The ascension mechanism

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, October, 2018

Summary. The ascension process offers humans the opportunity to raise the vibrational level of their consciousness so that they achieve a higher state of love and harmony. When enough humans do this, the collective consciousness in the astral realm will become self-aware and enable abilities that are now dormant. The mechanism for ascension was described by the Zeta beings and is consistent with their cosmology. The Zeta information suggests that an individual human consciousness will choose to remain at the familiar lower vibration or to raise its state of vibration. Eventually, all of humanity will choose to ascend in this way. Entities managing the process will raise the vibrational state of matter to match the new human vibration.

1. Introduction

Conversations with the extraterrestrial Zeta race included the anticipated ascension of the human race. What this means for humanity is discussed in “A primer of the Zeta race”, in the chapter on Incarnation and ascension. A Zeta said, “Your ascension will unlock a lot of this potential that lays dormant within you.” For example, humans will have new abilities like awareness of past lives and telepathic communication, and they will be able to communicate easily with the higher-vibration extraterrestrial races.

This article outlines the mechanism underlying the ascension process according to the most plausible understanding of the Zeta information. The mechanism conforms to the cosmology based on consciousness discussed elsewhere.

2. Brief review of the cosmology

The Zeta cosmology holds that consciousness is the foundation of all that exists and it has a property of vibration. Each entity in consciousness is situated somewhere on dimensions of vibration (see the model in the chapter, Multidimensional vibrations of the book, Extraterrestrial Cosmology and Technology). A physical entity behaves like a low-pass filter in that it has a highest possible vibration on a physical plane of the model defined by the Physical type of vibration and the Harmony dimension. It can be aware of phenomena with vibrational states the same as or lower than its own highest state, but is not normally aware of phenomena having higher vibrational states. In the ascension process, the highest possible vibration is expected to shift higher on the physical plane. The shift in vibration is correlated with a shift in ability to love.

Intrinsic to consciousness is the ability to create. The energy of a being’s highest possible vibration is modulated by its thoughts when it has an intention to do so. The resulting creation is an interference pattern representing the thought which is placed in a substrate in consciousness known as the grid. The created representation is decoded by a perceptual process which is also intrinsic to consciousness. Any being with the same or higher vibration can experience the same thought when the representation is “illuminated” by the unmodulated vibration that created it.

The holographic-like patterns resulting from the creation process were named quanta by the Zetas. Quanta defining our physical universe exist in the etheric realm, a particular range of vibrations in consciousness. The human perceptual process transforms the quanta to consciousness potentials. These potentials are experienced as sensations such as vision, hearing and touch. The sensations are usually interpreted in our culture as attributes of matter objects that exist separately from the perceiver. Such independence is an illusion since all processes involved in the perception of matter take place in consciousness.

The quanta are supported by a non-spatial, grid-like construct in consciousness. A Zeta explained, “It is a manifestation of universal energies, everything has a resonating grid – every specific energy has its own grid. … The grid emanates from each planet but is also joined as one. Every physical individual item has its own grid and links into the main grid, everything is all!” The earth and each individual object it contains are represented by quanta in the grid.

The grid also functions as a medium for non-local, telepathic communication. The Zeta explained, “This [the grid] is a natural fabric, a natural creative process that is required for all beings to interact with humans. This is built into the quanta. This allows the spirit beings to interact with humans, all other races to interact with humans, to have beings from an astral level to interact with humans. So, there is a inbuilt function into the consciousness of humanity, a inbuilt function into the consciousness of this planet that allows all beings to interact on any levels within the planet that would be inhabitants of the planet. This inbuilt process then allows all entities within this planet to interact with each other. This is the beginning of the collective consciousness of the race.

3. The collective consciousness and ascension

The human collective consciousness is the conglomeration of all human thoughts and actions and exists in the astral realm. Its vibrational state is the cumulative effect of all the individuals of the race. A Zeta said, “The astral realms are a collection of all thought, all creative processes, all dimensional aspects which come from the existence of thought. This concatenation of all thought forms is the collective mind of the human race.

The shift in vibration that is the ascension process particularly affects the collective consciousness. The Zeta said, “The continuing elevation of the thought processes and consciousness of humanity allows the collective mind to form from the chaotic nature it holds.” They explained that the elevation of the human collective consciousness is a shift toward more loving states, since “the predominant consciousness is that it is to be born of love.” The process is relatively slow as “the ascension shift started years ago.

Under the right conditions, the ascension shift will become more rapid and the collective consciousness will become self-aware. The Zeta said, “The human population one day may decide that it was to change. Then the thought process, the combined collective thought of the human race, would, that one thought, would automatically create the capacity for the collective mind to be charged into action, to make a newly given mind.

It is important to understand that the shift in human consciousness is not imposed by a benevolent entity or by particular conditions. The Zeta said, “People need to take responsibility for their progression.” To shift or not to shift to a higher state of love is a choice made individually by each human on the planet.

3.1 The mechanism of ascension

Human consciousness and all entities in our physical universe are in a range of vibrations that define the etheric realm. A Zeta said, “The state of mind that you hold will be much aligned with the etheric body, and the energy that you resonate at between yourself and the etheric body.” An individual consciousness is, of course, integrated with the etheric quanta of the body. If the consciousness were to ascend to a higher vibration, the etheric body’s vibrational state should also shift to remain optimally compatible.

The human body is composed of matter like other objects in the physical universe. So for this body to exist in a higher vibrational state on the earth in the midst of other matter, the vibration of all matter would have to shift in concert with the consciousness. This is indicated by a Zeta’s comment, “There is a energetic net around the planet, but it is to do with the way the human physically is, and all other structures that exist on the planet.” The vibrational state of the energetic net (i.e., planetary grid) is the same as the human physical vibration, else the physical world could not be experienced.

