Life forms of consciousness

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, December, 2015

Summary. The article discusses different kinds of life that are often separated by their vibrational states. Many races use the spirit realm process like humans do, and these races we could encounter as physical beings like us. Some other races may have a collective consciousness instead of a transitional spirit realm, and they also have a physical existence but with a different vibrational state. Other races with strictly non-physical vibrational states can interact with the lower human vibrational state if they have the appropriate technology for protection.

All is made of the stuff of consciousness, including what we call inanimate matter and all sentient entities. A Zeta speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden, said "All life, all forms of existence have consciousness. All are a form of energy which exists and transmutes to each new state after its transition. All energies, when moving to form will choose what form they take, whether it be animal or mineral, there is full consciousness of the form they have taken, and the ramifications of that existence" (A primer of the Zeta Race, Volume 1). Entities exist in particular states of consciousness or vibrational states. These manifest on a range of affective states, so low-vibration beings have little love and may exist in fear or hatred, while high-vibration beings have unconditional love and compassion toward all beings.

The soul is a particular form of consciousness that has self-awareness. In the Zeta's words, "The nature of the soul in its own understanding, its own container, understands that by its own nature it belongs to a class of energies. This class of energies remains as a whole form, one entity, broken into many forms, many existences, so, saying this, a being is able to incarnate into many states of being in many realms." The soul is consciousness organized hierarchically, such that "Many soul facets can combine to form one entity. This means many entities, individual group souls, can combine to form a faceted being, living one existence."

The Zetas have confirmed the existence of a number of different types of beings. There are races that incarnate into a physical existence like humans do via a transitional or spirit realm process. Also, the Zetas have discussed their own existence as a collective consciousness, and they have introduced us to the nature of other very different kinds of beings as well. For lack of a better word, they are known as interdimensional. In general, many of these beings or races are in separation from each other because they exist in different contexts often characterized by distinct states of consciousness.

Additional insight came from an Anunnaki being who also spoke through the medium, "You have one extreme where the Zeta races are based on the non-emotional collective process. They hold their technology up as something to be admired - nothing wrong with that, but we are more of an emotional race. This is why you bear a resemblance of your emotional make up. But we are not looking to turn our race into a collective consciousness process, and that is the other races. Of course, there are the dimensional beings with no physical form. We would speak to them as we speak to you. You would speak to the representative of the existence. We understand that there are many races, too many to count. You deceive yourself to think you are the only race." This comment gives a taste of the following discussions concerning the various kinds of beings that have come to our attention.

1. Transitional realms

A transitional realm is a construct of consciousness associated with a physical planet. Its primary function is to be a safe place for spirits to go between lifetimes in a physical form on the planet. Much of what we know about transitional realms is from information about our spirit realm that the Zetas and Anunnaki have provided.

A Zeta advised, "These realms that you describe are one of illusion, let this be stated at the outset. There are no defined boundaries between all of those states, as if some doorway existed between realms or dimensions. These energetic realms are actually divided only by the actual waveform's ability to move into and out of the energetic area. Does this then limit what waveform can move where? Yes. These barriers are needed for many reasons. As each waveform or energetic being think within their confines, so they are." A realm has a boundary only for beings who's waveforms cannot not move through the boundary waveform. That boundary may not exist for other beings in different vibrational states, and so the Zeta described it as an illusion. The illusion is necessary since it provides a context for a being's thoughts and gives the being a sense of identity.

There was not always a spirit realm associated with our planet. The Anunnaki explained, "Prior to the spark of consciousness of the developing entities on this planet when no consciousness existed, there was no need for a spirit realm, as all energy is and always is. Energy was transmuted to consciousness in a form of a cellular construction, a life form on this planet. There was then seen to be a need for a housing of consciousness of the physical being when they had transitioned to the spiritual realm."

The spirit realm was created according to the intentions of a creator being from the Anunnaki race. The Anunnaki said through the medium, "The spirit realms were created to contain the consciousness of a human entity. It was seen that when humans were first created that they required a transitional holding ground. After they had transitioned to this energetic container, they could then choose to move back to a physical form if they wished. ... It [the container] also developed as you developed. It now stands as a separate entity to us. It now exists as a free-form flowing energetic environment for you to experience yourselves in multiple forms."

The Anunnaki said in another conversation, "Many energies form the etheric boundaries that spirit beings exist in. These realms are populated by the physical beings who transition to those realms. As the consciousness of the collective human soul has increased exponentially, so have the etheric realms used to house the energetic bodies of the transitioned physical being." The spirit realm is formed of consciousness and raises its highest vibrational state in order to accommodate human soul facets that are rapidly increasing in vibrational state.

