Interactions with low-vibration entities

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, June, 2015

Summary. When given the opportunity, low-vibration spirits and parasitic astral entities encourage humans to generate low-vibration energy to be used by the energetic entities. But, according to interviews with Zeta extraterrestrials, unwanted approaches by such entities may always be deflected with love. Further, it is argued that a falsehood communicated telepathically is easily understood to be false. However, when a fact is transformed to physical speech symbols via a medium, it’s validity is not as easily detected. Therefore, depending on it's state of love, a spirit's words uttered by a medium in trance should not be accepted uncritically as true.

1. Introduction

The supernatural is commonly associated with spirit beings such as angels and demons. In various traditions, such as the Judaic and Islamic religions, benevolent angels are held to be messengers from God that may appear in visions. Angels are also occasionally credited with protecting individual humans from harm during hazardous situations. But religious beliefs and cross-cultural folklore and mythology also espouse the existence of disagreeable or malevolent spirits. For example, human psychological abnormalities such as multiple personality disorder may be attributed to demon possession. The idea of possession by evil spirits is reinforced in some cases by poltergeist phenomena, the display of physical effects with no apparent cause.

Belief in evil spirits can intrude on our search for knowledge in spirit realms. For example, in mediumship séances where mediums “bring through” messages from spirits of deceased loved ones, there is often concern that negative entities may come uninvited to create havoc. A medium usually develops a working relationship with a spirit control who manages the séance from the “other side”, and this helps to alleviate this concern. The human circle leader opening the séance process will often say a prayer to God or loving spirits to ask for protection from harmful entities.

Prayers for protection may be beneficial, but the effect of such rituals should be considered in context. In our physical realm, we have natural laws such as the law of gravity that govern cause and effect. In the energetic realms, the environment is said to be manipulated by the intention of a being’s consciousness. Any protective effect of a prayer ritual must operate in the context of the natural laws that exist in energetic realms.

A related issue is the likelihood of deception in the energetic realms. Can an argument be made that a spirit may communicate falsehoods in some situations?

Issues such as these are addressed from a theoretical perspective based on a cosmology that underlies causality in the energetic realms. The cosmology was described by extraterrestrial Zeta beings via the medium, Paul Hamden, and is discussed in the book, "A primer of the Zeta race". It teaches us about the nature of the energetic environment, and so helps us discover how best to interact with entities that exist within it.

2. Natural laws of consciousness space

According to the Zeta cosmology, all existence is a multidimensional entity we may call “consciousness space”. This space has an uncountable number of dimensions arranged on an ordinal spectrum of platonic love, and the relative amount of love is the controlling influence for all that exists. Every living being is a facet of consciousness space at some level, and so has the ability to love to a greater or lesser extent. The energy of consciousness or love can be felt with practice, and is sometimes described as a sensation of vibration. Because the dimension of love has an ordinal scale, the intensities of such vibrations can be sensed but not represented as a frequency on a rational scale.

Beings can experience creations that exist at their own “highest possible state” of consciousness or lower, and must somehow raise that highest possible state in order to interact with more loving entities than themselves. This constraint is an important natural law of consciousness space.

The Zetas use the waveform as an analogy for how a thing is represented in the energetic environment. Waveforms representing things are components of a single unitary waveform containing all the energy of consciousness space. Consciousness space also contains a multidimensional grid which has the potential for representing creations. In this energetic space, beings create experiences by invoking a process analogous to the making of a physical hologram, and the result is encoded as an interference pattern in the grid. Any being capable of operating at the same state of consciousness as the creator or higher can "illuminate" the pattern and reconstruct the object represented in the grid as an act of perception. However, a being whose highest possible state is lower than the state that created the pattern would not be able to perceive the created object. The process of creation is discussed in more detail in the book section entitled “Creation and consciousness”.

A being’s intention initiates the creation process and possibly other processes as well. Two additional processes driven by intention are suggested in the book section entitled “Instruments to control etheric energy”. One process would change a being’s state of vibration to maintain health and facilitate communication. The other appears to be analogous to computation and would be used, for example, in the creation of Zeta craft entities and in searching the equivalent of databases. Intention appears to be a non-linear process suitable for modifying waveforms in an otherwise linear system. The power of intention is so fundamental that it should also be recognized as a natural law of consciousness space.

