On the physics of physical mediumship

William C. Treurniet, February, 2012

Summary. A physical mediumship séance at the Nazarene Centre in Spain transmitted a message from Wilbert Smith suggesting an enhancement to his experiment on gravitation. Because of the obvious practical difficulties in performing the suggested experiment, the message was interpreted instead as an invitation to compare séance activity with Wilbert Smith's understanding of ET science and technology. This comparison suggests that physical mediumship physics must be similar to ET physics, but different methods are employed to create similar effects. Surprisingly, the analysis came to the conclusion that the production of ectoplasm may be based on the same physics as the disintegration of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001.

1. Introduction

Two physical mediumship séances were held at the 1st Physical Mediumship Seminar-Retreat at the Nazarene Centre, Coin, Costa del Sol, Spain, on February 13th and February 15th, 2012, respectively. The séances were facilitated by the medium, Kai Muegge, from the Felix Experimental Group in Frankfurt.

The first experience was a table levitation séance. Up to eight people were seated around a sturdy round plastic table about 1 m in diameter. Each person's hands were placed on the surface of the table. Several times, the table hovered more than six inches above the floor for a few seconds. The room was in darkness, but because the participants' hands were on the table top, it was clear that the table was level when it was elevated and that all four legs were off the floor. During the levitation, a dim red light was briefly turned on which permitted some visual confirmation. The often quite violent rocking of the table could perhaps have been attributed to cumulative unconscious ideomotor activity, but not the actual levitation.

The second séance was meant to establish communication with a spirit entity channeled by the medium. A number of phenomena occurred, including delivery of a message apparently intended for the author who was one of the sitters in the séance. The source of the message was Wilbert Smith who became best known for his work during the 1950's on issues related to the UFO phenomenon. Some of his observations from that time seem to have parallels in the physical mediumship scenario. These correspondences are discussed, and may help to understand the nature of some physical mediumship phenomena.

2. The séance experience

A photograph of the séance room at the Nazarene Centre is shown on the medium's blog. The room has an oblong shape with the medium's 'cabinet' at one end. In this case, the cabinet was a tubular metal frame covered with light-proof cloth in which the medium sat during the séance. Light usually inhibits séance phenomena and, under some conditions, can endanger the medium's well-being. Illumination with a dim red light was allowed occasionally when required. The cabinet was examined by the author before and after the séance, and contained only a chair and an empty black plastic bucket. Just before the start of the séance, the medium was strip searched at his request by another member of the group of sitters. These precautions ensured that no objects were present that might enable fraudulent activity by the medium.

Before the séance began, the medium explained that energy for phenomena comes from the sitters in the room. This energy is enhanced with enthusiastic singing by the sitters. The singing would be synchronized with recorded music and continue until a request came to stop. Sitters were warned to stay seated and not to lean into the space in the middle of the room. Doing so would disrupt a force field needed to create the phenomena. The medium then entered a trance state using a hyperventilation technique. Very soon, loud raps were heard at the sides of the room, then a new voice was heard speaking through the medium. This voice was identified as that of Dr. Hans Bender, a German professor of parapsychology who had passed away in 1991. Dr. Bender is medium Kai Muegge's usual spirit control. A spirit control is the entity on the 'other side' who controls what happens in a physical mediumship séance.

An interesting effect that was hard to explain were moving balls of light. As many as three bright blue-white lights about the size of ping-pong balls flew around the room in random patterns. The movements were like that of a light from a flashlight shone on a wall, except that the light moved freely around the room between the walls in the manner of fireflies. Movements were characterized by rapid acceleration and sudden changes in direction.

Other effects were meant for individual sitters. Some felt cold on their knees, some felt touches to parts of their bodies, and two sitters met family members who had passed on. Then Hans Bender gave a message to the group from Wilbert Smith, a Canadian government scientist/engineer who had passed on in 1962. This message is discussed further below.

