and this waveform then would consist of multiple frequencies?” He replied, “Yes, of course, but between each boundary or realm as you would say, there are delineating frequencies that are conjoining … There is no imbalance in energy between realms.” The boundaries experienced by a being are due to the presence of conjoined frequencies that cannot resonate with the being’s waveform. That there is no energy imbalance between the realms might mean that a boundary does not create a discontinuity in the energy of the one whole waveform.

The Zetas chose the waveform as an analogy for beings and other objects. The importance for them to be able to control the frequency of waveforms (i.e., state of vibration) is apparent when they say, “Frequency provides power, power to control, power to close portals and use energy, and of course how you are to use these processes is dependant on your intent as an entity, how to change energy of another container, how to heal, how to be present, how to change what seems not to be changeable, to work in layers of consciousness. They are normal abilities of a [Zeta] elder.

Perhaps some signal processing techniques for processing waveforms in the field of radio communications can offer additional analogies for understanding how energetic beings relate to each other and their environment. They speak often of the operations of conjoining and resonation, the ability of two waveform entities to join together in a state of resonation. As defined by a Zeta, to conjoin means “that it is in resonation, so if two entities are to come together, two different frequencies, then the frequencies of the two entities must change so they can be conjoined and resonate together... one must reduce, the other must increase... until they are in harmony together.” This definition suggests the process of heterodyning, a non-linear technique for mixing signals, modulating signals, and converting signals to other frequencies. These applications of heterodyning may help to explain how the Zetas manipulate waveforms in the energetic realms.

An apparent reference was also made to the science of cymatics, when a Zeta said that symbols corresponding to sounds can change formations. For example, a piano key is a symbol for a certain sound. When it is pressed, it could activate an appropriately configured process to produce a cymatic pattern. The cymatics process may be another suitable analogy for describing how to reorganize the energetic environment.

4.1 Heterodyning

Heterodyning is a technique that creates new frequencies by passing two original frequencies through a non-linear device called a mixer. For example, a mixer could be a vacuum tube, transistor, or diode. Typically, two signals at frequencies f1 and f2 are mixed, and two new signals are created with frequencies f1+f2 and f1-f2. These new sum and difference signals are called heterodynes. Mathematically, the sum and difference frequencies come from the trigonometric identity for the product of two sinusoidal signals.

sin(2πf1t) sin(2πf2t) = ½(cos[2π(f1-f2)t]) - ½(cos[2π(f1+f2)t])

The product contains both the sum and difference heterodynes as shown on the right hand side of the identity. Usually, the difference frequency is desired, so the sum frequency is filtered out.

As an example, suppose f1= 100 Hz and f2= 30 Hz. The sum and difference frequencies would then be 130 Hz and 70 Hz, respectively. If f1 were the output of a local oscillator, its frequency could be chosen to shift the difference frequency to a desired value. Then when the sum frequency is filtered out, the effect would be to shift f2 to the difference frequency.

4.2 Cymatics

In conversations with the Zetas, they indicated that they have the equivalent of subroutines in our computer programs. Particular functions are encapsulated as etheric symbols. For example, a Zeta said, “Some symbols have a predetermined function. When designing a craft, some symbols are related to the functions to be performed. Have you seen how sounds can change formations, that is the same. So, other symbol is determined by the frequency of the crystal net.” It appears that actions on waveforms may be activated by an operator focusing intent on an appropriately prepared symbol. Perhaps the intent also transmits an argument to the symbol function in order to control the precise action to be performed.

According to the Zeta, a symbol is related to a function to be performed, like a sound that changes a formation. In this analogy, ’symbol’ maps to ‘sound’ and ‘function’ maps to ‘changes a formation’. So the comment about “how sounds can change formations” is a clear reference to cymatics, the science of visualizing audio frequencies. Figure 1 shows a sample image created in a bath of water by the resonances of an auditory tone. The Zeta appears to suggest that this process is analogous to operations that occur in the energetic realms.
Figure 1. Sample image from the science of cymatics

The cymatic visualization may itself become a symbol tailored to a particular context. The Zeta’s statement, “other symbol is determined by the frequency of the crystal net”, appears to mean that a symbol encapsulating a certain function may generate another symbol conditioned by the properties of the target waveform environment.

