The Zeta greeting

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, April, 2015

At the start of an interaction with Zeta beings in a seance setting, the Zeta often asks, "What is your energy?" The sitters typically respond by describing unusual feelings in their bodies such as a "pulling in the solar plexus" or a "pressure in the head". These sensations may well mean that the energy in the room has changed, likely because of the Zeta's presence. But, as the following interaction makes clear, these personal sensations are of no interest to the Zeta.

Zeta: The reason we ask you about what is your energy, that is a standard greeting process for a race. “How are you?” is a human term for “What is your energy?” Your energy contains all of your consciousness, your energy contains your perception, your energy contains your vitality. So we ask every time over the many years, "What is your energy?", and we believe that the sitters have generally misunderstood what the question is. If we hear that you have no pulling in your solar plexus, that means nothing to us. It means nothing to us if you say you have pulling in your solar plexus. It means nothing to us if you say "I have pressure around my head."

Interviewer: What is the standard answer that you would give to another Zeta if you were asked “What is your energy?”

Zeta: “I am in energy”, that is what I say. But if you are not, then you are not.

Interviewer: But are you always in energy?

Zeta: No, you are not, not energy that you can define, because when I would say, “I am in energy”, I would present the energy for the other entity to feel.

Rather than the ritualistic "How are you?" often used by humans, the Zeta's greeting is practical in nature. It is intended to discover the energetic state of the other individual. If the answer is equivalent to “I am in energy”, then the communication process can continue.