An analysis of ‘the Event’  

William C. Treurniet, March, 2020
(amended July, 2020)

Summary. People who think of themselves as “light workers” believe that the Earth and its inhabitants will soon be experiencing the unmistakable culmination of a spiritual journey. It is known as ‘the Event’, and is thought to precede the older but similar concept of ‘ascension’. Information about the Event from two relatively independent sources was analyzed and compared and found to be mutually consistent. The Event is expected to be the soul-stirring onset of a higher state of consciousness vibration in humanity. The physical Schumann resonance was said to be related to the vibrations of consciousness, and an anomaly observed several times in the Schumann resonance spectrum may have been caused by a process that is part of the Event.

1. Introduction

A cosmology based on the philosophy of idealism was described by extraterrestrial beings speaking through a medium (Treurniet, 2019). According to the cosmology, various beings live in realms that differ in the level of vibration. Movement to a different vibration may bring a being to another realm. Extraterrestrial races are said to be in the solar system now to help humanity and the Earth move to a higher vibration.

Information from extraterrestrial races about what such a shift in vibration entails has been channeled to different humans. In the channeled information, an experience is mentioned that is usually called ‘the Event’. The anticipated phenomenon is examined from the perspectives of the Pleiadian race and a group mind called the Federation of Light (FoL).

The information from the Pleiadians, channeled by Michael Love, discusses processes surrounding the Event. Technical information is provided that appears consistent with the aforementioned cosmology.

The extraterrestrial group that calls itself the Federation of Light has been channeled by Blossom Goodchild for a number of years. The FoL said they are a group mind consisting of entities that are of both a physical and a non-physical vibration. They said, “We, that are communicating with Blossom are a conscious energy. We embrace many. … We that are speaking now are an ‘All’.” The entities that speak telepathically to Blossom are all about unconditional love. They said that humanity will move to a higher state of love or vibration when the Event occurs. They also gave technical details about the nature of reality that are consistent with the cosmology in Treurniet (2019).

The cosmology holds that all conscious entities with the proper intention have the ability, in principle, to create thought forms. A thought modulates an entity's highest possible vibration of consciousness to create holographic-like patterns known as quanta in a grid structure of consciousness. The same or another entity with access to that vibration may process the quanta to create sensations in its consciousness. The sensations are interpreted as matter in the form of the original thought. In this way, a consensus reality is created.

Around the Earth is a local grid structure in the energy of consciousness. It enables physical matter represented in the Earth environment to be experienced. The net associated with the Earth is said to have a 7-8 Hz vibration that is the same as the vibration of human consciousness. As humans raise their level of consciousness, the optimal vibration of the perceptual process for decoding quanta would increase accordingly. It would be able to process any new, higher-vibration quanta as well as the quanta having the original vibration. This would be possible because a being behaves like a low-pass filter. It has access to vibrations lower than its own highest possible vibration, but not to higher vibrations.

Humans who have raised their vibration would have a perceptual process compatible with both the old and the new constructs in consciousness. Perception by a consciousness might occasionally slip back to experiencing the vibrational level of the quanta defining the old Earth environment. To avoid this, the default vibrational level of the perceptual process should be raised to match the higher vibration of human consciousness. A default vibration for the perceptual process was said to exist as a potential of consciousness associated with the planetary grid. The adjustment of this potential to a new default level of vibration would have to wait until no more humans are left whose consciousness is at the old level of vibration. Otherwise, the world of physical matter would dematerialize for these individuals.

2. Roles of races in the event

2.1 Pleiadian information

The communications with the Pleiadians by Michael Love of Dec. 7, 2019, addressed how a transition from one level of vibration to another would be achieved. The channeling concerned “the grand planetary ascension of consciousness that is underway.” The information was “collected etherically and from credible and reliable Earth Alliance intel sources.” A “grand ascension of planet earth”, the Event, was predicted by the Pleiadians to happen sometime in the year 2020. The Event might be comparable to ascension, a process expected to cause a drastic increase in the vibration of consciousness.

