Birth of a UFO

William C. Treurniet, August, 2007

The source of the following images is the video of Jaime Moussan's presentation at the 2005 UFO Conference. The video includes an excellent summary of the swarms of UFO activity seen mostly in South America.

Of particular interest here is the segment from 30:10 to 30:43 which focuses on a particular UFO thought to be in control of the swarm. It is shaped somewhat like a boomerang rather than a sphere like the others. In the sequence mentioned, the object seems to give birth to a smaller version of itself. The offspring is emitted at one end of the larger object, scuttles 180 degrees around the parent, and is launched into space. Then the original object quickly fades away without moving. Just prior to emission of the offspring, a faint circular outline suggestive of a field appeared around the parent, perhaps implying that some power source was activated to enable the launch.

Selected frames from the sequence are shown in order below, each accompanied by a version processed with the Adobe Photoshop Elements Gradient Map tool. The frames are accompanied by my commentary. The original object is called a mothership for ease of reference.

Click on a picture to see a larger version.

Num  Original  Processed  Comment 
1     Frame 30:10 - The mothership is surrounded by spheres. 
2     Frame 30:11 - A slightly closer view of the mothership. 
3     Frame 30:15 - An even closer view of the mothership. Notice the similarity of the shape to this one seen in another context.  
4     Frame 30:23 - In this magnified view of the mothership, note the beginning of a circular structure in the visual noise around the exterior of the ship. 
5     Frame 30:40 - The circular structure in the noise is slightly more evident. It is at this point that the second object is emitted from the right side of the mothership. The faint glow in that area is seen more clearly in the video. 
6     Frame 30:41 - This frame is a fraction of a second after the previous frame. The gradient map parameters were adjusted to show more of the structure of the mothership. 
7     Frame 30:41 - This frame is another fraction of a second after the previous frame. The gradient map was adjusted to show more of the structure of the mothership's front end. Also, the emitted object has travelled around the back of the mothership and is now just visible to the left of the mothership's nose. 
8     Frame 30:42 - The offspring has separated from the mothership. 
9     Frame 30:42 - This frame is the same as the previous frame. The gradient map parameters were adjusted to show that the offspring has somewhat the same shape as the mothership. 
10     Frame 30:43 - The offspring has moved to the front of the mothership. Note that the structure in the visual noise has disappeared. Note also that the image of the mothership is less bright, and no variations in intensity remain to show structure.  
11     Frame 30:43 - The mothership has faded out completely, leaving only the offspring.