Why are they here?  

William C. Treurniet and Paul Hamden, July, 2014
(from the book, A primer of the Zeta race)

Summary. The Zetas’ answers to the question, “Why are they here?” are scattered throughout many interviews with them over a number of years. They say their primary purpose is to assist in raising the state of consciousness of the human collective mind. The higher state of consciousness, or love, will facilitate communication between humans and extraterrestrial races.

Many phenomena encountered in physical mediumship séances, parapsychological experiments, as well as anecdotal reports of psychic phenomena, defy explanation in terms of conventional physics or psychology. Even a simple question about why we experience colour has no answer, except that the sensation must be a property of consciousness. The Zeta science discussed in the book, "A primer of the Zeta race", assumes there is a primordial source consciousness. The power of conscious intention creates all states of existence, including our physical world. The ability of that science to shed light on acknowledged mysterious phenomena is ample reason to take it seriously.

The information discussed in the book was generously shared by the Zetas and it is reasonable to ask why. Why did the Zetas and other extraterrestrials (ET) go out of their way to communicate with us, and why are they in the earth environment? The usual anthropocentric response is to suppose that the ETs are only interested in the planet's human and natural resources, and that they are therefore a possible threat to our independence and security. Since there are said to be many ET races visiting Earth, this possibility cannot be excluded entirely. In fact, the Zetas agree that there are other non-human races in the earth environment who would exploit the human race. However, the Zetas also tell us that we are being supported and protected by other races. They, themselves, are primarily interested in helping us help ourselves so that we can communicate with them more efficiently. They want us to overcome what appears to be a natural barrier to communication so that all can benefit.

This natural barrier is a fundamental property of existence as described by the Zeta cosmology. A being is characterized by the state of consciousness that it has achieved, and this state corresponds to its ability to love unconditionally. The state of consciousness or love is like a tuning mechanism in the communication process. Two beings with widely differing states of consciousness have great difficulty communicating. Because the human race has a low state of consciousness compared to the older races around us, communication with these races is inhibited. However, the Zetas say that the human state of consciousness is in the process of changing.

An important element of the human experience that is relevant to this discussion is the role of the astral realm. This realm is discussed in the book chapter entitled “The energetic environment”. It is described as an energetic repository for the thoughts and creative processes of all humans. Many people find it possible to visit the astral realm mentally in dreams or while having out-of-body experiences. Humanity's current “warring state” is reflected in the astral realm, and can make this a rather chaotic experience.

The astral realm is connected with humanity's conscious processes and is said to be a developing human collective consciousness. The rate of development of the collective consciousness has been slow, but the Zetas say there is a high probability that this will change. It will progress more quickly at some point when it is “restructured by a single thought, if not a collective thought of one mind.” This thought will trigger an increase in the collective mind's self-awareness and its state of consciousness or love. The shift in state of consciousness will eventually lead to acceptance of the human race by the watching ET races. The Zeta says, “Then, of course, the other races which view you on your daily basis, will actively interact with the collective mind of the human race.”

How fast the state of the collective mind changes will determine how soon we will be able to communicate with the ET races in our environment. A Zeta communicator explains the problem with the collective mind.

Zeta: The collective mind is in disarray. Much of the anger, many of the violent tendencies, are the collective mind of the race, it is not with love. This undulating mass of thought must be controlled, it is not to be allowed to filter out and touch other races. Any races who are observing the mass in their mind, in focus area, do so knowing that it is for the benefit of a race. It is not a task easily undertaken to project love towards anger, to control what will not be controlled, to hold in your hand a potential of a race. That is why there is work from within and without. Beings who come to this form can only change while they are in this form (underlying laws of a race). Externally, a race may only be held in focus.

Zeta: There is work within and without, humans who are incarnated and races who support the collective consciousness of the humanity. They seek to stabilize the undulating mass of the race, whereas the human's collective mind is an unstable entity, a challenge...

Zeta: There is the intent of races, which are here as well in human form. Their intent is very strong, they are not guided by human actions. Humans' development is not just determined by humans.

