An alternative to the Spirit Realm  

Paul Hamden and William C. Treurniet, May, 2020

Summary. Humans have relatively brief lifetimes. Normally, they return to Spirit Realm where they have the opportunity to reincarnate to a new life. The extraterrestrial Zeta race believes that Spirit Realm is a technology that has outlived its intended purpose. They recently revealed an alternative to the Spirit Realm they call a gateway. The gateway has a number of nexus, each associated with an extraterrestrial race. Eligible humans transitioning at the end-of-life on Earth may choose one of the nexus and incarnate on that race's planet. A particular planet is known as Edin. It has a higher vibration than Earth and was prepared by the Zetas for a race of Zeta/human biological hybrids. In the gateway, the consciousness of a transitioning human spirit may choose the Edin nexus and incarnate in the body of a hybrid. The Zetas appear to offer the gateway as a way to bypass the technological singularity expected soon on Earth.


Extraterrestrial beings introduced us to a cosmology of much greater scope than is understood by our current science. The cosmology holds that all that exists, including our familiar matter, are configurations of consciousness (Treurniet, 2019). The words describing the cosmology and much more were spoken through the medium, Paul Hamden (Hamden and Treurniet, 2019). Extraterrestrial Zeta and Anunnaki beings described in some detail the concept of the Spirit Realm and why it exists. Human spirits are free to choose to incarnate on Earth and then, after a lifetime of experiences, return to the Spirit Realm.

The Zetas said that the human Spirit Realm is a technology that has outlived its usefulness and has several shortcomings. For example, when a spirit reincarnates in a new human body, the spirit's personality is initialized and memories of past lives are no longer accessible. Much relearning is needed at the beginning of each brief lifetime in order to survive. The Zetas believe that successively transferring the contents of consciousness to new adult container bodies is superior to multiple rebirths of consciousness as infants. The problem is described by a Zeta in the following quote.

"Spirit Realm does not provide the potential for you upon re-entry to this physical planet. Let me give you an example. You are a meditative person and you seek higher levels of consciousness while you are a human being. You transition and move into Spirit Realm and then decide to reincarnate. You then come back to this planet and are born. You do not remember who you are and you become basically an unloving person. The technology is inferior and so it does not allow you to be with your memories so you can then build on the previous process. It is as though you have been re-set. Yes of course, there are some that do remember and are able to navigate the process, but they are a minority."

The Zetas see the Spirit Realm and the reincarnation cycle as a trap for humanity. They said, ""What exists is the potential to not be trapped by the cycle, to exist outside of the physical nature, to interchange and exchange with the physical matter as required." They suggested that humans need not be stuck in the reincarnation cycle, that they should be able to move to a different vibrational state whenever they wish. The Spirit Realm technology was created to provide a holding area for human consciousness until the next reincarnation is chosen. But now, humanity's collective consciousness has evolved sufficiently so that such control by the technology is no longer needed.

The Zetas spoke extensively through the medium about an ascension process which would include raising the vibrational level of the human collective consciousness. When the shift in vibration of the collective consciousness would occur was never specified, but it would happen when conditions were right. The Zetas felt that humanity was headed in that direction. They said, "The collective consciousness of this race is moving on a, I would not say predetermined process, but much of what is happening is already being seen." Since that optimistic observation was made, the Zetas developed another means to assist humanity in its spiritual evolution.

The gateway to other realms

As an alternative to the Spirit Realm, another process accessible to human consciousness was created. They said, "We are seeking to provide you with a second process. The first process no longer suits this race." They gave transitioning humans the opportunity to enter a new gateway process in order to merge with another extraterrestrial race of the human's choosing. They suggested, for example, that a human consciousness accompanied by an extraterrestrial spirit guide may have a particular desire to return to the race of the guide. The Zeta said, "Many would not choose that option. Others will. But to have the option which was never in place before. . . Many humans wish to move to other races."

The Zetas refer to the gateway as a sphere defined as a conceptual space in consciousness. They said, "That sphere has nexus points, we believe nine, entering into nine races which belong to the council, yes, each of the nexus points being the gateway. Your intention as consciousness will be to choose one of those entry points into the race. It is a simple process." The council consists of a group of races managed by Pleiadians who ensure that the Earth grid environment remains stable. The races are ready to welcome Earth human spirits from the gateway as beings of their own race.

