Evidence of multidimensionality

This page has pointers to a book that supports the extraterrestrial Zeta cosmology described in books and articles at "Communications with the Zeta Race"

Signs of a Multidimensional Reality (Ed3)

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paperback (The eBook has better quality images, so please refer to it when the images on paper appear to suffer. The price is the cost of printing.)

The book is a compilation of phenomena that are not explained by our science in the public domain. A number of photographs of the sky show Unidentified Flying objects or UFOs, and clues in the photos tell us a surprising amount about them. These clues and a recently published extraterrestrial cosmology suggest that the UFOs are craft with capabilities beyond human understanding. The cosmology also helps to understand physical mediumship phenomena such as materialization. A new science based on the cosmology is seen as an extension of current scientific knowledge, requiring acceptance that consciousness is fundamental to existence. The UFOs and other paranormal phenomena are evidence that our universe is part of a much greater multidimensional reality.