3. Management of interactions in energetic realms

A prayer for protection by the leader of a séance is typically an appeal to friendly, loving spirits to keep away less loving spirits who might cause mental or physical distress. The latter spirits are in a lower state of love that the circle leader wishes to avoid. Can the request for protection be satisfied without resorting to an aggressive defence that would be incompatible with the desired state of love?

We have seen that a given entity exists at a particular “highest possible state” of consciousness, and the range of possible experiences are limited by that level of consciousness. So, an entity should not be able to interact uninvited with the sitters so long as the sitters are in a higher state of love than the entity. On the other hand, it would be able to interact with a sitter who has a relatively low state of consciousness. A sitter might be in such a state, for example, if he or she were afraid of the spirit world and what might occur during the séance. The sitter’s state of consciousness corresponding to fear may resonate with the vibrational state of the unwelcome visitor, and the visitor would then be able to interfere with the sitter. The relative states of consciousness of two entities determine whether interactions between them are possible.

The words in the circle leader’s prayer for protection may themselves be a vehicle for raising the sitters’ states of consciousness. That is, a particular choice of words might engender love in the hearts of the sitters. Alternatively, the prayer might be interpreted by a higher-vibrational being as a request to conjoin with the vibrational states of the sitters. Conjoining requires that two different states become similar so that they may resonate. So conjoining and resonating with a higher state of consciousness would raise the sitters’ vibrational states to a higher state of love. Whether self-induced or caused by resonation with the loving being, the sitters’ states of consciousness may rise beyond the the range accessible to the lower-level entity.

A Zeta offered advice in the following interview fragment on how to respond with love to the presence of another spirit.

Zeta: If you ever are able to leave your physical body at will, you will need to know who you are, so that if you come upon other entities, you may stand in your energy. … There is no confrontation when you stand within yourself. If another entity that was a higher vibration than you would come to you, then you would sense love from him. You would not be trying to defend yourself from a loving entity, but you would be allowing your frequency, your emotions to increase as you become one with the entity.

If you were to see an angel, and you felt the love from the angel, you would understand that you were increasing in frequency and emotional capacity. The angel, or the entity that is appearing as the angel, would be sensing a lower form coming towards it. But the angel would not reject you because it understood that it has greater capacity to give you the experience, and to even possibly change you.

But the opposite applies when the entity comes to you. A human would struggle to allow a low frequency entity to come to it, to be you. But if you knew who you were, you may link to the entity. … It sees you in some respects as a higher vibration entity and tries to join to you as you join to another loving entity.

Interviewer: What does it mean, to know who you are?

Zeta: It means to understand who you are outside of your physical entity, and not to be lead astray by the local consciousness.

Interviewer: In order to know who I am, I have to understand that I am a loving entity?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, and act accordingly.

The Zeta suggests that “standing in your energy” and “knowing who you are” is an effective strategy for having amicable relations with entities operating at lower levels of consciousness. This means knowing without question that you are an indestructible energetic being living in a temporary physical body. Such knowing may be equivalent to the role played by intention in the creative process. If I stand in the energy of love and “intend” that I am an energetic being distinct from other beings, that creative act would ensure that my integrity is respected by others.

So there are at least two ways to minimize the possibility of unwanted interference in a séance. The circle leader’s request for protection may bring about the resonation of the sitters’ states of consciousness with a loving “angelic” being willing to help. Alternatively, the sitters might raise their states of consciousness themselves by generating loving feelings while “knowing who they are”.

Note that adoption of a confrontational defensive posture was not considered. Certainly, any intention to aggressively prevent interactions with unwanted entities would be counterproductive. Such actions would merely create the energies that attract low-vibrational entities. It is remarkable that consciousness space has the properties that allow us to achieve the desired goal with love.

