Humanity's future with other races 

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, January, 2015

Summary. Through contact with the extraterrestrial Zeta race, we learned that beings from multiple extraterrestrial races are incarnating as humans. More than 30 percent of humans today are said to have spirits with an extraterrestrial rather than a spirit realm background, but like the majority of humans, most have no recall of previous lives. These humans are helping to develop a self-aware, loving, collective consciousness to match those of the extraterrestrial races. This will eventually enable humans to communicate telepathically with the other races. In the meantime, our immature collective consciousness is interfering with the status of other races as we struggle to develop. The races hope that we will eventually put in place the protective mechanisms needed to eliminate such interference.

1. Introduction

Mediums are said to be in contact with extraterrestrial races via the method called channeling. In cases of true contact, the medium enters a trance state so the body is tuned to the proper “channel”. An extraterrestrial consciousness takes control of the medium's body, and this can often be sensed by other people in the room as a change in the “energy”. Some talented people say they can reliably discriminate among energies associated with different races. Notably, a number of extraterrestrial races have communicated with people in this way via the medium, Paul Hamden. The most prominent among them is the Zeta race, and many interviews with them yielded information on a range of topics about their, and our, existence. Much of this has been published in a free on-line book.

We learned about some of the Zeta science and technology, and also about the nature of existence after this physical life is over. We were assured that human consciousness does live on in so-called energetic or etheric realms, often in what we have come to know as the spirit realm. As in the physical realm, energetic beings experience consistent natural laws governing their experience as non-corporeal conscious entities. A convergence of human and extraterrestrial science was discussed in another article. According to the Zeta science, our expectations have a large effect on what is experienced at the moment of transition from the physical to an energetic existence. Therefore, we each stand to benefit directly from this knowledge when the transition occurs.

The Zetas say we should all work as individuals on developing a higher state of consciousness. A state of consciousness is another way of saying a state of love. At some point as we become more loving as a race, the human collective consciousness will become coherent and self-aware. That state will enable the communications desired by the other races. It is important to note that this higher state of love cannot be forced by external events such as official government disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence. Rather, it must be self-imposed by individual human choices that reflect a greater ability to love.

A Zeta, who is part of his own self-aware collective consciousness, recognized the difficulty of the process when he said, “The [human] collective mind is in disarray. Much of the anger, many of the violent tendencies, are the collective mind of the race, it is not with love.” Yet he appeared confident that the human race will eventually choose to develop in a loving way. He said, “It has been seen that this one race will develop into a higher level of consciousness, it will define the new behaviour of the race and then, that will provide an entry point for other races to have physical contact to a larger degree with you as a race.”

We were assured that we will be assisted in this process. The Zeta said, “We are to incarnate as human beings and then to project a stabilising force into the collective mind of the human race … So you in fact as a race are being supported into your collective consciousness process by many entities... Many beings are here supporting your collective consciousness because it is at this point a rudimentary form of consciousness which is not yet self-aware... There is the intent of races, which are here as well in human form. Their intent is very strong, they are not guided by human actions. Humans' development is not just determined by humans.” But we were also assured, “No race is not working in some way for the benefit of all races.”

The need for a human collective mind to be in a higher state of consciousness to permit telepathic-like communications with extraterrestrial races is entirely consistent with their information about the creation process. As discussed more fully in the aforementioned book, beings can create with their intentions, and state of consciousness is an important element in this process. But, beings with widely differing states of consciousness do not share the same created experiences. If telepathic communication is thought of as a shared creation, it would also only take place among beings having similar states of consciousness. Then it is easy to understand why the extraterrestrials are concerned about the state of the human collective consciousness. When humans come to a higher state of consciousness, we will be able to exchange created messages with beings already at similar states of consciousness.

2. Formation of a collective consciousness

The astral realm is best known popularly as a spatial construct that can be visited by people having out-of-body experiences or other altered states of consciousness such as lucid dreams. The Zetas say that it is also where the human collective consciousness is developing.

In their words, “The astral realms are a collection of all thought, all creative processes, all dimensional aspects which come from the existence of thought. This concatenation of all thought forms is the collective mind of the human race.”

“All of you have thoughts, all of your thoughts are becoming one. As they become one, you have created a collective consciousness entity.”

“The collective operates as a combined level of consciousness.”

