Physical reality of the Zeta race  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, February, 2019

1. Introduction

The extraterrestrial Zeta race has communicated extensively with us via the consciousness of the medium, Paul Hamden. They prefer to connect to individual humans telepathically while their physical bodies remain on their home planet. A Zeta said, “So if I am sitting currently on my planet place, and in connection with this human, what is the fastest form, thought flight.” When the medium enters an appropriate altered state of consciousness, they speak using the medium’s physical vocal apparatus. Many people who sat with the medium have conversed with the Zetas in this manner. The conversations with the Zeta beings were recorded and documented in books and articles.

A skeptic might say that the contact with extraterrestrials was a creation of the medium’s mind. However, some of the medium’s personal experiences with the Zetas were corroborated by other people who were present. The Zetas confirmed their independence of the medium’s local consciousness in other ways as well. Even when the medium was not present, people experienced unusual physical phenomena that were taken to be evidence of Zeta activity. Some of these phenomena occurred half a world away from the medium’s location. The phenomena discussed in the following sections can be attributed to the Zetas, and so they support the claim that the information received from the Zetas reflects an extraterrestrial view of reality.

2. Zeta contact with the medium

The medium’s exposure to anomalous events began when he was a child about five years of age. He began to separate from his body, walk around the house, then re-enter the body. He was awake in the body, and conscious outside of the body. For many years, the medium experienced anomalous phenomena usually attributed to discarnate beings such as spirits.

When he began to allow the extraterrestrials to speak through him, or even come near him, he often felt like he had been “irradiated”. He perspired, felt sick, and so forth. He eventually began to receive the training from the Zetas that allowed him to move to a state where they could speak and work through him. After a considerable time, they learned how to move his hands and fingers, how to breathe, and even if need be, have a sip of water.

At one point, he was asked telepathically by two “shimmery” beings if they had his permission to change an energy boundary in his body. They explained that they wished to make a change to the left temporal lobe of the brain so he would not be as affected by the new energies they brought. With some trepidation, he gave permission and felt pressure on each side of his head. The immediate result was an erratic, pounding heartbeat and a nervous feeling. A hard cough instantly returned the heartbeat to normal, and there was a noticeable increase in the sensation of available energy.

The Zetas also arranged for a spirit from the earth’s spirit realm to come to their communication sessions. The spirit energy typically opens the session and is the last energy to leave. He is a stepping stone in the energies required for the medium to interact with the Zeta beings.

Presently, as the medium moves toward connection, the Zetas prepare a particular state of consciousness. They provide distinct energies, and often people are able to detect the energy that is brought into the room. They feel sensations that may include stinging, temperature changes, and muscle tensions. When everything is ready, the medium is inside a “sphere of connection” that allows the Zetas to speak. They appear to use the medium’s pool of words, although occasionally they use words unknown to the medium. This suggests that they might have access to the vocabulary of others as well.

The medium distinguishes between the connection with spirits and the connection with the Zeta race. He says he “channels” spirits, but he “brings forth” the race. One physical difference is in the way the human body is affected by the associated energies. For example, when a Zeta speaks, people in the room often experience tears streaming from the eyes although it is not accompanied by the usual emotion. With the energy from spirit, the flow of tears has never occurred. The medium confirms the experience of other contactees that resonation with the Zeta energy is a complex undertaking and has unexpected effects on human physiological processes.

3. Visits by a Zeta craft

At around 20 years of age, the medium and a friend were visited by a Zeta craft that appeared outside the third-floor window of the house where he lived. The side of the craft opened to show two Zeta beings inside the craft. While the two friends discussed what they were seeing, two other friends in a car on the street below drove under the craft. They ran to the door of the house, shouting about the craft sighting. No further communication with the Zetas occurred at that time.

Much later, the medium had been meditating daily for seven years and during that time he guided a weekly sitting process with six other people. Often the Zetas would come and speak to the sitters. One day a sitter asked if they could come and show themselves. In the next sitting, a Zeta materialized in the room (in red light), walked over to a sitter and gave healing. The sitters loved this, and they asked the Zeta if they could come physically in a craft. The Zeta agreed this would be possible.

When the Zeta came to a later sitting, the medium’s mind was taken well above the planet. From this viewpoint, he was asked to show them where a craft could land safely. For over an hour, a vectoring process of moving in and out from the planet took place until the Zetas were comfortable with the chosen location.