The possibility of computation with cymatics is illustrated in Figure 2 obtained from this webpage. The figure shows that when the sounds forming two different cymatic patters are combined, a third pattern appears that is very different from either of the two original patterns.

Figure 2. The sounds of the top two cymatic patterns combined to form the bottom pattern (from Hans Jenny)

But we must keep firmly in mind that the cymatic pattern can only be an analogy for a phenomenon in the etheric realm. The physical pattern is influenced by the mass of the particles of the medium, its viscosity and depth, and other characteristics of the physical material and apparatus. The corresponding properties of the etheric environment are unknown, and so the applicability of the analogy is uncertain.

5. Applications of the heterodyne analogy

Heterodyning and cymatics appear to be analogies for multipurpose tools available to the Zetas for problem solving in the energetic realms. They likely use these tools in sophisticated ways that we cannot yet imagine. However, we may be able to understand how these tools could be applied in a number of simple applications. These are discussed in this section.

Heterodyning is a particularly useful analogy for understanding operations on waveforms in the energetic realms. It explains how the states of consciousness of entities may be changed in a controlled way. Suppose, for example, f1 is the state of consciousness of a very loving being and f2 is the state of consciousness of a less loving being. If f2 is less than half of f1, the difference heterodyne would be analogous to some state of consciousness greater than f2. If the difference heterodyne were then to replace f2, the state of consciousness of the less loving being would appear to be raised.

But, according to the heterodyne analogy, there is something missing. What is the non-linear process that would generate the heterodynes? Fortunately, the identity of this process was given in the above discussion of the creation process. The creator being modulates the reference state of consciousness with the properties of the thing to be created, and this happens only when there is an appropriate intention. Intention is the non-linear device in the energetic realms needed by the heterodyne process. It would initiate modulation of a reference state of consciousness in the creation process, as well as shift states of consciousness of beings in their interactions with each other.

To reject the sum heterodyne and recover the difference heterodyne, there must also be a mechanism that acts like a low-pass filter. Such a filter is implied when the Zetas say that beings cannot access creations made by others at a state of consciousness greater than their own. The cut-off of the low-pass filter would be at the being’s highest possible state. Therefore, the sum heterodyne at a state higher than either f1 or f2 should always be inaccessible.

The following topics may now be understood in a different light given what we know about the heterodyning concept at even a rudimentary level.

5.1 Human connection with extraterrestrial beings

Early in the process of learning to communicate with extraterrestrial beings, Paul Hamden was told via automatic writing that he “would have to learn to go to them”. He had no idea then what that meant. He also came to understand that “for the journey to continue, certain changes needed to be made to my structure.” He allowed the changes to be made to his etheric body with some trepidation, and the results did ease the process. He observed, “Everything that takes place is organized by the races, but I am able to veto any development process I do not like. However, I am then stuck there and cannot go in any direction until I move past that boundary.

Paul added, “In my experience I have seen that there are ‘many fields’ which are developed and they are as individual as we are. When the extraterrestrials spent a few years creating my first connection, there was a strong change to the energetic body that surrounds my physical state. They predominately used this field for communication, but I have noticed that when a new race comes or a new being from a race, the etheric field changes to accommodate the new communicator. There were often stinging sensations, points of pain and a myriad of other sensations.” Paul emphasizes, “The intent that a medium sets is what determines who comes to them.

Beings from the Zeta, Anunnaki, Sirius, and Pleiadian races come to speak through Paul, and occasionally other races come as well. He describes the process of connecting with a Sirius being, for example, as very difficult. To allow the Sirius beings entry into the group, the new energy had to be integrated as “one” energy. The beings who have already adapted come regularly, particularly the Zeta and Anunnaki beings. He notes that even a different being from the same race requires adjustments to be made to the energy. Such relatively small changes can still place him in an energized state that prevents sleep.

Each of the races took different lengths of time to be assimilated - two years for the Zeta race, one year for the Anunnaki being, and the process of connection with the Sirius beings is still ongoing. Each race has its own defined energy, and the energy of connection must change to accommodate each race. They act somewhat independently of each other, as one race must step away to allow another to access the medium's energy, change it, speak, and then relinquish the space to the main guide.

