An analysis of Witnessing the Impossible

William C. Treurniet, July, 2012

Summary. The book, Witnessing the Impossible by Robin Foy, is a diary of events that occurred during physical mediumship séances from 1993 until 1998. Because of the format, similar events are scattered throughout the book. Items in different categories of events are pulled together in this article and the categories are discussed separately. Of primary interest to the author were the physics underlying spirit phenomena and the social milieu in the spirit world. The analysis suggests that there is such a thing as spirit energy that pervades the spirit world and exists in the séance environment. Transformation of this spirit energy to some physical phenomena appeared to be accompanied by electrical effects. The spirit world is seen as an environment controlled by mental events. Interactions among the inhabitants suggest that they form a collective held together by love. The collective would consist of groups in a distributed control system where each is motivated by the same overall objectives.

1. Introduction

Over a 5-year period, from 1993 to 1998, four people met regularly about twice a week to sit in a physical mediumship séance. The séances took place mainly in the cellar of a house in Scole, England. Amazing interactions with the spirit world were reported, as well as interactions with other realms both physical and non-physical. Two of the sitters, Alan and Diana Bennett, quickly became the mediums in the group. As such, they were almost always in a trance and unaware of the unusual phenomena that took place. The other two sitters were Robin and Sandra Foy. At times, the group of sitters included invited guests. Robin meticulously recorded the events in each session, and the diary became the basis for his book entitled Witnessing the Impossible published in 2008.

Robin's observations of the events seemed to be relatively free of interpretation. Therefore, his reported perceptions are the basis of an analysis of the social and physical dynamics at play during the séances. In the first pass through the book, I underlined what I felt were significant events from the social and physical perspectives, and formed an opinion about possible categories of events that could contribute to such an analysis. In the second pass, the substance of the underlined text in the book was typed into a spreadsheet along with the associated page numbers.

Finally, a number of columns were added to the spreadsheet to represent various categories of interest. For example, Manu was a character in the spirit world who had a lot of interesting things to say, so 'Manu' became the title of one column. Another column was labeled 'spirit lights', since these were mentioned often throughout the book. A total of 25 columns were labeled with different areas of interest. Then, each text entry was coded with a '1' in one or more columns if it was relevant to a category, else it was assigned a '0'.

The completed spreadsheet was sorted a number of times using the column for each category as the sort key. Each time, all text entries belonging to the given category rose to the top, thus facilitating the synthesis of the information related to that category. The text entries included in each category will hopefully allow useful inferences to be made about the underlying physics or the social dynamics at play. The intent was to arrive at a better understanding of the forces at work in the séance room, and perhaps also how spirits relate to us and each other.

This work makes certain assumptions that all readers are asked to accept, at least for a while. For example, you should accept that Robin accurately reported everything he saw, that realms other than the physical may be real, that intelligent entities may exist in those realms, and that what these entities said during the séances can be taken at face value. From a methodological point of view, we should recognize some possible shortcomings. The identification of significant texts was guided by their possible relevance to understanding the physics and the social dynamics. These choices were necessarily educated guesses and, therefore, somewhat subjective. The same can be said for the choice of categories to which these text snippets could be assigned. Nevertheless, this method enabled significant related pieces of data spread throughout the book to be brought together in one place to be studied.

The subsections of Appendix A contain the individual text items scattered throughout the book that were considered relevant to each category. Each item is accompanied by the associated page number in the book. The essential elements in each category are pulled together in a readable form in the corresponding subsections of Section 3. Finally, Section 2 gives summaries of the implied physics and social dynamics based on the contents of Section 3.

2. Some properties of the spirit world

This section attempts to generate a coherent picture of the spirit world based on the information accumulated in Section 3. It describes some of the physics implied by the observations of the Scole group and the likely control system for social behaviour.

2.1 Spirit world physics

Physical mediumship produces effects that are impossible to explain by conventional science, and the observations recorded by the Scole group are no different in this regard. Some of the effects were repeated multiple times and had properties that suggest relationships with what we know. Other effects were accompanied by explanations from the spirit team which make a certain amount of sense. All effects require energy which does not have an obvious source in the darkness of the séance room.

Practitioners of the occult have long maintained that there is an energy associated with the spirit world that has the property of vibration. It is this spirit energy that is said to drive physical mediumship phenomena. It is not detectable by conventional measuring instruments, yet must be admitted to exist when all other physical explanations are ruled out. A spirit scientist disclosed to the Scole group that spirit energy is like a 'carrier wave' with phenomena carried on it. This suggests that our underlying reality may be an energy field, and that all phenomena arise from distortions in this field. Such distortions may be another way to describe the etheric double that is said to accompany all matter.

In the séances at Scole, sitters sat in a circle that included the two mediums. The mediums were in an altered state of consciousness and were typically unaware of what was happening. Their bodies were used by the spirit team to speak to the group. The sitters themselves were a source of spirit energy that appeared to move in the clockwise direction around the circle. They were instructed to visualize the combined energy moving in this direction in order to amplify or smooth it.

In the centre of the sitters' circle was a solid table on which stood a glass dome located at a portal to the spirit world. The dome accumulated and stored spirit energy, and on at least one occasion was said to be configured as a generator of energy. Its interior was said to be a close approximation to the spirit world, and spirits entered the séance room from the spirit world via this portal. This apparently took practice to do well. The centre of the table was also the location of a spiral-shaped vertical column of energy that rotated in the counterclockwise direction. The energy in the dome was said to have a quality reflecting the activities undertaken at Scole by the spirit team, and this particular quality of energy could be transported elsewhere by storing it in a 'traveling crystal'.

The spirit energy collected in the dome permitted spirits to manifest physical phenomena in the séance room called energy structures. These were simulations of body parts such as hands and faces, full figures said to be the essence of spirits, as well as other structures such as angelic figures and objects that appeared like tiny spacecraft. The energy structures had the feel of either rubber or silk and could move and stop very quickly. The densities of the objects were said to vary with size as if there were a fixed amount of material available. The same source of energy appeared to drive the appearance of spirit lights that flitted around the room, occasionally starting and stopping very quickly as well. These were little balls of light that went through matter such as the table either with or without an accompanying sound.

Spirit lights were occasionally in places where sounds like discharges of electricity and tearing sounds like velcro were heard. Also, a spirit light's contact with a sitter's skin produced a sensation like a bee sting. A brilliant, 'yellowy-white' flash in the room suggests the formation of a plasma in the air. These phenomena imply that the lights contained opposite electrical poles which would allow the effects of a spark gap to be created.

The presence of electrical energy was also sensed around a trumpet and recorded as noise on audio tape just before the trumpet gradually levitated. An energy structure made a scraping sound when it contacted the table, as well as crackling sounds like crumpling cellophane. The phenomena appeared to generate these electrical effects, but they were also inhibited by the presence of electrical equipment brought into the séance room, especially higher voltage AC devices.

The brightness of a spirit light inside an inverted bowl began to fluctuate when a sitter's hand was placed on the bowl. The fluctuation could have been in synchrony with the sitter's heartbeat. The heartbeat has a varying electrical component and this may have interfered with the energy of the spirit light.

An unplanned 'grab and hold' of a spirit light by a sitter caused the light to dim. The explanation followed that the light was a projection of a spirit being, and when the light was grasped without permission, the spirit became distressed and caused the dimming of the light. It is instead also possible that the energy driving the spirit light was unexpectedly grounded and lost through the sitter.

The circular motion of a spirit light created the appearance of a ring of light but with an arc in the circumference missing. The open gap in the circle could only have come from precise on/off timing of the light's intensity as it rotated.

Apports also commonly occurred in the Scole séances. An apport is an object that simply appears from some unknown location. Apports have been known to materialize in midair and fall to the floor. A visiting sitter suggested that the spirit team moved the pattern of information describing the object from the old location to the new one. The spirit guide seemed to agree but added that cloning was an apt analogy. This suggests that the information pattern was copied rather than moved, and the original object was still in its place.

The energy structure for an 'energy voice' was also created by the spirit team as a means of speech communication. This required energy from the central dome to create two separate mechanisms corresponding to the larynx and the human vocal tract. One generated a speech excitation signal and the second filtered this signal to produce the characteristic speech formants in voiced sounds.

A considerable amount of effort was expended by the spirit scientists to produce images on unexposed camera film in the dark. Some of these were remarkably successful while others were not. It is notable that a good number were photos of existing images or ones that had appeared in the past. According to the spirit team, an image is produced by the cooperation of hundreds of spirits. It seems that each spirit contributed a personalized view of an 'area of existence'. If that contribution corresponds to a tiny part of the image, the spirit photos would be a mosaic of such contributions.

The spirit of Thomas Edison was part of the science team in the spirit world, and he advised on the construction of a novel communication device incorporating a germanium crystal. This became especially useful for communicating with non-human beings in realms other than the spirit world. It became part of a system that very conveniently included a translation capability. The device was also able to receive pulse coded messages that have so far not been decoded. But we learn that the field from which the pulses are made exists normally in our environment and has a transdimensional origin.

