Healing of actinic keratoses by an extraterrestrial Zeta being  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, August, 2015


Precancerous skin cells, known as actinic keratoses, formed on the lead author's nose in the fall of 2014. The condition was diagnosed by a dermatologist in December of that year, and was treated with cryotherapy. This treatment froze the abnormal skin with liquid nitrogen and caused it to flake off and be replaced with new skin. But seven months later, the condition reappeared at the edges of the regrown skin. This time it was treated with a topical cream meant to treat actinic keratoses. Since extended use of the cream can cause skin irritation, it was used once a day for five days, stopped for three days, then applied again for another five days.

Nine days after discontinuing the treatment with the cream, the abnormalities on the nose had not gone away and were becoming an increasing concern. They should have healed during that period if the cream were effective, but they seemed to be spreading instead. William decided to try an alternative therapy. In particular, Paul Hamden, an Australian medium who channels beings from the extraterrestrial Zeta race, was asked if the Zetas could help cure the skin condition on the nose. Extraterrestrial beings are said to have successfully treated various other medical conditions (e.g., here and here) and they might be able to cure this as well.

Healing of precancerous skin lesions

The medium located in Australia entered a light trance state one morning and a Zeta being spoke through him to William in Canada where it was evening. Communication between the two locations was mediated by the Facebook Messenger chat utility using audio only. William recorded the proceedings on an independent recording device.

The Zeta explained to William, "We are at a distance from the medium, at a distance from you. To affect physical matter at a distance can be a challenge." Perhaps to accommodate the effect of distance, the Zeta calibrated his ability to influence William's etheric body by attempting to create a pressure sensation under the rib cage. William did not know what to expect and was reluctant initially to report a sensation. But when the Zeta said, "It is not striking, it is as though your clothing is touching your sides", William agreed that a subtle sensation had appeared in the upper stomach area just under the diaphragm. The Zeta continued with the following explanation which included the first indication that healing would be attempted.

Zeta: You see, there is our understanding of how we are affecting you, how we affect your etheric body that relates to the physical. Then there is your understanding of how the effect is affecting you. So we must, to provide some type of healing process, gain an understanding of when we provide potential such as, for example, a current to a device, we are looking for the potential of that current. So when we provide the potential to your etheric body, we are seeking to find out how your physical body reacts to the potential applied to your etheric body.

William: Yes, I understand that.

Zeta: Now wait, you do not have any implanted devices for a human, is that correct?

William: Implanted devices?

Zeta: The heart...

William: No, nothing like that.

Zeta: Good.

The healing process then began and for 1 min 26 sec, no words were spoken. When it was finished, the Zeta discussed what had occurred.

Zeta: There has been an attempt to redefine the etheric energy around your facial area to see if any potential is applied to the abnormal cellular structure. If we have had any success, it will be within three days. If not, we will try again.

The problem with cellular changes in the physical form are that the body is self-programmed to provide these potentials within the framework of its existence. It is a natural response to provide the abnormal cellular structure. The body perceives that it is doing its job.

William: So it will try to counteract what you are doing?

Zeta: Yes, of course, that is why we have instructed the consciousness of the etheric body in the facial area to reverse the cellular changes. But of course from the physical side, there will be potentials applied to the etheric changes. You, as consciousness, are in the middle and are also responsible for being of a receiving nature, to tell your body that it is appropriate to heal.

William: Is meditation appropriate for doing that?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

William: Is my best strategy in meditation to go into a state of quiet expectation?

Zeta: What was your cellular structure before the abnormal cellular structure? You need to be in that state where you are prior to the cellular structure.

William: Ok, I see, so I should perhaps visualize.

Zeta: Yes.

After the healing process, the Zeta gave a more immediate demonstration of his ability to influence physical matter from a distance.

Zeta: We will try to affect your recording device ... it has been done.

The ellipsis in the previous sentence represents eight seconds. As can be heard in the audio, two clicks 160 msec apart were recorded during this interval. The clicks are quite obvious on the recording but were definitely not heard in the room. Apparently, the electronics of the acoustically coupled recording device were directly affected by the Zeta.

Results of the healing process

The healing process took place on a Monday evening at about 19:30, and the Zeta said that success should be evident by the following Thursday, three days later. Photographs of the nose were taken before the healing as well as every evening after the healing. They were taken under different lighting conditions, and this should be taken into account when evaluating the progress of healing using the following images.

The first two images show the nose before the healing process took place. The image on the right was taken about 8.5 hours beforehand. Since no warning was given that healing would take place, there is no photograph closer in time to the healing session.

Sunday 10:02 Monday 10:58

The next two images show the nose after the healing session (left image) and on the evening of the next day (right image). Surprisingly, there seemed to be some improvement already just after the healing process in the image on the left. The darker areas in the image from the following day are scabs that formed over the lesions. This is an indication that healing was in progress.

Monday 20:14 Tuesday 18:46

The following six images show the return of the nose to the normal state. As is customary in the process of wound healing, scabs formed and eventually fell away from healthy skin.

Wednesday 20:25 Thursday 19:43
Friday 20:04 Saturday 18:04
Sunday 21:06 Monday 9:00


The changes to the skin on the nose are consistent with intervention by the Zeta being. Having said that, there may be some concern that the application of the topical cream might have had something to do with the observed healing. But if that were the case, evidence of healing should have been visible during the period when the cream was no longer being applied. Instead, the condition seemed to be worsening just before healing was requested from the Zetas. Therefore, it is safe to say that the improvements shown in the images are not due to the topical cream treatment applied more than nine days earlier.

The photograph taken immediately after the Zeta had influenced the etheric body shows evidence of healing. This temporal contiguity in itself indicates that the healing was caused by what the Zeta did. The image suggests that the abnormal skin cells were already responding to the imposed etheric body changes. As shown in the subsequent images, the physical skin took several days to adjust by moving through the usual healing process.

Every physical object, including the human body, is organized by an etheric body template. The physical and etheric bodies influence each other, so when the structure of a physical body part changes, the etheric body reflects that change. For example, when exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun damages the skin and causes abnormal biological processes to persist (e.g., actinic keratoses), the etheric body will come to reflect that physical damage, and the damaged state becomes the new normal. Conversely, if the etheric body were made to revert back to its original state, the physical body would follow suit if the pressure from the etheric body were not overwhelmed by physical influences.

The human etheric body mediates the bidirectional communication between the local consciousness and the physical body. The Zeta took advantage of these mutual relationships in the healing process. He redefined the etheric energy in the facial area to what it was before it had changed. However, this externally imposed change to the etheric body was resisted by the physical body which was just "doing its job". So the Zeta instructed the local consciousness to help maintain the changed state. That is, the local consciousness was made aware that the abnormal cellular structure was to be reversed, and "that it is appropriate to heal." Further, William was advised to actively support this message by meditating and visualizing the skin as it was when it was healthy.