The Zeta said, "In the spirit realms, all are seeking to move past their current vibrational state, we seek to help them to do this. Once separated from the physical existence, each is then able to determine what step is to be taken next in their development path." The choice of a particular reincarnation by a spirit comes from the desire to improve the current vibrational state. The choice is not limited by the spirit realm container, since it "has within it potential for infinite levels of conscious existence."

The Anunnaki being quoted earlier said that the human race is not unique. The Zeta concurred when he said, "Do not believe that you are the only race existing within the universe. There are many races that are supporting many civilizations."

A conversation with the Zeta indicated that races much like the human race exist, incarnating to a physical existence on a planet and moving to their own transitional realm between physical lifetimes. Although different systems of transitional realms may have the same vibrational states, they remain distinct because the associated planets have unique locations in the universe. The different locations provide context in the illusion to distinguish among spirit realms.

The Zeta also said, "As the spirit realms container is much aligned in the energetic realms, many other spirit realms, many interacting with each other, many entities come from other races to populate the spirit entity that is associated with the planet. This is called a soul process and answers how a population can continually increase on a planet realm." The alignment of the many spirit realms that exist are in terms of vibrational state, which means that these races share the human state of consciousness. They are so much alike in that regard that spirits may move to spirit realms of other races where they are needed. All would be working towards raising their vibrational state since that is what the transitional realm process is designed to do. The shared vibrational state also means that humanity may encounter some of these races physically when we or they become space-faring civilizations.

1.1 Transitional realm entities

The facets of a soul process exist as a hierarchically organized information structure. A transitional realm is a sub-hierarchy at a particular level of this structure. At the bottom level are higher-self entities, and these combine to form oversoul entities which constitute group minds. Oversoul entities at any level of the hierarchy combine to form higher-level oversouls at the next level. This grouping continues indefinitely until the transitional or spirit realm itself subsumes all that it contains.

The various entities in the realm are distinguished primarily by their vibrational states. A given vibrational state is shared by a group of entities, and these entities then also share a consensus reality. The information structure associated with that vibrational state or consensus reality is transformed by a being's perceptual process into sense data or qualia for the being to experience. Qualia such as colour, taste, smell, and visual forms are potentials of consciousness and require no more explanation than consciousness itself.

The higher-self entities at the bottom of the hierarchy subdivide into spirit beings which incarnate into physical existences. The Zeta said, "The energetic beings you call ‘spirit' are actually an entity formed from energy that has an ability to hold information like a capsule. This vibratory form resonates at a level of its existence." A spirit's purpose is to experience and to learn. It animates a physical being in human form, as well as the many non-physical life forms we humans do not yet recognize.

Humans are generally not aware of the non-physical reality, because according to a Zeta, "The physical frequency negates you from understanding who you really are, and so generally humans do not remember where they have come from. Their local consciousness is in operation continually." In general, beings in lower vibrational states cannot perceive, and are not aware of, any information that exists in higher vibrational states. This is a fundamental property of existence in consciousness, yet beings in transitional realms still choose to incarnate into the lower vibrational states of physical existence. This experience appears to provide unique opportunities for raising a being's state of consciousness.

1.2 Earthbound beings

Earthbound spirits are a part of the transitional realm system. They are spirit beings that remain in the physical vibrational state after the failure of the physical body. They linger in the etheric realm where the templates for all physical objects are found, and so the experience may be consistent with their recent physical existence. They do not complete the transition to the spirit realm perhaps because they think they are still physically alive, or because of a desire to stay with loved ones still living in physical bodies. Occasionally, they may attempt to communicate with physical beings, who in turn may have anomalous sensory experiences.

The higher self is involved when a spirit becomes earthbound. This was discussed by a Zeta in the context of an accidental demise of the physical body. "Would it be a malfunction of the physical body or an accident as you call it, higher self is never affected, only the physical body and the entities left behind. You see, my friend, higher self is in much control of its own timeline, its own existence, and so when these accidents occur, higher self is never caught unaware of what is to take place. I would say to you that some higher selves even take with them portions of their local consciousness, and remain attached to the physical entity and still experience much of what is available to you in the physical. Some have called them earthbound entities." So the earthbound being is a higher self that is unwilling or unable to let go of the local consciousness with its strong attachment to the recent physical existence. The Zeta sees it as just another form of experience for the higher self.

More details about the earthbound existence were revealed in this segment of an interview with a Zeta.

Interviewer: Is an earthbound entity always a spirit combined with its higher self, or can it be without its higher self?

Zeta: It is its higher self in separation from its oversoul process, but quite often the oversoul process is still connected in many ways to the separated entity. There is no separation.