“It would be hoped that ultimately the [astral] realm would transition to a different state of existence, thus allowing other life forms to interact easily with the collective human consciousness.”

“It has been seen that this one race will develop into a higher level of consciousness, it will define the new behaviour of the race and then, that will provide an entry point for other races to have physical contact to a larger degree with you as a race.”

The latter two quotes emphasize that the Zetas would like to see this development through to completion in order to facilitate communication.

The Zetas occasionally refer to their own collective as an example of what the human collective mind can become. For example, “All races seek to exist, all races seek to improve themselves, all races seek guidance of higher minds. Is there a religious process, a construct, no. The collective mind has become the ultimate goal of the race, to exist purely in thought, and to not be moving from container to container. We seek to be like our brothers in consciousness... We were then able to, as a global entity, able to interact with each other by placing our attention toward the collective mind of the race.”

They explain that the human race is undergoing a similar process of development. “Now you as a group of humans living on a planet are moving towards this as we speak. Your collective mind, in its undulating state, is being prepared for the transition to a telepathic process. You will become more in tune with your innate abilities based on consciousness, and in doing so, you will be able to communicate yourselves much easier. Firstly, you will be offered this on a technological basis. Much of your technology now is aimed at or based on communication with each other, and as this technology is offered to you, ultimately you can move into connection with each other. The amplified state of thought that you will exist in, will allow you to bypass the technological states, and so will begin the normalization of the collective consciousness of the human mind.” So eventually, with the help of a self-aware human collective consciousness, they say that humans will be able to communicate telepathically with each other.

3. Existence of other races

The Zetas have referred a number of times to the presence of other races of beings besides humans and themselves in the solar system environment. Some are physical like us, some are a different kind of physicality so they are invisible to us, and some are interdimensional in that their states of consciousness do not support matter.

You must understand that you are one race, or perceived to be one race. There are many other races which we interact with, and there are many other races that interact with you as humans. But whether your perception is, or whether you are able to understand that you are being interacted with, is of a different level of consciousness.” The Zeta explains that seeing other races or interacting with them depends on our ability to enter the appropriate states of consciousness.

There is a much broader viewpoint in regards to the existence of many races living in this physical realm... There are many energies on this earth plane, some are out of 'frequency' with your current processes. They live their own lives around you, there are many beings doing this, you only believe what you see.

There are beings which may be similar but they may be taller, larger, live in different states of existence, not purely within your construct of civilization.

If you say extraterrestrial, then you understand that the race holds a physical form and exists in the frequency of matter. Now, interdimensional entities such as the blue beings and others exist within frequency in a state of non-matter but of consciousness. Their interdimensional aspect is that they exist within the frequency process between matter.

A Zeta said, “There are many containers whose higher self is not related to the spirit realm entity.” For example, the Zetas do not need a spirit realm mechanism which enables entities to incarnate into physical form. Instead, they have their collective consciousness, and have developed the ability to move consciousness from a current physical form to a new form when the need arises.

When a Zeta was asked if other races exist within the moon, he replied, “They come and go, yes, a very close stopping point to this planet, easily to be within the distance of this planet’s process.

Several times, the existence of a cooperative organization of extraterrestrial races was discussed. A Zeta disclosed, “There is a loosely coordinated group that lives within the areas of this solar system.”... “There are many races who seek to support this planet, and surrounding life forms, they seek to bring changes to life that may be beneficial to a race of beings.” We learned that both interdimensional and matter races work together, and that Pleiadians lead the facilitating body. The Zetas are represented by other races because they “are technical and do not require voice.” Their role is to carry out requests from the facilitating body. We were told, “The human race has been difficult to manage.

The Zeta says, “All races have a common goal, to be one with each other, in a communion. Why is this? Originally, all energies come from one place, one source energy; they long to be reunited with the 'whole'.” This urge for races to come together may inspire them to form a shared long-term goal “to be one with each other”.

4. Human impact on a community of races

The human race is relatively young with an underdeveloped, chaotic collective consciousness. We cannot yet understand how we are affecting other older races. Apparently, our behaviour can be like a curious child who knows no boundaries. A Zeta says, “The collective consciousness of the human race is creating the collective mind of the race, and now of course, there is interconnectivity between all things, but you are affected only by the thought processes that affects within the collective mind of the human form.” The interconnectivity makes it possible for human consciousness to interfere with the consciousness of the Zeta race, as well as other races. The Zeta characterizes the human form as “all-pervasive”, and this property is one reason why we attract so much attention from these other races.

