Heterodyning multiple dimensions of vibration  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, March, 2019

Summary. The heterodyning process changes the state of vibration of a consciousness. A human provides one vibration as input to the process, and the other input is from a higher-vibration entity. Since the vibration of consciousness has more than one dimension, the article discusses whether the heterodyning process can accommodate multiple dimensions. The Zeta’s comments indicated that dimensions of vibration are independent and the heterodyning process should be applied to one dimension at a time.

1. Introduction

Vibration is usually considered to be one-dimensional, but comments by the Zetas indicated that it has higher dimensionality. It is better represented by a multidimensional model, V[i][j][k][], that is infinitely extendable into as many dimensions as required. The derivation of the model is described in the book, “More insights from the Zeta interviews”.

Figure 1. A two-dimensional model of vibration.

Figure 1 shows a drawing of a two-dimensional subset of the model which is sufficient to locate all possible human vibrational states. The subset is represented by the matrix, V[i][j]. In the drawing, the ith axis represents “Physical type of vibration” and the jth axis represents “Harmony”. The ith axis shows hypothetical positions of the etheric realm and the higher-level astral and spirit realms as base vibrations on that dimension. The bars extending from the ith axis represent beings of each type of vibration who have developed a certain amount of harmony represented on the jth axis. So a being’s place in the model is a function of i, a base vibration, and j, the being’s highest possible state of harmony.

The details of the model can only be approximate. Dimensions of vibration have an ordinal scale and so a metric does not exist to differentiate between vibrational states. All we can say is that one state is greater, equal to, or less than another state. Nevertheless, the geometric model is useful for understanding the contents of dimensions and the relations among them.

The model emphasizes that the etheric, astral and spirit realms are all physical existences. In the ij plane, the perceptual process transforms holographic-like representations of thoughts so they are experienced as matter. Other races such as the Zeta race have vibrations that are also of the physical type, but do not resonate with human vibrations. The base vibrations of these races (not shown in the figure) are on the ith axis as well, interspersed among the base vibrations of other physical types.

Unfortunately, more than one dimension of vibration clouds our understanding of how heterodyning works. The latter process is described more fully in the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”, in the chapter entitled “Heterodyning vibrational states”. The heterodyning process explains how a vibrational state of one being may interact with another being’s vibrational state so that they resonate together at another related vibration. The two beings cooperate to create a potential at the difference between their vibrations. The vibrational state of each being is then moved more easily to that potential so they resonate at the difference vibration. But which of the two dimensions of vibration participates in the process? The conversations with the Zetas provided some answers.

2. Two dimensions of vibration

Before it was understood that vibration is multidimensional, a Zeta was asked how a human’s vibration can have many values as well as a single value. Were they using the same word to refer to different things?

The Zeta answered, “There is a potential for beings of races to exist in the different forms of physical frequencies. It does not mean that the physical form is disassociated permanently from its nominal state. It means that we have capacity to exist in a different level of physical capacity.” That is, a being can take on a vibrational state different from its usual state of being. The level of physical capacity would refer to a point on the Physical type of vibration dimension shown in Figure 1.

They added, “If we choose to exist in a finer level of physical frequency, then we would be not seen in the normal spectrum of a human.” The Zetas can voluntarily shift their vibration so far along the Physical type of vibration dimension that they cannot be seen by humans in their normal vibrational state. Shifting far enough could even take them to the astral realm as suggested in Figure 1. Certainly, the astral existence is typically not experienced in the human waking state.

Further, they said, “Some would utilize technologies to increase the frequency of the molecular bond of the physical structure to not be seen by a human eye.” The Physical type of vibration parameter is manifested in the etheric realm as the vibration of molecular bonds in matter. The Zetas have technology that can increase the rate of vibration of molecules. The object of matter then dematerializes so it no longer exists for beings still in the lower state of vibration. An example is the Zeta craft which can materialize/dematerialize using such a technology.

The same can be done to a physical human body. The Zeta said, “A human in a physical form may be of a certain vibrational nature, but they still hold a physical form. Another human who is of the same physical form may have relationship with a higher self or other entities. Those entities may accurately deconstruct the physical capacity of the human’s molecular structure so that the human selves are seen to dematerialize.” The human body can be made to dematerialize by heterodyning with another higher-vibration entity, perhaps even its own higher-self. The body dematerializes when its Physical type of vibration shifts to a higher heterodyning difference potential.

In general, the heterodyning process can change the vibrational state of any matter. The Zeta said, “It would be more accurate to say that under the appropriate heterodyning process that all matter can be changed.” The difference potential created by the heterodyning process determines the new position for the vibration parameter on the Physical type of vibration dimension. If it is shifted far enough, the matter dematerializes relative to an observer in the original state of consciousness.

Is there a relationship between the Physical type of vibration parameter and the many vibrations of the etheric body that define the Harmony dimension? Are they independent or must the etheric body vibrations resonate with the vibrations of the physical type parameter? According to the Zeta, “We said to you before that the etheric body held many frequencies. Those frequencies can be any value.” That they can be any value indicates that the etheric body vibrations are not constrained by the Physical type of vibration parameter, and so the dimensions are indeed independent. Since they are independent, increasing the Physical type of vibration parameter on the ith axis would not necessarily affect the being’s state of harmony.

Can an overall state of vibration be calculated for the heterodyning process? Such a combined vibrational state might be realized as the sum of vectors representing each dimension of vibration. However, the summing operation assumes the variables are rational numbers. Since vibrations are represented on an ordinal scale, they cannot be summed.

The alternative is to treat individual dimensions consecutively with the heterodyning process. We may assume that the intention required by the process can discriminate among dimensions. A human would choose the higher-vibration being without regard to physical type. The choice would be made solely because the being is known to be very loving. That is, the human would have the intention to heterodyne their current vibrational state of love with the love of the higher-vibration being. The difference vibration would then raise the humans’s vibrational state on only the Harmony dimension.

The ability to choose the dimension that is to enter into the heterodyning process is supported by the Zeta’s comments. The Zetas can “choose to exist in a finer level of physical frequency.” This choice adjusts the Physical type of vibration so they “would be not seen in the normal spectrum of a human.” A change to that same dimension alters the vibration of molecular bonds. Even humans can change the state of materialization of their bodies in this way with the help of a higher-vibration entity. It is the heterodyning process that changes the position on the Physical type of vibration dimension in order to affect the state of materialization.

If the Physical type of vibration dimension can be chosen as the sole input to the heterodyning process, so can the Harmony dimension. The dimension selected would depend on what is to be accomplished. For example, if a body is to dematerialize, the Physical type of vibration dimension is the appropriate focus of intention. If the purpose is to raise one’s state of love, then the Harmony dimension should be the focus.

We may conclude that the inputs to the heterodyning process should be either states of harmony or the states of physical type of vibration. The heterodyning process, if successful, will create a difference potential that corresponds to the choice of input. After the difference potential is created, the human state of harmony or the human’s physical type will shift to the difference vibration.


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