An analysis of “Listen! New Discoveries about the Afterlife”

William C. Treurniet, November, 2017
(Revised November, 2019)

Summary. The results of Hans Otto König’s experiments on spirit communication were discussed in the book, “Listen! New Discoveries about the Afterlife”. Comments by spirit beings are compared in this article to information received from extraterrestrial Zeta beings speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden. The similarity of the information suggests that the spirits employed a heterodyning process to move to the vibrational state required to affect Herr König’s physical instrumentation.

1. Introduction

The book, “Listen! New Discoveries about the Afterlife” by Anna Maria Wauters and Hans Otto König, documents voice communications with spirit beings. Such effects are known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and are more generally known as Instrumental Transcommunications (ITC). The voices were received using instrumentation Herr König developed during his lifetime. The technology employed is discussed to a minor extent in the book, but more details may be found in online articles (here and here). The focus of the book is mainly on the many brief utterances received from the spirits. The communications are often not surprising, since what was said is consistent with information received from other sources.

In this article, the information from the spirits is compared to information from the extraterrestrial Zeta beings who often spoke through the medium, Paul Hamden. The Zetas had much to say about the nature of existence in general and the spirit realm in particular, and the communications are documented in the book, “A Primer of the Zeta Race” (Treurniet and Hamden, 2019a). The discussions with the Zetas may help to understand how the spirit beings communicated with Herr König. His feeling that he was himself an essential element of the communication process is supported by the suggested mechanism.

2. Consistency of spirit and Zeta information

For someone with knowledge of the Zeta cosmology, the parallels between the Zeta information and the spirit information recorded by Herr König are striking. Of particular interest were comments on extraterrestrial life, the function of crystals, and the vibration property of consciousness. A number of comments also alluded to a method of changing vibrational state that we know as heterodyning. The similarities of their comments to the Zeta information are discussed. Direct quotes from spirits are in bold font, while quotes from Zetas are in italics.

2.1 On extraterrestrial life

The spirits that talked to Herr König were well aware of extraterrestrial life. In fact, Herr König informs us that one communicating entity comes from the star Sirius. The spirits suggested in the following quotes that communication with extraterrestrials should be accepted as normal.

There is life on other planets in other solar systems.

The cosmic communion is a possibility, to have contact with extraterrestrial life. On other planets there are other life forms. They try to get in touch with you.

We know that extraterrestrial life will come to get in touch with you.

The spirits also indicated that beings incarnate on other planets besides Earth.

Your incarnation is not related to your planet. Incarnations on other planetary systems are possible.

The Zetas confirmed that the incarnation of a particular being is not necessarily tied to one planetary system. There are many spirit realms, each associated with a different planet, and spirit beings are able to incarnate where they wish. A Zeta said, “As the spirit realm container is much aligned in the energetic realms, many other spirit realms, many interacting with each other, many entities come from other races to populate the spirit entity that is associated with the planet".

These spirit realms are “much aligned in the energetic realms”, meaning that the realms are compatible in some sense. But there are other realms that are not compatible with the spirit realms, such as the realm of the Zeta collective. The Zeta and spirit realms are so incompatible that Zetas do not allow themselves to enter the spirit realm. A Zeta said, “We are not to enter into the spirit realm, because that is to then redefine the parameters of the spirit realm container.” The states of existence of the races are so different that the mere presence of the Zetas could cause serious damage to the spirit realm.

2.2 On vibration

The Zetas explained that a fundamental property of the energy of consciousness is the dimension of vibration. This variable accounts for many planes of existence since beings cannot be aware of vibrational states higher than their own. When Herr König asked the spirits why they chose to present themselves to him, they answered, “Because we are of the same vibratory level.” Corresponding vibrational states appear to facilitate communication between the physical and higher realms.

At any level of vibration, beings desire to increase their vibrational state even more. According to a Zeta, “In the spirit realms, all are seeking to move past their current vibrational state. … Each time you act in a loving way towards each other, you are raising your vibration.”

The Zetas explained that there are “many energies living on this planet who are working towards a greater vibrational state.”The physical incarnation is chosen by spirits because many opportunities arise to become more loving under adverse circumstances. A Zeta said, “Now we see the real reason as to why beings incarnate. There are the obvious lessons that increase the vibrational frequency of the group and individuals.