Interviewer: Some earthbound spirits are not very loving. Does this reflect the state of the higher self?

Zeta: That is a reflection of an inability to, one, understand the new existence, secondly, to not have released much of the experiential processes that have existed in the physical structure of the body. They are much related to the existence of the human concerns.

Interviewer: How does the human physical frequency compare to the spirit realm frequencies?

Zeta: The physical body is driven by the emotional processes, biological and chemical. These catalysts within the physical form drive the decision making process within this environment. This does not exist outside of the physical container.

The Zeta explained that an earthbound spirit is a facet of a higher self that is somewhat separated from the higher-level oversoul process. The higher self chooses to have experiences in the etheric realm where it retains human ways of responding to what it encounters. Emotional responses to particular circumstances were learned by the physical being, and these responses might be expected to come to the fore in the etheric realm under similar circumstances. The earthbound entity may attempt to communicate with a living human under certain circumstances, and this can be an unnerving experience for a person who is inadequately prepared.

1.3 The Anunnaki race

A being from the Anunnaki race has also spoken through the medium, Paul Hamden. The medium recognized that it was from a separate race because of the different energies he had to learn to assimilate. The Anunnaki being spoke at length about the influence of their race on human biology and culture, but here we are concerned mainly with the Anunnaki race itself. They are included in this section because they make use of a transitional realm like humans do. The following are partial transcripts of conversations that briefly describe characteristics of the Anunnaki and their planet.

Anunnaki: I am from a race called the Anunnaki. We are beings who seed planets with life. When the Anunnaki first came, many of the human beings that existed on your planet were not in any social order, but based in the hunter/gatherer process. Many of the humans that existed were creations of other races. This would have been around two hundred thousand (200,000) of your years ago. We placed a similar looking entity, a hominoid being, onto the planet, and we then gave them the ability to create and build and work within a structured hierarchical system. Some would say that we created the first civilization on this planet.

I am a king. There are 12 kings to the Anunnaki race. As we placed civilization onto this planet, we instigated the process of civilization. We gave you the 12 months of your year, your 12 signs of the zodiac, your measuring instruments, all that is based in 12 has come from us. Why 12? Do you know why? There is an originating process for 12, and it is simple as we have 12 fingers, you see, 6 on each hand.

There are 12 kings of rule or authority over 12 regions of the planet, our planet, not your planet. Each of the kings has a, what you would call, totem or symbol which relates to their region. The totem of my region is as in a bird, like one of your eagles. Each of the regions has a leading council for each of the kings, and each of the kings has a seer who guides them in the journey. We do not literally resemble now your human race. We would literally resemble the Egyptian process, and the look and standard of that process as well. We are based, our technology is based more on the universal aspects of energy.

I have a wife. She is my queen, and we will have children one day. I have many, I would say, subjects as you call them. I have a council which deals with the day-to-day issues of all of the people that live within the community. I do not live in a castle, but there is the great hall which is 300 of your meters long, 100 of your meters wide, and 50 of your meters high. Some of the Anunnaki soldiers stand either side of my throne as you would say, and they are there to protect me. We are a race that are between 8 and 10 of your feet high, and this is why we are depicted as very large entities as compared to a human being.

We are much like the look of your face, we are much like humans in the way that we look, except you have 10 fingers, of course. We breathe oxygen as you do. We have said we are able to metabolize different atmospheres, but we are able to breathe oxygen as well. We have something similar to your lungs but we have three of them. This gives us great strength as we are able to provide our muscular structure with much of needed oxygen. You would find that most beings of a physical nature would have a device for moving their life force around their physical entity which is their body. The stomach is not similar - we have said we eat when there is a celebration process. You are able to draw life force from your environment. Some have called this the pranic energy process.

We do not resile from the fact that we were initially a warring nation, but much of that now is symbolic. We are a warrior race, and the pyramids and the cultures that surrounded those processes were guided by us. Killing each other does not necessarily work as we have found out. It is better to live in harmony than it is in violence. For us, much of the warrior caste is now but a symbolic gesture, and so when the processes of disputation occur between our races, we are using a symbolic process of choosing a warrior to face each other and no blood is spilled, obviously. It is more about bringing people together in a harmonious environment and discussion, but the symbology of the confrontation exists because we are a warrior race.

Yes, I have emotions, I can be forced to anger, and I can be compassionate. I would defend my wife, I would defend my kingdom, but you must come and attack me, then I am in defence. I am compassionate, but I will defend my right to exist. We will not be challenged by any race. As with your race, if one of your own sees fear in your eyes they may attack you. When we deal with other races, we stand strong, and this is why we state we have no fear of other races.

