R & D Projects

Over the years, we've developed software and reports on behalf of different organizations, and some of these projects are briefly described below. Links are given to relevant web sites where these are available. If you can use the capabilities implied in these projects, please contact us.

Objective Audio Quality Measurement   Participated in the creation of an international standard for measuring the quality of audio compression algorithms. The method uses a computational model of hearing to compare a processed audio stream to the original audio stream. The standard was subsequently implemented in an Objective Test Module (using C++) that is part of the CRC SEAQ software suite offered for sale by the Communications Research Center (CRC).
Auditory Display of Computer Intrusion Attempts  Examined the feasibility of monitoring TCP/IP network activity using an auditory display. The HTML version of the resulting report shows samples of network activity transformed into sounds, and demonstrates that suspicious activity is easily heard by a listener. A text version of the report is also available but, of course, does not contain the auditory samples. The reports are available from the Network Information Operations Lab, Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa.
Book Review Management System  Developed a Book Review Management System (BRMS) for the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) using HTML, Active Server Pages (ASP), and an SQL database. The system displays several categories of database records including completed reviews available, books available for review, and books out for review. Further, members of the public can now apply on-line to review particular books. The database records are easy to maintain, and emails are automatically sent when certain events occur, thus facilitating CAP intra-office communication and communication with reviewers.