Time as we know it does not appear to exist in the spirit world. There are only perceived changes in the eternal now. However, spirits are able to access our time stream when they want to explore any point in our past, present or future.

2.1.1 Summary

The spirit world seems to exist in a milieu of spirit energy that can be manipulated by the inhabitants. People of earth emit this energy too, and under the right conditions they can contribute to events in a physical mediumship séance. The help of a medium and a proper technical environment can facilitate the activities of a spirit team. For the Scole group, the glass dome accumulated the available spirit energy and provided a launch point for spirits to reach out into the physical realm.

Under the direction of the spirit scientists, spirit energy somehow transformed into matter like the energy voice mechanism, and the various energy structures and spirit lights seen and touched by the sitters. Such matter was sometimes electrically charged, with the charge immediately refreshed after grounding. This was indicated by a continuous crackling sound when spirit lights or energy structures touched the table top. The sound of discharges across a spark gap also occurred in midair, and this would suggest that adjacent structures were created with differing potentials. A flash like lightning was seen as well, and its yellowish colour is consistent with the formation of an oxygen plasma.The more complex spark gap design would also have been the work of spirit scientists.

This framework is too limited to explain the appearance of apports, however. The produced object is not at all like an energy structure since it is a real physical object that continues to exist after the séance is over. The suggestion that it is cloned somehow from the information about an original object may offer a clue to why matter exists at all in the physical realm.

2.2 Spirit world social dynamics

Initially, the relationships among the participants in the Scole experiment gave the impression of a hierarchical power structure with the Council of Communion (CofC) in control, the spirit team in the middle, and the Scole group at the bottom. But a different picture emerges when we consider these interactions in the context of the spirit world discussed in Section 3.23. They are better understood as the behaviour of the distributed control system of a collective.

The interior of the glass dome in the séance room was said to approximate the conditions of the spirit world. It was from this dome that the spirit team's mental actions formed energy structures. This implies that the spirit world is also an environment of spirit energy which is shaped by the thoughts and wishes of its inhabitants. We also learn that love is the motivating factor behind the desire for change in the spirit world. Further, teachers there easily impart knowledge, and those with sufficient understanding progress to more complex activities if they wish.

In Section 3.24, it is argued that a collective is the optimal organization for the inhabitants of the spirit world. In an energetic environment where change arises from mental action, uncoordinated individual actions would create chaos. Therefore, the actions of the group must be coordinated if it is to stay together. Further, the chief motivation for staying together as a collective is love. Love for others is equivalent to love of self since the self depends on the well-being of the collective.

For the duration of the experiment, the interactions among the Scole group and the different groups of spirits would be consistent with the behaviour of a distributed control system. In such a system, different groups are optimized to perform particular tasks well. Further, it is to the benefit of the collective if some members are particularly talented at what they do. This explains why some individuals in the spirit world are considered important, and why that is more than acceptable to everyone.

So when John Paxton gave instructions in no uncertain terms, he was recognized as an important person in terms of the skills and knowledge needed to run the project. He had evolved more than others and was more competent in areas that mattered to the collective. Likewise, the members of the Scole group were probably the least knowledgeable in spiritual matters, so did not have much say about the direction of the experiments. Instead, their importance lay in the ability to provide the physical facilities and to deal with publicity. So both the CofC and the Scole group, as well as the spirit team, were important for achieving the goals of the collective.

A distributed control system implies the existence of global objectives that all are trying to achieve. These were clearly presented in several places as (1) an increased spirituality on earth, (2) evidence of survival after bodily death, and (3) constant contact between the earth and spirit worlds. These were clearly promoted by the CofC, who also guided the specific directions that the research should take. It is no surprise that directions given were rarely accompanied by justifications, and that there was also never an order to comply. These are just not needed in a collective motivated by love and respect.

2.2.1 Summary

The inhabitants of the spirit world may be defined as a collective in a distributed control system where love is the glue for preserving the collective. This system is optimal in an environment that can be altered by mental actions. The alternative, where each spirit behaves independently of all others, would be chaos.

3. Synthesis of category contents

The following are the 25 categories to which each text entry was compared. Manu and Paxton were the only spirit personalities included as categories because they seemed to have something to say about the greater scheme of things. The rest of the categories were thought to be relevant to the physics and the social dynamics that were the general topics of interest. The categories in alphabetical order are as follows.

altered matter, apports, Council of Communion, communication, dimensions, electricity, energy, energy voice, energy structure, geometry, germanium device, interference, goal, healing, levitation, Manu, Paxton, photo, portal, reincarnation, silicon device, spirit light, spirit world, social structure, time

Appendix A shows the text entries assigned to each category with associated page numbers. The following subsections summarize the contents of each category in alphabetical order and draw reasonable inferences where possible.

3.1 Altered matter

This category was a catchall for anomalous events that did not fit easily into other categories. These events included deafening raps and the playing of musical instruments under spirit control. There were also events that emphasized the ephemeral nature of matter. Pieces of crystal in a bowl were solid to the touch, then became no more solid than a holographic image. The air in the room moved spontaneously as measured by a flow meter, and was often felt as a breeze. Sometimes the breezes were perfumed with, for example, the scent of magnolia. We can say that the properties of matter changed over time apparently at the whim of the spirit team.

3.2 Apports

An apport is the sudden introduction of an object into a space. In one case, a large amethyst crystal appeared which was warm to the touch. The higher temperature might have been caused by the transport mechanism, or it might have been a property of the object in the environment from which it came. A small black pebble appeared, and according to the spirit team, it was very old and had come from another dimension. Pieces of quartz from a sea bottom also appeared in the room, as well as other items such as an old piece of paper, a liquid, and a grey powder.

A sitter suggested that an object is represented by a pattern of information. When this pattern is moved to a new location, the object is moved as well. A spirit team member agreed, but added that the process was more like cloning. This suggests that the information pattern was copied rather than moved. In that case, the object would continue to exist in its original location, with the apport being a duplicate.

The instantaneous teleportation of an existing object to another location in the room was also called an apport. For example, a ping-pong ball was found inside a sealed fish tank, and on another occasion the ball appeared inside the central glass dome. There was still just one ping-pong ball each time, so it was not cloned. Therefore, teleporting an existing object does not appear to involve the same mechanism as introducing a new object into the local environment.

3.3 Council of Communion (CofC)

The Council of Communion is a group of 13 entities that managed the activities of spirits associated with the Scole group. Its role was to plan and oversee experiments conducted on the earth plane. It was said to be one of several groups in the spirit world that have similar functions. It's objective was to promote a massive impact on the physical world by the spirit world using our media. The intent was to increase our level of spirituality.

Because of incompatible energies, not all members of the CofC were able to communicate with the sitters. Apparently, the CofC normally only communicates via spirit guide intermediaries. In this case, however, it had decided that some of their members should communicate with the sitters directly. Members named John Paxton and Abraham were chosen to communicate the wishes of the CofC.

The behaviour of the CofC appears quite authoritarian from our perspective, and pronouncements were never opposed. They controlled such things as who participated in the experiments and whether or not spirits were allowed to communicate with the sitters. Abraham made it clear that they even wanted to control the Scole group's communication with the outside world. All this control was necessary 'to maintain our mercurial progress'.

In the end, it appeared that this degree of control may have been justified. Communication with the spirit world and beyond appears to have an element of danger in that natural laws can be violated. The experiments created an interdimensional portal from the physical realm. A physical race in our future attempted to use this portal to go back in time. Since members of this race were genetically different from us, they could travel through the portal while we could not. However, interfering with the past violates natural law, so the portal was closed and the CofC terminated the experiments in progress.

3.4 Communication

Along with the observed physical phenomena, the sitters at Scole experienced several methods of speech communication developed by the scientists on the spirit team. There was the traditional method of speech using the vocal apparatus of the medium, and this method continued to be used until near the end. A spirit communicator described this method like 'being at the end of a kite, with the communication from her traveling down the string' to the medium. A variation of this method, called direct speech, still used the medium's vocal cords, but somehow displaced the apparent source of the sound some distance from the medium.

Another approach, the energy voice method, also generated speech anywhere in the room but did not use the medium's speech apparatus. However, it still required the presence of the medium in trance, apparently to create energy structures in mid-air to simulate the speech apparatus. With this structure in place, other spirits with no knowledge of how it was made could use the apparatus to generate speech simply by thinking of what to say.

Each energy voice operated in a separate channel so simultaneous energy voices were possible. The most successful developer and user of this method attributed his success to the unique properties of his voice such as pitch. This may well be, since there were only two spirits who were considered very competent users of the energy voice method. An alternative explanation for the small number of very competent users is that the method is a skill that is not easy to learn.

A speaker with a heavy French accent disclosed that his use of the energy voice depended on the medium's knowledge of the English language. On the other hand, a German speaker was able to communicate with a German sitter even though the medium had no knowledge of the German language.

