The Zeta understanding of gravity

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, March, 2015

In November, 2014, opportunities arose again to interview extraterrestrial Zeta beings through the medium, Paul Hamden. These and earlier interviews are documented in the book, A primer of the Zeta race. High on the agenda was a question about the force of gravity. Perhaps they could provide insight that would help our earth scientists understand the fundamental nature of this force. The answer from a Zeta came to the medium early one morning as a download of telepathic visions and as a form of automatic writing. The medium transcribed the initial statement on the keyboard and sent it via an internet chat facility to my receiving device. I responded immediately and more information came in the ensuing direct conversation with the Zeta.

There are gaps in the information, and an attempt to interpret what was said follows the transcript.

Transcription of Zeta download: Gravity pertains to matter - depending on the mass will determine the gravity body. The frequency of matter also determines the possibility of attraction, change of frequency negates matter, frequency determines pull, cyclical action of frequency of matter causes other matter to be attracted to it as all matter is in pulse, all matter attracts.

Medium: I see many masses all in resignation. The universe is like water drops in glass all sliding towards each other. Speed determines distance that frequency can be held from other matter. The influence of gravity is diminished by distance. Gravity is frequency. That's my very early morning download.

The imagery was much more powerful than the words. You know when music is in harmony it blends. When it is not in harmony it is levitation, or not in attraction. Music is like frequency of matter, discordance is the key. To change the harmony provides repulsion.

Me: Matter in harmony attracts?

Medium: Yes.

Me: I wonder how to determine frequency of matter? All matter must have the same fundamental frequency.

(The Zeta enters the conversation again via the keyboard)

Zeta: Frequency is determined by the basic fundamentals of matter's structure. So mass of matter structure determines gravity density and frequency. Basic frequency is coalescence of harmony of combined matter frequencies of mass x frequency x structure x determines attraction, mass being basic combination of atomic structure of matter.

Me: So frequency of mass must be constant?

Zeta: Because distance between molecular structure determines attractions, frequency of mass is constant, determined by all combined matter to form body of matter.

Dematerialized craft move through substrate of universe by ignoring body of matter rules - not ignoring, being different - not in harmonious environment but by being harmonious in different harmony to basic universe of matter. Original matter's ethereal body determines structure, so materialized state compared to dematerialized state it’s consciousness structure.

Re-materialization is performed and supported by energy body capacity to hold basic quanta pattern. Matter then re-establishes form. Propulsion system of state-of-matter drive of craft not affected due to etheric body in same state as craft.

Me: Ah, matter forms only when etheric template is compatible with matter frequency?

Zeta: Occupants also in temporary stasis of motion. Stimulate etheric body to reacquaint matter to form. Pulse determines organization of matter to be reinstated by etheric body, so etheric body holds matter in disassociated state.

To re-assimilate matter, pulse is used to tell frequency to realign. Pulse is from external source, as cannot be inside etheric all body of matter whilst jump process taking place. Technology in place to reanimate craft. (the fan is singing again)

Me: Is there a code in etheric template that instructs to assimilate matter?

Zeta: The etheric template holds code, yes.

Me: And pulse activates this code?

Zeta: Yes, to assimilate matter, code is information field. Etheric body holds all information. Larger field holds all information. Information within field is informal field to formal field. Formal field collection of all structures of matter within this universe. Field permeates everything.


The Zeta said that the frequency of matter is determined by the basic combination of atomic structure of matter. This frequency is a constant, determined by all combined matter to form body of matter. Exactly how the Zeta would calculate matter frequency is not specified. Use of the de Broglie wavelength of a particle is likely not intended, since it is inversely related to the particle’s momentum and so is undefined for a particle at rest. The Compton wavelength of a particle is the wavelength of a photon with the same energy as the rest-mass energy of the particle. So a frequency for any particle could be calculated from its Compton wavelength. The Zeta said that the frequency of a body of matter is determined from the combined frequencies of its constituent particles.

According to the Zeta, the frequency of matter has a cyclical action that attracts matter to matter. All matter is “in pulse”, suggesting that the attractive force arises from matter synchronized with matter represented as a unitary waveform. The amount of pull is affected by the frequency. If the frequency of matter is changed abruptly, it negates matter , suggesting that there is no attraction when the phase of the waveform of one body of matter cannot follow the phase of another body of matter. The Zeta said that relative speed affects attraction, perhaps due to doppler shift. Distance between objects also affects attraction, so synchronization of the phase of matter waveforms may decrease with increasing distance.

In the Zeta cosmology, consciousness contains all that could ever be imagined in the form of virtual patterns. The Zeta may be referring to this when he mentions the formal information field that contains all possible structures of matter. The etheric body is instantiated from such a virtual pattern and the Zeta refers to the information in the instantiation as an informal field. The etheric body defines the shape and the chemical composition of a corresponding physical form, so it acts as a template for the physical body.

The Zeta says that the etheric template has a code for activating the assimilation of matter to form the physical object. When the code is switched on, the etheric body frequency is aligned with the frequency of matter, and matter is organized by the template. The etheric body frequency may be measured in Hz since it appears to have an electrical interface with the physical environment. Alternatively, frequency may refer to a particular state of the energy of consciousness.

In the context of craft propulsion, the etheric body of the craft holds the pattern of its physical body. When a craft is dematerialized, the etheric body holds the coarse matter of the physical craft in a disassociated state, perhaps in the form of finer matter. The physical bodies of the craft occupants are also placed in a “temporary stasis of motion”. Dematerialization of the craft occurs when the craft’s etheric frequency is no longer aligned with its matter frequency. The status of the etheric code that controls this alignment is toggled by an external pulse. The source of this pulse cannot be inside the etheric body during the movement of the craft through the etheric realm.

The etheric form of the craft can still use the ‘state of matter’ drive which uses the creation process in the etheric realm. Technology is in place to reanimate the craft when desired. Re-materialization of the craft is triggered when the code is changed by the external pulse to instruct the etheric and matter frequencies to realign. The disassociated matter then reconstitutes according to the craft’s etheric template, and the occupants’ etheric bodies are stimulated to fill their etheric templates with the matter held in stasis.