Physical mediums often produce a mysterious substance called ectoplasm. Hans Bender explained in the séance that "ectoplasm has the ability to form the world, to give the codes to all things that develop to more complexity. These codes do not come from your realm but from higher ones." This suggests, in general, that all organized matter is given form by higher-dimensional codes or templates. What we call ectoplasm would be the visible manifestation of a particular organizing template invoked or manipulated by the medium. Following this explanation came a demonstration of ectoplasm exuding from the medium's mouth.

Ectoplasm is extruded from bodily orifices of the medium while in trance. The substance can be formed by the spirit control into apparently solid, partial or full human figures which can interact with the physical environment. In this séance, ectoplasm was pulled from the mouth. The dim red light allowed it to be seen wrapped around the medium's head and hanging down to the floor. The spirit control demonstrated the texture of the ectoplasm by pulling it apart using the medium's hands. A small cylindrical crystal about 3 cm long and 1 cm in diameter, pointed at both ends, was pulled from the ectoplasm as a gift for one of the sitters who acts as a medium in other contexts. Then the medium withdrew into the cabinet for about five seconds. When he reappeared, all of the ectoplasm had disappeared.

2.1 A message from Wilbert Smith

Hans Bender, the spirit control, informed the group that someone on his side had a message for us that had to do with experiments on gravitation. A transcription of this part of the seance is presented here.

Hans began to stumble over the name of a Russian scientist who had done an experiment on gravitation at a Finnish institution in 1992. These attempts finally converged on the name "Podkletnov". Then he stumbled over another name, and eventually the name "Will Bert" was recognizable. Someone commented "Wilbert", and I suggested that the name in question was Wilbert Smith. Hans immediately agreed. I was familiar with Smith's experiments on gravitation, having documented all that I knew on a part of my website dedicated to Wilbert Smith. I was also familiar with Podkletnov's experiment [1,2], but had not yet mentioned his name on the website.

According to Hans Bender, Wilbert Smith wanted us to know that his experiment from the 1950's could be improved by adding to the apparatus the superconducting ceramic disk employed by Podkletnov in 1992. This should increase the amount by which his experiment would affect gravity.

Could Wilbert Smith's experiment be replicated end extended? Some photos of his apparatus are available, but details such as the orientation of magnet poles are missing. So some guesswork would be required. Further, adding Podkletnov's superconducting disk would likely require resources not easily available to the non-specialist. Since Wilbert would have known that repeating and enhancing his experiment would be difficult, that may not have been the purpose of the communication. In fact, Wilbert merely hoped that the message recipient would be "inspired by the set of the experiment" and look into it.

3. Parallels with ufology

Although Wilbert Smith is best known for his interest in UFOs, he also respected the use of psychic communication. Some information from "the boys upstairs" he obtained via a psychic medium, Frances Swan, who channeled an extraterrestrial (ET) person called Affa. In a letter to a colleague, Wilbert says ...

Yes, we are in contact with Affa, and others of his group. I have had many long and interesting exchanges with him, and have found him entirely consistent and way beyond me in mental powers.

Although he was channeled by a medium, Affa did not consider himself restricted to the spirit world as is evident in this letter fragment from him obtained via automatic writing.

Affa, Hello folks. Do not become disturbed by the words of others. Always remember I do not work through any forces like spirits or feelings of compulsion on the part of anyone. If they are sent to you, remember that this is wholly unknown to me. ... Now off, Love Affa.

The comment that "I do not work through any forces like spirits or feelings of compulsion on the part of anyone" implies that he was a physical being like us. Wilbert had never met ET people face-to-face, but he felt that he was as well acquainted with them as he was with the people at his office. Further, he was sure "they are of the same basic human stock as we".

Although the ET visitors did not appear to be of the spirit world, they also did not draw a line between the physical and the spiritual like we do. To quote Wilbert Smith ...

... we have mistakenly drawn a heavy veil between our spiritual world and our physical world ... I understand from the people from elsewhere that such is not generally the case with them. For many of them there is no real veil between the physical and the spiritual, and communication and participation between the two is quite the normal thing.