Generation of an electronic rather than an acoustic speech signal was accomplished using a circuit based on a germanium transistor. This device was built by the Scole group according to specifications provided by a spirit team scientist said to be Thomas Edison, the famous American inventor. The germanium device was influenced by spirit visitors to generate an electronic speech signal. The output of the device was connected to a cassette recorder so it could be amplified and recorded on audio tape.

Later it was discovered that the cassette recorder, with microphone removed and germanium device disconnected, could by itself be used to generate an electronic speech signal. In the initial attempt, the spirit communicator disclosed that the system was 'a fraction of frequency' out, suggesting that some kind of oscillating carrier signal was involved. The success of this approach was attributed to an effect of the spirit communicator on the silicon transistors in the output stage of the recorder's amplifier.

The germanium device was especially useful for communication with interdimensional entities. It seemed to be part of a system that was able to translate such communications to English. The received voices initially had a robotic, reverberant sound which gradually sounded more natural. In contrast, the silicon device alone in the cassette player yielded 'gobbledegook' from non-English speaking communicators.

The germanium device also permitted the interdimensional entities to communicate non-speech messages that sounded like very fast Morse code. Initial attempts to decode these messages as Morse code were unsuccessful. Nevertheless, about eight months later, the Scole group was again encouraged to translate and decode the received data, adding that the equipment to do so was already available.

A spirit team member disclosed that the received non-speech messages 'were composed of pulses, which were actually around us 24 hours a day, every day.' The pulses originated in another dimension and were amplified by the germanium device. This comment suggests that the messages were a controlled form of an as yet unidentified interdimensional energy. In addition, the Scole group was told that this type of contact would help to establish a permanent 'bridgehead' in order to facilitate the establishment of new kinds of connections in the future.

It seems that connecting with interdimensional entities is not as straightforward as connecting with the spirit world. The Scole group found that a message communicated via the germanium device had to pass through a chain of relay stations. The number of relays required varied with the 'distance' between the dimensional and physical realms. For example, relay stations occupied by entities identified themselves as 'Lima 3' and 'West 7', presumably the third and seventh stations in the respective chains.

3.5 Dimensions

The Scole experiment began as a means to investigate communication with the spirit world, a place where many people expect to find the essences of loved ones who have passed on from our familiar physical realm. But in a session as early as five months after the sittings began, it became clear that the idea of a spirit world beyond the physical was too simple a concept. During that session, a spirit informed the group that he and his father were not from the spirit world as they knew it. They had not had the experience of a life on earth. Rather, they were from a 'far' place - another dimension. Then about seven months later, John Paxton, an evolved spirit and a representative of the Council of Communion, let it be known that 'there were many spirit realms or dimensions and that not all souls have an earthly life'. Paxton even suggested that the experiments might eventually pave the way for sitters to be transported to other dimensions from the physical realm.

During the work at Scole, energy structures were often felt and heard moving around in the darkness of the séance room. Some were also seen when illuminated by spirit lights. Typically, these energy structures were simulations of human bodies. In the last year or so of the experiment, however, more and more of these physical simulations had non-human features that identified them as extraterrestrial or interdimensional creatures. For example, a sitter was touched by a cold, rough and scaly hand with a bump on one side. When the sitter seemed to need reassurance, the structure morphed into a warmer and smoother hand.

Then a hand with only four fingers was seen with the aid of a spirit light. A sitter was touched by small hands that appeared to have six or seven fingers, and then by a hand having two very large fingers.

A being appeared that had a long rigid appendage ending with a sucker-like feature. It attempted to communicate by making puffing, blowing, and smacking sounds. A spirit commentator described the appendage as like the antenna of a moth.

Other beings touching the sitters had warm limbs that felt like an arm and a hand, with skin like knitted textile. The hand felt like a mitten with a thumb, and there was constant rippling under the skin.

Another group of visitors were felt in the dark to have three fingers. According to a spirit commentator, the beings had a split tongue, and made sounds outside the range of human hearing. These sounds were made using cranial cavities as sound resonators.

In the final tactile encounter with energy structures representing non-human entities, the being's head was narrower than a human head, and it had short soft hair about a quarter inch long. It had a long, beak-like nose with skin like ours, a sharp chin, and moisture between the lips.

Non-human visitors were also seen on several videos taken in the Scole cellar just before or during a séance. One video showed a head with sparse short hair and one large rolling eye. Another showed an animated being with no hair, large black eyes, no mouth, and a narrow beak-like nose. A being having the appearance of the well-known 'grey' ET appeared on a video, but coloured blue instead of grey. A similar being, but having more angular eyes, appeared again in a subsequent video.

An entity spoke several times from another dimension via the germanium device. He had no form and was from a world of nothing but images where language was not needed. He used a thought translation system to speak in english. His race had no physical form although the male/female distinction existed to create balance. He projected himself as a personality for the convenience of the Scole group, and this personality could be changed at will.

Manu, the spirit guide who always began each session, confirmed that the interdimensional visitors come in all shapes and sizes. Some beings from water habitats visited earth long ago and interacted with dolphins. He suggests that is why dolphins have evolved into the intelligent beings we see today.

As well as the physical presence of the simulated non-human entities, the sitters also experienced what can be described as etheric attachments. During an interaction with 'stellar friends', both sitters felt sensations around the head area. One sitter felt a physical attachment to the back, while the other felt something similar on the shoulder. The effect was 'one of a real merging with beings from other dimensions'. Further, the surrounding atmosphere was 'warm and welcoming'.

On one occasion when influences from 'far' dimensions were present in the room, one sitter felt a strong 'merging' sensation around the forehead and the right side of the face. It was a definite physical interaction. On another occasion when small hands were exploring the sitter's wristwatch, a sense of love filled the room that was tangible. Robin took this opportunity to emphasize that, in his 35 years of experience, never has he encountered 'bad' entities in the spirit world.

3.6 Electricity

Some of the phenomena experienced in the Scole sittings were accompanied by sounds and sensations consistent with the discharge of static electricity. This was noticed at the very beginning of the experiment when one of the sitters felt a 'sort of electrical energy' around a trumpet on the table in the room. The trumpet slowly fell over shortly thereafter, and moved to the lap of a sitter. When a tape recording of the session was played back, noise-like interference on the tape persisted only until the trumpet began to move. The cause of the recorded noise could have been electromagnetic radiation in the environment which ceased when the energy was redirected to levitate the trumpet. In a subsequent session, a charged atmosphere was noticed again before an unexplained movement of the trumpet.

On another occasion, a display of spirit lights was accompanied by sparks and a crackling noise. These suggest that an electrical potential difference existed somewhere in or around the spirit lights. A voltage large enough to ionize the air molecules between two poles would have discharged across the gap, thus producing the observed spark and noise. In a different session, a loud tearing sound several seconds in duration was also accompanied by a spirit light near the location of the sound. In this case, a spirit scientist explained that the noise had been caused by a premature discharge of electrical energy.

Energy structures dubbed SVOs (Sustained Visual Objects) also appeared to carry an electric charge. In one case, a triangular shaped flying object surrounded by three to five small spirit lights made rattling or scraping noises 'like scraping a wooden match box'. Further, it produced a sound like crumpling cellophane when it came in contact with the table. In another case, a 4-inch long SVO resembling a large crystal gently levitated and moved around the room. Paper-like material suspended from the object made a rustling or crackling noise when it contacted the table. These noises suggest that there was a voltage difference within the spirit lights and between the SVOs and the table top.

That the spirit light can be the source of an electric voltage was confirmed when a small light about the size of a bee stung a sitter's hand. The sitter commented, 'It's rather like an electric shock', and the energy voice of a spirit in the room added, 'Static. It's static'. In another sitting, a sitter felt tingling in the hands and arms, and a spirit guide attributed this sensation to a mild electric current passing through the body.

A spirit light seems to be sensitive to a small applied electric field. This was demonstrated with a light inside an inverted Pyrex bowl. A sitter was invited to place his hand on the bowl, and when he did so the light began to pulse. The pulse rate of the light would have been similar to his heart rate. He also felt tingling in his hand as he touched the bowl. The electrocardiogram signal measured at the hand is less than 5 mV (e.g., here, here), and this seems to have been sufficient to change the magnitude of the spirit light luminance. The tingling in the hand suggests that the spirit light changed the electrical potential of the glass bowl with respect to ground, causing an electric current to flow.

While some spirit phenomena appear to create electrical effects, electromagnetic fields generated by equipment in the séance room is said to drastically interfere with the work of the spirit team scientists. The spirit team let it be known that electric lights in the room were unacceptable. It was not so much the light itself that would interfere, but the electricity in the circuits producing the light. Even the presence of a cassette recorder was considered problematic, but was tolerated because of the need to record the proceedings. In this case, a low voltage DC recorder was acceptable while a higher voltage AC device was not. On the other hand, it seems that too many DC devices are to be avoided as well, judging by the apparent negative effects of hearing aids worn by six or seven sitters in a circle. During a field trip to Switzerland, even electrical circuits in surrounding residential apartments were said to cause problems for the spirit team.

