Vibrational resonance across timelines  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, February, 2019

Summary. An existing model of vibration is extended to include additional complexity of one dimension of the model. That is, an incarnated being of the etheric type of vibration has multiple states on that dimension rather than just one. The incarnation process places threads representing the spirit on many timelines. Resonation of the states of the etheric type links the threads across timelines. The multiplicity of these etheric states identifies the spirit on each timeline more reliably than would a single state. The linkage across timelines enables the consciousness of each thread to passively monitor the spirit threads’ activities on resonating timelines.

1. Introduction

In Extraterrestrial Cosmology and Technology , a multidimensional model of vibration was developed as described in the chapter, “Vibration is multidimensional”. Figure 1 shows the model limited to three dimensions. The human race exists on the ij plane of the model. One axis of this plane, the ith axis, represents the base vibration of the physical type. The kth axis represents possible non-physical types of existence. The remaining axis, the jth axis, represents the harmony or “state of love” dimension that represents the highest possible vibration of a physical type.

Figure 1. A multidimensional model of vibration.

A human’s vibrational state is V(i,j), a function of the position on the ij, or physical, plane. The physical type or ith dimension has slots that represent the base vibrations for the etheric, astral and spirit types. They are all physical types because quanta in each realm can be experienced as matter.

The bars in the ij plane represent the vibrational states of hypothetical individual beings. The bar rooted in the etheric type of vibration gives the impression that an etheric being’s position on the ith axis is at one location. New information from a Zeta indicates that this is not so. The model is extended in this article to show that the base vibration for the physical etheric type has multiple states.

2. Multiple etheric base vibrations

The Zetas identify a human, not by a name or a physical appearance, but by a vibration that the human holds. They refer to it as a frequency. They said, “We would know who the human was by their prior frequency.” When they have sufficient reason, they identify a human by a frequency intrinsic to the etheric body - the etheric base vibration.

The Zeta said of this frequency, “Humans are generally required to hold a frequency so they can be interacted. The normal frequency of the human is in many different states. These different states can exist all at the same time. So we changed the states to reflect one state.” To clarify which frequency, they said, “An example is this. If you have an injury to one of your limbs, that limb will hold a certain frequency. The rest of your body will be a different frequency.”

The example confirms that the frequency in question is the etheric base vibration. It is the constant frequency continually present throughout the healthy etheric body so it can heal itself when the need arises. When the body suffers an injury, the constant frequency is distorted at the location of the injury to signal that healing should begin. The frequency was thought to be a single frequency, but this was contradicted by the Zeta. They said in the above comment, “The normal frequency of the human is in many different states. These different states can exist all at the same time.” So the etheric base vibration normally consists of a number of constant vibrations. A rendering of the model with multiple base vibrations is in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Hypothetical multiple etheric base vibrations.

The Zetas used this etheric base vibration to identify a particular individual. But they “changed the states to reflect one state”; that is, they combined the multiple frequencies in Figure 2 to become one etheric frequency as in Figure 1. They said, “It is an energetic frequency. So if the etheric body of the human is in disarray, then we will create harmony for the interaction process.” The effect was to reduce the noise level for recognizing and interacting with the individual. They said to the person, “We were able to use that remembered frequency to interact with you.”

Explaining the process of identifying an individual was a vehicle for the Zetas to inform us about the more complex etheric base vibration. This new knowledge helps to explain why an incarnated spirit consciousness can be aware of experiences on more than one timeline. The remainder of the article discusses the role of timelines in a physical incarnation, and how the etheric base vibrations help to create awareness of oneself on other timelines.

3. Human incarnation on multiple timelines

The Zetas told of the existence of multiple timelines that participate in the human spirit realm process. They believe “that the source energy has created multiple timelines and existences and dimensional processes for the ability to understand self; it is learning from facets of existence.” The timelines are asynchronous physical existences that are differentiated by their vibrational state.

According to a Zeta, “Humans are facets of consciousness made up of infinite shards or threads.” During an incarnation, these “shards or threads” exist at different vibrational levels on many separate timelines. So a spirit incarnating in a physical body is comprised of many threads of consciousness, each born into one of many timelines. The spirit experiences one incarnation influenced by the many vibrational states of the timelines.

The Zeta said, “If the spirit realm is the onion, the timeline processes are the individual layers.” That is, there is one spirit realm holding many timeline processes. Each timeline has a corresponding etheric realm, and so a stack of etheric base vibrations increasing in vibrational level may be represented in the ik plane as depicted in Figure 3. The kth axis in this case represents the increasing vibrational level of timelines. As the Zeta explained, the etheric base vibration on each timeline is actually a range of base vibrations along the ith axis.

Figure 3. A timeline stack of etheric base vibrations.