The spirits suggested to Herr König, “The Earth now shall be placed in a new state of consciousness. Its power of consciousness shall be raised.” The Zetas concurred when they predicted, “It has been seen that this one (human) race will develop into a higher level of consciousness. It will define the new behaviour of the race.

2.3 On crystals

The spirit and Zeta beings made a number of references to the function of crystals. Both say that a crystal is something that has the quality of vibration. This property is important because it enables beings to connect for communications. In the following, similar references to crystals from the two sources are compared and discussed.

A spirit said to Herr König, “The crystals weave the universe. … We will come by crystals. Take the crystals as support for the contacting.” The presence of a universal vibration was indicated by the Zetas as well by using the analogy of a universal space filling grid. They said, “The grid is like a fluctuating wave vibrating through the universe. It holds all space and time. … The grid process is much aligned with the nature of all things being connected.

Further, the Zetas agreed that this vibrating grid was used for communication. They said, “We all resonate with the grid, and we can both change it and be changed by it. All conscious thought is placed into the grid, and it is used by many ET races as a medium for telepathic communication.

The spirit also said to Herr König, “We get into touch by crystals. … We transmit by the crystal. … Crystals are keys to the connection.” The Zetas said that crystals emitted frequencies useful for communication. They said, “The crystal is emanating a set of frequencies. The crystal is used to communicate. It has a comparative frequency within the Zeta frequency. It allows for connection process.

The Zeta explained that all crystals are individuals. We can connect to them with our thought processes as we “move into the interconnected consciousness of all things.” As we do so, we “can also gain information from that field, that body, that field which holds the information.” So, the spirit and the Zeta appear to agree that the frequencies of crystals are associated with the communication process.

The spirit implied to Herr König that plants and animals are crystals when they said, “The plant, the animal, the human, each crystal has a soul.” This suggests that the energetic or etheric bodies associated with these living beings have resonating vibrations. Like a crystal, the etheric body can have a number of frequencies. A Zeta said, “One frequency defines the state of the physical body which is encapsulated by the energetic body which you are calling the etheric body. The etheric body is in a constant state of change in regards to the level of frequencies. … Many of the frequencies that are within the intermediary process of the etheric body are also in a state of change and flux.

The spirit said that these living crystals have souls. Similarly, the Zetas said, “Higher self moves to integrate with a physical container, the etheric body is the field which allows the blending.” So the Zetas agreed that an etheric body, which has properties of a crystal, is also integrated with the consciousness of a soul.

The Zeta expanded on the idea that an etheric body may be likened to a crystal. They explained, “If the crystal, if its function was to you to perform healing, then we would provide the frequency as a symbology, a multidimensional symbol process. The symbol would replicate the frequency of the crystal, and the symbol would then be placed into the etheric body to resonate. Because it is a frequency and the etheric body is frequency, it would then modify the frequency of the etheric body.

Likening the human body to a crystal emphasizes that the vibrational states of the sender and recipient of a communication must be matched somehow for communication to proceed.

2.4 On heterodyning

A technique for matching the vibrational states of two individuals appears to be employed by beings in the energetic realms. The conversations with the Zetas led to the realization that they use a process similar to that performed by a circuit used extensively in radio electronics. This process, known as heterodyning, is discussed in Chapter 30 of the book, “A Primer of the Zeta Race” (Treurniet and Hamden, 2012). Herr König’s spirit contacts did not use that word, but comments they made are consistent with the heterodyning process.

One application of heterodyning in an electronic circuit is shifting of the frequency of a signal. It is expressed as the following trigonometric identity.

sin(2πf1t) sin(2πf2t) = ½(cos[2π(f1-f2)t]) - ½(cos[2π(f1+f2)t])

The circuit accepts two input signals with frequencies f1 and f2, and outputs a signal consisting of the sum and difference of the input frequencies. The function requires that the inputs represented on the left hand side of the identity be processed by a non-linear element such as a transistor. The output signal on the right hand side is often low-pass filtered so that it consists of only the difference frequency, f1-f2.