If the ETs' cosmology accommodates both physical and spirit phenomena, there should be some parallels between effects seen in the physical mediumship séance room and ET technology and behaviour described by Wilbert Smith and others. Expanding on these similarities may shed some light on the technology common to both. This may be the message delivered by Hans Bender; that is, the communication implies that we would expand our understanding about physical mediumship physics including gravity by studying Wilbert Smith's writings.

Communication via a medium

Most of the Contacts of whom I have knowledge are "mental" in one form or another, directly or indirectly, but they do seem to range through almost all sorts of means, right down to personal face-to-face contact. So far I have not enjoyed a direct contact with these people, all my contacts being through some intermediate means or person.

The above quote shows that Wilbert's communication with the ETs was always via some other person such as the psychic medium. There was radio contact as well, however. According to Graham Ide [personal communication], Wilbert told him that he received a warning from the ETs that his gravitation experiment would explode because of excess angular momentum in the apparatus. If he did not take steps, someone would be hurt. Wilbert did then enclose the apparatus, and when it flew apart as predicted, no one was injured. Wilbert received this warning from a friend who, in turn, had received it on his ham radio.

In the séance environment, communication with the spirit control obviously occurs via the medium as well. There are also reports of communication with spirit entities via electronic devices such as radios. Given the similar channels of communication, it seems likely that both the physical ETs and the non-physical spirit entities have communicated with us using the same methods.

Intentional withholding of information

Wilbert mentioned several times that the ETs intentionally withhold information from us for our own good.

These people are away ahead of us in all ways, but nevertheless our friends, and are willing to help us; but not to the extent of giving us a technology with which to make better and bigger bombs.


Incidentally, there exists a great deal of information these days that the custodians are not permitted to give out. One of our group here separated out a small sample of a transuranic element well above no. 92, but just as soon as he set about photographing the spectrum, with the intention of publishing the findings, the stuff just vanished! I have several of such instances brought to my attention lately, so much so that I am sure that the Higher Authority is keeping close watch and those of us who are privileged to have advanced knowledge must keep it confidential until the time is right. I checked with AFFA about this business and he says that we will get the green light soon enough, and in the meantime for each to work along his own line.

The spirit control in the recent séance had similar reservations about our level of maturity. After the séance, I asked the medium why the cabinet curtain needed to be closed during the five seconds or so when the ectoplasm disappeared. The answer seemed to be that the spirit control is of the opinion that we are not ready to observe this event. Either we are simply not psychologically prepared to see it disappear, or we would learn harmful information by observing the process. It was unclear which was the case.

What is clear is that the ETs and the spirit control share the view that there is some knowledge we should not have. In both cases, this view appears to arise from a concern for our well-being.


Ectoplasm has a long history in physical mediumship. Somehow, a medium in a trance is able to cause copious amounts of the substance to be expelled from body orifices. Recently, medium Kai Muegge was able for the first time to photograph ectoplasm in white light. Here it is seen emerging from the tissues in his mouth. It is described elsewhere as "viscous and flowing, yet cohesive; gossamer-like, yet strong; structurally firm yet light; rigid, yet workable and malleable". Investigators who were allowed to touch it have described it as "a thick, clotted and mucus-like substance that feels rubbery, sticky and dough-like. However its form and tactile qualities are variable, and it can appear dry and hard". The material is often shaped by the spirit control to form objects and even the bodies of people. At the end of a séance, even large amounts of ectoplasm can disappear in a very short interval of time.

Wilbert Smith tells a story of how a strange substance was instrumental in preventing the dissemination of information about the tempic field to a colleague.

I prepared a tape with a very brief outline of the principles on it for Williamson. He started it playing but after about 10 to 20 seconds it got all fouled up with goo which resembled rubber cement! They scraped and scoured, breaking the tape, but couldn't get it going, so they hauled the tape off, wound it up by hand and sent it back, all plastered in goo. When I got it, there was just a trace of goo left which was gone by the next day. So I take it that this bit of information with which I am entrusted must remain confidential for the present at least.

I played back the tape the other day and it played perfectly except for a torn place which I patched... When I got the tape back there was still a bit of goo on it but that has now completely evaporated. I checked with AFFA and he doesn't want that information disseminated quite yet. I am keeping the tape and hope to get clearance to send it in the near future.