In an interview with a Zeta, the issue of connection was addressed.

Interviewer: What does a conjoined frequency mean?

Zeta: It means to us that it is in resonation, so if two entities are to come together, two different frequencies, then the frequencies of the two entities must change so they can be conjoined and resonate together.

Interviewer: Ok, so it's a single frequency that each entity is defined by.

Zeta: For connection purposes, but you see, you need to open your mind and, as there are many energies that are in existence, then for them to come to being to exist for connection purposes, there must be some point of interconnection in regards to the process of frequency and resonation of frequency. Much as each of the races have a base frequency for connection, and then depending on the entities within that race would depend on the level of frequency that they hold.

These comments are consistent with the heterodyning process. There are many energies that are in existence, particularly the base frequencies from each race. A new energy may come into being by some process involving frequency and resonation of frequency. So if entities from two races wish to communicate, they can create a new energy by heterodyning the existing energies of each race. The result is an energy that might be useful for communication, depending on the input energies. The inputs may vary somewhat since the level of energy of a race above their base frequency depends on the levels of the individual members of the race.

Interviewer: What are the average frequencies of the human and Zeta etheric bodies in cycles/sec?

Zeta: The base frequency for Zeta is 10 cycles at a level where an entity is not requiring a separated level of consciousness. But there are other levels of frequency, 16 would be where a being would be in separation from self for a short time, 32 cycles is required to be in a permanent cycle of separation. We have seen that humans are between 7 and 8 cycles, some lower, some higher, depending on the frequency a human holds.

Interviewer: What does it mean to have a base frequency?

Zeta: That analogy is in relation to the level of resonation that a being would hold energetically.

At the time these questions were asked, the interviewer had not yet understood that frequency was an analogy representing state of consciousness. Here we are told explicitly that the discussion about frequency is indeed an analogy. We should take the numerical values given, not as actual frequencies, but as estimates of the relative vibrational states.

Let us assume, for the purpose of working through a heterodyning example, that the given numbers represent the real situation for a human wishing to communicate with a Zeta. We further assume (improperly) that the state of consciousness dimension has an equal interval, rational scale. The human’s base frequency is 8 Hz while the Zeta’s is 32 Hz. The non-linearity needed for multiplying the two base frequencies would be established by the intent of the human, the Zeta, or both. The Zeta has said, “If an external being is to connect to a human, then the energy will come from the external entity.” This suggests that the Zeta might predominate in establishing the intent to communicate.

In any case, the resulting heterodyne frequencies are 24 and 40 Hz; i.e., (32-8) and (32+8). The low-pass filter characteristic of the system rejects the 40 Hz and leaves the 24 Hz signal which becomes the common frequency used for communication. This is a sharp increase for the human to achieve and could account for the medium’s altered state of consciousness while the connection lasts. For the Zeta, lowering the state of consciousness to 24 Hz would not be a problem since all beings are able to reduce the level of their state of consciousness below their highest possible state.

Obviously, the heterodyne process has its limitations. For example, if the human base frequency is already at or above half the Zeta base frequency, nothing useful will happen. The new heterodyne frequency will be at the existing base frequency of the human or lower. In spite of such possible limitations, the heterodyne process may be the way to establish a communication channel in an energetic environment.

In practice, the Zeta recommends proper breathing as a way to achieve the required energetic process.

Zeta: The problem with learning to breathe and attain altered states for connection is that the being does not know what breathing is required to gain the altered state. There are no direct rules or guidelines, but what you are looking to do is, sit and breathe, look for the energetic process, focus on your breath.

Zeta: You must try to find the proper harmonics of your breathing to gain an altered state. … It also depends on what energies are to come to you, this determines what harmonics are needed. When the breathing is taking place, so is the harmonics. It changes the resonant energy around the being. This provides connection to the spirit and guides and ET.

We could interpret this advice on breathing as a search procedure for finding the best available input frequencies for the heterodyne process. The breathing process may help both to adjust the human level of consciousness and to find a Zeta level of consciousness that will generate a useful heterodyne frequency for communication. Perhaps humans could achieve the necessary altered state more readily if they knew that the search is for optimal values for these two parameters.