The same operation can be performed by two thought processes having different vibrational states. A human operating at the physical vibration of f2 can ask for the cooperation of a spirit entity existing at a much higher vibrational state of f1. A spirit said to Herr König, “Everyone who asks for help, receives help. Call me to you, then I will be very close to you.” According to the spirit, “It is always the Invisible World who decide to open and close the contact window.” The human may request assistance but the decision to initiate a process like heterodyning rests with the spirit.

The intentions of the participants involved in the heterodyning process provides the required non-linearity. The intention creates a potential well in consciousness at the difference vibration, f1-f2. The existence of the consciousness potential facilitates a shift in each entity’s vibration to the difference vibration. As its contribution to the process, the spirit said, “We send you a power of Love. Accept it.” This higher love heterodyned with the human’s lesser ability to love creates the difference potential. The human’s acceptance of the higher difference vibration is immediately felt as a sensation of love. Figure 1 shows a diagram of this process.

Figure 1. Schematic of the heterodyning process 

The ITC scenario is described by Herr König as a triangle. “An experimenter is at the same time both a transmitter and a receiver - from a technical device and a communicating entity that is also transmitter and receiver. This triangle should really be in complete harmony so a contact can be established. Without resonance among the three parts, nothing will work. They are like three cogwheels in a clock, where all the little teeth must mesh completely for the clock to run. … The spirit and the technical apparatus, connected as a whole, become one.” The spirit agreed, “We need your contacts and your love, as you need ours. Be aware that we form a unified whole.

These comments indicate that shifts in vibrational states are important for the ITC process to work. The spirit said, “For having a good contact with other planes of being, it is of utmost importance to prepare inwardly and spiritually. … Every person can make good contact with us if he has learned to do it. Knowledge and love are the prerequisites.” The human must prepare so as to present its own vibration as input while simultaneously reaching for the higher vibration input from the spirit being.

Herr König explained, “Which entity makes contact depends to a a large degree on the vibration of the two communicators and/or the vibrational base. The whole system of ITC is founded on the principle of resonance. It is a circular connection between the experimenter, the technique, and the entity of the spirit world.” The process is consistent with the Zeta’s explanation of conjoined frequencies or vibrations, “It means to us that it is in resonation, so if two entities are to come together, two different frequencies, then the frequencies of the two entities must change so they can be conjoined and resonate together.” Conjoining two vibrations means that the vibrations are heterodyned so that the beings may more easily resonate at the shared difference vibration.

The spirit and human participants connect by shifting to the difference vibration. It is then that the spirit may affect physical matter. The spirit said, “It is a natural connection between worlds of different material qualities, united by the power of love; Love makes the wave and the transmission.” Love, of course, is tightly bound to the dimension of vibration, and so the transmission of the voice is carried on the waves of the heterodyning difference vibration. The “worlds of different material qualities” refers to realms that are experienced as physical but have different vibrational states. For example, out-of-body experiences in the astral realm are said to feel as physical as experiences in our world (Ziewe, 2008).

A Zeta explained, “Matter needs to exist in certain frequencies. For it to bind, it needs this frequency.” Each realm represents matter with its own unique vibration. According to Herr König, not all spirits are able to arrive at the state of vibration that is optimal for our physical realm. He said, “The possibility of transmission is also related to the technique used. Because of the proposed vibrational basis, certain entities can manage to communicate with us while others cannot. Any communication system does not allow all entities to manifest themselves acoustically in our world.” That is, a spirit will have difficulty affecting our physical world if the heterodyning difference vibration is suboptimal. When the spirit’s vibrational state is too low, the difference vibration may also be too low for work in the physical vibration to occur.

3. Discussion

The comparisons of the spirit utterances to the information derived from discussions with the Zetas helps to create a possible model of the communications pioneered by Herr König. The model based on the heterodyning process may clarify what mental activities facilitate the communications.

The complete acceptance by the Zetas of the heterodyning process can be seen in the following snippet of conversation taken from “A Primer of the Zeta Race”. The conversation confirmed the interviewer’s understanding of how heterodyning is applied in the energetic realms.