This poses a dilemma for the ascension process. How could a human consciousness shift to a significantly higher level of vibration and still be optimally integrated with a body that is at the lower vibration like other matter? Could the vibration of all things in the earth grid be raised instantaneously to follow the higher consciousness vibration? Suppose another human consciousness did not want to make that shift to a higher vibration? Their sense of reality would be disrupted if someone else caused the surrounding matter to raise its vibration and appear to dematerialize.

The Zeta mentioned a feature of the earth grid that would enable the desired goal to be achieved without violating human freewill. The grid contains a parameter specifying the vibrational level used to encode the information in the quanta. The Zeta said, “All planets have the requirement that there is a potential that provides the individual quanta that is the determining factor for what is able to exist within the physical structure of that planet.” The potential specifies the vibrational level to be used by a being’s perceptual process to transform individual quanta to sensations.

As humans raise their vibration and their consciousness becomes more loving, the optimal vibration for the perceptual process to transform the physical quanta should rise accordingly. The quanta defining matter must accommodate humans in the unchanged state of consciousness as well as the raised state of consciousness. The perceptual process would need to operate in the lower vibration as well as in the raised vibration in order “to hold the physical construct that is required for humans to exist.”

There are at least two possible solutions to the dilemma. First, a higher-vibration version of the planet may have been prepared for humans who choose to move to a higher level of vibration. The new version would be imperceptible to the lower-vibration humans who filter out vibrations higher than their own highest possible vibration. The planetary grid at each vibrational level contains the information needed by a consciousness to perceive the matter existing at that level. As a human consciousness rises to that higher level, its perceptual process would be calibrated with the potential in the higher-vibration grid of that version of the planet. The potential specifies the vibration required to transform the higher-vibration quanta to sensations.

Alternatively, there may not yet be a higher-vibration version of the planet. As a human’s highest possible vibration rises, they may continue to process quanta in the grid using the sub-optimal lower vibration. But after the majority of people have ascended, the higher vibration will become the new norm and will be reflected in people’s behaviours. The Zeta anticipated that “the predominant consciousness is that it is to be born of love.” People will become more loving towards each other, even though the physical environment is perceived sub-optimally. When all people on the planet have either transitioned (died) or shifted to the higher consciousness vibration, the managers of the ascension process could address the final stage. The vibrational state of all matter on the planet would be changed as well as the potential that is thought to control the perceptual process. The potential would calibrate the perceptual process to match both the new vibrational level of the human consciousness and the planetary grid.

Both of these solutions result in a planetary grid that has the same vibrational state as the state of consciousness of the ascended humans. In the first solution, the old version of the earth persists as well, while in the second solution it does not. Which solution is best depends on the desired outcome.

The ascension process will see the majority of people become more loving and compassionate. But, the Zeta said, “There will also be many humans who choose not to be influenced by it as well.” Each human consciousness can choose whether or not to make the shift, and its freewill is not affected by the choices of others. A Zeta advised, “As each person has to experience the energetic changes, the need to assimilate with the shift and then to accept the shift when given guidance and inspiration, they should accept it rather than reject it.” Since all humans will experience the energies leading to the shift in vibration, the Zeta advised that all should take advantage of the guidance offered by other beings.

Ascension will be a dramatic change for a human as quanta are perceived at a higher level of vibration. The Zeta said, “All things must change – as they change, the grid changes, and this changes everything.” The phrase, “this changes everything”, is particularly meaningful in that all will be experienced in a higher state of love.

According to the Zeta, the human collective consciousness is developing as expected. They said, “The collective consciousness of this race is moving on a, we would not say predetermined process, but much of what is happening is already being seen. But, of course, yet we believe a future event will cause matter to become non-matter, my friend.” At some future time, the universe of matter in the etheric realm is expected to disappear for many individuals whose perceptual processes become tuned to the higher vibration.

Although it is beyond the scope of this article, we can speculate why ascension is desirable. We learned in our conversations with the Zetas that spirit beings look forward to incarnating to the earth environment. The Zeta explained that the conflict on earth cannot be experienced in spirit realm. They said, “There is a dynamic environment within the physical, yes, and of course the spirit people do not have the potential to experience the physical within the spirit realm.” Whenever there is a possibility of conflict between two beings in the spirit realm, “they split off and both environments exist.” (See "Conflict resolution in spirit realm" in the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”.) The spirit beings would recognize that the opportunity to love unconditionally occurs more often when there is conflict. Therefore, they would come to the low-vibration etheric realm to raise their vibrational state more quickly. After the ascension process, conflict would no longer be helpful and spirits could choose to incarnate to the new planet. The higher-vibration environment would offer a more pleasant incarnation because of the reduced likelihood of conflict.

4. Summary

The ascension process requires that individual humans raise the vibrational level of their consciousness so that they achieve a particular state of love and harmony. When enough humans do this, the collective consciousness in the astral realm will become self-aware, thus enabling abilities that are now dormant.

The ascension process described by the Zetas is consistent with their cosmology. The mechanism is designed so that human consciousness may individually choose whether or not to follow the ascension process. The choice is for the consciousness to stay in the etheric vibration or rise to a higher vibration. Matter on earth is in the etheric range of vibration and is shared in a consensus reality. Therefore, the vibration of all matter cannot shift in concert with a single consciousness. Otherwise, the freewill of other individuals who do not choose to ascend would be violated. Each human may raise their state of vibration and so affect their behaviour accordingly, while the surrounding matter is perceived sub-optimally. The perceptual process will be recalibrated when all humans on earth have ascended.

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