3.7 Energy

Physical mediumship depends on a substance called 'spirit energy' to cause unusual phenomena to happen. This energy is not recognized by conventional science, although it may interact with electromagnetism or have it as a component. It appears to be a field having the property of frequency and amplitude, and these parameters may be modified by entering an appropriate state of consciousness. Comments are made throughout the book that may help to clarify its properties.

A Scole spirit guide said that true spirit energy is based on love. Love is the creative force that makes things happen. But this spirit energy has a vibratory state that varies across realms. It so happens that our rate of vibration is lower than that of the spirit realm, so spirits have to lower their rate in order to contact us. We make this contact more difficult when we are not in the proper state. For example, fear or or other negative emotions are difficult for spirits to overcome, so such emotions make us less able to merge with the energy from other realms. It is generally agreed that the successful merging of spirit energies from different realms for the purpose of communication is a cooperative process preferably motivated by love.

Spirit energy is a property of the individual human, and in a physical mediumship séance the energy from a number of people is combined in a circular configuration. This configuration appears to be necessary for the energy to be focussed by the medium and used by the spirit team. We are told that the creative energy used by the Scole spirit scientists is a blending of earth energies with spirit energies. The amount of energy available could be sensed by a particular spirit guide whose responsibility it was to 'blend' the energies. At the beginning of a session, he said that there was 'an excellent and plentiful reservoir of energy available to the spirit team'.

According to instructions given by a spirit guide, the energy in the séance room could be amplified by the sitters. This was accomplished by visualizing the energy moving around the room in a clockwise direction for a five-minute interval. On another occasion, the spirit guide requested the same visualization technique to smooth the variation in energy among the group members. This variation resulted when one of the mediums suffered from a headache. The visualization treatment in both cases indicates that the energy is coupled to sitters' mental activities.

Visualization by the sitters also affected a spirit light emanating from a crystal on the table. A spirit scientist invited the sitters to press on the floor with their feet and visualize the sun. This behaviour resulted in such a large increase in the brightness of the spirit light that it lit up the entire room. Apparently, the visualization affected the amount of energy available for the experiment.

It seems that the mental activity related to a feeling of anticipation also had an effect on the amount of energy present in the room. A spirit guide observed that rushes of energy occurred when the sitters entered the cellar and when the session was formally opened.

The events at Scole also showed that the quality of energy can vary depending on the source. A spirit guide indicated that two major but opposite energies would combine soon which would 'open doors' for the group. Apparently, energies could be opposite in some sense without annihilating each other when they were combined. The spirit guide also talked of a particularly powerful quartz crystal cluster that was discoloured due to the presence of two different elements. Perhaps its enhanced power was also due to this same sense of 'opposite' seen in the two types of crystals.

The interior of a central glass dome was often the focus of creative energy accumulation and spirit lights. On one occasion, the dome lit up like a large light bulb. Two small lights about two inches apart were near the top and, as explained by a spirit scientist, the luminosity that persisted for more than five minutes came from energy moving between the two points of light.

On another occasion, the scientists managed to find a way for spirit energy to regenerate itself independently of the sitters. The intensity of the lights in the dome remained constant for up to an hour. Multiple photographs of the dome revealed three points of white light on a blue background. Near the ceiling above the dome was a self-illuminated, 6-inch diameter hazy ring. The spirit team anticipated that it might be possible eventually for the light to remain on even between sittings. Sitters were warned that any stored energy would be discharged if the dome was approached or touched between sessions.

The spirit scientists introduced another method for accumulating and storing spirit energy for later use. A suitable quartz crystal cluster was apported to the Scole group for this purpose. It was dubbed the 'traveling crystal'. The crystal cluster was energized in the cellar at Scole so that its vibrations were synchronized with the energy conditions at that location. This traveling crystal would recreate these energy vibrations anywhere in the world.

The spirit guide also explained that aligned crystals buried deep underground can be a source of natural energies. On occasion the energy might be transduced into sound, and he predicted that some of these sound sources would be activated and detected during 'this special time'. Perhaps this mechanism should be considered with regard to unexplained sounds heard recently throughout the world and publicized on You Tube (e.g., see here).

A spirit scientist offered that spirit energy is like a 'carrier wave' with phenomena carried on it. This suggests that our underlying reality is an energy field, and that physical matter results from particular distortions in the field. That is, physical reality could be described as a dynamic energetic environment.

According to at least two spirit guides, a new spirituality is building on earth partly because of special energies being directed to earth from the spirit world and other dimensions. Further, these new energies would produce changes in earth's flora and fauna, and would allow a large number of highly evolved spirits and beings from other worlds to come closer to us. It was also predicted that earth scientists would be able before long to measure this creative energy within a group, thus showing its independent existence.

3.8 Energy voice

Typically, voice communication with the spirit world uses the vocal apparatus of a medium in trance. Some of the Scole experiments were directed at discovering other ways to communicate using speech. One successful approach was called the 'energy voice'. From the point of view of the sitters, a person's voice would appear to speak from anywhere in the room.

The contribution of the medium to the generation of energy voices is not clear. At least one speaker said he needed access to the language skills of the medium, while another apparently did not. In particular, a spirit who spoke broken English with a French accent relied on the subconscious experience and knowledge of a medium to speak English. However, another spirit spoke in German to a native German sitter even though the mediums present had no knowledge of German.

A spirit guide disclosed that the energy voice was produced 'via the spiritual counterpart of a set of human vocal chords ... built by the spirit team from the available creative energy'. These vocal chords were then activated by thought. This suggests a conventional explanation for the generation of the energy voice. That is, the normal speech apparatus consists of the larynx to produce a sinusoidal excitation signal, and an adjustable vocal tract which filters the signal to create the various speech sounds. Similarly, the spirit team would have needed to create a mechanism to generate the excitation signal, and an adjustable resonator cavity to filter this signal.

There is evidence that an excitation mechanism and a resonator cavity were normally present during a display of an energy voice. In some cases, speech generation failed but there was still a whistling sound. The latter may have been the excitation signal needed for speech production. The absence of speech sounds indicates that the resonator cavity needed to filter this signal was missing. In other cases, the energy voice sounded squeaky but intelligible, like that of a person who inhaled helium before speaking. The excessively high frequency suggests a malfunction of the excitation mechanism, while the intelligible speech sounds suggest that the resonator cavity was still functional. These observations indicate that the resonator cavity and the excitation mechanism are separate devices used in energy voice production.

Each energy voice appears to have its own assigned vocal apparatus, since two voices have been heard simultaneously, and more of that was anticipated by the spirit team. Some speakers were more proficient than others, and two were particularly competent. This suggests that the energy voice was a skill that each speaker had to learn.

The voice was either omnidirectional or unidirectional so that not everyone in the room could hear it. There were often times when the energy voice was amplified by speaking into a small bowl as an additional resonator. Once, an energy voice demonstrated singing in a 'beautiful deep voice'. The sitters were told that it could duplicate any desired physical sound. The position of the voice in the room could be changed almost instantaneously, suggesting that the sound was either switched between a number of existing speech generators, or that the apparatus can be created very quickly as needed. But there also appear to be preferred locations for energy voices to manifest. On one occasion, the sitters heard low whistling in the room, and were told that whistling helps the spirit team members find the best place to position an energy voice. Perhaps the whistling sound helped to map the acoustic properties of the room.

Interestingly, the energy voice was often accompanied by a 'fluttering' or low-frequency vibration of the table in the room. This suggests that the energy driving the excitation signal was either not well focused or the table was intentionally part of the speech generation mechanism.

3.9 Energy structure

Throughout the Scole experiment sessions, physical entities controlled by the spirit world roamed the séance room. In the dark they were mostly perceptible by sound and touch, while some were visible whenever they were near spirit lights. Often, the objects resembled human faces, hands and arms, and behaved intelligently. In one case, the energy structure felt 'as though it was made of rubber'. In another case, an object like tassels felt like strands of rubber which gradually changed to a softer silky material.

The spirit team disclosed early on that they had built a spiritual doorway or portal on the centre of the table. This doorway would allow spirit personalities to manifest in the room. The body of one structure appeared somewhat ephemeral as the centre of the table passed through its body at waist height.

Usually, the bodies of these visitors felt solid and real, and could be either rough or smooth to the touch. A spirit guide explained that although the structures seemed real, they did not contain body organs and were actually the essence of the spirit person. Changing energies could make them feel warm and dry or cold and damp. Often the temperature would drop just before a spirit form entered the room, especially when the spirit appeared to be evolved or important or powerful.