Did the interfering substance have the same properties as ectoplasm? It was a "goo which resembled rubber cement". Certainly, this might also be described as "rubbery, sticky and dough-like", which were some of the words used to describe ectoplasm. The goo appeared while the tape started to play, and it was mostly gone when it was once again in Wilbert's possession. The last trace was gone the next day. So, like ectoplasm, the substance on the tape appeared mysteriously, then disappeared when it had served its purpose.


In the séances at the Nazarene Centre, participants experienced physical phenomena that some might call magical. Others might counter that magic is just physics we don't understand. For example, the lights flitting around the séance room have no conventional explanation in that relatively bare environment. But something similar has often been seen as balls of light in the sky. A recent analysis suggested that these are produced by covert agencies experimenting with a new physics. If true, such exotic technology was certainly not present in the séance room. Yet the same physics might be used by a spirit team to produce a similar effect in other ways.

Table levitation was also experienced in a séance at the Nazarene Centre. This anti-gravitational effect was associated by Wilbert Smith's ET friends with changes in binding force in a volume of space surrounding their spacecraft. John Hutchison demonstrated that both gravitational effects and changes in binding force can be produced by an appropriate configuration of EM fields. However, the séance experience shows that human energies and a spirit team can produce similar effects without the benefit of technology.

We have seen that the ETs with whom Wilbert Smith communicated have some things in common with the discarnate spirit control heard in the séance. Both communicated via a medium who was in an altered state of consciousness. Further, both adopted a rather paternalistic attitude towards us which inhibited the amount of technical information they were willing to share. The medium Kai Muegge fully agreed after the séance was over that the spirit control intentionally withholds information from us. The reason seems to be that we are yet so immature that we might do ourselves harm if we were given certain information.

Recent events suggest that they may be right. There is evidence that a new technology developed in secret has been used to influence world events in a negative way. Surprisingly, Wilbert Smith's letters suggest that this technology is related to ectoplasm. If the chain of reasoning that leads to this conclusion is correct, then the same exotic physics may be employed by the ETs, the spirit entities, and recently by one or more covert human agencies.

On medium Kai Muegge's blog, his spirit control says that ectoplasm is "the creational binding material". He added further above that "ectoplasm has the ability to form the world, to give the codes to all things that develop to more complexity". These comments must mean that ectoplasm is the organizing principle or substance that holds matter together. The same concept arose in Wilbert Smith's conversations with the ETs. He was told of a molecular binding force that prevents matter from disintegrating. He was informed that "all matter is held together by the relative configurations of the three basic fields of nature, tempic, electric and magnetic. These configurations are characteristic of what we call the molecular structure". Could it be that ectoplasm is a particular configuration of these basic fields which organizes the mucosal material from body orifices?

According to the events recounted by Wilbert Smith, the ETs were able to control a material like ectoplasm that interfered with his audio tape. The goo remained in place on the tape just long enough to prevent others from listening to it. Given that the ETs did not want the communication to take place, we can infer that they were responsible for the interference. This was confirmed subsequently in a communication. They appear to have a technology that can manipulate tempic, electric and magnetic fields to create a material that has the properties of ectoplasm.

It follows that the séance spirit team can also manipulate these fields to produce ectoplasm. However, the way this is done is likely quite different since the circumstances in the séance room rule out a technological mechanism. Rather, the same result seems to be achieved by using the vital energy of the sitters and the resources offered by the medium. For example, the medium Kai Muegge is directed by the spirit control to drink about three liters of water before each séance. The ectoplasm itself appears to come from his oral mucosa as seen in recent photographs. Perhaps the water in the body is somehow transformed to ectoplasm when the spirit team manages to create the appropriate field configuration. When this configuration is removed, the ectoplasm would revert to water or its gaseous constituents and disappear almost instantaneously.