5.2 Meditation

The advice on breathing is relevant to connecting with energetic entities in general. As the Zeta said, “You must try to find the proper harmonics of your breathing to gain an altered state. … It also depends on what energies are to come to you, this determines what harmonics are needed.

Some people may wish to have contact with entities in order to communicate verbally as Paul Hamden does, while others may wish simply to experience other realms or feel the love from contact with beings who are in a higher state of consciousness. In any case, all of these require some kind of connection with the energetic realms that is accompanied by a shift to an altered state of consciousness.

Heterodyning would be a general approach to achieve such a shift. This process requires collaboration with an entity existing at a much higher level of consciousness; that is, a very loving entity.

The Zeta explains that the human needs to prepare for this kind of contact by generating the emotion of love. “That strong emotion gives you the capacity to be in a different frequency, because the emotional body is resonating in conjunction with the etheric body, and that's the frequency that you are emanating is based, has it's core basis, in the emotional of love.” This emotion gives the etheric body the capacity needed to operate at higher states of consciousness.

The Zeta adds, “If you were to see an angel, and you felt the love from the angel, you would understand that you were increasing in frequency and emotional capacity. But the angel, or the entity that is appearing as the angel, would be sensing a lower form coming towards it, but the angel would not reject you because it understood that it has greater capacity to give you the experience, and to even possibly change you.” The supposed angel has a higher state of consciousness than the human, and intends to give the human the experience it desires. This situation has the ingredients needed to activate the heterodyne process and place the meditator at a higher state of consciousness during the contact.

A similar but more specific example is known as the conversion experience which is usually described from a Christian perspective. In particular, people say they have had a sudden numinous feeling of connection to a loving entity recognized as the consciousness of Christ. When a human forms an intention by reaching out to Christ, a loving consciousness may respond that the human understands to be Christ. The consciousness of the loving entity joined with the human consciousness in the presence of the intent to connect would form a new heterodyne state of consciousness that is shared by both beings.

So a meditator may achieve just an altered state of consciousness by heterodyning his own state of consciousness with that of a more loving entity. The requirements are a loving state of mind by the meditator to increase capacity, awareness of a loving being accessible in the energetic realms, and an intent to make contact. The meditator then searches for the being’s highest possible state of consciousness that returns a useful heterodyne state of consciousness. That state should be shared by both beings and further objectives may be pursued if desired.

5.3 Illness after being too close to a Zeta

People who have reported close contact with a Zeta have also reported occasionally that they felt ill afterwards. This correlation was confirmed by a Zeta who said, “When you are in our presence, our energy filters into your energy and then there are changes that are temporary. There are changes to your body and consciousness. This is because humans are taken out of this corporeal three-dimensional realm and moved closer to their true self”. Further, he says “when the human is connected to us, the cells are excited as we are of a different frequency, and this allows manifestation of what is an underlying unwellness in the human”.

The explanation by the Zeta is that the frequency of a human’s physical body is increased when their energy filters into the human’s etheric body. The heterodyne process can account for such an increase in human frequency. However, this does depend on the form that the Zeta has during the encounter. A Zeta implied that their relative state of consciousness in the normal physical form is roughly 25 percent higher than the human state of consciousness. However, it is about 400 percent higher when they exist as a separated consciousness for an extended period of time. Exposure to the latter form is likely to be the most deleterious to humans. The heterodyne process predicts that the human vibrational state will increase by about 300 percent. According to the Zeta’s comment, this increase in “frequency” is what causes the cells of the human’s physical body to malfunction.

A grounding procedure was shown to Paul Hamden that restores the proper frequency to the affected person. The human’s etheric frequency must first be raised to the same level caused by the proximity to the ET, then lowered slowly until it is at the body's normal base frequency. This can be done with proper control of the heterodyne process. The process would begin by heterodyning the high Zeta state of consciousness with the human state of consciousness, then gradually heterodyning with lower and lower Zeta states of consciousness until it is about twice as high as the human state of consciousness. At that point, the heterodyned state affecting both beings would be the same as the desired human state of consciousness.