A spirit scientist demonstrated that he could form a hand out of the creative energy and touch each of the sitters with it. Using an energy voice, he carefully explained that the hand was not his own but one that had been made for that particular purpose. On another occasion with eight sitters in the room, a spirit personality gave a running commentary on who would be touched just before it happened, demonstrating a tight coordination between voice and movement of the energy structure.

A guide further explained that spirit children entered and left the room more easily than adults because it was more natural for them. This appears to suggest that, even in the spirit world, adults' self-imposed constraints can interfere with what is possible. On one occasion, especially rambunctious behaviour of forms representing a group of children was attributed to the sitters' thoughts and emotions which provided the energy for that behaviour. When the available energy exceeded what was planned, the displayed behaviour reflected that increased energy.

As well as the body parts, other forms built up in the room and floated over the sitters. Some called Sustained Visual Objects (SVO) were objects brought from the spirit world by the spirit team. The first one seemed to be made of a crumpled translucent material illuminated from within by a pulsating red spirit light and attached to an object on the table. This was followed by four or five similar objects attached to other objects. Another SVO had the appearance of an angelic figure that was built on the floor and floated upward to the level of the sitters' heads. Another was an inverted cone shape that, according to the spirit guide, grew prolifically in the fields of the spirit world.

Another had a triangle or diamond shape with three lights in a triangle formation and a 'dove's tail' hanging down and rotating. It looked like a craft as it moved, emitting a low rattle. A similar object flew around the room in a later session. It had three to five lights and made a scraping noise as well as a crackling noise like crumpling cellophane. An SVO built up on the table had the appearance of a large crystal oriented vertically as it floated around the room. Paper-like material hanging from it also made a sound like crumpling cellophane when it contacted the table.

Other objects of this nature were called Visible Spirit Beings (VSB). While the SVOs were manifestations of objects that existed only in the spirit world, the VSBs were recognized as beings known on earth. Some VSBs had the appearance of a Madonna-like figure, and are described as radiating 'a wonderful feeling of love and peace'. They were self-luminous, six inches to three feet tall, and made with material that had either a gossamer or hard and rough texture. A spirit guide suggested that the height could increase to more than 20 feet, but the objects would then become much less dense and harder to see. A density inversely proportional to size suggests that there was a fixed amount of material available.

Other structures were objects associated with space travel. A miniature illuminated spaceship appeared that was similar to the Enterprise on the Star Trek TV show. On a later occasion, a miniature UFO flew gracefully about the room, covering relatively large distances in a split second. It had a flat diamond or rectangular shape surrounded by six or seven small twinkling lights and a number of portholes. Its size was estimated as eight inches by six inches, with a thickness of two inches. It emitted the scraping sound heard before from other energy structures. The spirit guide disclosed that it was an energy thought form influenced by other dimensions.

Forms of entities associated with interdimensional (ID) realms also appeared as the Scole experiment progressed. Small hands touching the sitters had two large fingers on each hand. Other hands had six or seven fingers. On one occasion, the sitters' hands were moved by a visitor and placed on different parts of its body to prove it was not human. The shape of the head was unusual, and the hair was short and sparse. The skin was smooth with an unusual texture. Interestingly, the spirit guide disclosed that this was the real form of the entity. A more familiar form would have appeared if the sitters had not been able to handle the real form.

Interactions continued with the sounds of movement in the room and a feeling of cold around the knees. Subtle touches on backs and faces resulted in a 'cobwebby' feeling, and the spirit guide identified these beings as interdimensional. Another being like a sea creature made puffing, blowing, and smacking sounds. The sitters felt a rigid appendage with 'the consistency of an elephant's trunk', ending with a large, warm sucker. An ID communicator likened this structure to a moth antenna.

In a later session, ID entities identified as 'sliders' appeared in the room and touched the sitters. Limbs, that felt like an arm and a hand, had warm skin textured like a knitted cloth. The hand was shaped like a mitten with one thumb, and there was constant rippling under the skin. The entities returned repeatedly to the portal for some unknown reason. According to the ID communicator, these entities were amphibian but now 'had a choice'.

Another group of ID visitors had three fingers. The ID communicator told the sitters that these entities had a split tongue and made sounds outside the range of human hearing. Cranial cavities were used to make these sounds, presumably as sound resonators.

3.10 Geometry

The pattern of people's positions in the séance room seems to be important and is usually not questioned. Traditionally, the medium and all the sitters are placed in a circular pattern. This pattern was used at Scole as well when the the number of available sitters could be accommodated. When there were too many sitters for one circle, two concentric circles were allowed.

The spirit team gave explicit instructions for a seminar planned at Scole with visitors from Germany. There were to be 28 sitters in the séance. The Scole group was told that 'the two mediums must sit against one of the side walls of the cellar, together with an inner circle of sitters spreading out from them in a horseshoe fashion. The outer circle of delegates were also to be placed in horseshoe fashion, round the perimeter of the room'. Further, 'this outer row must not however (under any circumstances) extend beyond the mediums, as this would interfere with their essential energies and cause major problems for the team'.

When the same sitters are always present, the spirit team could occasionally give instructions to rearrange the positions of the sitters in the circle. For example, four of seven sitters were told to switch positions diagonally across the group to balance the available energies. When this was done, the meeting felt different and the spirit guide made known that the new positions created an additional release of energy. This issue is so important that the spirit guide even gave advice to be passed on to a group in another city regarding the position of sitters in that group.

Early in the experiment, the spirit team had placed a canopy of energy over the group to allow physical phenomena to be produced. However, two interdimensional beings replaced the canopy sometime later by a permanent 'special energy' in the form of a column extending up to the atmosphere above the house. According to the spirit team, the central primary column of energy in their midst had a spiral shape revolving in a counter-clockwise direction. On one occasion, this energy spiral built up into the physical presence of a North American Indian guide, complete with a tribal chant and the loud drumming of native Indian drums.

Interestingly, the sitters were asked several times to visualize energy moving clockwise around the circle for five minutes in order to amplify and smooth it. The opposing directions of rotation of energy at the periphery compared to the energy spiral at the centre may be an important feature.

3.11 Germanium device

The spirit team experimented with a new type of hardware that was meant to allow interdimensional voice communication without any involvement of a medium. It was based on a germanium transistor device, since germanium 'had a spiritual quality'. The design of the transistor circuit itself is not revealed in the book, or who constructed it. But a diagram, showing the connection of the device to what appear to be induction coils, was given to the Scole group by somehow imprinting it on photographic film.

The photo was signed TAE, which was recognized as the signature of Thomas Edison, the famous American inventor of electrical devices. The initial test of the device was reception of Edison's voice saying such things as "Hello, can you hear me?". The germanium device combined with an amplifier from a cassette player stripped of its microphone was christened the transdimensional communication (TDC) device.

The cassette player amplifier was able to receive anomalous signals by itself via the silicon devices in its circuitry. However, the output, which continued for about half an hour, was 'gobbledegook'. The spirit guide indicated that this particular communication needed the germanium device in order to be understood. Somehow, the TDC device appeared able to translate the language into English.

One session began with only noise from the TDC device. The noise changed to a muffled voice communication which gradually increased in volume and clarity. It had a metallic or robotic quality, and became more human as time went on. The voice spoke occasional English words which increased in frequency as the conversation progressed. The speaker complimented the translation device which was a part of the communication system. In this case, the speech outgoing from Scole appeared to be heard as well as translated, which enabled the speaker to learn new English words.

In another session, the Scole group contacted interdimensional entities via the TDC device who turned out to be excellent English speakers. These entities were not in a 'state of molecular solidity' but existed in a 'state of flux'. They informed the sitters that the human mind exists outside of the body, and they are able to adjust the human mental thought patterns to communicate. Apparently, the good command of English was due to a telepathic ability that did not require the TDC translation capability.

A similar phenomenon occurred on another occasion, this time with neither medium in trance. A clear but robotic sounding voice sounded female, and said that they were scanning the minds of the sitters to pick up thoughts so they could respond via the TDC device. The spirit guide confirmed that the speaker was not able to hear physically, but could understand their thoughts directly.

The TDC device was paired with video communication, again without either medium in trance. A voice from an extraterrestrial or interdimensional entity spoke in a robotic style while the video camera was running. He spoke in English about a current problem and hoped to be able to help. The video image showed brilliant colours with a partial outline of a being. The lips of the being moved in synchrony with the speech from the TDC device.

Long messages were received by the TDC device that sounded like Morse code. Several sets of data of this nature were received in different sessions. According to a spirit guide, the kind of pulses composing the messages are normally part of the ambient environment, and come from a 'very far' dimension. The messages were controlled emissions of this nature amplified by the TDC amplifier. The spirit guide confirmed that the messages were not Morse code, but 'a system of pulse communications from far-distant dimensions, consisting of pulses with long and short lengths'. The communications were intended to establish a strong basis for receiving other types of communication on the same channels.

The spirit team was also able to bring music through the TDC device that was played by the composer himself. Piano music, identified as Rachmaninov's second or third symphony was played for a considerable length of time. A voice was then also heard faintly in the noise coming from the amplifier.