3.1 Dealing with astral entities

The Zetas informed us of an unpleasant class of entities that exist in the astral realm, the construct where the collective mind of the human race is forming. These entities, called “collectors” in our discussions, can encourage long-term changes in lifestyle and personality in people. From the astral realm, they have access to human etheric energy under certain conditions. We are advised that these beings are not to be feared, and are simply behaving as expected given their low position on the dimension of consciousness or love.

Humans often travel to the astral realm in dreams, during out-of-body experiences and other non-ordinary states of awareness. Indeed, the astral realm was brought into existence so that humans could practice being in a state of separation from their physical bodies. But this includes learning how to deal with energetic beings who are interested only in their own survival. Their activities are usually detrimental to human psychological well-being. Much was learned about the collectors in several sittings with the Zetas, and relevant fragments of interviews are presented here.

Zeta: You have many entities that exist within the astral realm process, the collective mind of the human race, who present themselves as beings which they are not. You may find that your adversaries are not who they say they are. They may present themselves as something greater than they are in hope that you fear that you have no control. True reptilian entities do not control as many humans have believed. More humans are controlled by the collector race.

Interviewer: Who are the collector race?

Zeta: They are a parasitic race, feed off fear and energy of humans and other races, but you need not fear these entities' process.

Interviewer: Do they have a form?

Zeta: Yes, an energetic form.

Interviewer: Can this energetic form be any form that the human mind wants it to be?

Zeta: These energetic forms, they extend themselves into the dream state of the human, and present themselves as reptilian entities, as shadow people, as spirits, as mythical creatures, as demonic entities, as angels, seeking to gain control over the human’s mind.

Interviewer: If we project love in our dream state, if we are able to be conscious…

Zeta: They would not come to you, no. Let me explain how this works so you do not be in fear. They do not stand by you waiting for you to be in fear. They do not wait for you to go to sleep in hope that they may somehow interact with you. They watch your behaviours. If your behaviours allow them to influence you over many of your months, slowly, slowly, they will come. And so, we have noticed with your humans that take your drinking and your drug process, your sexual process, those behavioural processes allow the entities to move into and attach control. They provide stimulation to the humans, and as a response they receive energy, and they have no way to create energy on their own. They have no real technology to support them, so they are harmless unless you have behaviours which support them.

Zeta: They are, interesting. They are existing in an isolated environment which will disappear.

Interviewer: So they only exist there?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: So it is foreseen that they will lose the fight, so to speak.

Zeta: Yes, they will lose the fight, but they don't understand that. They do not have the capacity to have the energy to understand and be self-aware.

Interviewer: If we wanted to be able to repel a lower level entity, we would have to learn to raise our vibration, raise our level of consciousness?

Zeta: Yes, or to be in tune with a guide entity that was already at that level, or a loved one that you knew could somehow raise your vibration. Or to, as you say, be with love.

Interviewer: So we can call on any loving entity that we can think of, and that would be sufficient?

Zeta: Let me think of a way of explaining it. Do you love your wife?

Interviewer: Yes, I do.

Zeta: When you have emotional content for the love, then within your chest parameter you feel a certain emotion. You feel that you love your wife and so there are two different situations. One is where you are asked, do you love your wife, the other one is where you actually feel the emotion of love, that strong emotion. That strong emotion gives you the capacity to be in a different vibrational state, because the emotional body is resonating in conjunction with the etheric body, and that vibration that you are emanating has it's core basis in the emotion of love.

But you do not need to be in love to defend yourself. It is a matter of acting upon your thought process, understanding who you are.

The Zeta explains that the collectors cannot generate their own energy, so they strive to resonate with human energy that is in a low vibrational state like their own. They help humans create low-vibration energy by inciting negative emotions like fear and anger, and by facilitating excessive, ego-driven pleasures.

However, humans have the ability to foil the collectors' attempts to take low-vibration energy. We can simply choose to not generate it. According to the Zetas, the collectors will eventually transmute to other forms of energy and cease to be. They will be revealed as a kind of soul-less thought form, perhaps analogous to an intelligent robot in the physical world.