Specific effects on the human body caused simply by close proximity to the Zetas were also discussed. These are unlikely to be due to a heterodyne process, since intent to produce the negative outcomes was not mentioned. Without intent, the human and Zeta waveforms would be summed rather than multiplied or heterodyned. In the following examples given by the Zetas, simple superposition of waveforms might account for the harm done to the human container. A sufficiently high frequency superimposed on a low frequency would simply modulate the latter with minimal destructive interference. Such superposition of a human etheric state and a Zeta etheric state might interfere with proper cell function when there is physical contact.

Physical contact between a Zeta and a human would create what appears to be a burn on the skin of the human. The Zeta explains, “You cannot touch us, you would be burnt. As you moved closer, your skin would become burnt because of frequency.” and “Every entity has etheric template, frequency of etheric template to interact with human etheric template. Increase in frequency for the human then translates to physical changes in the cellular structure, and cellular structure representation of burnt skin.” That is, the higher vibrational state of the superposed states of consciousness would change the state of the human’s physical cells so they would appear burnt.

Close proximity of a human to a Zeta would also have a deleterious effect on the mental health of the human. The Zeta said, “To look into the eyes of the race, you may lose your mind, your construct would disintegrate” and “Your consciousness would fracture because we operate within an etheric boundary that is much larger than the human. So when we come, the human consciousness, the structure that is held by frequency which is the physical entity of your container, would dissipate.” The container of the human’s local consciousness would be damaged by the closeness of the Zeta’s etheric body, again because of the high vibrational state resulting from superposition of the human and Zeta states of consciousness.

6. Applications of the cymatics analogy

Application of the cymatics analogy appears closely related to the use of symbols. Symbols would be equivalent to function names in our computer technology, while a cymatic pattern generator would be the code. The output produced would be another executable symbol that is context dependent.

As quoted earlier, “Some symbols have a predetermined function. When designing a craft, some symbols are related to the functions to be performed. Have you seen how sounds can change formations, that is the same. So, other symbol is determined by the frequency of the crystal net.” Here we understand that “sounds can change formations” likely refers to the cymatic process changing the environment when it is activated by invoking a symbol analogous to sound. The result of the cymatic operation is a new symbol which has properties influenced by the particular operating environment.

Perhaps we have already encountered an application of a cymatic process. The heterodyne process has a “black box” function we call intent. It provides the non-linearity needed to generate the sum and difference frequencies. This mysterious device could be a cymatic process. In the creation procedure as well, it would modulate the waveforms at the creator being’s state of consciousness to generate the grid representation, and conversely, transform grid representations to perceive creations. This would mean that the symbol for activating the cymatic process of intent is part of every being.

The idea that symbols have a power of their own is discussed by the extraterrestrial races. A Pleiadian once said via Paul Hamden, “The only time a resonating form would have a true understanding of its nature is when it is in the original energy state. Then it can place 'intent' into a life form's path. It may place the symbols required for realignment with the energetic grid into a person's symbol matrix. … It is like reading a map. You are on a journey. At each juncture, changes occur, and your existence is one of moving forward. Using the analogy of a map, all we are trying to suggest is that the map is equal to the reincarnation process.” That is, a being preparing for reincarnation would place the symbols needed for intent to align with the energetic grid into a symbol matrix. In other contexts, this symbol map may be known as a merkabah.

A Zeta discusses further the merkabah where significant etheric symbols are located.

These symbols which come to you are placed within a merkabah (container) by karmic self – all of the symbols required to open your abilities are placed within this container.

Now, these are placed within the etheric body in an ascending order. Once consciousness has lifted to a stage where the first symbol is recognized, the activation of that ability is 100%. Let us say here that all of the abilities are available to you, but not “all of the potential” of the ability.

Not all beings find the first symbol – these etheric keys are vibrational alignments, and once assimilated with the universal grid, you then have the first ability activated. There is a natural unfolding of each of the symbols – the symbols of themselves are actually unimportant as they are a representation of an energetic form in a physical existence – like a cell placed into a embryonic position – there is growth – slow growth.

You may well ask “Why isn’t all of this just exposed to you when you are assimilated with the energy of the first symbol?”