Interviewer: As a hypothetical example, suppose a human with a state of 8 cycle/sec, communed in love with another being who has a state of 32 cycles/sec. Does a difference frequency of 24 cycles/sec temporarily take the place of the human’s 8 cycle/sec frequency so that the human feels the love from the higher difference frequency?

Zeta: Yes it does, and then of course once the other being of the higher vibratory nature removes itself from the reality of the lower waveform, the lower waveform reinstates itself because its natural environment reimplements its normal state of frequency.

Interviewer: So the human would feel the love of the higher frequency?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

The heterodyning process could facilitate a spirit being’s use of Herr König’s instrumentation. Presumably, a spirit needs to have access to the physical vibration in order to affect matter. In the analogy they provided, the Zeta said that a human’s physical frequency is about 8 Hz. The heterodyning process would produce a difference frequency also of 8 Hz when the spirit’s frequency is 16 Hz. When the spirit temporarily moves its frequency to the 8 Hz difference frequency, it should more easily affect the physical instrumentation. Figure 2 shows a schematic including these parameter values.

Figure 2. Proposed heterodyning scenario 

The use of frequency is actually inappropriate in this context since the Zetas intended it as an analogy. They said, “Frequency is defined by us by the level of consciousness that an entity holds, and so as you move from one frequency to the other, your consciousness is placed in an expected state. No numerical values are able to be given to what frequencies exist between us and your realm.” They chose the word ‘frequency’ to refer to a level of consciousness which has a wave-like property. However, the ‘felt’ quality of a level of consciousness would be more accurately communicated by calling it a vibration.

In an experimental ITC setting, the heterodyning process suggests that adoption of a certain protocol would be beneficial. The experimenter should move to a state of love and mentally solicit the assistance of a spirit being also wishing to communicate by voice. The appeal would be to a spirit able to adopt the vibration needed to produce the appropriate difference potential. For the human experimenter, there would be essentially no change in state after moving to the vibrational state of the resulting difference potential. However, the spirit entity would find itself resonating with a much lower physical vibration - the state required to affect the physical instrumentation. It should be able to affect the physical world more easily while in this state. Since it is a higher-vibration being, it has the space of expansion or internal bandwidth required to create in the lower physical vibrational state. The latter is explained in the chapter section, “The creation and perceptual processes” in "Extraterrestrial Cosmology and Technology" (Treurniet and Hamden, 2019b).

We can now also explain Herr König’s comment that not all spirits have the ability to produce the ITC voice phenomenon. He said, “Because of the proposed vibrational basis, certain entities can manage to communicate with us while others cannot.” Referring to the analogy in Figure 2, when the spirit being’s highest possible frequency is less than 16 Hz, the difference frequency would be lower than the physical frequency of 8 Hz. Accordingly, if the spirit’s vibration were too low, the difference vibration would be lower than the required physical vibration. Beings in the lower levels of the astral realm may fall into this category. The process would not help the low-vibration being affect the instrumentation.

On the other hand, since a spirit entity behaves like a low pass filter, a very high vibration spirit would be able to lower its vibration to the desired level. In the analogy of Figure 2, a spirit with a frequency higher than 16 Hz would be able to lower it to the 16 Hz needed to work in our physical environment. Such a being might be sensed by the experimenter as an initial feeling of greater love arising from the opening higher difference vibration. The sensation of love should moderate when the spirit being lowers its vibration to the level required to affect the physical instrumentation.

The heterodyning process does not explain how the physical instrumentation is made to produce speech. Herr König claimed to improve the process over the years by changing his apparatus. This suggests that spirit beings may find some physical processes easier to affect than others. However, it is important to recognize that nothing at all would be affected unless there were a conjoining of the correct vibrations from the human and spirit participants. This could also be said about the anomalous appearance of physical objects known as apports. Speech created by a spirit might be considered a particular kind of apport.

The relationship between spirit and medium has always been one-sided, with the spirit appearing to control events. The above analysis of Herr König’s ITC work suggests that there is a technical explanation. The heterodyning process uses the human vibration as a reference for the spirit being’s activity. The human only helps to create the difference potential that the spirit needs in order to create in the physical environment. The asymmetric relationship is a direct result of the participants’ roles.

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