But until that happens, individual humans can adopt vibrational states to insulate themselves from resonating with low-vibration energetic forms. A higher state of love combined with “knowing who you are” will prevent the collector entities from interacting with the humans’ higher vibrational states. That is, we should know that we are more than our physical bodies and we should recognize our own energy, knowing that it is an aspect of a loving higher self. Then we can safely stand in our own energy and avoid all confrontations with any energetic entity.

4. The possibility of deception

Many people find it difficult to accept that séance room phenomena are more than mere magician’s tricks. While a magician freely acknowledges the use of subterfuge to amaze an audience with seemingly impossible physical effects, a reputable physical medium produces equally impressive effects without subterfuge. However, unlike the magician, a medium works with a multitude of spirit beings behind the scenes. For example, it is not unusual for spirit beings to cause an object to appear in mid-air in the presence of a medium. A dishonest medium with no contact with spirits may, of course, use the magician’s sleight-of-hand to produce similar effects.

Another possible source of deception in a séance might be a low-vibration spirit control who wishes to exaggerate what it can do. It might say or imply through the medium that it is causing amazing things to happen in a séance when, in actuality, less impressive actions by the spirit are producing the effects in a different way. Is such deceit possible by inhabitants of energetic realms? Does the nature of the energetic environment ordinarily inhibit or prevent dishonesty? This is a complex subject that requires further exploration.

4.1 Consensus reality

The Zeta cosmology holds that all we experience is represented somehow in the energy of consciousness. In the energetic realms, a thing is represented as an interference pattern analogous to a physical hologram. The “holographic” pattern is then transformed by a conscious being in an act of perception so that the being experiences the thing as it was created. The thing originally came into being as a thought that was an intentional act of creation, and can be changed by the same process. Because it was an instantiation of a thought, and may be altered by a subsequent thought, the thing may justifiably be called an illusion. Since intentional acts of creation brought all things into being, including our familiar spatial dimensions, all perceived reality is an illusion.

Different beings, especially those with differing vibrational states, would have different illusions as the basis for a concept of reality. In the following interview fragment, a Zeta discusses the idea that consensus reality is a relative concept.

Zeta: There is perception that the local consciousness has created to believe that you are all within a room. You agree you have a consensus reality.

Interview: How do we decide on a consensus?

Zeta: Let me explain. I do not agree with your concept of reality, so I do not see the room. I agree with your observation, I agree with your discussion, I agree with your frequency, I agree to communicate, but nothing else. I do not hold your illusion.

Interview: You are aware of it, though.

Zeta: I am not aware of where you are. I am aware of your voices speaking to me. I am aware that behind that voice is consciousness only. But if I change my frequency, if I choose to change my frequency, I can move into your consensus reality, and experience your physical room.

The Zeta explained that he and the interviewer could experience a consensus reality if he were to match the latter’s vibrational state. He could then perceive the physical room. In his higher vibrational state, the only shared experiences were those related to the task of communication using the medium’s communication channel. The point was made that the vibrational state strongly influences what is perceived to exist.

This is is reminiscent of the psychological concept of state-dependent memory. That is, memory retrieval is known to be best when an individual is in the same state of consciousness as they were when the memory was formed. Perhaps state-dependent learning should be expressed more specifically as learning that is dependent on the accompanying vibrational state.

4.2 Representations of truth and falsehood

All creations, including thoughts to be communicated, are encoded in the grid and each exists at a particular vibrational level. A Zeta once said, “All conscious thought is placed into the grid, and it is used by many ET races as a medium for telepathic communication.” Like all created things encoded in the grid, a telepathic message can be received only by beings able to operate at the level of consciousness of the sender. This is one reason why extraterrestrial races are helping to raise the state of the human collective consciousness. A Zeta said, “Your collective mind, in its undulating state, is being prepared for the transition to a telepathic process.” and “Then, of course, the other races which view you on your daily basis, will actively interact with the collective mind of the human race.”

A Zeta was asked specifically how human memories were represented, and he replied, “In flow, somewhat like an energetic stream bound intrinsically to the consciousness of an entity.” He revealed that the memories are part of an energy construct contained by the astral process where the human collective mind is developing. Further, “The form of consciousness (i.e., the memory representation) is reliant on the level of frequency of the consciousness to the astral realms as it has been called. It is denser in the lower forms and less dense in energetic existence in the higher forms.” That is, the vibrational states in the astral realm range from “dense” to “less dense”, and memories are encoded there according to the level of consciousness of the owner/creator.