The Zetas have said that races at higher states of consciousness communicate using telepathy. Some humans are now at the point where they can also begin to explore this capability. But the uncontrolled use of telepathy appears to be causing problems for the other races. He describes the problem from their perspective as follows, “Let me try to give you imagery. Other races are isolated within spheres. What takes place within those constructs does not permeate into other levels of consciousness. But the humans have their sphere, spherical process is not created yet, so at its infancy. Its consciousness is pervasive. You will need to think on this process.

The Zeta continues, “Human consciousness is not within spherical unit, so is pervasive. Our race is inside container, is contained as are other races. Not all races are in spheres. So to interact with another race, must gain permission from the other race to come, whereas the humans, your field is open. That is why we are hoping the undulating form in consciousness to stop the pervasive actions of the consciousness of the race.

He explains that a race at the higher level of consciousness is encapsulated in a sphere (i.e., an enclosing construct). The sphere has a process that stops a race from interfering with other races. It can stop outgoing forms of communication but does not appear to interfere with incoming forms. However, the human collective consciousness is not yet encapsulated in a spherical unit, so we do not have the process in place to stop us from interfering with other races when we do not have permission from them to come. Therefore, the 'all-pervasive' humans can telepathically intrude on the sphere of another race, perhaps by the process of remote viewing which has become more prevalent among humans.

The other races are hoping that this situation will change, that human consciousness will be properly encapsulated. The Zeta says rather tersely about the human consciousness, “Must be within a spherical existence, because all things exist within consciousness. Cannot affect other races, must not affect other races.” It seems humans have caused changes in other races' domains that they found undesirable.

But the older races' aspirations for the human race do not seem to stop there. There are indications that they have plans to reorganize the relationships among races, and that the human race will be included when it is ready. A Zeta commented once, “We like our experiments like you do. We are a very technical race. Everything for us is experimentation. This gathering is an experiment.” When asked if the experiment was important to them, he replied, “It is based in what will ultimately become a combined race.” He explained that this ultimate objective is far, far in the future, but did not spell out what was meant by a combined race.

5. Will there be a combined race?

The Zeta’s enigmatic comment about “a combined race” may merely have been a reference to the human collective consciousness discussed earlier. Previously, we were told that the Zeta collective “operates as a combined level of consciousness”, so this usage suggests that the combined race may be the multitude of human minds integrated into a self-aware consciousness. They have also said, “You are not to become a zeta collective. You are already part of a human collective mind, but the incarnation of many races into the human form and container is based around the premise that you are able to evolve into a higher operational consciousness as a race.” The many races are helping to form a more loving human collective consciousness that is not at all like the Zeta collective consciousness.

On the other hand, the comment may have revealed the existence of a grander plan consistent with a Zeta's statement, “All races have a common goal, to be one with each other, in a communion.” The Zeta interactions with us might be part of an ongoing experiment ending with the merger of the human and Zeta races, thus forming a new entity different from both.

An initial opportunity to pursue what was meant by “a combined race” yielded a brief response from the Zeta that it would occur thousands of years in our future. There was no discussion of what was meant by the phrase, but it was an implicit acknowledgement that the reference to a “combined race” was no accident.

Another similar query elicited a more extensive response from a different Zeta. This one was uncertain that the collective consciousness of the human race would be able to combine with that of another race.

Interviewer: Once the human species has gained the “collective singular consciousness” that is in a spherical form, will the collective consciousness of the human race then be able to communicate and interact with other races?

Zeta: You will be accepted as a individual entity, but you will never be allowed to integrate your consciousness with another race.

Interviewer: Why is that?

Zeta: Capacity: you do not have capacity to move carefully through another race’s consciousness.

The Zeta says that the human collective consciousness will be accepted as a single entity after it completes its current phase of development, but it will not have sufficient capacity to understand the Zeta collective consciousness.

Interviewer: Will we at some point in time develop the capacity of consciousness to be able to do that?

Zeta: You would need to then transition to a new level of consciousness. You cannot continue to use your current transitional process from spirit realm to this physical container.

To integrate with the Zeta consciousness, the human collective consciousness would need to move to a higher state, and also move past the spirit realm process for incarnating into physical form. Humans would then be more like the Zetas who already manage transitions to new physical bodies without the spirit realm process.