The Anunnaki expanded on his understanding of consciousness and races.

Before anything existed, what was there? There was nothing, of course. But in nothing existed consciousness, as consciousness has always existed. Of course, I know that this has been stated by the other race [i.e., the Zeta race], but consciousness in its desire to understand itself, and you would say God, created all things for races, not just human beings. You are not so special you know, I'm sorry to tell you that. There are many races, countless races, all believing, all understanding, some knowing of other races, some believing they are special and by themselves, being worked with by many other races to increase their consciousness. Some races are well behind you, others are in front. We ourselves are continuing to develop.

As you now can genetically create life but could not many years ago, you would be seen by many races as being highly advanced. But consciousness is experiencing itself through every race, every facet, every individual, every piece of matter, every conscious thought that is created. You are just in states of separation from self, as you are, as I am, we are all one. But we see each other differently because we come in different forms.

An Anunnaki has a life expectancy of 36000 Earth years and, because of the long life, offspring are produced only as required for survival of the species. The population number is unknown since they do not take a census. There is a transitional realm much like the human spirit realm, and a welcomed death is followed by a reincarnation process. An Anunnaki collective consciousness or race memory also exists where "the knowledge gained in the lengthy process of the life span is kept."

They have craft, but these are considered too slow for dealing with other races. They are technically advanced in many other areas as well. For example, they have "the staff of movement", a teleportation device which is about seven feet tall with an orb of light. One would "bang it on the ground, and be instantly moved to a new place." There are mechanical devices "to move physical objects by changing their initial physicality, such as dematerialization, for manipulation of a physical device by changing its frequency through sound." This is assisted by the consciousness of "spirit folk and other entities."

They also have a technology which created the human spirit realm container. The Anunnaki said, "When the human race was first created by races and ourselves, it was seen that the human form, once it had consciousness, was able to evolve. On transition, consciousness that had evolved sought out other consciousness, and so a container called your spirit realm was created where all consciousness from this planet could transition to. This is how spirit realm entities, consciousness, understood how to move back through into the human form as a process of experience, and you have called this reincarnation."

The Anunnaki have a limited telepathic ability which they use to contact other races such as some members of the human race. This Anunnaki ability can be enhanced by a Zeta being who acts as an amplifier. The Anunnaki traveled in craft at one time, but do not do that anymore. Instead, they physically move to other planets, seeded with their progeny, using their teleportation devices. They come to view what they have created. Teleportation to Earth from the home planet is possible for about three years every 3600 Earth years because of the changing distance as their planet moves in its orbit.

The Anunnaki home planet is bigger than Earth but has no effect on any planet in the solar system. It exists at a different level of physicality or vibrational state. The Anunnaki found this difficult to explain "because of the fact that in your mind you perceive a physicality. I venture to say that between all matter is space." He added, "We are not a physical planet that you understand. Everybody expected to see a new planetary body come through the system."

A Zeta explained further, "The Anunnaki planet is partially dematerialized, a physicality, so the molecular structure of the planet is not as closely bound together as your physical planet. It has matter, it's construct is of matter, but there is matter that you cannot touch around. I'm trying to think of an analogy - your water comes in many states, but it is still the same element, is it not? And so the physical planet for the Anunnaki is a substance between a physical element such as water and the gaseous substance such as steam. And so there are many in-between states between the physical and the non-physical. When they are existing on their own planet, they are of the same nature as the planet. When they move from their existence to a new planet, they take on some of the physical manifestation of the planet they are visiting."

The Anunnaki can adjust their state to appear solid to people on Earth. The Zeta said he could do something similar by populating his consciousness with fine matter to make himself appear solid. However, if he were touched by a human hand, it would go through him as if he were a hologram.

The Anunnaki said of their larger role in the universe...

We are scattered amongst the universes, we are many, we do not live only on one planet.

We travel the galaxies placing life onto many of the physical planets.

We are mortal, we understand, we breathe, we exist.

We are the Anunnaki and we are your guardians.

We come as guardians to seek out our children, to nurture and to bring guidance in some forms.

We hold other races at bay from your planet.

2. Interdimensional beings

There are beings in consciousness space that do not have a physical existence. The Zetas refer to them as interdimensional beings to distinguish them from extraterrestrial beings. A Zeta explains, "Extraterrestrials are human words for the human tongue. Did not all other races that are not humanoid from this planet but are physical? So, if you say extraterrestrial, then you understand that the race holds a physical form and exists in the frequency of matter. Now, interdimensional entities such as the Blue Beings and others exist within frequency in a state of non-matter but of consciousness. Their interdimensional aspect is that they exist within the frequency process between matter." To the Zetas, a frequency refers to a vibrational state, and so the vibrational state of an interdimensional entity differs from that of a being that has a physical existence.