We note in passing that the Zeta race exists on only one timeline, and so they have no direct experience of multiple timelines. They studied the human spirit realm timelines by simulating the incarnation process in their synthetic quantum environments. As they say, their knowledge of timelines is theoretical.

According to the Zeta information, a spirit incarnation is more complex and efficient than is generally acknowledged by humans. A human exists “in infinite realities in the same time, because the oversoul has separated itself into many forms, and thus existing in many physical manifestations you understand, and these are called timelines.” Further, “The possibility of multiple existences for you is a reality. Many of the existences, of living in that timeline, is of a non-synchronous process.” In a single incarnation process, a spirit consciousness lives many lives simultaneously but asynchronously on as many vibrational levels.

The incarnated human does not see itself as having multiple existences. The Zeta said, “The function of time or timelines is that it exists only for the observer, and so the observer, no matter where they are observing from, sees that point as the now. And so to believe that they are multiple humans on any timeline, that does not accurately describe how humans view themselves in a timeline process.” Each instance of the spirit incarnation thinks that there is only its experience of the ‘now' when actually there are many. But from the point of view of the originator of the incarnation in spirit realm, there is but one experience with many perspectives. These perspectives are supplied by instances of the spirit consciousness on the timelines. During one incarnation, the spirit’s higher-self benefits from experiences on many physical vibrational levels.

A Zeta said that there can be no influence by a physical body on another timeline. Matter is normally experienced when quanta are transformed by the perceptual process. For a physical body on one timeline to move to another, the quanta defining the body would need to move to the vibrational level of the other timeline. Since a human cannot move matter to another vibrational state, one timeline could not physically affect another timeline.

On the other hand, consciousness is not restricted to only one timeline. The Zeta said, “Consciousness is able to be spread across many existences, so when you come across a non-synchronous time, separation only exists in consciousness” and “Consciousness does not have barriers that are defined by structures of matter.” Since consciousness is not constrained by timeline boundaries, the consciousness of a human on one timeline could overcome apparent separation and be aware of events on other timelines.

4. Resonation of consciousness across timelines

As a general rule, an energetic boundary forms when two energies do not resonate. For example, when one energy is a being, the other may be a realm boundary that repels the being. Conversely, two energies may coexist if they can resonate with each other. The same rules would apply to timelines. The vibrations of consciousness on two adjacent timelines may interact if elements of the timelines resonate with each other.

The previous section described an extension to the model in which etheric layers in timelines are stacked on the physical ij plane of the model, increasing in vibration along the kth axis (Figure 3). Each layer of the stack has a number of etheric base vibrations that “can exist all at the same time.” The etheric base vibrations on one timeline would resonate with the vibrations on an adjacent timeline that are aligned or in harmony.

The vibrational alignment, or resonation, of the etheric base vibrations of two timelines increases the probability that a consciousness on one timeline will be aware of events on both timelines. When asked if a person’s behaviour on one timeline would be similar to their behaviour on a nearby timeline, the Zeta said, “Yes, because each timeline is affected by the immediate frequencies around them.” These timelines resonate when they have frequencies that are harmonically related.

A consciousness on a timeline can be influenced by a lower or a higher vibration timeline. The Zeta said, “This is one time where the determining frequency is not based in lower or higher.” In the perceptual process, a being behaves like a low-pass filter by rejecting vibrations higher than their own highest possible vibration. However, this particular dimension of the model - the physical type of vibration - is not affected by the filtering process. The consciousness of a spirit thread can be aware of the consciousness of its counterpart in either a lower or a higher timeline.

Awareness of another timeline occurs when there is a leap of consciousness to another vibration. The leap does not appear to involve the perceptual transformation of quanta. The Zeta said, “To transition from one timeline to the next is but a leap of consciousness, and even that leap is the same leap over and over. Like a thread, at any point on the thread you have moved away from the last point.” Transformation of quanta is not mentioned, so the leap must be to a transformation already completed by the consciousness on the visited timeline. From this point, the visitor can passively monitor the experiences already generated by the being on the visited timeline. The visitor cannot initiate new experiences without access to the perceptual process. Successive experiences by the visitor on the visited timeline are achieved by leaps to successive points where memories of perceptual transformations already exist.

The experience of the visiting consciousness should feel like a passive replay of a memory, even though it might be generated in real time by the visited person’s perceptual process. Two such visits to another timeline were experienced by one of the authors while in a dream-like state. The visits felt as if they were experienced from the point of view of the visited consciousness. The visitor was simultaneously aware of the local consciousness of both the visitor and the visited. There were no abnormal discontinuities or violations of physical laws as may occur in dream sequences. Time markers during both experiences indicated that the timelines were indeed asynchronous. The monitored events in the visited timelines occurred about two years and forty years earlier, respectively, than the visitor’s current time.


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