Michael Love’s website reveals that the Earth Alliance members are human and work in various human organizations. Certain members communicate directly with extraterrestrial races such as the Pleiadians who are said to be in our solar system to assist in the raising of Earth’s vibration. They described a protocol called Pandora to guide processes leading to the Event. It appears to take advantage of the creation process intrinsic to consciousness (Treurniet, 2019). Pandora’s creation process is said to require the collaboration of the 4.5 billion light beings on Earth to manifest a new level of vibration. A light being is a human who incarnated on Earth to help achieve the transposition to the new, higher-vibration Earth.

The Pandora protocol is intended to give the human race the opportunity to experience the higher-vibration reality. According to the Earth Alliance information, a massive inbound wave of central sunlight energy is building while a stargate or portal is gradually opening. It will culminate as a grand solar flash near the end of 2020. The energy is now elevating the vibrational level of Earth and the consciousness of all beings on Earth. According to the protocol, the entire grid around the Earth has already been re-coded at the higher vibration. The process transposed the quanta of the Earth matrix to a higher-vibration matrix, ready to be experienced by any consciousness that shifts to the higher vibration.

The quanta of the Earth include representations of human DNA which are also being re-coded at the higher level of vibration. The reality matrix or Earth grid will vibrate at the higher level and can be experienced as a more positive state by a transposed human consciousness. The Pleiadians anticipate that soon it will be possible for the cells of our bodies to be ‘instantly re-coded to a higher order so they can process a more advanced level of cosmic data’. This will enable the quanta of the body to morph into the new Earth vibration.

The Pleiadian’s Pandora protocol has created a higher-vibration Earth existing in parallel with the old Earth. As humans raise their vibration, they will discover that the new Earth has already been created at the higher level of vibration. To personally begin to experience the new reality, the focus of attention should be moved to it as much as possible. They said, “you are perceiving the 3D reality around you from (higher-vibration) 5D eyes and this is how the new Earth starts manifesting and staying for good.” That the manifestation of the higher-vibration Earth is now possible means that the work of creating it has been completed.

The re-coding process must be initiated by each individual human consciousness. The Pleiadian explained, “… ultimately, you alone will be the cause of the Event happening, and when you are finally ready, then it begins.” Humans who choose not to shift to the higher vibration would continue living uninterrupted in their familiar, lower-vibration environment.

Another protocol - the Masterpiece protocol - was also designed by the Pleiadians to orient people to the higher-vibration Earth reality when the Event is fully triggered with the onset of the grand solar flash. Exactly what will happen in that respect is not clear. The protocol may update the grid potential that specifies the default level of vibration to be used by an entity’s perceptual process in the new Earth environment. Such a default vibrational level for the perceptual process would indeed help to “orient light beings into the new Earth reality.

2.2 Information from the Federation of Light

The FoL, communicating with Blossom Goodchild, appeared to share the nature of reality portrayed in Treurniet (2019). Quanta are created by modulating the highest possible vibration with the vibration of a thought form. The modulated vibration is then combined with the original vibration and limits the bandwidth of the resulting quanta. The process described by the FoL may be interpreted as such a holographic creation process. The FoL said, “In order for an individual to bring it forth … the code of that particular ‘invention’, firstly by coded thought, has to then be calculated by the code of the creation and then adapted to merge with the code of the creator.

Like the Pleiadians, the FoL understand that the physical world is built on a grid structure of consciousness. They said, “This grid is the backbone of your planet so to speak. It changes and reacts to energies and yet, it also allows for influx of higher energies to enter in.” The grid has a certain level of vibration which can be changed by an “influx of higher energies.

The creation process places holographic-like representations, or quanta, in the grid. The quanta form a dynamic “matrix of reality” and are interpreted by a being’s perceptual process. That is, the perceptual process instantiates potentials from quanta as sensations to be interpreted as matter. The FoL referred to the matrix of reality when they said, “Everything upon your planet has coding. Codes are moving and changing among themselves … for themselves … by themselves. They are the makeup of the matrix.” Further, “The designers of your particular universe put it into place and then, once the foundations were set, it is able to run itself … for itself … by itself. It has a mind of its own once it was created, in order to be able to continue ‘life’. It is not of course ‘alive’ as in your human spirit. Yet, it has energy because it, itself, is energy. … It needed format to become ‘visible’.” The ‘format’ are the quanta of the “matrix of reality” experienced as matter.