The Zeta agreed that there is a range of vibrational states dedicated to any particular race. Using the frequency analogy, a hypothetical example was proposed to the Zeta. "Suppose the human process is centered at 8 Hz with a range from 7-9 Hz, and the Zeta process is centered on 16 Hz with a range from 14 to 18. Would the frequencies between these ranges, 10 to 13, be available for interdimensional beings to use?" The Zeta replied, "Hypothetically, yes." He added an analogy, "We understand your radio frequency process, so between each of your radio frequencies is difference, the difference is interdimensional."

The Zeta was asked if interdimensional beings exist at both low and high vibrational states. He responded that they do, but that they are "generally of a higher nature." Further, the vibrational state of an interdimensional being seems to depend on its context. According to the Zeta, "It is determined generally by where the interdimensional entity exists, much as if you are cold because you are in a cold climate." The Zeta agreed that one interdimensional being was distinguishable from another by the variations in their waveforms. He compared it to a brainwave pattern.

Interdimensional beings appear to have existences that we might understand, as suggested by the following information provided by a Zeta. "Do not think for one moment that these energy races do not have forms of technologies, just because they are in a non-physical state. They perceive themselves to be quite solid to each other. In some sense when they are interacting with us in our waveform bodies, we are physical to them as well. Just as in the spiritual realm, they perceive themselves to be of a solid nature. This is also how the dimensional energies who are waveforms see themselves. A point to understand is that in a dimensional place there are also non-dimensional existences. As explained earlier, there are existences within existences."

The question was asked if an interdimensional being could exist within the physical frequencies such as the astral realm. The Zeta replied, "They may do what they wish according to the structures that they abide by. How they would enter into a lower frequency form is to shield themselves within a cocoon process of consciousness, to present themselves as being of the same level of consciousness and frequency as the surrounding entity." The ability to enter lower-vibration environments while protecting themselves inside a cocoon of consciousness is analogous to being a deep sea diver in a diving suit. The device is an example of the interdimensional technology mentioned by the Zeta. Without such a device, the being would itself move to a lower-vibrational state.

We were told many times by a Zeta being that one of that race will never enter the spirit realm ("Avoiding redefining spirit realm", Volume 2). For example, he said, "If an extraterrestrial was to move consciousness in full form entity as physical body into the spirit realm, it would change the frequency and negate the ability of the humans to traverse between the realms, and so spirit realm would become unusable." Humanity's freewill is very important to them, and they would interfere with it by allowing their physical nature to disrupt the spirit realm.

However, such adverse effects are not produced when an interdimensional consciousness participates in spirit realm processes. The Zeta said, "The interdimensional consciousness has not existed in a physical form, it brings with it no potential to be understood as a physical form." So it does not disrupt spirit realm processes like a Zeta being would, because "they do not contain the frequencies that relate to being of matter."

The Zeta explained further, "Interdimensional consciousness enters into the spirit realm process at a oversoul level. The oversoul consciousness perceives the interdimensional entity, which is a non-physical entity, as being akin to a telepathic communication. There is no tainting of the information that is produced when a being takes a physical form." He added, "Only a non-physical consciousness, non-physical incarnated races may become threads to oversouls within spirit realm." So an interdimensional consciousness may enter the spirit realm by directly joining with an oversoul entity using a telepathic process. The Zeta believes that the presence of interdimensional consciousness is the reason why "much of the higher frequencies exist within the spirit realms. They exist behind the spirit realm, feeding into, and from."

Could the interdimensional being, joined with an oversoul, participate in the consciousness of an incarnated human? The formation of a Zeta/human hybrid consciousness requires agreement from the human parent, but "interdimensional entities would be in agreement on levels that are related to the frequencies of the oversoul process in the spirit realm. This means that of course those consciousness are able to, with agreement, move to some semblance of a human form." So some humans may be influenced by the higher vibrational state of an interdimensional consciousness, unless the entity's purpose is merely to observe. This is suggested by the Zeta's comment, "The separation of consciousness through the oversoul process is given to incarnation to the form in the physical body to provide comparison only."

Like all conscious beings, interdimensional beings also have a creative ability. The Zeta confirmed that these beings use the now familiar creation process motivated by intention. In fact, the interdimensional being "has no other avenue but to create", suggesting that creation is an essential part of its existence. Of course, other beings like humans and Zetas can experience those creations "only if the entity, the matter that it is, is in a position to see or understand what has been created." That is, beings like us are oblivious to the activities of interdimensional beings until we achieve a high enough vibrational state. According to a Zeta, "The interdimensional beings do not create underneath their existing frequencies", so we should not expect to see their activities while we are in our lower vibrational states.

