Human exposure to a synthetic quantum environment 

Summary. According to witness testimony, the extraterrestrial Zeta race shared a technology with human researchers. This technology was said to be a teleportation device capable of sending research participants from Earth to Mars and back. More recent information provided by a Zeta via a medium confirmed the existence of the device. However, the Zeta asserted that the device transferred only the human energetic body to an energetic simulation of the surface of Mars. That is, transfer of the physical body did not take place. The cooperation with human researchers was likely part of a Zeta research project to study human behaviour.

Extraterrestrial beings from a number of races speak through the medium, Paul Hamden. Most often, the communicator is a member of the Zeta race from the Zeta Reticuli star system, but occasionally other races appear such as Anunnaki or Pleiadian. The medium enters an altered state taught to him by the Zetas over many years, and allows the beings to use his body to communicate. They come at different times because each race requires a different quality or type of energy for connection with the medium. The change in energy is easily sensed by the medium as well as other people in the room, and is usually sufficient to identify the race. These beings have a physical existence but are able to separate consciousness from their physical bodies. The consciousness in separation is able to travel almost instantaneously to far distant places such as our planet via the energetic realm.

The Zeta communicator is sensed as a loving being by everyone who feels his energy, and wishes no one harm. He describes himself as a teacher, and we have learned much from him about Zeta history, spirituality, philosophy, cosmology, and technology, as well as some of their activities on earth. This information is documented and discussed in Treurniet and Hamden (2012).

The Zeta technologies are well beyond human capabilities, but humans have been given access to some of it. In particular, the Zeta teacher confirmed a report of some CIA research during the early 1980s on a "jump room" provided by the ETs. The "jump room" was thought to be a teleportation device that could transfer the physical body great distances in a short time. The users of the jump room found themselves in a place that appeared to be the surface of Mars. However, there were times when the destination appeared to have unnatural properties such as a ceiling rather than an unlimited sky. The human participants called such a place a "synthetic quantum environment" or SQE. We now know that the SQE was a simulation of an existing physical environment. The Zeta revealed that the human researchers were not fully in control of this apparatus which was part of a network of similar devices.

The Zeta informed us that the SQE is a copy of any desired physical environment created in the energetic realm. In his words, "there is a device that is used to create the unfolding of the special process and then once the cavity, I believe would be the word, is created, it is then populated with the correct molecular image that will then represent the environment that was to be used for exchange of energy and information". Also, "Depending on what you wish to create and preserve as an environment, would determine the level of quantum entanglement that is required by a being that is to synthesize the energetic entities, and to then propagate this as a sustainable existence in its quantum self. Many of the SQEs are in existence for the scientific beings who wish to experiment within a race. A snap shot is taken and using the SQE, transpose the environment, and using the SQE then instigate change. This is a mirror image process to see what is sustainable, and in that place no harm is created to a physical entity as it is an energetic environment." A number of SQEs are interconnected and have on-board biological intelligences that coordinate the activities of the network. Additional details may be found in Treurniet and Hamden (2012).

The Zeta teacher was clear that the jump room transferred the participants to a simulation of the Mars environment, and that this simulation existed in the energetic rather than the physical realm. He emphasized that the jump room did not transfer the participant's physical body, but that only the energetic body containing consciousness was transferred. In fact, no physical object can enter the environment, so a physical body could never be damaged.

According to the Zeta, the human research participants would experience no difference between the non-separated (physical) and separated (energetic) states of existence. Because they could not tell the difference, people who used the jump room believed that their physical bodies were transferred to the physical surface of Mars, when only the energetic body and consciousness was transferred to an energetic copy of a Mars landscape.

The Zetas no doubt had a purpose of their own when they offered humans access to a SQE. It is described as a research environment where extreme conditions could be introduced without endangering the research participants. When the human researchers accepted the offer to teleport to what they thought was the physical surface of Mars, they may have become unwitting subjects in the Zetas' own experiments to study human behaviour. For example, one human participant, believing he was physically present on Mars, had his arm painlessly torn off by a predator. On his return to Earth, he found himself physically intact. Nevertheless, he does not accept the notion that he was not physically present in that environment. Perhaps the Zetas were interested in how resistant humans are to the idea that the physical and energetic bodies can be separated, and that the conscious experience in the energetic realm is just as real as the physical experience.

In the above quote, the Zeta mentioned that many SQEs exist for conducting research within a race. It is quite likely then, that other anomalous human experiences might also have taken place in SQEs. A distinguishing aspect of such experiences would be a mental state similar to out-of-body experiences which also take place in the energetic realm. The state may be recognized as such by the participants or, as in the case of the CIA project, it may not.

A Primer of the Zeta Race by W. Treurniet and P. Hamden.