3.12 Interference

During the Scole experiment, there was said to be attempted interference with their work by another group. According to the spirit team, this antagonistic group sat on the same days as the Scole group to intentionally block their work. A year later, a spirit guide raised the same issue again, and urged the Scole sitters to 'mentally put a bubble of golden light' around themselves before going to sleep. Another guide suggested that such attempted interference could be a problem for the Scole group because the balance of energies needed for the intended phenomena was very delicate.

A much more serious kind of interference took place near the end of the Scole experiment that eventually caused it to be terminated. The initial indication was a warning from the spirit team that there was a serious problem caused by activities of a group from our own future who were genetically different from us. The Scole experiment had created an interdimensional portal which was expected to extend only to 2014, but instead extended to 2109. These entities existing in the interval up to 2109 were attempting to use the portal to travel back in time. This 'timecasting' was of great concern to the Council of Communion, the overseers of the Scole experiment. If these time travellers were able to tell anyone in the present time something of our future, that could alter the future history of the world. Natural laws would be violated and this could not be allowed to happen.

The day came when there was no further communication between the Scole group and their spirit team, and the mediums could no longer achieve a trance state. However, there was communication via the TDC device with an extraterrestrial or other-dimensional entity who called himself Varren-here-ic. He explained that the Scole group 'had created a unique spiritual and interdimensional doorway' that 'has attracted experimenters from your future who are exploring time' using a basic method called a 'crystalline time probe'.

The interference caused by the probe was an interdimensional timewave pattern. The timecasters were causing time ripples to penetrate the Scole portal and the surrounding time/space. These ripples disrupted the links with the spirit team at Scole, and the Scole group was powerless to interfere. Such probing of time violates 'the Cosmic and Interdimensional laws relating to time and space' and would be stopped.

A final message informed the Scole group, that if they tried to communicate with the spirit team, the group in the future would also try to reestablish a connection with our present time. Therefore, the portal would be sealed to prevent this interference from happening again. The Scole group was requested to make no attempt to contact the spirit team.

The images of Varren-here-ic were captured on video and his voice from the TDC was also recorded. Unfortunately, all the video and audio recordings of the final sessions with Varren-here-ic began to fade after they were played back. Only the written transcripts remain as documented in the book.

3.13 Goal

Early in the book, one wonders why the communication with the spirit team was taking place. There are reasons given throughout the book which are largely consistent with raising spiritual awareness on earth.

John Paxton of the spirit world's Council of Communion wanted the Scole group to find hard evidence of survival, that the day would come when mediums would no longer be needed to communicate with the spirit world, and that the spirit and earthly realms would be in constant contact. The Council planned to use a media blitz via the Scole group to raise awareness of the group's accomplishments and increase spirituality within earth's population.

According to the spirit team, the overall aim is for every soul to gain knowledge and move to the light. Therefore, our purpose in the physical world should be to grow spiritually to help accomplish this aim. We need to awaken the desire to question and to find the spiritual self. The existing spirit energy, as well as certain energies coming to earth, will help to accomplish that.

A spirit guide spoke of a time of enlightenment that was coming to many worlds including our own. We will be assisted by extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings to achieve this. It is happening now because we are sending out a call for help with our thoughts, and like parents, they are responding.

The spirit guide said that mankind was influenced thousands of years ago by interdimensional entities who passed on advanced knowledge. However, the infrastructure did not exist to accommodate this new knowledge, and disaster followed. But now the time is right. The influences are returning to earth to help the planet in its time of need, and are affecting the results of the Scole experiment.

3.14 Healing

The focus of the book is not healing, but there are some interesting anomalous healing effects worth mentioning. A sitter's knees had had constant pain for a number of years. A spirit light entered a knee and relieved the pain. The same result was obtained with the other leg at a later session. Eleven years later, her legs were still free of pain. Another sitter's hay-fever allergy was cured by spirit hands touching his head and nose.

The touch of spirit hands on her back produced 'spiritual healing' for another sitter which was accompanied by the sensation of a high level of heat. A spirit guide also informed the sitters that they were each accompanied by a spirit guardian who would prevent them from being affected by negative energies.

A spirit guide said that natural energies often arise from alignment of crystals buried deep underground. Some could be detected as sounds, and these sources would be activated by groups like the Scole group. These earth sounds would be used for healing, even reconstructing shattered bones.

3.15 Levitation

Levitation of objects occurred often in the Scole sessions. There was usually very little accompanying information that might help to explain how or why levitation occurred. Therefore, only a few will be mentioned here to give a flavour of the effect.

The most spectacular levitation that occurred several times was the central table lifting rapidly well above the floor, and sometimes rotating. It was also seen spinning while tipped 90 degrees on its side. Objects on the table appeared undisturbed after the table was returned to its original position. In one session, the wooden table even appeared to stretch between the luminous tabs fastened to its surface.

The spirit team often used a plastic bowl to add volume and clarity to their energy voices. Each would levitate the bowl before speaking into it, then drop it onto the table. This was done at the mental level by 'thinking' the bowl into the air and down again. A large green glass bowl was made to move around the table's perimeter also by thought alone. The Visible Spirit Beings and Sustained Visual Objects that formed in the room floated into the air, presumably in the same way.

3.16 Manu

Manu was the name of the spirit guide who always opened the Scole sessions. He is discussed separately here because he seemed to be especially knowledgeable and had interesting things to say.

Manu had incarnated on earth more than once. He was a hybrid in his most recent lifetime in that he had had a human mother and a non-human father. As a result, he was especially well equipped with more knowledge and wisdom than the average person. Because of his father's genes, he lived more than 200 years, when the average human lifetime was 30 years. Due to his longevity and his wisdom, he was a natural leader who simpler people saw as godlike.

His main job in the Scole sessions was to blend the energies of the sitters and other sources into one creative energy. Also, the mixed energies brought by beings from various realms could cause an energy distortion that required blending. For example, the simple addition of two beings from a different dimension required adjustments to the creative energies of the spirit team. He felt that earth scientists would soon be able to measure the creative energy within the group, showing its independent existence.

Spirit communicators who visited the Scole group were from the past, present and future, and other-world beings were also accommodated. Manu said that we are being visited by loving interdimensional beings at this time because 'thoughts were going out from mankind that help was needed'. The physical world should respond by participating in interdimensional cooperation, just as the Scole spirit team helped a being from another dimension to communicate.

He explained that special spirit energies are being directed to earth from the spirit world and other dimensions. A 'time of light', or enlightenment, was coming to our world as well as others. The new energies would allow higher spirits and 'otherworldly beings' to come closer to us. These new energies would produce changes in the earth's flora and fauna, and would negatively affect the efficiency of electrical equipment.

He addressed the concern that many people have about being affected by spiritual 'dark forces'. He said that darkness does not exist for spirits in the spirit world, and that such ideas come from people's minds only. We should try to dispel perceived darkness by simply sending light into the world in our meditations. But Manu also said that we each have a spirit guardian who would protect us from negative energies. By implication, these negative energies must be created in our own minds.

Manu suggested that we direct our consciousness to other places, including planets and other dimensions, so we can access the information that is available there. He mentioned that Alnilam, the middle star in Orion's belt, was a gateway for visitors who could come in all shapes and sizes. Possibly because of the 'new energy' we are experiencing, we might one day step into other dimensions where we will encounter beings, including those who are not humanoid.

3.17 Paxton

John Paxton was another interesting and enigmatic spirit personality encountered by the Scole team. He had last enjoyed an earth life around 1200 AD, and since then he had chosen to remain in the spirit realms.

When he appeared to the Scole group, he was typically preceded by a sudden large drop in room temperature. He sometimes had extreme difficulty coming through, perhaps because his normal habitat was now distant from earth.

He was a member of the Council of Communion, a governing body that appeared to manage the experiments conducted by the spirit team. He would normally communicate with the Scole group via the spirit guides, but the Scole experiment was deemed so important that he communicated the wishes of the council directly. He seemed to be in charge of selecting the members of the spirit team, and also congratulated the group on their successes. Paxton looked forward to the day when mediums would no longer be needed and the earthly and spirit worlds would be in constant and natural contact.

The very first Council of Communion member who had talked to the Scole group was 'Abraham', and a spirit guide intimated that this was another facet of John Paxton. This suggestion is consistent with the idea that the council may be a group soul.

Paxton's understanding of God was that it was a female energy. He spoke of spirit worlds and that there were many spirit realms or dimensions, and that not all souls have a life on earth.

3.18 Photos

An important part of the Scole experiment involved impressing images onto photographic film that was carefully protected from light exposure. The film was also protected from simple fraud by placing it inside a locked and monitored enclosure. Some remarkable successes were achieved, although the degree of success varied over the course of the experiment. As in other work, such as with energy voices, success may have depended on the skill of the individual spirit scientists. That is, imprinting the film with an image may have been more of an art than a science.