2.1 The Blue Beings

The interdimensional Blue Being race is of special interest to the Zetas. They are the creators of the Zeta race as discussed in the section, "The collective consciousness of the Zeta race". They are normally without physical form, but may present themselves in the physical realm as narrow-faced blue beings. As indicated above, they can do this by cocooning themselves in a protective shield of consciousness.

The following are the words of a Blue Being speaking through and to the medium, Paul Hamden. Note that they say they move "information around to each individual in the collective as required". This suggests that the progenitor of the Zeta collective consciousness is also a collective consciousness entity.

Blue Being: Your abilities are your own as are your feelings and experiences, but sharing those as you go along is an important process. Compare this thought - we are bodiless, we gain information regarding structures, feelings, cellular contacts, by a being like yourself. In return we share our existence with you, our structures and beliefs. In this, we grow together as one. But for you to get to this point where we could share has taken a few years. As you have seen, each time we came close to you, the cellular prospect of engaging with us caused you to reject the process. So we entered into an agreement with other energies to allow a resonation which would bring you to a place of joining with us, hopefully without a problem in the processes. As now, when we come we wait in the background hoping for contact, as any slight variation to your thought process will cause a blockage. We then wait for the process to begin. The meditations and sleep have been very helpful in allowing us to have contact with you. This feels like a fine process.

We are a civilization who are in the dimensional realms - ones that are the opposite to this physical universe. We have come to this group as it is a way for us to communicate with peoples from the planet, and in this great work we are able to share light and love between races.

Integration with extraterrestrial races will advance your civilization to a great degree. Imagine this - some races have been altered structurally for the purpose of creating an advanced civilization. Do you as a race of human forms not desire a change, one that will elevate you all to a new platform of experience, see the magnificence of what a universal being can be? All strive for this process, there are none who have moved to this goal yet. All are moving vibrationally to levels of quantifiable experience of self.

Things which register in your earthly field require a certain amount of information to be passed to you via physical processes. We are able to progress as a race as we move our information around to each individual in the collective as required. Not all information is required to be stored in the being of the entity we are. For instance, we can expel large amounts of information but retain the experience of the information. Thus we have less molecular structure to our beings. This also allows for clearing of energies from our state of existence.

2.2 The Trillians

Not much is known about the interdimensional beings known as Trillians. They may manifest as black, formless shapes in the vibrational state of the physical or etheric realms. The medium, Paul Hamden, has seen only two Trillians. They are very uncommon as they need access to a gateway or portal to enter the Earth plane, and these are rarely available.

Trillians appear to be neutral entities that are amplifiers of affective states such as fear or love. For example, if a person is in a state of fear, a Trillian could make that person feel much more fearful. Conversely, if a person feels love towards anyone, the Trillian could enhance that feeling of love. The medium describes it as behaving like a magnifying lens. It would attach itself to the person's energetic body to sense the existing affective state and encourage more of the same emotion.

According to the medium, the way to rid oneself of a Trillian is "to state openly that you do not fear it, that you are quite capable of dealing with your own issues, and that you would like protection from the universe and support from your guides to remove this process." The presence of a Trillian may be difficult to determine since the negative state could be mistaken in the longer term for the actions of a collector entity (see "Interactions with low-vibration entities", Volume 2). But the amplified state of fear brought by a Trillian might be countered by the same method recommended by the Zetas for ridding oneself of a collector entity. On the other hand, an amplified state of love might be enjoyed by the affected person, and not be seen as an issue to be addressed.

3. The astral beings

The astral realm is a construct in which all human mental activity is recorded. It is currently in a process of change that should eventually transform it into a self-aware human collective consciousness. In the meantime, it is also home to low-vibration thought forms known as collectors. These are discussed in the chapter, "Interactions with low-vibration entities" (Volume 2). According to a Zeta, collectors are "a parasitic race, feed off fear and energy of humans and other races." They promote longterm, negative egocentric behaviour in humans that generates the low-vibration energy they need.

The collectors are the ultimate shape-shifters. The Zeta said they "present themselves as beings which they are not. ... They extend themselves into the dream state of the human, and present themselves as reptilian entities, as shadow people, as spirits, as mythical creatures, as demonic entities, as angels, seeking to gain control over the human's mind." They encourage behaviours in susceptible humans that create low-vibration energy. They then receive the energy for their own use, since they have no way to create energy on their own.