At the end of a relatively short lifetime on Earth, a spirit consciousness returns to the Spirit Realm. But since April, 2020, the spirit can choose to enter the gateway process instead of the Spirit Realm. A human spirit "may choose, rather than enter the original point of entry of Spirit Realm, will enter into the second sphere (i.e., the gateway)." After passing through the gateway, the spirit's personality will be defined by the race that was chosen.

The human's intention before transitioning affects the process. The Zeta said, "You would not choose the second sphere if you had not as a human decided the intention process. That is why freewill is in operation prior to the transition." Also, "There must be desire, an intuitive consciousness choice to not re-abide by the original Spirit Realm process." A human must want very much to become part of an extraterrestrial race in order to enter the gateway.

The intention requirement prior to transition is also a security feature. The Zeta said, "This process is in place to stop all consciousness which no longer inhabits physical form from moving into the second sphere, seeking entry into other areas." An entity is prevented from using the gateway unless it is a human spirit in a physical body transitioning from Earth.

If a spirit consciousness entering the gateway were to have reservations about moving to an extraterrestrial race, they would not be allowed to continue on. The Zeta said, "If they did choose to move to the gateway, and they were not of the proper nature, they would not be allowed to move to the portal that leads to that planet. They would be redirected to Spirit Realm." There would seem to be continuous monitoring of the process to evaluate the nature of each potential user.

The gateway offers access to a number of realms. The Zeta said, "When you transition you can enter a previously unknown accessible area called a 'nexus'. This nexus will contain nine entry points to various races. These races will allow you access to their planet, lifestyle, society and all of the benefits of incarnating into that race." The decision to enter the gateway is irrevocable and signals a permanent departure from the Spirit Realm. The Zeta said, "Once there, you must make a choice. It is only a gateway."

Will there be sufficient information to make the required choices when the time comes? How could one choose when so little is known about the extraterrestrial races? As the Zeta said, "It (i.e., the gateway) is not pre-populated with previous information. You will be offered exit points only." When the apparent lack of information about the potential destinations was addressed, the Zeta was not concerned. They answered, "You can see what no longer suits you, and so you choose. . . . Dissonance will not be allowed, only harmony, so you will acclimate to a frequency. You will provide yourself in harmony. . . . there will be an acclimation towards the nexus." The choices made by the spirit consciousness will not depend on the information available. They will gravitate to what feels most harmonious.

We are part of a higher-self consciousness, even though we see ourselves in separation from it. The Zeta said, "Your local construct is only a creation of the higher-self entity. The higher self already understands its own path. It does not seek your permission to do anything with you. It will provide you with information. You will make the decision based on the understanding that you have been given." Feelings of harmony towards the gateway and a particular gateway nexus will come from the spirit's higher self. The difficult choices become effortless.

In general, many races remain separated because of the lack of resonation between their vibrations. The Zeta said, "Spirit consciousness does not transition from one race to another. The makeup of the consciousness is unable to make the transitional process correctly." Therefore, the Zetas implemented the gateway technology to enable a spirit consciousness to become one with a resonant or a dissonant vibration.

The consciousness can enter a nexus of the gateway by way of the heterodyning process. According to the Zeta, "Each of those nexus will provide a different level of frequency." Each race is represented in the gateway by a 'nexus vibration' that is higher than the vibration of that race. When a human vibration heterodynes with one of the nexus vibrations, a difference potential is produced that is at the vibrational level of that race. The spirit can then move its vibration to the difference potential and enter the chosen realm. The Zeta said, "There is a transitional process between when a human transitions, moves through the difference, and then is physically recreated on the planet." As indicated in an earlier conversation, a vibration that "moves through the difference" is the Zeta's way of speaking about the heterodyning process.

Figure 1. Symbols of the gateway. 

The image in Figure 1 is a representation of the gateway painted by another medium under the direction of a Zeta. The medium, known to the Zetas as The Second, was trained for many years by the Zetas to participate in the special connection with them. The image is a visual representation of energy, a portal, that may resonate with some readers. The Zeta insisted it be included.

The gateway process depends on whether or not the transitioning human has a hybrid ET/human consciousness. When a non-hybrid human consciousness heterodynes with the vibration of a gateway nexus, the consciousness is transposed to the higher difference potential. It is suspended in a technological holding area until it moves to a container body on the chosen planet. A hybrid consciousness may follow a more complex process. The human facet is suspended in the holding area, while the ET facet returns to its container body held in stasis during the recent experiences on Earth. The ET consciousness is still aware of these experiences and, if the race has the capacity, it may decide to "re-blend" with the suspended human consciousness. Their union would form a new state of consciousness in the ET container. Otherwise, the human consciousness would wait for a container of its own.