Any thought by a human becomes part of the developing human collective consciousness. The thought rarely exists in isolation but is usually part of a longer thought process that provides context. We understand now that the context also includes the vibrational state of the being who originated the thought.

In general, would it be possible for contradictions to exist in consciousness? Could a person think that a fact and its contradiction are both true? A well-known example is the logician’s paradox, “this statement is false.” If "this statement is false" is true, then the statement is false, but then if "this statement is false" is false, then the statement is true, and so on. The paradox cannot be resolved satisfactorily and so the best one can do in such cases is make the observation that the truth or falsity of a fact is undetermined. The paradox shows that an isolated fact and its contradiction cannot coexist at the same vibrational level in memory.

If a fact and its contradiction are both present in memory, it must be because they are distinguishable by their context. For example, a happy, loving person might think “good” thoughts when a stranger knocks on the door, while the same person in a fearful state might think “bad” thoughts when experiencing the same event. In this example, the thought stimulated by the context of “an approaching stranger” was dependent on the existing level of the person’s state of consciousness.

4.3 Communicating a falsehood

The above paradox suggests that the contradictory information involved in knowingly telling a falsehood must be distinguished in memory by context. The thought and its contradiction are present simultaneously in a person’s memory at the instant the lie is told, so the context that distinguishes them cannot be the associated level of consciousness. Therefore, a specific context would need to be created by the liar. For example, tagging a falsehood as false in memory would allow it to coexist with the truthful version when both are at the same vibrational level. Without such a tag, the truthful and false versions could not exist simultaneously in memory.

Would it be possible for a spirit being in the energetic realms to lie, assuming it were in a low enough state of love to permit lying? There can be only one representation of a fact in consciousness space at a given level of vibration. A negation of that fact could also be represented, but only if it had a context that explicitly identified it as such. Let us say that Spirit A places both a true fact and its contradiction in the grid using the creation process. Spirit A now wishes to lie to Spirit B and telepathically communicates the pointer in memory to the contradictory fact. When Spirit B decodes the message as an act of perception, the included side information will identify the fact as contradicting the true fact. This suggests that a spirit being can indeed lie telepathically, but the recipient should immediately see that it is a lie.

This may not be the case when a spirit communicates with physical sitters in a séance setting. The communication channel includes a physical medium who is usually in a deep trance state and unaware of the proceedings. Would a lie communicated to the sitters by the spirit be as transparent in this scenario? As before, the falsehood represented in the spirit’s memory must include side information (i.e., context) that distinguishes it from the true information. Now, however, the intended recipient of the message would not be the one who decodes it. Rather, the spirit would decode its own falsehood and transform it into the physical symbols spoken by the medium’s vocal apparatus. Of course, the spirit would not include the side information, and the sitters would be unaware that a falsehood had been spoken.

5. Conclusion

The natural laws of consciousness space constrain the interactions that are possible among beings in the energetic realms. It appears that these constraints are desirable since they prevent beings at low levels of consciousness or love from interfering with the existence of more loving beings. The laws are the basis for a strategy recommended by the Zetas for minimizing unwanted interference by low-vibrational spirits and astral entities.

A discussion of the representations of facts and their contradictions in memory suggests that a falsehood communicated telepathically between energetic beings is easily detected as such. However, communication of a falsehood from an energetic being to physical sitters via a medium’s speech apparatus is not as easily identified as a falsehood.

Given the ever present possibility of deception, the Zeta advised, “You must secure your own truth in regards to all things. Any entity that comes to you and states that you must believe what is said, then you are in error. Challenge all things and then use your intuitive abilities to find your truth.” This advice is appropriate for evaluating the performances of both mediums and spirits in a séance. The spirit control’s performance is often accepted uncritically, contrary to what the above analysis would recommend. The spirit’s state of consciousness is often not known, and its communication with sitters could be deceptive.