According to the medium, Paul Hamden, the astral realm holds no souls. It is a consciousness based on human existence. The entities it holds behave intelligently because the human mind acts in that way. The astral realm is the same as the highest and lowest human intelligence, a hologram of humanity. The entities existing in the consciousness of the human collective are given power due to the mass of belief that is placed on them. They work by weakening a person, by interfering with their frequency. It is a battle of wills.

The Zeta said, "They are harmless unless you have behaviours which support them." They will eventually be recognized as a robotic thought form dependent on the current chaotic state of the astral realm. They will be unable to coexist with a higher-vibration collective consciousness, and they will then transmute into another form of consciousness.

4. The collective consciousness of the Zeta race

The Zeta race was created by the interdimensional Blue Beings race, but became a collective consciousness by their own efforts. A Zeta described the initial role of the Blue Beings, "A facet of one race existing on many other forms of existence not related to timelines, produce a race to exist on one timeline function. And so, interdimensional races are creating matter, creating consciousness to exist in matter on one timeline for the purpose of experience. Information from the race to move back to the interdimensional race called the Blue Beings, the creators of the race." The Blue Beings and the Zetas are now sources of information for each other, analogous to humans and their spirit guides. So from the beginning, the Blue Beings' purpose for creating the physical Zeta race was to acquire new information.

When asked why the Blue Beings decided to create the race on only one timeline, the Zeta replied, "It has been determined by the creator races that this is the best possible timeline. It is the intermediate frequency, the middle frequency. The middle frequency provides the most experience, because from the middle, other frequencies are more widely spaced." The meaning of "more widely spaced" is not obvious when we know that vibrational states exist on an ordinal scale. The distance measure likely refers to the ease with which one frequency can resonate with another. So the intermediate timelines are closer in that sense, and give the Zetas more opportunity than other timelines to explore adjacent vibrational states. Living on only one timeline is discussed further in the chapter, "Timelines" (Volume 2).

The Zeta race did not always exist as a collective consciousness. It was an initiative of the race itself. A Zeta explained, "In the past, many thousands of generations ago before the race moved into the state of singularity, before it became the collective consciousness, there were a few entities that transitioned. I think the easiest way to explain it is to speak in your terms, yes? Some of you on this planet will take the first steps to leave your body and move into a space which is not in spirit realm. You will be the nucleolus for the singularity for the collective consciousness of the race and those entities become the elders of a race. The nucleolus is determined by the higher self entity, the frequency of the potency of the collection between the higher self and the local consciousness, the potential of the cellular structure of the container, and the will of the human or the entity." The Zeta explained the creation of a singularity as if beings from the human race were to undergo it as well some day.

Whether beings will initiate the singularity of a new collective consciousness depends on "what they are prepared to undergo to become separated while they are alive." He explained further, "Your transitional processes require that the body is in termination before you move to a state of energy consciousness, but to move to the singularity requires that you do so before the body terminates much like a permanent projection." So the move to the singularity needs to happen while the body is alive but comatose.

The Zeta added, "The higher self takes with it what it requires and leaves and creates a consensus reality. This is required because, for a race to move beyond its boundaries, there must be made a space for others to transition into. So in the inception of the singularity for our race, 700 or so were able to make the transition to the collective mind. Those 700 held in a space of consciousness so others could attract themselves to that." In the case of the Zetas, the singularity was seeded with about 700 beings who created a new identity outside the normal energetic boundary so that others of the race could join.

The transitions of the 700 would have happened relatively quickly because "to transition slowly you would fail. Once you are away from your physical container, if you are away from your normal transitional process and you are - let me give you an example. As a spirit person you will transition to the spirit realm. But what if you were to transition and hold your consciousness away from spirit realm, what would sustain you." So like the consciousness of a spirit person who needs a spirit realm to maintain its identity, the 700 Zeta seeds required that the singularity be established in short order so their consciousness could survive as intended.

The collective consciousness of the Zeta race took many generations to develop. A Zeta said, "The collective mind has become the ultimate goal of the race, to exist purely in thought, and to not be moving from container to container. We seek to be like our brothers in consciousness. But we are also a part of the physical, we are able to travel within the physical, but as well travel energetically, so there are multiple ways to be in existence. ... Interdimensional entities of non-physical state that exist in higher frequencies and much closer to source consciousness, of course we aim to emulate that state of existence."

At present, the Zeta collective consciousness has trillions of members. A Zeta was asked if one member spoke for all. He replied, "If the collective will is for one to speak, then yes, that can be the determination. But one never speaks for a race, but normally for a section of a race. We will use your human words to describe. Each section of the race interacting with this planet are based into groups. These groups are utilized into working groups to form various functions in regards to working with individuals and groups, so I speak for the group. There are other bodies, which are seeking to coordinate the groups." The collective consciousness appears to be an information resource for the race that can be accessed when required. Each Zeta being is not always connected to the collective, since not all information is relevant to everyone.