The Pleiadians implied that ‘the Event’ was part of a greater process of ascension, a process held by many Earth religions to mean a drastic increase in level of vibration. However, the FoL dispelled any possible confusion regarding whether or not the Event is the same as the ascension process. They unambiguously stated that the two are not the same. Rather, the Event is a necessary precursor to ascension.

The FoL stressed regarding the Event, “Let us categorically state … THIS IS NOT ASCENSION. It is perhaps preparation for … YET, IT IS NOT ASCENSION. That is later and is a different thing altogether. It shifts all that is into a higher place.” The higher state of vibration brought on by the Event is only the beginning. They said, “One cannot leap, in their coded expression of self, from a particular code into one that is far higher in its expression, because it needs to take the steps to get there.” Ascension cannot happen until we have spent some time at a vibrational level much higher than our current one.

Again, they emphasized, “Some people are confusing it with what we would put as full blown ascension. This is not so. This change, this energy that is to rock your world, is the ultimate transference of the beginning of the higher energy that needs to be present for a long while in each and everyone’s company! … The change has to come in order to keep in line with the plan of its ascension. To have a phenomenon such as the Event will allow that change to occur.

The FoL pointed out that humans “have changed greatly the very vibration of the planet so that it is now almost ready to move into its higher positioning.” This accomplishment was a technical prerequisite for assistance to come from the extraterrestrial races. The FoL said, “It was prearranged that when those upon the planet and indeed, the planet herself, once again reached a certain calibration, higher stronger ‘power’ could filter through.” When the planet signalled that it was ready, the Event’s ‘higher stronger power’ could reinforce the shift in vibration.

They said the Event will be very noticeable. It will ‘rock your world’ during ‘an intense upgrade of energy’. Like the Pleiadians, the FoL are very clear that acceptance of the experience is an individual choice. They said, “We are doing our best to prepare you. Yet it has to come from you. … By you raising your vibration through choice, you automatically raise the vibration of the whole, for you are all one.

The FoL added, “At the moment the ‘wave’ presents itself, absolute bliss shall be felt. … You will be able to absorb it in the harmony of its light, colour and music. … One shall feel the love that it brings and instantly all fear will dissipate.” Nevertheless, not everyone will be able to accept what is coming. They said, “This ‘wave’ shall be so powerful that it will bring such heightened feelings to the fore, that there shall be those who cannot accept the reality of it and choose to take their leave.

The local origin for the coming intense energy of consciousness will be the Sun of our solar system. The FoL said, “The Wave of Love that the Event is to carry comes through the portal of the Sun. … The Sun is indeed a portal into other dimensions.” The grand solar flash to be mediated by the Sun was predicted by the Pleiadians and also mentioned by the FoL. They said, “The flare that is to occur derives from within the centre of this ‘station’. It is to be part and parcel of the Event.” Because of its potential to overwhelm, the Wave of Love “will be filtered due to its strength,” and “the display will be intermittent in order to maintain stability for those experiencing it.

The increased level of vibration brought by the Event is still not as high as exists in other realms inhabited by humans who have already transitioned, such as the spirit realm. They said, “The Wave of Love that sweeps over your planet will indeed lift one’s spirits, yet, not into the dimensions where ‘spirits’, as you call them, reside.” However, we can look forward to greater resonance with higher realms and more easily communicate with beings who live there.

3. A Schumann resonance anomaly

The Earth is surrounded by an electrically conducting layer in the atmosphere known as the ionosphere. The spherical cavity between the ionosphere and the Earth’s surface has an electromagnetic resonance known as the Schumann resonance. The frequency at 7.8 Hz is typically the strongest, and several higher resonances at 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz, may also be observed. The frequencies are related to the circumference of the planet, and there is some variability. Rakov and Uman (2009, p. 434) explained that the variations occur primarily because of the changing properties of the ionosphere. The amplitudes of the resonances are affected by the integrated world lightning activity at any time, and there is a diurnal change in amplitude due to other factors that vary throughout the year. The Pleiadians implied that the Schumann frequency is related to the vibration of the Earth grid in consciousness and all it contains.

The spectrum of the Schumann frequencies is measured continuously by the Space Observing System, Tomsk, Russia, and is displayed graphically on an internet website. It seems to be the only place that makes such data available, and the methods of data collection and analysis are unknown. The information is shared in the Russian language which is unintelligible to the author. However, the graphical information displayed is relatively straightforward to interpret.

