Take care when connecting with spirits and ETs

Paul Hamden (medium), October, 2018

Good day to you all.

Disclaimer: If you do not want the truth of how things can go wrong, please do not read the following words.

Once again I am faced with people who I know well falling into the same old traps of connection. These are brilliant people, highly educated and smart, savvy people who should know better. But the lure of contact made them somehow drop their guard, and in doing so, their lives are in ruins (to a point). They then lose their friends, or are led to believe they should isolate themselves and develop alone so only the being can guide them.

But the truth is that they should expose their mediumship to the world and let those beings, who state they are spirits or ET, be scrutinized by hundreds if not thousands of people, thus keeping the medium safe from prowling entities. (No lying spirit will place themselves in the face of the public for long)

In the past few weeks, a few well-known people have come out and stated they have turned to Christianity as they realized they were being deceived. But the truth is, if they had used common sense they would never have been deceived.

We see people time and again manipulated and changed by energies who do not seek to offer love or comfort, but deception.

And those people rarely come back from those dark places.

An example of the scenario goes like this.

I've noticed an increasing trend in issues related to extraterrestrial contact. It's not so much the contact but who does the contacting.

It's understood that when a race is in contact with a human, generally the human is contacted while they are asleep. This protects the human from dislocating their consciousness from its normal framework. Notice the human is being contacted and placed into a safe environment (although there are abduction scenarios as well). But what we see in ever increasing frequency is humans trying to contact alien races, or any being, with no evidence given to the human about whom the connection is with.

Now it may sound unrealistic to expect a human to evidence their contact, but without it the human can easily be deceived or fooled into believing they are in contact with a certain being or spirit. And no, telling everyone you are ready for alien contact does not actually make you ready!

So if your intention is to:

I would say that all of the above are dangerous pursuits if you do not use preparation and clarity of mind, or understand the ramifications of doing such.

Not all flashes of light around you are your beloved guides or loved one (although with evidence there can be a level of certainty), and not all energies who come to visit you are seeking to harm or love you. Some are just inquisitive.

Over the last ten years it's become clear that many people wish to connect to beings other than themselves. Without going into all of the problems that can go with that, I would like to offer people some advice. Take it or leave it, it's your freewill to do so.

This can take the form of:

There should be a substantial level of evidence given by them to you. If they are who they say they are, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Examples of evidence:

But you see my point here, because if aliens or angels only find car parks, or aliens and multidimensional beings promise and promise and pronounce and predict but never actually produce evidence, then you are a pawn in a very dangerous situation.

Let's not forget that spirits often come and pretend to be aliens when the medium does not evidence or validate their claim that they are Archangel Michael, Metatron, or any other name you wish to insert here.

Whatever happened to the days of normal spirits coming to people and offering help and support?

Many things are hidden from the public, and many people in the public eye do not tell the FULL truth regarding contact for various reasons.

And in closing, I would suggest that when people state they cannot be harmed, they are fooling themselves. When they insist that love and light towards others also protects them, they are fooling themselves. (It's different if you are a high-vibration being who understands how to "be in love".) If you insist on connecting to extraterrestrial races, you should understand that you may actually connect to:

And so on, the list is endless.

You choose to either do it properly or fall prey to it all, it's up to you.

So, now you have read this, you are prepared and understand the risks you face. If you think what's been said here is rubbish, then I feel sorry for all who have gone before you, as you now have the benefit of their experience.