A few months later the medium went to that particular location. He had with him twenty people who were to view this phenomenon and make contact. Every one was sitting around a prepared fire in a large circle about ten meters in diameter. The property was 25 acres in size and quite hilly, but there were a few flat spots for a craft to land.

At the appointed time when the sky was clear and the stars were clearly seen, it happened. Suddenly, the dogs on the property began to howl, and soon the dogs on all the neighbouring properties began howling as well.

While seated in chairs, all of the participants looked to the night sky. Just a few meters above their heads, a blanket of mist moved in as if it were being unrolled. After it covered the area, the medium and one other person were able to see the partially dematerialized craft descending and land. Most participants had their eyes closed at this point.

The ground was granular sand where the people were sitting in a circle. Anyone walking on it created a loud crunching sound - an opportune site for contact, as was soon discovered. When the Zetas came out of the craft, they walked towards the group and were heard walking around the circle of people. Then they stopped and stood behind each person. The air was electric!

The medium and another person with eyes open were able to see the red and green lights of the craft. But at all times there seemed to be an inducement to keep the eyes closed, perhaps to protect the minds of the participants.

When the Zetas had completed this process, they returned to the craft. The arrival process reversed itself - the mist wound back and the dogs stopped howling. The next day, a circular imprint about 12 meters in diameter was visible in the grass, showing where the craft had landed (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Landing site.

4. Other examples of Zeta contact

The medium co-authored several books about the interviews with the Zetas beginning in 2012. Hereafter, his co-author is identified as “the researcher”. Events occurred in the researcher’s presence that were measurable and so can be reported as being relatively objective. Several of these events are described in this section. They are evidence that the Zetas exist as entities separate from the medium. Direct quotes from the Zetas are in italics.

4.1 Telepathic contact

The first interview with a Zeta occurred with the researcher located in Canada and the medium in Australia. Communication was via typing on an internet chat application which logged the time when each string of text was sent. The night before the interview, the researcher was awakened from sleep by a whole-body buzzing sensation that lasted a few seconds. In the interview the following evening, the Zeta was asked the purpose of the buzzing sensation felt the previous night. The following exchange was recorded by the chat application.

[6:47:47 PM] Zeta: Your preparation, the preparation for connection
[6:48:02 PM] Zeta: was established prior to this conversation
[6:48:13 PM] Zeta: by other beings.
[6:48:12 PM] Researcher: Did you come to me this morning when I felt the buzzing sensation?
[6:48:27 PM] Zeta: We have answered.

The times when the text strings were transmitted show that the answer to the question came before the question was asked. The question was sent at 6:48:12, and the answer was received in three bursts from 6:47:47 to 6:48:13. That is, the start of the answer was received 25 seconds before the question was sent. The Zeta must have been telepathically aware of the question while it was being composed.

In the early morning after the interview, the metal stopper from the kitchen sink was discovered on the floor about two meters from the sink. This may have been due to a phenomenon like poltergeist activity also reported by other ET contact experiencers.

4.2 Clicks in audio recordings

Occasionally, clicks were heard in the audio recordings of sessions with the Zetas. Although Zetas beings are telepathic, they also communicate with each other using relatively high-frequency audio clicks much like those emitted by dolphins. When such clicks were heard on the recordings, they were carefully examined.

A recording from one session contained particularly noticeable clicks. The pitch of the clicks was lowered by decreasing the sampling rate by a factor of four. A melody emerged approximating a well-known tonal sequence from the 1977 Steven Spielberg movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. When asked if this sound was significant, the Zeta replied, “We thought that you might find it amusing.”

In another session, the researcher in Canada spoke with the medium in Australia using the Facebook Messenger application on an Apple iPad. The acoustic signal from the iPad was recorded on the researcher’s Apple iPhone. The Zeta said via the medium, “We will try to affect your recording device ... it has been done.” The ellipsis in that sentence represents a duration of eight seconds. During that time, two obvious clicks 160 msec apart were placed in the recording. However, the clicks were not heard acoustically in the room, so the Zeta must have affected the iPhone or the recording medium directly.

The device that recorded the melody from the movie was in the same room as the medium, while the device that recorded the clicks was located on another continent far from the medium. These recordings are additional evidence that the Zetas behave independently of the consciousness of the medium.

4.3 The dome construct

The researcher and the medium both attended a series of séances held in 2013 at the Wallacia Development Centre near Sydney, Australia. After arriving at one event, another attendee suggested to the researcher that an anomalous sensation could be felt on the way to the venue. He retraced his steps and felt a definite, brief sensation on the skin as he walked along. The air was still and the sensation was like walking into a ridge of higher density air. The medium explained that the felt resistance was due to an invisible energy dome placed over the séance room by Zetas who were monitoring the event. The dome protected them from natural and artificially generated electromagnetic noise.