A notable characteristic of the photography work is that the photos often seemed to be images of existing images. For example, an image appeared of a well-known photo of St. Paul's cathedral taken in 1940. There was a wartime picture of a destroyed bus. Another image was of the front page of a newspaper from 1936 which turned out to be almost identical to the original. Another was of a group of soldiers from World War I. The spirit team agreed that the received images, at least in the early experiments, were all copies of visual material that already existed somewhere.

Some time later, apports of two old pennies occurred which were dated 1936 and 1940, the same years as two of the photos mentioned above. Perhaps these years were significant to a sitter.

A visiting sitter asked a spirit guide how many spirit team members were involved in the photographic work. He was told that there were several hundred. However, he was to think of each individual as a spark of light rather than as a person. This suggests a scenario where a single spirit person is responsible for fixing a very small area of the image. Several hundred spirit team members would then be able to form an image consisting of an equivalent number of adjacent areas. Close examination of the photos might reveal a pattern of such contributions if the matches were not precise.

Colourful photos also appeared that were said to depict areas of existence - one of which spirit communicators could enter to communicate with the physical world. The area of existence in each photo was said to be a personal portrayal from the spirit who sent it. It represented that spirit's private impression. Like a tiny speck of dust is a part of the physical world, an area of existence depicted in the photographs was a very tiny part of the spirit world. Perhaps different impressions of an area of existence are the pixels proposed above to form the images in the photographs.

In the later sessions of the Scole experiment, attempts were made to capture video images as well. The video camera created considerable interference for the spirit team by emitting a 'massive infra-red blanket' and by shooting electrons from the cathode ray tube onto the ceiling. These problems were partially solved by moving the camera away from the sitters with the help of a remote control, and the spirit team also worked to deal with them.

Experiments were done with the camera combined with another camera or a mirror to create different kinds of feedback systems. A number of apparently anomalous effects were recorded in this way, but these were blobs of structured or unstructured colour that are known to be associated with non-linear video feedback (e.g., see here and here). If even a small amount of light was picked up by the camera, it might have been amplified in the feedback loop to create visible effects. Therefore, it is difficult to say if such observed effects were created by the spirit team.

Nevertheless, a number of provocative images of scenes and various beings did appear on the video recordings. Judging by the descriptions given in the book, these do not appear to be the kind of structures one would expect from mere feedback. For example, a copy of an image of God from an illustration accompanying a William Blake poem would not occur by chance. Several videos showed a recording of parts of a human figure. One showed just a face, while another showed for several minutes the head and shoulders of a human female with dark hair, red lips, and a headband. Another showed a profile of a man's face wearing glasses in front of another head wearing a Russian style hat.

A number of other videos showed images that were interpreted by the Scole group as non-human beings. Since we have no idea what such beings would look like, we should keep in mind that even random images could be interpreted this way. One video showed an entity with sparse short hair and one large rolling eye, another showed an animated being with no hair, no mouth, large black eyes and a narrow beak-like nose. A head appeared in a video that was similar to the grey alien of popular culture, with the exception that it's skin was blue. Another video showed a similar blue entity but with a more angular shape for the eyes.

Some videos showed what appeared to be landscapes. In one video, two pyramid-like objects were set in a colourful background. Another showed three pyramids, water, greenery and a tree, with the camera panning slightly across the scene. Another video was associated with a conversation with a 'stellar friend' via the TDC device. It showed what appeared to be a planet and two smaller moons, with the camera again panning across the image.

An impressive set of video and audio recordings were said to have been made in the last few sessions of the Scole experiment. A non-human being communicated in English via the TDC device as well as the video camera. The being explained why the portal created by the Scole group needed to be closed. The video showed an outline of the entity with lips moving in synchrony with the speech output. Unfortunately, the quality of the information began to degrade immediately after viewing, and so it no longer exists.

3.19 Portal

Early in the Scole experiment, the spirit team created a portal on the central table through which spirit personalities could pass in order to manifest in the séance room. These personalities could pass only when this portal was fully in position. Two spirit figures passed to and fro through the portal a number of times in order to practice the technique. A spirit guide explained that children found it easier to do than adults. Perhaps the adults needed to unlearn constraints that interfered with passing through the portal.

While viewing spirit lights flying about the room, the sitters were invited to concentrate their thoughts on a 'golden gateway' the spirit team had constructed on the table. When they did this, the spirit lights became noticeably brighter. The 'golden gateway' may have been a visual intended to bias the sitters to think a certain way about the portal, perhaps to increase the energy available to create phenomena.

Later, when work started with the video camera, the spirit guides mentioned that a similar portal was to be created in front of the camera. It was intended that spirit beings would manifest facing the camera in this doorway. It became an interdimensional portal when it was eventually built, and became a problem a year later by attracting the attention of beings in our future. Finally, the portal was closed by a powerful being in order to stop the violation of natural laws concerning time and space.

Around the time these problems began, a spirit guide commented that the portal appeared smaller than it did earlier. This comment suggests that the portal had physical dimensions when viewed from that side of the divide. On the other hand, the comment may have been a metaphor for an energetic property that was best translated using the concept of size.

3.20 Reincarnation

Judging from what was said by the Scole spirit team, the idea of past lives and reincarnation seems to be well accepted in the spirit world. It is interesting then that past lives were not discussed. Each member of the spirit team gave the impression that they were single personalities that one might normally encounter on earth. Very little was said at all about personal past life experience(s), especially recollections that might suggest multiple lives in very different contexts. It is possible that each spirit team member did recall multiple lives, but chose to represent him or herself to the Scole group as a single personality in order to maintain a familiar facade.

In fact, there appear to be constraints that prevented the spirits from discussing their own multiple lifetimes. A visiting energy voice communicator informed the group that he remembered his past lives well, but he could represent himself only as the character in his last incarnation. Only spirits who have evolved sufficiently are able to be a personality from any one of many past lives. He also commented that reincarnation was an option for all spirit beings, and may be chosen to fulfil spiritual development.

Manu, the spirit team member who blended energies for the sittings, briefly alluded to having multiple lives on earth. There was a mountain in Egypt named after him, and he was known in various other parts of the world. Further, it was between lives in the spirit world that he and two Scole visitors had agreed to work together in this lifetime.

According to Manu, the permanent Scole group members had been involved in similar work in past lives. Also, together with the main members of the spirit team, they had been aware of the power of crystals in a past life. Among other things, crystals were used to correct the behaviour of lawbreakers, and to build the pyramids of Egypt and other great monuments. When things 'went wrong', one Scole group member escaped to Egypt, while others scattered to many different places, taking much knowledge with them. (This sounds like a part of the story of Atlantis as told by the medium, Edgar Cayce.)

3.21 Silicon device

The cassette recorder used by the Scole group was able to communicate speech from spirit communicators. This was said to be done by affecting the silicon devices in the amplifier circuitry. The recorder was battery-powered and the microphone was physically removed. Initial results were quite incoherent, but the speech improved with practice. As with some other phenomena, it seems some learning was required.

The modified recorder was used by a young lady speaking fluent German, and allowed a recently deceased person to speak with his son-in-law who was a visitor at Scole. The device was also used by the spirit team to send music that sounded like a flute. It became louder and clearer so that all present could hear it.

3.22 Spirit lights

It's probably true that the most common physical phenomenon experienced by the Scole group was the appearance of some kind of spirit light. They were used simply as a display to amaze the sitters, or as a light source so that energy structures could be seen in the normally dark séance room.

The group was told that the spirit team's discovery of how to create a spirit light was accidental. It appeared in an experiment to levitate an object using energy. When the spirit team realized what was seen in the séance room, it was developed further for its spectacular effect.

The specific behaviours of the spirit lights and the effects on observers can tell us something more about them. The lights have felt solid to the touch like a fluttering butterfly or like a twig. When a light landed on a sitter's foot, it felt like a child's marble striking the foot. A light was able to repetitively push a pingpong ball held in a sitter's hand. The lights were seen to reflect from a solid table top and pass through it with an audible ping. A short time later the same movement made no sound. These clues suggest that the light had mass and a variable resistance to matter.

The touch of a light was also felt as a pinch or electric shock, with an accompanying energy voice saying 'Static. It's static'. Occasionally, the lights were accompanied by sparks and a crackling sound. A loud tearing sound 'like the ripping apart of velcro' was also heard for several seconds in the vicinity of a spirit light. A spirit scientist disclosed that this had been caused by a premature discharge of energy. He suggested that the sitters might also experience the smell of ozone. It seems clear that the spirit lights carried an electrical charge.

Although a spirit light was not noticed in the vicinity, a brilliant,'yellowy-white' flash of light once appeared in the corner of the room. It had the appearance of a lightning strike seen during a storm. The colour was similar to that of an oxygen plasma, suggesting that a strong electrical discharge had ionized the air.

