Articles related to physical mediumship, spirit energy, and consciousness

1. Is consciousness a fundamental element of reality?   (PDF)

A universal consciousness is proposed as the universal observer in an adaptation of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. The universal observer forms superpositions with waveforms of matter and, according to a possibly extraterrestrial-inspired cosmology, has an unconstrained free will to choose that the universe evolve according to the laws of nature.

2. Partial restoration of hearing by spirit intervention    (PDF)

Treatment of profound sensorineural hearing loss was undertaken by spirits who created an external etheric ear. Audiometric tests before and after the healing session showed that significant hearing ability was restored.

3. On the physics of physical mediumship

A physical mediumship séance at the Nazarene Centre in Spain transmitted a message from Wilbert Smith. The message was interpreted as an invitation to compare séance activity with Wilbert Smith's understanding of ET science and technology. The comparison suggests that physical mediumship physics must be similar to ET physics, but different methods are employed to create similar effects.

4. An analysis of Witnessing the Impossible    (PDF)

Analysis of the book, Witnessing the Impossible by Robin Foy, suggests that there is such a thing as spirit energy that pervades the spirit world and exists in the séance environment. Transformation of this spirit energy to some physical phenomena appeared to be accompanied by electrical effects. The spirit world is seen as an environment controlled by mental events. Interactions among the inhabitants suggest that they form a collective held together by love.

5. Analysis of encoded data from the Scole experiment    (PDF)

The Scole experiment recorded encoded audio data from purported non-terrestrial entities. The data was interpreted as a visual image which contained systematic errors. Analysis of the errors suggested novel properties of a proposed communications channel crossing two vibrating realm boundaries in frequency space

6. Experiments on a technology for spirit communication    (PDF)

Experiments sugggest that spirits are able to generate a particular kind of Electronic Voice Phenomenon by analyzing speech playing in the background to reconstruct a train of glottal pulses. These are then filtered by a simulated vocal tract to generate new speech.

7. Time distortions in spirit communication    (PDF)

When using the transform method for capturing Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), significant time distortions were seen in the recorded file.

8. Demonstration of a dematerialization process

Hard-to-fake photographic anomalies are persuasive evidence that a physical and an etheric body occupy the same space. The photograph is intepreted as evidence of dematerialization.

9. Examination of a witnessed apport    (PDF)

Examination of an apport that was seen to form during a seance at Wallacia.

10. Analysis of orbs as spirit images

Photographs sometimes contain unexpected orbs that are usually explained as light reflecting from particles in the air. But some orbs provocatively contain clear images of non-human faces.

11. A spirit flashing a séance room light

A séance room ceiling light flashes occasionally during informal conversations in the room.

12. Does spirit energy affect molecular binding force?

An experiment suggests that spirit energy in a physical mediumship séance may affect molecular binding force in matter.

13. Comments on the Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness   (PDF)

The Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness proposes that the consciousness of a being depends on a sophisticated information storage and retrieval system. The theory is not able to deal with subjective sensations known as qualia. Qualia appear to be irreducible properties of consciousness, and so the problem would be resolved if the holographic representations of the theory exist in a substrate of consciousness.

14. A behavioural strategy for reducing the symptoms of narcolepsy    (PDF)

A strategy for the self-treatment of narcolepsy was developed based on the psychological theory of F.W.H. Myers. The treatment consists of performing a creative or problem-solving task while the urge to fall asleep is present. The task should be one where the mind creatively solves a problem that uses sensory information. A single case study found that sleep was put off by such a task, and that the urge to sleep faded after less than an hour.

15. An analysis of “Listen! New Discoveries about the Afterlife

The results of Hans Otto König’s experiments on spirit communication were discussed in the book, “Listen! New Discoveries about the Afterlife”. The comments by spirit beings suggest that a heterodyning process is used to affect the physical instrumentation.

16. Take care when connecting with spirits and ETs

Words of warning from a medium regarding contact with non-corporeal beings like spirits or extraterrestrial beings. The adventure can be a wonderful experience for many, but naivety may result in much discomfort.

17. Communications with extraterrestrial races

Articles concerning information received from extraterrestrial beings via the medium, Paul Hamden.

External references

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On the centenary of Frederic W.H. Myers's Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death.

Ectoplasm: A report from experiences by John R. Crowley.

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