Entering the Edin realm

One of the gateway choices is a realm that holds a planet known to the medium as Edin, a higher-vibration version of the Earth. EDIN is a Sumerian cuneiform word meaning "steppe" or "plain" and refers to mankind's first habitat. The Zeta explained, "The planet always existed. It wasn't created. A planet is chosen to support a specific population." The planet was terraformed over the last several decades to support humanoid lifeforms. The Zeta said, "Over the 40-year period, the race has been storing biological matter to populate the planet." The terraformed planet exists on only one timeline.

A race of humanoid beings was also placed on the planet. The Zeta said, "The hybrids on the planet were created by the Zetas." A Zeta once acknowledged that they occasionally took Earth humans with a hybrid Zeta/human consciousness onto Zeta craft. The purpose was to monitor their physical well-being. It appears they may also have taken genetic material to create biological hybrids for seeding a race on Edin. The hybrids were altered to be compatible with the planet's biosphere. The collective has long had the technology to create genetically engineered beings and "place the consciousness of ourselves into these beings."

Since April, 2020, many humans from Earth have chosen to transition to Edin. When the consciousness of a human spirit enters Edin, it is suspended in a Zeta technology until a container body is available. The Zeta agreed that memories of past lives survive the transfer through the gateway. The arriving spirits are unaware of their surroundings and "are very much singular and by themselves." They are "placed in consciousness until they have properly acclimated. . . . they experience themselves, their true nature," The temporary holding area is similar to the technology that holds the consciousness of a Zeta child when there is a failure of its physical body.

According to the Zeta, the world of Edin is "one of consciousness, one of agreement, and one of harmony." The medium understands that there is one planetary-wide government and that there is no war. Spiritual leaders are openly supported by the Zetas. The medium said, "Edin is a physical holding ground and then the hybrids move to the Zeta race." That is, a physical body on the planet does eventually die, and the consciousness then migrates to the Zeta collective. So transitioning to Edin is a way for a human consciousness to become part of the Zeta collective.


Until the existence of the gateway was disclosed, the Zetas' stated goal was to help humanity through the ascension process. The rationale for that still exists. The human collective consciousness in the astral realm is still chaotic and humans are still unable to communicate easily with extraterrestrial races. The low vibrations of human consciousness are still synchronized by global media and are said to be polluting the collective consciousness of the other races. Aggressive, spacefaring humans with their weapons may yet threaten other races. Although there has been progress toward ascension, these problems have not gone away.

The move to Edin accomplishes some objectives of the ascension process for the individuals involved. The transitioned consciousness reaches a higher level of vibration compared to its earthly existence. The consciousness of the biological hybrid is said to recall past lives as a human. Their higher vibration suggests they communicate telepathically and can create thought forms.

According to the Zetas, many humans will still opt for the Spirit Realm rather than the gateway. They said, "The planet [Earth] will always be repopulated. Many will not choose to move from the initial technology [Spirit Realm] and will always seek to come here. Others are seeking opportunity to break out of the cycle. We only offer that process to those. If you choose to abide by the Spirit Realm process, that is your freewill." So the gateway option will not cause humanity to disappear from the Earth. A higher-vibration human collective mind, the primary objective of the ascension process, may yet be realized.

The Zetas anticipate that humanity will create the 'singularity', the merger of human biology and artificial intelligence. This merger has already begun with the development of technology to integrate the internet-of-things with the human brain. The Zeta said, "The beginning is of 25 more years of you for the singularity to begin. We require humans to support us, humans such as yourselves."

The consciousness of humans like us appear to have evolved characteristics that the Zetas would like to preserve. They offer humans the opportunity to leapfrog the singularity by populating Edin. The higher-vibration hybrid beings of Edin have abilities beyond what could be created by artificial intelligences. The Zetas see the qualities of human consciousness as valuable potential additions to their collective; hence, their request for us to support them. But time is likely running out. In the near future, the technology of the singularity might interfere with human intentions and the opportunity to use the gateway would be lost. The Zetas may be urging humans to scatter themselves among the extraterrestrial races before they can no longer do so.


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