The lights could move with great speed and could stop instantaneously. They could also form shapes like circles and figure eights in the air when the motion was continuously repeated. On one occasion, the rotating light formed a ring with a segment of arc removed. This demonstrated great control in repetitively switching the light on and off at exactly the right instants during the circular motion. Similar control was demonstrated when a spirit light repetitively switched on and off exactly in synchrony with audible clicks that sounded like a light switch.

The lights were also seen to emit beams in particular directions with rays projected onto the sitters' hands, knees, and faces, or onto the floor and ceiling. Sometimes, a light could be seen from only a particular direction as it seemed to be at the bottom of a tubular shield. Occasionally, two lights moved together while maintaining a constant distance between them. Lights have also been seen doing a dance on the tabletop like a tap dance, flea hop or jig.

On one occasion, a sitter disobeyed instructions by grasping and holding a spirit light. This resulted in an immediate drop in brightness. A spirit guide explained that the lights were projections of spirit people themselves. He was careful to explain that the spirits were not physically present in the lights, so the lights were not the essence of the spirits. But when the light was grasped without permission, the associated spirit became distressed and caused the reduction in the brightness of the light.

3.23 Spirit world

There was remarkably little said about the spirit world itself, perhaps because of its extreme strangeness. Words may not exist to describe it adequately. There are some clues, however, that provide a basis for speculation.

When people enter the spirit world, they find themselves in an area of adjustment where they adapt to the new reality. It is a very real world of beauty, and people can be happy there for as long as they wish. It is a place where wishes come true. Everyone does something, but it is not physical work. Although the world is more mental than physical, it is a very real experience. There are teachers there from whom spirits may absorb knowledge just by being in their presence. Those with sufficient understanding may continue on to other areas of existence.

Time as we know it is not a reality in the spirit world. Everyone there exists in the now. Therefore, there is no pressure to complete certain goals by a given time. Nevertheless, they can have access to time when they want to visit the physical dimension. They are able to visit our past, present and future. For example, one spirit personality eavesdropped on a conversation between a human visitor to the Scole group and his researchers while riding in a car, and a spirit guide liked to sit with the many birds in the garden at Scole.

There are different areas of existence in the spirit realm. A spirit may explore another area if it has enough spiritual understanding and has reached an appropriate level of mental control. Things happen in the spirit world when the desire is motivated by love. Since it is a mental existence, our normal spatial frame of reference need not apply. A spirit scientist said that spirits are pure thought with no limbs. Spirits are a thought away and feel the pull when we think of them.

One area of existence referred to a setting from which spirit people can communicate with the physical world. The spirit team scientists worked from such an area when they impressed photographs on unexposed film, or projected spirit lights into the séance room. Perhaps this area of communication is a mental domain configured with the energies needed for the experiments. Each user of this area was said to have his own personal impression of it. We are told that the photos received by the Scole group of this area of existence were a composite of the personal impressions of hundreds of spirits involved in the experiment.

The information that spirits in the area of communication can access directly about the physical world is not visual. A visiting sitter at Scole tried to do an unplanned experiment by holding out a card in the dark for the spirit team to read. He was informed that they did not have physical eyes and so could not read. They needed to acquire this information from another spirit person who would be in a position to read it. Also, a spirit guide once asked if the sitters had seen any spirit lights, since the spirit team was not always aware of what the sitters saw. These reports suggest that tasks in the spirit world may be compartmentalized, with different groups assigned to do particular tasks.

The spirit world also seems to have access to a knowledge source somewhat like an intelligent database. We are told that a new type of helper was to join the Scole spirit team that was called a non-entity. It was not a personality like the others, but would have knowledge of many subjects. It would help to answer questions from both earth scientists and the public.

The Scole group usually had a large glass dome placed on the centre of the table. This dome accumulated etheric energy from the sitters and any other available sources. Spirit beings were able to materialize inside the dome because the interior environment was created to be the 'closest possible physical equivalent to their natural spirit habitat'. This tells us that the foundation of the spirit world must be energy too, and materializations may occur there that are analogous to the energy structures built up in the dome and the séance room.

As well as the spirit world, there appear to be other realms populated by extraterrestrial or interdimensional entities. A vast difference is said to exist between the spirit world and these other dimensions. When beings from other realms joined the spirit team, their energies needed to be specially blended by Manu, the spirit team member with the ability to prepare energies for the experiments. However, near the end of the experiment, the spirit team members gradually stopped coming because of energetic interference from non-human realms.

3.24 Social structure

The members of the spirit world described in the book were clearly not equal. There were obviously different roles played by the various spirits who visited the Scole group, and there was talk of different levels of evolved spirits. Some spirits were there simply to follow instructions while others dictated what was to happen. From our perspective where ego typically dominates social interactions, there seemed to be a hierarchical control system in place where some individuals had more power than others.

However, if we adopt an alternative perspective not based on ego, the same facts may be interpreted quite differently. In the spirit world, the environment seems to be energetic, and it is changed by mental action. It must be the case that the individual actions of the spirit world inhabitants are not independent of each other, else chaos would ensue. Therefore, spirits must form a collective in the same way that the physical body is a collective of cells and organs. Some are specialized to perform well in one role, while others do well in other roles. The primary objective for all is to work for the good of the collective.

Further, we are told that all actions in the spirit world are motivated by love. This would follow naturally if it indeed functions as a collective. Love for others is equivalent to love of self since the self depends on the well-being of the collective. The relations among the spirits described in the book would be consistent with a distributed control system where different groups are optimized to perform particular tasks well. The following discusses some actions of the management group represented by the Council of Communion so we can see the overall plan and some of the operational decisions made to carry it out.

As discussed in Section 3.13, the overall objective of the Scole project was determined by the Council of Communion (CofC), and that was to raise spiritual awareness on earth. This would be done by finding new ways to communicate between the spirit and earth realms so they could be in constant contact. John Paxton represented the council's wishes to the Scole group in no uncertain terms, and the Scole group always acquiesced to his wishes. It should be noted that the spirit team also made requests, but these were typically seen as operational requirements to improve the success of the individual experiments. In any case, the Scole group trusted the spirit team without reservation.

Many of CofC's requirements were usually given without much accompanying justification. For example, Paxton said that the direction of the team's efforts could change frequently as decreed by the CofC. The CofC would decide which route the research should take. As a materialized spirit was leaving the séance room, he said the CofC did not permit him to speak to the Scole group while he was sitting or standing amongst them. This restriction was confirmed by a spirit guide. A new spirit scientist was not permitted to tell the group his identity. A spirit team member would no longer come unless allowed 'by the bosses'. Any guest who came to the Scole sittings were not to be mediums since their energies would clash with the Scole group. The Scole group should be prepared to accept that the makeup of the spirit team would change from time to time according to operational requirements. The 'powers-that-be' decided when it was permissible to talk about one of the experiments to people outside of the group. Paxton ordered that an instruction book for circles and experimental groups be written, and requested the start of the Spiritual Scientist bulletin.

An 'importance' hierarchy appeared to exist in that some spirits were considered relatively important. For example, a spirit scientist indicated that important people in the spirit world would be working with the group. Later, a spirit guide said that 'somebody very important' from the spirit world was with them that particular evening. On another occasion, an energy voice spoke to the group about mundane family affairs, and gave the impression of being simple folk with no particular desire to move on. The degree of a spirit's importance may actually relate to its advancement in terms of mental control and knowledge, and the abilities associated with that. An 'important' spirit would be a valuable and appreciated asset to a collective with a distributed control system.

There was also evidence of cooperative relationships among the inhabitants of the spirit world. In answer to a sitter's question, spirit beings do not tell or instruct others what to do in the spirit world, but may guide and advise. Further, the spirit team never demanded anything of the Scole group, but provided options and preferences. A spirit guide insisted that if the sitters were ever ordered to comply, they should suspect interference either by the medium's mind or by mischievous entities. The extent of cooperation that occurred was indicated by a meeting of souls from many dimensions and areas of existence, which laid a foundation for future work.

3.25 Time

Spirits are able to access time as we know it when they want to explore any point in our past, present or future. But in the spirit realm, everything is said to exist in an eternal now. There is only the experience of the present duration. Since time is not real, there is no need to hurry, or plan for the future or worry about the past. In a place where the wishes of a collective come true (see Section 3.24), there is only change in the eternal present.

An indication that the spirit team was unaware of the passage of time came from their request to the Scole group to provide a count of uninterrupted sittings with just the Scole group present. They could not keep track of this information themselves, apparently because time had no meaning for them.

A spirit guide disclosed that interdimensional beings that interacted with the Scole group also had no concept of time.

According to the spirit team, some spirit communicators there were from our past, present and future, suggesting that our future is somehow determined. This is supported by the existence of the portal that spelled the end of the Scole experiment. The portal was intended to project into the future up to 2014, but by mistake it extended to 2109. Beings in the interval up to 2109 attempted to access the portal in our present. The existence of a future timeline has implications for the free will of humanity, but is not addressed by the spirit team.