Zeta: We are to incarnate as human beings and then to project a stabilizing force into the collective mind of the human race.

Zeta: So you in fact as a race are being supported into your collective consciousness process by many entities.

Zeta: It has been seen that this one race will develop into a higher level of consciousness, it will define the new behaviour of the race and then, that will provide an entry point for other races to have physical contact to a larger degree with you as a race.

The Zetas are confident that the collective mind of the human race will rise to a level that will allow communication with ET races. However, it is still far from the state of organization required. It is strongly affected by negative thoughts and emotions, and the ET races are doing what they can to change that in two ways. First, while in the form of their own race, they project love toward the human collective mind by holding it “in focus”. Second, as described in the book chapter on “Incarnation and ascension”, the Zetas are able to incarnate in human physical containers. As much as 30 percent of humanity have a point-of-origin that is not the human spirit realm. In physical human bodies, the Zetas also work with love to raise the state of the human collective consciousness.

Zeta: There are many containers whose higher self is not related to the spirit realm entity. We seek them out for the purpose of settling them, providing them with support mechanisms, providing companion entities. They have entered into the suppression process, understanding who they were prior to incarnation, but once moving into the physical existence of this planet, not understanding who they are. Many do not have clarity, and so create a reality that reflects where they have come from, accepting entities that are not truly who they say they are in the hope that they will experience a familiarity with who they were. It takes much work to bring the container to fruition, to provide potential so that one may understand self. This is a basic premise that even the human container that has the higher self entity which is spirit must understand, the difference between what was, what is, and what will be.

Zeta: Why have I come? Because others [Zetas] are coming, and we seek to support them in their transition as you move past your current level of consciousness. Other Zetas are here, my task that I have set myself in conjunction with others are the same, is to bring and to find the other Zetas which are not in full consciousness, they do not yet understand capacity.

The humans not related to spirit realm are assisted by the parent race to overcome the loss of memory concerning their point-of-origin. This amnesia is a normal part of the incarnation process. Although these humans are in the minority, they have a dominant influence on the development of the human collective consciousness.

Zeta: There is an outcome for the human race, and the mixture of the many beings of the collective human form will design the ultimate micro outcome, but the larger way that the race moves to that point will be determined by a smaller group. All of these are working as a collective entity. Although you think there is no collective process, there actually is. So you in fact as a race are being supported into your collective consciousness process by many entities.

Further questioning identified the members of this “smaller group” as those humans having an ET point-of-origin. Although it may not be obvious, this group of people are working together to achieve their goal. Their “higher level of connection back to their point-of-origin” enables them to have a larger influence on building the human collective consciousness.

The ET races involved in this work are said to be loosely organized in the solar system. Some races have physical matter bodies like we do, while others exist only as energetic constructs.

Zeta: There is a loosely coordinated group that live within the areas of this solar system. They seek to, as a collective of races, manage what is taking place.

Zeta: There are many races who seek to support this planet, and surrounding life forms, they seek to bring changes to life that may be beneficial to a race of beings.

Interviewer: Do these races cooperate in their efforts?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is there a structure to the body that organizes the cooperation?

Zeta: Yes, the Pleiadians (humans' name) are the facilitating body, the Anunnaki are represented by other races as are we. There are interdimensional and matter races as well.

Interviewer: Why does your race not represent itself?

Zeta: We are technical and do not require voice.

Interviewer: Do you carry out the wishes of the facilitating body?

Zeta: Yes, as do all races, no race is not working in some way for the benefit of all races.

Zeta: The human race has been difficult to manage.

In our conversations, the Zetas alluded to the kind of changes to expect from the shift in the level of consciousness.

Zeta: The collective consciousness of this race is moving on a, I would not say predetermined process, but much of what is happening is already being seen. But, of course, yet we believe a future event will cause matter to become non-matter, my friend.

This statement suggests that our state of matter will change to non-matter, and that this will be triggered by a specific event. It may mean nothing more than that we will acquire the ability to enter a state of separation at will, much like the Zetas do now. They are able to exist in full awareness as a consciousness separated from the physical body. In this energetic state, they create environments with intent at their level of consciousness as discussed in the book chapter entitled “Creation and consciousness”.