Interviewer: So would it then be possible, if consciousness reached a vibration which would be compatible with another race, to then join that race?

Zeta: There is a possibility that individuals are allowed to enter into relationship with other races but the collective consciousness of the human race will never be similar to another race. … Your structures, thought patterns, motives, do not mesh with other races. The human race is much in service to self. … We are in service to others.

The Zeta doubts very much that the human collective mind will ever be similar enough to their race’s collective mind so that they could combine. The motives driving the two races are too incompatible. He implies that the higher state of consciousness needed to integrate with the Zeta collective mind will not be achieved by the human collective mind. However, it may be possible for individual human beings to accomplish this.

Interviewer: Is the work of the races incarnating as humans part of a plan to merge the collective consciousness of races?

Zeta: Let me clearly state, the reason that “you” have incarnated to aide this race is to obtain a state of balance.

Interviewer: Why would your race require a race to obtain a state of balance?

Zeta: Because in the future you will move from this planet and travel great distances and it will not want to encounter your technologies. Humans are dangerous, and also for all of the races there is a self preservation. Each moment the collective consciousness of the human race is expansive and moving ever outwards into consciousness. It has touched other races. It has been seen that what has touched that race was not beneficial.

The Zetas have said previously that the extraterrestrial races are incarnating as humans to promote the development of a self-aware human collective consciousness. Here the Zeta adds that achieving this goal would protect those extraterrestrial races from undesirable human influences. The Zeta explained earlier how the consciousness of the 'all-pervasive' humans is already interfering with the well-being of other races. Humans need to restrain themselves by establishing an inhibitory process in a “spherical realm” enclosing the collective consciousness. This may provide the state of balance that must be achieved.

6. Discussion

The Zetas do not have a flattering view of humans. They see humanity as a self-serving race with no concern about how it affects other races. Many humans, who abuse themselves with chemical substances or who are regarded as just lazy, are deemed unwilling to learn how to raise their states of consciousness so they can communicate with entities in the non-physical realms. Even so, they say the human collective consciousness has developed enough to interfere with the energetic status of extraterrestrial races. They also worry about our aggressive nature since, “As it is now, you have technology to destroy each other, but continually other races are asked to stop you from killing each other by disabling your weaponry.” These races are now concerned that human technology will become threatening to their physical existence as well in the future.

The assistance of extraterrestrial races in developing the human collective consciousness may therefore be less than altruistic. It is certainly to the advantage of these races to have a human neighbour that can communicate, have a more loving nature, and be more respectful. Therefore, there may be a touch of “service to self” in the contributions by the extraterrestrial races.

The Zetas say that they are motivated by “service to others” and, indeed, the positive attributes of the human collective consciousness that they encourage will be appreciated as much by humans as by the other races. But the Zetas are not always in a highest state of love. They have said, “Is it possible for a lower frequency energy to produce love? No, not at all, no. So we come in love. That is an energy that we bring with us if we choose to. We present the energy that best suits the conversation processes.” Because they can produce the energy of love, they can also choose to be present in a lower state of consciousness that is not of love.

They coexist with an old enemy, recognizing that it is “no longer beneficial to be at war with each other.” But the Zeta collective is capable of a defensive posture, even to the extent of attacking other beings who threaten them. They have said, “We can be forceful if required. We are only forceful when our freewill is… when another race forces their intention upon us, and then we will amplify our frequency to negate the process … Because the underlying process is that we care for others more than ourselves, the collective mind creates the decision process.” We are assured that “the Zeta race have never killed a human being”, but they may be warning potentially aggressive humans that they can defend themselves.

A Zeta indicated that their experiments are “based in what will ultimately become a combined race.” No matter how this is interpreted, it holds out promise for the human race. At least, it means that humanity will unite to achieve a self-aware collective consciousness that will be more loving in nature. At most, it suggests the possibility that the human collective consciousness will combine with those of other races such as the Zeta. When another Zeta was asked to elaborate on the meaning of “a combined race”, he indicated that combining the human and Zeta races was not possible given the differences that currently exist between them. However, there was a suggestion that formation of a combined entity might be possible if the human race transitioned to a higher state of consciousness and moved beyond the need to enter physical form using the spirit realm process.

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