A similar phenomenon occurred at a comparable event held in 2014 at the same venue. This time the researcher and a companion happened to feel the placement of the alleged dome before it had been properly calibrated, according to the medium. Both individuals suddenly felt unusually dizzy and slightly nauseous until they moved away from the location. The researcher discovered that the energy of the alleged dome could be detected by his body as he paced back and forth across it. A Zeta later confirmed, “You were being influenced by the shield that was being created … the closer you came to it, the more your etheric body reacted to the shield, and the further you moved away from this device, the less you felt.

The researcher used his body as a detector to measure the extent of the felt resistance. The thickness was judged to be about 1-2 meters, with the resistance varying according to the symmetric shape of a bell curve. The alleged dome was curved along its length and extended at least 50 meters along one side of the event venue. Extrapolation of the curve suggested the dome was about 100 meters in diameter. The other side was not studied since it was physically hard to access. According to the medium, the dome protected the dematerialized Zeta bodies from the electromagnetic noise in our environment, facilitating freedom of movement between their craft and the séance venue.

These measurements are consistent with the presence of a protective dome covering the venue and the surrounding area. Its existence was evidence of Zeta activity that was independent of the medium.

4.4 Telecommunications interference

The researcher at home in Canada was informed one evening by a visitor that he had been unable all day to call either of the two mobile phones in the house. This was confirmed when the two phones were unable to connect with each other. However, at a half kilometre from the house, they were able to connect once more. On returning to the house, the connection failed again. There appeared to be a region around the house in which mobile phone reception was prevented that day.

On the following day while the researcher was in his house, a particularly tight knot developed in the diaphragm muscle of his body which persisted for about 15 minutes. In the past, a likely Zeta presence has been associated with an effect on the diaphragm and stomach muscles of the body. Later that day, the phones stopped working again in the house for a while.

The effect on mobile phone operation alone is not proof of interference by extraterrestrial beings. However, the restricted range of the effect, the physiological effect on the researcher’s body, and repetition of the interference the next day is consistent with the proximity of Zeta beings or technology. Others have reported that extraterrestrial technology interferes with electrical equipment.

4.5 A Zeta healing

The Zetas have demonstrated their healing ability a number of times, and several healings are described in the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”.

The following discusses one of those cases and the explanation of how it was done. The Zeta described the methodology in more detail than usual. The recipient of the healing was the researcher who developed precancerous skin cells on his nose known as actinic keratoses. The lesion had been treated earlier with cryotherapy but it returned months later. Healing was performed by the Zeta while the researcher and the medium were in their respective homes half a world apart. Communication during the session was over an internet telephone application. The healing process occurred unexpectedly during a period of silence lasting 1 min 26 sec. The Zeta then explained what had occurred.

There has been an attempt to redefine the etheric energy around your facial area to see if any potential is applied to the abnormal cellular structure. If we have had any success, it will be within three days. If not, we will try again.

The problem with cellular changes in the physical form are that the body is self-programmed to provide these potentials within the framework of its existence. It is a natural response to provide the abnormal cellular structure. The body perceives that it is doing its job.

We have instructed the consciousness of the etheric body in the facial area to reverse the cellular changes. But of course from the physical side, there will be potentials applied to the etheric changes. You, as consciousness, are in the middle and are also responsible for being of a receiving nature, to tell your body that it is appropriate to heal.

In other words, the etheric energy around the affected area had been adjusted, and it would take time for the physical cells to return to the desired state. These etheric changes would be actively resisted by the existing physical energy. To help overcome this resistance, the local consciousness was to assist the healing process to reverse the abnormalities. When asked what strategy to adopt, the Zeta suggested, “What was your cellular structure before the abnormal cellular structure? You need to be in that state where you are prior to the cellular structure.” So in the following days, the patient occasionally visualized his body at a much younger age, and imagined his current self merging with that healthier physical form.

The images of Figure 2 show the affected area on the nose at different times before and after the healing. Surprisingly, a change was already apparent about a half hour after the end of the communication session. The lesions appeared less pronounced than they were about eight hours earlier. Twenty-four hours later, scabs had formed over the lesions. During the following week, the scabs went through the normal process of healing and the skin returned to normal.

Figure 2. Stages of the healing process.