All abilities must come with an understanding and knowledge, a knowing of the potential of the ability. If you were suddenly presented with all of the possibilities, you would lose your mind.

Even a being given access to one ability would do this, if you had not worked towards gaining an understanding of the process of opening and closing the energies associated with it.

The Zeta says that symbols needed by a spirit to improve alignment with the energetic grid are placed in the etheric body when a person incarnates. These are “symbols required to open your abilities”, suggesting that the abilities themselves could be preprogrammed cymatic processes. These are initiated when the symbol’s intent activates assimilation with the universal grid. Awareness of a symbol is a slow process of maturation which may not occur for everyone. A person must know what to expect before a symbol is activated to avoid the possibility of madness. For example, an unconstrained and unrecognized telepathic process might be interpreted incorrectly as self-generated voices or messages from the gods.

A number of statements made at various times by a Zeta allude to other functions where cymatics may play a part. Several of these are examined in the following sections.

6.1 Craft propulsion

The Zeta craft are living, conscious organisms having abilities like telepathy to communicate with an operator. A craft is able to move through an all-pervasive matrix of etheric threads by pulling itself along in any direction. The threads of the etheric matrix are drawn into the craft and acted upon by a “matter of state” process. This implies that the craft uses the creative process to alter the position of the craft's etheric body relative to the frame of reference provided by the matrix. The waveforms of the etheric body move along the matrix threads by a process called “wave shifting”. The Zeta says, “Separation of matter at its finite form allows for the process of wave shifting. These waveforms allow a level of interaction with the energetic field that 'is and always is’.” So the craft's intention to move invokes the creative process at a particular level of the consciousness field to relocate its etheric body in the matrix.

As in other applications, intent by a craft would invoke the wave-shifting process. A cymatic process was proposed earlier as the mechanism for intent, and this process may invoke another cymatic process to perform the repetitive action of “waveshifting”. Like the other cymatic processes, this one could be initiated by a particular symbol as well.

6.2 Portal creation

A Zeta was asked about the potential of symbols to compute or carry out a function. The question was prompted by the possibility that the published CARET information (also here) was really about recovered alien technology. A self-proclaimed whistle-blower, who’s job it was to back-engineer alien technology, said the following about the technology.

It really did operate like the magical piece of paper sitting on a table, in a manner of speaking. They had something akin to a language, that could quite literally execute itself, at least in the presence of a very specific type of field.

The language is actually a "functional blueprint". The forms of the shapes, symbols and arrangements thereof is itself functional. What makes it all especially difficult to grasp is that every element of each "diagram" is dependant on and related to every other element, which means no single detail can be created, removed or modified independently… Their "language" is entirely context-sensitive, which means that a given symbol could mean as little as a 1-bit flag in one context, or, quite literally, contain the entire human genome or a galaxy star map in another. The ability for a single, small symbol to contain, not just represent, tremendous amounts of data is another counter-intuitive aspect of this concept.

In response, the Zeta began instead to describe his own more familiar computational systems, especially for creating and managing portals.

It is symbolic in nature, matrix of symbols able to control environment, this environment, other entities. Activation of symbology to create frequency, removal of entities.

Open and close portals to release entities, to heal people, to place symbology into etheric body of humans, to make better.

You call it programming to arrange symbology to provide functionality to computers. The technology is functions, you understand functions. So in computer code, a function provides a response. Now a function, many functions, each function has according to its structure a symbol. Now, I can perform multiple functions within one category.

Interviewer: But would the symbol have an intent?

An intention, yes, to connect telepathically to… A symbology must illuminate symbols through consciousness.

And now to take it one step further for you. Now, of course, multidimensional matrix like a, have you seen a honeycomb?

Same process, a function interact and bind together to perform functions of interdimensional nature, to close portals. Portals are a difficult process, so must combine functions because portals are a point of origin, must be calculated, also point of entry into physical realm, then of course a potential amplitude of portal, a calculation function, and then how to close must be calculated, and then to present a portal with solution once calculated, to place arm out and present portal with solution, and then portal close.

This description tells us several things about how the Zetas use their computing technology. Symbols invoke functions that do various things to control the etheric and physical environments. For example, undesired entities like bothersome spirits are repelled by creating frequencies. Physical beings are healed by placing appropriate symbology into their etheric bodies. Multiple functions can be combined so that all are invoked by one symbol. Finally, the symbols are activated by the intent of a consciousness.

