Examination of a witnessed apport  

William C. Treurniet, December, 2013
(amended January, 2014, July, 2017)

Several seances was held during October and November, 2013, at the Wallacia Development Centre near Sydney, Australia. The medium was Kai Muegge of the Felix Experimental Group in Frankfurt, Germany. Kai's spirit control is the deceased Professor Hans Bender. I attended the seance held on November 13. Anomalous phenomena were produced while the medium was controlled by two sitters on either side of his chair. Because of the lack of light in the room, these sitters each held the medium's nearest hand and knee to ensure that he did not move away from his chair. There were loud raps on the walls and ceiling, and little balls of light flitted around the room in the dark. Hans also produced a faint sheet of illumination like a white aurora borealis that moved past sitters seated well away from the medium. I experienced being struck on the hands and knees by unknown objects, and felt a stroking of the hair on the back of my head. A trumpet prop, self-illuminated by fluorescent tape, flew around the room, occasionally striking me and other sitters.

The highlight for me occurred when I was invited by Hans to sit cross-legged on the floor in front of the medium to receive an apport. This had become a regular occurrance with this medium. There was sufficient red light near the medium to see clearly what was happening. I manually examined the medium's left hand to ensure it was empty, and that he wore no rings or a watch. Hans then extended this hand with palm facing down, and instructed me to hold my hands open beneath the medium's hand. Accompanied by strained vocalizations, the fingers of the stationary hand opened and closed a number of times such that the palm was always visible. Suddenly, an object fell from under the palm into my waiting hands. I had watched the hand intently, and was able to see the object form directly under the palm. It twinkled briefly (est. 50 msec) during the transition from nothing to matter. The apport was the white stone or crystal shown in Figure 1.

Hans immediately added the following clarification, "This is a special one because this time it's not a signature which we have embedded into the stone, which we usually give to the youngest sitter in the room where there may be a connection with the future. This time we have embedded for you visible portions of ectoplasm. You can see it. It's the first time that we opened the crystaline structure and embedded certain portions of ectoplasmic substance to see afterwards. So this is a very special gift."

Different crystal apports were given to at least four other sitters during several sittings at Wallacia. One of these recipients also reported a sparkling effect as the object formed, and another sensed an upward flow of 'something' towards the medium's palm just prior to the object's formation.

In a sitting on November 17, I was unexpectedly given the opportunity to become one of the medium's controls. My responsibility was to continuously hold the medium's hand and knee in the dark while he was in front of the cabinet, and hold the curtain of the cabinet aside while he backed into the enclosure. An apport was produced from the medium's left hand in this sitting as well. I was positioned slightly behind and below his left elbow and was able to monitor the hand from the rear. The red light was less bright from this position, and I saw the object as a shadow as it fell from the medium's hand to the floor. This time, the sparkle effect that accompanied the formation of the earlier apport was not seen, perhaps because it was blocked from view from this vantage point.

Figure 1. Two views of the apport. 

Hans, the spirit control, explained during the creation of the object in Figure 1 that it encapsulated little pockets of ectoplasm. I initially believed these to be the scattered brown dots visible at one end of the stone. I assumed that the roughness of the stone at this location was due to breakage of pockets of ectoplasm.

Some days later, however, Kai received a message from Hans that there was more in the apport than I was aware. He asked me to look at the crystal under different lighting conditions. Surprisingly, human faces appeared inside the crystal when it was back-lit. In the image of Figure 2, a male face is visible near the top of the crystal and a female face at the lower left. The appearance of these faces is presumably due to the arrangement of ectoplasm embedded inside the crystal.

Figure 2. Images of faces inside the crystal. 

The following video shows the crystal from a number of different angles. Besides the faces, there are other interesting forms.

Figure 3. A video of the back-lit crystal.

The observed phenomena in these sittings, especially the apport, convinced me beyond any doubt that physical anomalies had occurred. I now hold the normal-appearing crystal I was given and marvel at how I had watched it come into existence from nothing. Adding to the mystery is the strong sensation of spirit energy I often feel when in close proximity to the crystal.

Hans extended the invitation to me to receive the apport because, as he said in reference to me, "he is especially interested". Apparently, he knew that I had written about how apports are said to happen. See the chapter on materialization in the book, "A primer of the Zeta race". The information in the book was obtained in interviews of extraterrestrials via the medium, Paul Hamden.

Additional information

Kai Muegge, the medium, had an impression about what was happening while the spirit control was producing the apport. He felt that the process depicted in Figure 4 occurred. A flow of fine matter was thought to circulate through the earth, and this was intercepted at his hand to form the apport. As support for this concept, he mentioned that apports had failed to appear for several sessions until he realized that he was standing on a metal plate. When this was removed, the apports began to appear again. He then understood that the flow of fine matter had been blocked by the metal.

Figure 4. Part of the materialization mechanism as suggested by the medium. 

An otherworldly discussion with an extraterrestrial Zeta via the medium, Paul Hamden, gave another perspective. The following is the relevant part of the interview transcript.

Interviewer: There is something that happened in that seance in Wallacia that I would like to ask you about that involved an apport that fell from the medium's hand into mine, and I believe that I saw the apport form just below his hand. Can you explain what went on there? The medium has some ideas of his own. He sensed some kind of circular energy flow around himself, through the earth, and back to himself. Is this consistent with what you know?

Zeta: Is the medium necessary, that is the problem... and no.

Interviewer: He is not necessary in that process?

Zeta: But what is necessary is the consciousness of the medium, and so the perception is that when the medium's physical orifice, as you may say, is positioned within the capacity of the spirit entity's consciousness, it would be seen to be that the apport materializes. But it is a meeting point of the minds, basically. The overall capacity of the apport production process is based around the spirit entity's ability to control the population of the etheric body.

Interviewer: The etheric body is populated with what?

Zeta: Whatever is required.

Interviewer: Ok, he suggested that there is some kind of fine matter flow in a big circle going through the earth, then back up to the location where the apport was to form.

Zeta: That may be a perception that he has, yes.

Interviewer: It's not necessarily correct?

Zeta: It is not necessarily incorrect, but it is a perception, because apports are created without a medium being present. It is the point of consciousness of the spirit entity that will manifest the apport.

Interviewer: So the apport can be formed by a spirit acting on its own?

Zeta: Of course, yes. Do not believe that all influence for a medium to succeed. Also, all entities that work with their mediums, work within the capacity of the medium. Much is dependent upon what is possible. There is no strict guideline.

According to the Zeta, the physical scenario described by the medium, Kai Muegge, is not intrinsic to the apport phenomenon he produces. An apport is formed jointly by the consciousness of the medium and the consciousness of the spirit control. The medium's role is to make accessible the local physical environment so that it is positioned within the capacity of the spirit entity's consciousness. The apport may even be formed at a distance from the medium where he is not physically present. This possibility was confirmed by Kai, who found that apports appeared several times in the homes of family members in Germany while he was away, even as far away as the USA. All depends on the point of focus of the spirit control's consciousness. But the spirit control's ability is limited by the capacity of the physical environment provided by the medium. Perhaps this capacity is enhanced by the medium's belief in his scenario which is, therefore, neither right nor wrong.


Several years later, a new video was made of the stone's interior. The interior details have not degraded.