Figure 1 shows a typical spectrogram taken from the Tomsk website. The y-axis represents frequency ranging from 0 Hz at the top of the axis to 40 Hz at the bottom. The x-axis marks time intervals in hours, and the figure shows the record for three consecutive days. The heaviest broad horizontal line near the top of the graph shows the 7.8 Hz resonance. The lowest horizontal line indicates that the highest resonant frequency in this sample is about 26 Hz.

Figure 1. A normal three-day record of the Schumann resonance
(courtesy of the Space Observing System, Tomsk, Russia.)

An anomaly has appeared occasionally in the graphic display of the Schumann resonances. Figure 2 shows six versions of the anomaly in spectra from January 10, 2020, to February 19, 2020. The anomaly is an unusual band of energy spanning the whole frequency range. The energy is not continuous but has peak intensities every Hz. Five of the six instances shown in the figure occurred near 8:00 o’clock, Tomsk time, while the sixth occurred at about 13:00 o’clock. Since then, the anomaly appeared on February 26 at 16:00 o’clock, on March 4 at 12:00 o’clock, and on March 5 at 8:00 o’clock. The duration of the anomaly was estimated to range from 15 minutes to about 53 minutes. As far as is known, the anomaly appeared only since the beginning of the year 2020.

Figure 2. Six samples of the anomalous Schumann resonance 

Integrated multiple lightning strikes might create a band of energy spanning all frequencies as represented by the white vertical stripe in Figure 1. Note that the band of energy does not have the peak intensities at 1 Hz intervals. This is typically the case, and so it seems likely that the precise but anomalous modulations in Figure 2 were created intentionally.

The anomalies in the spectrograms seem to have occurred soon after the implementation of the Pandora protocol began in the latter half of 2019. Perhaps the anomaly is related to the Event discussed in the channeled material. The Pleiadian information mentioned that the Schumann frequency is associated with the vibrational state of the Earth grid. The Pleiadians also said, “Light has entered this world and the cosmic energy being measured around the planet is rising to much higher levels.” Michael Love, who reports the information from the Pleiadian beings, said in February, 2020, “… the great Central Race … have been sending powerful 5D transformational and healing light to the Earth. These 5D, cosmic light beams are what you see on the Schumann resonance every few days.

The Schumann frequencies are electromagnetic waves likely mediated by the vibrations of consciousness. The changes seen in the Schumann frequencies could then be physical manifestations of such vibrations. Periodic elevated intensities created in the energies of consciousness may have been reflected in the physical Schumann spectrogram as increments of intensity at 1 Hz intervals. Perhaps a compound signal containing multiple frequencies at 1 Hz intervals is introduced occasionally by the Pandora protocol to stimulate the Earth grid and the full range of human states of consciousness.

4. Discussion

The FoL emphasized that the Event is a precursor to the ascension process. In order to ascend, humanity needs first to achieve a minimal level of vibration. The Event managed by the Pleiadians is intended to make ascension possible. So the Event may be understood as a phase in humanity’s spiritual evolution.

The Pleiadian predicted that the Event would culminate in the year 2020. However, the FoL suggested that beings in the higher realms do not use a time scale such as minutes, months, or years like humans do. Any event is a complex wave pattern in the energy of consciousness. One event is more likely to follow another when there is resonation between the end of one and the beginning of the next. An estimate of when an event will occur in one realm by an entity in another realm would likely be incorrect. So the accuracy of the time predicted by the Pleiadian would normally be suspect. In this case, however, the prediction might be more accurate since humans of the Earth Alliance were said to be involved.

The Pleiadian assertion that the Event will occur soon in 2020 is consistent with the available evidence. The Pandora protocol initiated in the last half of 2019 may have caused the Schumann resonance anomalies observed in early 2020.

After all the talk of change, the FoL posed the question, “What is there to change?” The answer followed, “Only … ever … always … your thoughts about who you are. Continue to change those into a more loving, receiving, giving, understanding, more compassionate way of loving yourself. For in doing so, you are changing the codes so dramatically that the codes themselves then move into a different level, a different category, a different frequency of number sequences that vibrate beautifully to match that of your ever enlightened hearts.” Humans may find it difficult to change the nature of their thoughts in this way. According to the channeled information, the Event is here to help.

5. Bibliography

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