The collective consciousness is also a place of synergism for the race as indicated by a Zeta's comment, "When you are in complete harmony with other beings, you are in a symbiotic level of consciousness with the entities, and there is no words to state and no emotional capacity to understand the silence, the peace. We come from a place of quiet, the collective consciousness of the race is quiet, and there is stillness."

The Zeta race does not require a transitional realm. As a Zeta explained, "We do not have the same process as the spirit realm because the collective consciousness of the race and the physical existence of being part of the race, are one." However, the Zeta agreed that the human race and the Zeta race come from the same source, although they and the spirit realm process have different vibrational states. In general, this is the primary distinguishing feature among a possible infinite number of races, both physical and non-physical.

4.1 The Zeta "abductor" race

Not all of the Zeta species chose to belong to the collective consciousness. The Zeta explained, "There are many facets to the race. The only facet of the race that is excluded from the collective mind are the abductor race. They are entities that have decided that they will journey on their own path, that they will take upon themselves a new construct, that they do not wish to be part of the collective." This facet chose the way of "service to self". The Zeta said, "They were given freewill to leave, and so generationally, others have left and continue to procreate using the human method." The split happened many generations ago.

The Zetas chose to refer to this "service to self" facet as the abductor race, because it is known to abduct humans here on Earth. He explained, "They are seeking to change the genetic structure that they hold. They believe that they are diminished in some form, and not all entities like to serve others. They feel that they have the right to create decisions based on what is good for them and not for others." So they have taken genetic material from humans for the purpose of experimentation. The Zeta informed us, "The abductor race as we call them has a facial structure which is different to ours." So the race should become visually recognizable to us as we gain more experience with the species.

The Zeta said concerning the activities of the abductor race, "That is a difficult situation for us, and in all of our sitting processes and discussion we have faced that question, that we do have a portion of the race that are disassociated from us because they refuse to abide by the non-interference policy. Just as you cannot stop a human from performing a function, because all entities have freewill, all we can do is exclude them from the collective mind of the race, and then continually seek to undo the damage that has been done. And so, if a human or any being from any race is taken for any purpose, we would then seek to determine how to undo what has been done."

5. The Reptilian race

The Reptilian race is generally thought to be rather unpleasant. According to the Zetas, the Reptilians decimated the Zeta home planet long ago so that it will never recover. The Zetas made a collective decision then to retaliate and they repelled the Reptilians. Since then there has been no more war, but the peace has been tenuous.

The Reptilians are now in the Earth environment. A Zeta was asked if there are now non-human races near Earth that have selfish interests and wish to exploit the human race. He replied, "One race that we will say who they are is what's classed as the, by your earth tongue, as the Draconian and Reptilian type processes." Further, he warned, "It would be wise for your people who are working with that race to be aware in the back of their minds, they may not be working for the ultimate good of your race."

A Zeta made a revealing comment when he said, "They do not exist within our space, they do not exist within the cavity process of your moon, they come and go. ... They are not part of the many races that use the moon process as a stopping mechanism." If the Reptilians do not exist within our space, then where are they? They must reside in some other realm of consciousness space, and have a technology that enables them to move to our space.

A Zeta was asked if Reptilians were able to incarnate as hybrid humans like other races do. He replied, "They do not have the same functioning integration process to the human race. They do not come through incarnation, they come through integration. One may be influenced by them. They influence others to think according to their process. To incarnate means you must have permission. They cannot enter into spirit realm process, so how would Reptilians get permission? They cannot. They must influence after birth process." They do this "by feeding into the consciousness of the human entity information which would control and provide fear processes." The human's higher self does not interfere because it sees it as another form of experience.

We were advised by a Zeta, "True reptilian entities do not control as many humans as believed. More humans are controlled by the collector race." The behaviour of a Reptilian is easily simulated by an astral collector process (see above section, "The astral beings"). The Reptilians "are able to interfere with any entity which allows them to, but they are generally not affecting that many humans." So it is likely that interference with a human is more likely to be by a collector than a Reptilian. The Zeta added, "You must also understand that you are affected by what you allow. If you are based in ego or fear then the entities perceive chance to come. This is why the mediumship process is much dangerous because once you open yourself to the process, if you allow your mind, your ego to take over the emotional journey, you can be influenced by many entities."

We should not paint all Reptilians with the same brush of negativity. This is being done to the Zeta species when people do not distinguish between the race of the collective consciousness and the abductor race. Several reports of personal encounters suggest that some Reptilians are capable of directing love toward a human.