An important application is the closing of portals. An open portal left unattended could be hazardous since entities might come through uninvited from other realms. For this application, a number of functions are combined into one category function. It performs interdimensional calculations by accessing multiple dimensions analogous to a honeycomb. The function calculates a number of things such as the origin of the portal, the entry point into the physical universe, the amplitude of the portal, and the way to close it. These calculations are combined into one global function which is applied to the open portal to close it.

The Zetas seem to know how to calculate by performing operations on waveforms and to map calculations of several variables to a single, more complex operation. If they do such computations with cymatic patterns, the problem must be represented in ways as yet unknown to us.

6.3 Memory retrieval

The Zeta said, “Technology has capability to draw information from etheric realm in regards to many things.” This comment suggests that a particular technology operating on an etheric information field is able to locate desired information. It may be analogous to retrieving data from a content-addressable data base, where a correlation process works in parallel to find target data that matches a set of criteria.

Such a process was mentioned in a model of how the Zeta being communicates with humans, discussed in the book chapter, “A model of communication”. It was suggested that the Zeta tailors his response to a question by analyzing the human’s existing memories to evaluate what is already known. Perhaps a cymatic process locates the human’s relevant auditory, visual and emotional memories.

When asked how our memories are represented, the Zeta replied, “In flow, somewhat like an energetic stream bound intrinsically to the consciousness of an entity.

Interviewer: Are they like everything else part of the energy field?

Zeta: Yes, which field you are discussing, your astral realm process. Consciousness, in this universe, with these states of physicality, which is the underlying structure of what is, then accommodates consciousness. The form of consciousness is reliant on the level of frequency of the consciousness to the astral realms as it has been called. It is denser in the lower forms and less dense in energetic existence in the higher forms.

According to these statements, human memories are represented as a flow in the dynamical energy fields of the astral realm where they are bound to their owner’s consciousness. As we know, the astral realm is a container for all human thought energy and is a developing human collective consciousness. The Zeta says the density of that form of consciousness varies with the “level of frequency” or state of consciousness. This suggests that memories are objects created by the intent of their owners. Recall that the creation process uses a being’s highest possible state of consciousness to create with intent. If they were creations in the grid, the memories might be acted upon or reorganized by a cymatic process. The Zeta’s intent would be to highlight particular information in context as suggested by the model of communication.

6.4 Healing

The Zetas have etheric healing technologies that may also have some relation to cymatic patterns as well as the heterodyning process. The following statements briefly summarize the behaviour of the etheric body, including how frequencies are represented and changed.

The etheric body is in a constant state of change in regards to the level of frequencies. At any given point you may have what would be considered eddies of… eddies my friend, if you have the analogy of whirlpools in water. There can be unlimited swirls in the etheric body.

An injury or a sore on the body is … represented in the etheric body as a different state of energy and frequency. What takes place in the physical is a direct representation of what is happening in the etheric body.

The state of mind that you hold will be much aligned with the etheric body. Now if your mind is much in turmoil then you can expect that much of your etheric body will behave as a reflection of your thought processes.

According to the Zeta, the etheric body is tied to the physical body as well as to thoughts in consciousness. Abnormalities in the physical body are reflected in the etheric body, suggesting that corrections to the etheric body will have a healing effect on the physical body.

The etheric body processes are said to be eddy-like swirls of energy that may have any frequency. This description is reminiscent of the cymatic visualization of Figure 3. It has an associated frequency which happens to yield the appearance of an eddy or vortex, especially if visualized as a three-dimensional object. A shift in frequency would alter the cymatic pattern, and this may be analogous to the change in the etheric body swirl when a frequency changes due to illness.

Figure 3. A cymatic pattern similar to the described etheric body swirl.

A Zeta says, “We use many functions for the healing process. Much of that is symbols. Symbols hold frequency. A frequency is then determined, let me explain. You have the crystal in the middle of the table. That crystal provides functioning connection. There are no other crystals like it, all crystals are individuals. What if you could take that crystal and make it into an etheric symbol, and place the symbol into the etheric body? You would have a working representation of the crystal within your own body.