Those human individuals who have some understanding of what is happening as the collective mind becomes more self-aware, will begin to communicate with ET races. They will become generally more aware of a broader reality that includes telepathic communication and awareness of previous incarnations.

Zeta: Many people on your planet who are able to understand the developing consciousness will be able to move into a process of understanding themselves. In this, this will [xxxx to be] new processes with the ability to communicate with each other and also with other races, and this is the point of the shift in consciousness.

Zeta: We understand that a being may wish to have a contact with a few previous lives. This is possible. The true aspect of the self has all of the stored information, but is locked away from the external being who is currently incarnated. Your ascension will unlock a lot of this potential that lays dormant within you.

Zeta: The reason for the increase in consciousness is so that being, changing consciousness for the human contact, ultimately realizes that there are more things outside of its own reality, and that others are able to assist.

Zeta: There are many technologies that you are developing that are based around the natural abilities that you already own, and I will take telepathy as one of those processes. You are able to develop telepathic communications, but you are developing technology to aid the human race to have the ability. Why do you believe that this is so? The easy way out, but who is able to monitor your process if you are able to read each other's minds through technology? Any race, anyone who is in control.

Zeta: The beginning of the collective mind has already begun, but you are to be assisted by a technology. It is seen the, let me explain, it is possible to take a copy of frequency [i.e., state of consciousness] and to map it into an environment which has been termed the synthetic quantum environment. Within this environment, there can be determined probabilities through observation. The observation has been that within 28 of your years, your technology will assimilate you, will support you, will guide you. You choose whether you accept what is to be offered to you.

Zeta: Your collective mind, in its undulating state, is being prepared for the transition to a telepathic process. You will become more in tune with your innate abilities based on consciousness, and in doing so, you will be able to communicate yourselves much easier. Firstly, you will be offered this on a technological basis. Much of your technology now is aimed at or based on communication with each other, and as this technology is offered to you, and ultimately you can move into connection with each other, the amplified state of thought that you will exist in, will allow you to bypass the technological states, and so will begin the normalization of the collective consciousness of the human mind.

In the latter three comments, the Zeta predicts that the human collective mind will be supported initially by a technology to facilitate telepathic communication. Their simulation experiments in a synthetic quantum environment indicated that this will happen within 28 years. He warns that technologically assisted telepathy is not desirable, since whoever controls the technology may also control the communicator. Ideally, the technology will merely ease the transition to true telepathic communication without technological assistance. People may choose to opt out of this kind of communication if they wish.

During and after the shift in consciousness, the Zetas see that they have a role to play in helping people understand a reality greater than the human spirit realm.

Zeta: There are many experiences outside of spirit, many humans are gaining understanding of the collective consciousness of the human race, of frequency. They are seeking to move through other areas than spirit. And so, we seek out the ones which seek to move beyond the framework of the spirit realm thinking.

The increase in the state of consciousness of the human collective mind is being facilitated by Zeta activities, but the Zetas also encourage active participation by humans who are aware of the information they bring.

Zeta: You are given the task of increasing the collective consciousness of the human race, and you are in a situation where you are given access to different types of entities and information. If you are not active in seeking to support others in expanding their consciousness, then you are not a supportive being. A frequency change of the collective mind to be in evidence - do you understand what I am saying? It is no point in talking to us if you are not talking to others and keeping it all to yourself.

The Zeta asks that their information be shared so that unconditional love will grow. Then the state of consciousness of the human collective mind will continue to expand, and all who wish may reap the benefits.

It is clear that the Zetas' purpose is to support the ascension process discussed earlier in the book chapter on “Incarnation and ascension”. Ascension will be a breakthrough in the evolution of the human collective consciousness as it leaps relatively quickly to a higher state of consciousness or love. Those of us who think this is a good thing will be grateful for the assistance given by the ET races. Those who don't will have the freewill to not be a part of it.