This suggestion is consistent with Kai Muegge's description of the ectoplasm photographed while it hung from his mouth. While the photos were taken, "the substance melted away like bathing foam" and "all was covered by a dew-like humidity". Some areas seemed wetter than others. When the connection with his mouth was broken, "the last residue vanished away quickly. Then all was gone. No traces were left or visible on my t-shirt". So a liquid formed during the decomposition and evaporated immediately when the substance disconnected from his body. The immediate disappearance of the substance when the connection was broken suggests that the field configuration supporting the ectoplasm depended on that connection.

Wilbert Smith's ET contacts and and the séance spirit controls have taken care not to reveal the method by which ectoplasm is made. Nevertheless, the technological mechanism likely used by the ETs seems to have been discovered by human scientists. The purpose of their research was probably not to make ectoplasm, but rather to gain control over the associated field configuration. The configuration can be manipulated to transform watery mucosal material into ectoplasm or atmospheric gases into gummy material to foul up an audio tape, and then to reverse the process. It follows that the field configuration for stable matter might also be changed to a configuration that would cause matter to disintegrate. The latter would make an effective destructive weapon and, unfortunately, that seems to have been accomplished.

Unexplained distortion and disintegration of matter has been observed in a number of independent cases over the years. Following reports that some military aircraft had crashed while pursuing UFOs, Wilbert Smith asked his ET contact if they were responsible. He was informed that a few had crashed because they had approached too closely the ET craft they were pursuing. The craft's propulsion system creates a field that reduces the force holding together the constituents of matter. This reduced binding force increased the likelihood that aircraft components under mechanical stress would fail. Wilbert was told how to build a simple device to measure changes in binding force, and was able to find differences among various locations.

More recently, several mysterious distortions of metal have occurred. In one case, a sheriff's vehicle was approached by a UFO, and the car's spring-mounted antenna was later found to have a sharp 60° bend in the middle. In another case, the driver of a car felt a nudge to the side of the car, and the car's metal side was later found to be severely wrinkled. A brief encounter with a UFO was suggested in the newspaper report, but nothing of that nature was actually seen. These cases are described here.

The article also discusses anecdotal laboratory evidence that metal can be made to distort under relatively low-power, electromagnetic (EM) field conditions. John Hutchison found that an aluminum bar distorted and fell apart when exposed to the right combination of such fields, while Stoyan Sarg reported that the iron core of a solenoid was bent when exposed to a particular low-power EM field. Hutchison says that there was significant interest in his experiments by the US military as well as by companies that do research funded by the military.

Finally, the article discusses video evidence that the World Trade Center (WTC) complex did not fall to the ground on September 11, 2001, as would be expected under most conventional scenarios of what happened. Dr. Judy Wood, a physicist and mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering Science, explains in great detail in her book that the towers disintegrated and mostly blew away. She proposes that this was accomplished using a weapon based on the effect demonstrated by John Hutchison. That is, the towers were exposed to a particular configuration of electric, magnetic, and perhaps tempic, fields that allowed the steel and concrete to disintegrate because of a reduction in binding force.

The disintegration of the WTC towers confirms that the human race is, in fact, too immature to have the knowledge of how ectoplasm is made. But now that some people appear to know, is it time for all to know so the technology can be properly controlled and perhaps neutralized where necessary?


A spirit team can create ectoplasm in the séance room that is similar to a material created by Wilbert Smith's ET contacts. Although the same physics may apply to both phenomena, it seems clear that the method used by the spirit team is radically different from that of the ET visitors. The ET visitors appear to employ technological tools to manipulate the environment, while the spirit team claims to use the vital energies of the medium and the sitters to produce similar effects. The spirit team might have a technology of sorts, but if so, only the effects of the technology are manifest in our physical reality.

An ectoplasm-like material was created and destroyed by the ET visitors, probably by manipulating the configuration of electric, magnetic, and tempic fields to change the binding force in a volume of space. Although this knowledge has been protected by both the ETs and spirit controls, it was apparently discovered nonetheless by a human agency. Possible evidence for this is found in the destruction of the WTC towers on September 11, 2001. Like ectoplasm at the end of a séance, most of the material in the buildings disintegrated before it blew away.