When asked how he would make the physical crystal into an etheric symbol, he replied, “The crystal is emanating a set of frequencies. The crystal is used to communicate. It has a comparative frequency within the Zeta frequency. It allows for connection process. Now, if the crystal, if its function was to you to perform healing, then we would provide the frequency as a symbology, a multidimensional symbol process. The symbol would replicate the frequency of the crystal, and the symbol would then be placed into the etheric body to resonate. Because it is a frequency and the etheric body is frequency, it would then modify the frequency of the etheric body.

The Zeta indicates that the incorrect etheric body frequency is to be replaced by the etheric crystal’s frequency. If the two frequencies were combined via simple superposition, both would be present and possibly interfere with each other. Superposition could be avoided by heterodyning the existing frequency with an appropriate crystal frequency to yield the correct replacement frequency. We are told, “The crystal is emanating a set of frequencies”, suggesting that a suitable crystal frequency for the heterodyning process could be selected from the set.

When the healing is for the medium himself, the etheric crystal is not required. The Zeta explains that the healing can be part of the normal process they use to communicate via the medium.

So if I was to view this physical body, that it required technology, we would determine the frequency that would bring about harmony between the physical body, the etheric body, the communication processes, and ourselves. So let me give you an example. How does the medium allow us to speak through him? There is a conjoining of frequencies which is a harmonized state, and a harmonized state allows us to modify this frequency of the etheric body and we then move and speak through him. So how are we to determine if you are in a state of unwellness? We look at what is classed as the etheric swirls within the physical body which holds the etheric structure, and of course when we can see that there is disharmony, because we are able to see the swirling effect in the etheric body, we then place a frequency within that area to reassimilate the energy swirl back to the normal frequency of the etheric body. This provides the function then of physical wellness.

Although a crystal’s frequency is not required, the Zeta must still bring a new frequency in order to adjust the etheric body frequency. Again, to avoid superposition of the old and the new, they may well use heterodyning to implement the new frequency in the etheric body to produce physical wellness.

7. Discussion

The proposed generic etheric tools or methods are somewhat tentative since they were inspired by brief, perhaps incomplete, comments from the Zetas about how things work in the energetic realms. Also, the etheric cymatic processes were inferred from physical processes where the contextual properties are not the same. As already pointed out, physical cymatic processes are influenced by constraints provided by the materials and apparatus. Perhaps the etheric realm offers constraints as well since the etheric body has spatial extent, and an electromagnetic interface with the physical body was inferred in the book chapter, “Possible energy for the etheric body”. Therefore, the cymatic process may well model the etheric body swirls in this particular situation, but may not do as well in more abstract contexts.

The heterodyning analogy should have more general applicability to any process involving the energy of consciousness. It has a mathematical basis and should therefore also apply to non-spatial dimensions where waveforms are still represented somehow in the form of some undefined encoding. A possible difficulty is that the mathematical basis assumes a timebase, and this is a construct that is not an inherent property of consciousness. We assume that the perceived duration of the present is sufficient to identify different states of vibration that can evolve according to the heterodyning formula.

The section on meditation suggested a way each of us could evaluate if the heterodyning concept has some utility. The following more detailed procedure is suggested.

  1. Find a comfortable seated position. Relax a few moments while breathing slightly slower and deeper than normal. Imagine that each breath you take is filled with love.
  2. Think of a specific or nonspecific, very loving, angelic being and ask for its collaboration.
  3. Hold in your mind your own state of love and search in parallel for the being’s highest state of love.
  4. ‘Intend’ to combine these low and high states while you breathe.
  5. You may feel, unbidden, a rush of love that is a higher state than your own.
  6. Continue inhaling breaths of love, go to Step 3 whenever you like.

The rush of love feels similar to the effect of the Unity Breath meditation process (see here and here) as described by Drunvalo Melchizedek. The referenced video starts, “When your heart and the heart of the Earth and of the Sun are connected together with love, a special vibration enters your spirit…” The special vibration would be the heterodyne difference vibration that happens when your state of love is multiplied with the higher states of Mother Earth or Father Sun.

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